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Country: Russia
Working: 24 years is a hosting service based in Russia that offers a comprehensive range of services for hosting work projects. It provides users with convenient access to all services from a single hosting site. The custom control panel, although it may take some time to adjust to, is highly commendable. The support team consists of experienced professionals who deliver fast and efficient support.

However, there are some limitations and drawbacks to consider. The functionality of the contro.. Read more »

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This hosting service in Russia is one of the finest I have encountered for hosting my work projects. Majordomo provides a comprehensive range of services, allowing users to access all services from a single hosting site, which is extremely convenient.. Read more »
This is one of the best web hosting providers I've ever used for my work projects. Majordomo offers a full range of services, so you can get everything you need from one hosting provider, which is incredibly convenient. Their custom control pane.. Read more »
The functionality of the control panel does not align with the database of question answers. It is not feasible to remove a VPS or receive a refund for it. The options for operating systems available for installation are restricted. There is no backu.. Read more »
The answer database does not match the functionality of the control panel. It is not possible to delete a VPS or get a refund for it. There is a limited selection of operating systems for installation. There is no backup and snapshot service availabl.. Read more »
I previously utilized free hosting services, but I learned the hard way that there is a catch to such offerings. This became evident when my handmade candle sales suffered a significant setback during the busiest time of the year due to the incompete.. Read more »
I used to use free hosting services, but I learned the hard way that there's no such thing as a free lunch. Ever since the guys from a well-known but free host ruined the sales of my handmade candles during the busiest Christmas period, I made a.. Read more »
Hey everyone! I'm the founder of a clothing brand based in St. Petersburg. I manage my online store using Majordomo, which has a wide range of products in its catalog. The website functions perfectly without any issues. It's stable and does.. Read more »
Hello everyone! I'm the creator of a clothing brand in Saint Petersburg. I run my online store through Mozordomo, and we have a pretty extensive product catalog. The website is functioning smoothly without any issues. It doesn't crash or la.. Read more »
Registration is simple, prices are reasonable, and there is a consistently high level of uptime. The control panel is easy to use, and the support team responds quickly to resolve any inquiries.
Easy registration, affordable prices, consistently high uptime. The control panel is user-friendly, and the support team resolves queries promptly.
I have been utilizing their services for a duration of two years, and I am content with their virtual hosting. The process of placing websites on the host was seamless, and I currently have two sites operating there. I appreciate the fact that their .. Read more »
I have been using their services for two years and I am satisfied with their virtual hosting. The website hosting process went smoothly, and I currently have two websites hosted there. I appreciate the 24/7 support, which is always responsive and qui.. Read more »
Hello! I want to share my opinion about hosting. I highly recommend it, you won't regret using it. They offer affordable prices, always available customer support, and overall, there are many positive aspects. Thank you for your work.
Hello! The best value for money here! I highly recommend using our services, a pleasant experience is guaranteed for you. Thank you.
Hello! The price/quality ratio is really great! Especially the unlimited tariff, it's very advantageous, I highly recommend it! We are thrilled! If there is no possibility, the regular tariff is also available, which is very convenient!
Thank you for the great and polite customer service, for providing excellent comfort. The specialists respond to all inquiries quickly and with high quality. I highly recommend the hosting and look forward to further collaboration!
This hosting service is excellent, with a great balance between price and quality. I highly recommend it! It is a reliable and high-quality hosting provider.
Hello! I'd like to share a positive review about this hosting service. It's great to have such a resource for choosing a quality hosting provider. The prices are quite affordable and the technical support is efficient. I recently reconnecte.. Read more »
Everything is great, the service is fast and high-quality! I enjoyed everything.
I was very pleased with the price-quality ratio! Excellent hosting, reasonable and good tariffs! I had been searching for a long time. I highly recommend it to everyone!
The most advantageous combination of "price/quality"! You need to choose a hosting tariff plan that best suits your needs. The support team helped me choose the appropriate tariff. The functionality is working. Excellent server quality!
We were pleasantly surprised by the prices for the hosting plans! We have been searching for a hosting service that can help with our roller skating school website. Thank you for providing quality service and affordable prices!
This hosting is actually quite good. I was impressed by the quality, which is the most important thing for me! The tariffs are also relatively affordable. I am satisfied with everything.
I have chosen a reliable hosting provider. I am satisfied with Majordomo, their customer support is excellent, they respond quickly, and their specialists helped me resolve issues without any problems. I am using an unlimited plan because I needed an.. Read more »
This is a good Russian hosting service. It has been operating since 2000. It currently serves around 45,000 clients. The servers are located in Russia. I am using the standard tariff plan and it fully meets my needs.
I have been searching for high-quality hosting for a long time. It is wonderful and is among the most reliable providers. The prices are reasonable and the results are worth it. There are no downtimes. The cost is lower than that of competitors. A h.. Read more »
Reliable and stable hosting. By the way, it's quite advantageous if you choose the right tariff. I have unlimited and it works optimally: fast, cost-effective, and stable...
Finding quality hosting is not that simple. But there are no limits to my delight. I struggled with my website for a long time, but the professionals fixed everything quickly and with high quality. The pricing system pleased me a lot. I did not regre.. Read more »
High-quality hosting, with very responsive technical support, in my opinion, is very important. And the price is reasonable.
I quickly understood the high-quality hosting, and first of all, I paid attention to the discount system! I am using the standard tariff, and it fully satisfies me both in terms of price and quality. The tech support is available 24/7, which is impor.. Read more »
I've been searching for someone to fix my website for so long, constantly dealing with these errors and wasting so much nerves. This hosting service is just a find, and the prices are very pleasing too! They fixed everything, answered all my que.. Read more »
Great hosting. I've been searching for a quality hosting service for a while and stumbled upon this website. And it turns out it was worth it. The rates are very affordable, thank you.
The hosting is great because it's the best choice in my opinion. Downtimes happen, but they are very rare, and the important thing is that they are quickly fixed. The quality and price are pleasing, as the cost is lower than others, and they are.. Read more »
I always prefer to choose hosting services with extensive experience, and this hosting has been operating since 2000 and ranks among the top ten most reliable providers. The particularly low prices are pleasing. Majordomo is constantly evolving. The .. Read more »
Great hosting. I was searching for a high-quality hosting service for a long time and stumbled upon this website. And it turned out to be worth it. They offer affordable tariffs here. The technical support is always available 24/7. The website mainte.. Read more »
Choosing a quality hosting service is not always easy, so a lot of time was spent on the search. I am completely satisfied with majordomo, their technical support is excellent, they respond quickly, and their specialists helped me solve the issue wit.. Read more »
I would like to say that this is a great hosting service. Special thanks to the 24/7 technical support team. The performance is very fast and reliable, and the best part is the affordable price! Highly recommended!
I have been using this reliable hosting service for the past six months, and I highly recommend it to my friends and relatives. The support team is responsive, and the prices are reasonable.
I haven't encountered any issues in the two years of using this hosting service. I find the standard tariff very convenient, and I am satisfied with it as it is reasonably priced. The technical support operates flawlessly, available 24/7 like cl.. Read more »
Hello, friends. I want to share my impressions about one of the essential services that are necessary to create any website on the Internet. First of all, I started showing interest in website creation relatively recently, and I needed hosting. I rea.. Read more »
I chose the standard tariff, it's enough for me for now. When I transferred my website, they gave me 3 months of hosting as a gift, which I'm very happy about. It's great that the website no longer gives errors and doesn't lag. I .. Read more »
The website is undoubtedly doing a great job. The affordable prices, prompt support response, and multitude of plans are pleasing. The website is excellently designed, with everything clearly explained and informative.
I like how the support team functions, they always assist and respond quickly. I am using hosting services and I am satisfied with the affordable price and quality.
I really enjoy the customer support service; they answer all the questions. The price for hosting is reasonable and affordable. It is the most reliable website. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Both the price and the quality of work are pleasing, there have never been any issues or complaints. If you are looking for good hosting, don't even hesitate, everything is perfect.
I am a beginner, so the "price-quality-simplicity" ratio is very important to me. Everything is fine here. Thanks to the team for their work!
I really liked the "Unlimited" tariff plan, it's affordable at $3.38 and allows for unlimited websites. Overall, I am satisfied with everything.
I have been using this website for quite a while. So far, I am satisfied with everything – the prices are good, the service is stable, and the technical support responds quickly. Overall, I am happy with it.
I highly do not recommend it, even with a small load, the entire platform crashes. There is no real-time technical support, you can wait for hours or even indefinitely, and it is not possible to resolve the issue promptly. Domain renewal in the .ru z.. Read more »
At this stage, the most important thing for me is the price of the service. And since I am a beginner, technical support is everything to me! So far, I like the service, and I have no complaints.
I have been using this hosting for 2 years and I am satisfied with everything. I like how the support team works - they always help and respond quickly. I use their services fully and the price is reasonable, not too expensive.
Everything works quickly, I haven't even had to contact technical support for any issues. The price is the lowest, that's why I chose your hosting and have been using it for 2 months now.
The hosting is simply amazing. I really liked the prompt work of the support team. The speed is impressive. The price and quality ratio is very satisfying.
The hosting is really good. I would like to highlight the excellent customer support and attractive prices. Another important criterion for me was the test mode!
I have been using this hosting service for quite a long time and it has never let me down, unlike many other alternatives. I am especially pleased with the price, as you can get a .ru domain for just 149 rubles. Additionally, the support team has bee.. Read more »
Great hosting. The support team responds very quickly, both through online chat and ticketing. The control panel is user-friendly and technical support is available 24/7. Highly recommend!
After reading the reviews, I decided to try this hosting service. And I wasn't disappointed. I really liked the prompt work of the support team, who explained all the unclear points. The websites work quickly, nothing slows down. It's a won.. Read more »
This hosting is quite good in all aspects. The main website itself is very user-friendly. However, in my opinion, there is a small downside - security and file backup need to be ensured independently. The customer support was very impressive, they re.. Read more »
I initially chose Majordomo because of the availability of a favorable free trial period and reasonable pricing afterwards. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that, in addition to these two positive aspects, there were even more benefits in .. Read more »
I am quite satisfied with this hosting and the quality of its services. I am pleased with the speed and promptness of the technical support's response. Well done. I switched to unlimited from the start and have no regrets.
Hello! I wanted to write a review about the hosting service as well. It might be useful for some of you in making a decision. I have been using this hosting service for about 6-7 months now. The first thing that caught my attention was the free trial.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for some time now. So far, the reviews have been positive. The price to quality ratio is very satisfactory. Initially, I opted for a trial period of 14 days and realized that it is a good hosting service, so I p.. Read more »
The hosting is good, what pleases me is that the rates are relatively low here, and everything works well. True, there are sometimes minor and very short outages, but I usually don't even notice them. I also liked the convenient cPanel. The tech.. Read more »
I purchased a VPS server with a business plan from the estate manager for 1439 rubles. Before making a final decision on purchasing the package, I was given the opportunity to test the service for free for a couple of weeks. After testing, I had no d.. Read more »
Great hosting in all aspects. Although I have been using it recently, I am very pleased with the rates, and everything works smoothly without any downtime. The customer support always helps whenever I reach out to them.
First of all, the trial period is what appeals to me. It allows me to take my time and make a decision. This initial stage is crucial. Majordomo provides a convenient panel of their own development for all virtual hosting packages. This is also impor.. Read more »
This hosting service is excellent, with affordable prices. It never lags or crashes and operates consistently. And if any issues arise, the technical support is always available. They respond quickly and efficiently solve any problems that may come u.. Read more »
It's very convenient that there is a 14-day trial period and the price is attractive. I have recently started using the hosting service, but I have already appreciated the promptness of the customer support - everything is resolved competently a.. Read more »
I switched to Majordomo from another hosting provider about a year and a half ago because the domain renewal prices here are significantly lower, and there's a good discount if you have multiple domains. During this time, there were a couple of .. Read more »
I have several Joomla websites. I have been with since the beginning of my business (several years now). I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they offer free testing upon registration, and not just for 3 days like some competitors.. Read more »
The hosting is excellent, with very high speed and great technical support that explains and actually helps in difficult situations. The price is also reasonable, so you really understand what you're paying for. I am very satisfied with this pro.. Read more »
I have recently started using hosting services. The price caught my attention initially, and my first impression is positive. The control panel is user-friendly and reliable. The technical support team responds quickly, which is very important. Some .. Read more »
Very good hosting. Excellent technical support, responses always come instantly, decent performance. I have been working with them for many years. Never had any problems, the quality is superb. The mega loading speed of websites is very pleasing. Con.. Read more »
I recently started using this hosting service and so far everything is satisfactory. I particularly like their pricing plans, as the prices are quite reasonable. They offer a trial period, fast registration, and online payment option. I highly recomm.. Read more »
I'm a newcomer in the field of websites, hosting, and all that stuff. But as they say, you're never too old to learn. I needed to create my own website for reviewing auto products (requested by my husband). I initially chose this hosting be.. Read more »
I would like to express my gratitude and praise to the hosting service for their many years of impeccable work and the opportunity to implement anything with their internal tools. This hosting service fully lives up to its name and operates at a nati.. Read more »
Reliability, support, and price were crucial factors for me as a beginner. Based on these criteria, I chose this hosting provider. What I liked the most was the ability to tackle many things for the first time without any issues. The support team was.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for a year now. The price and quality are pleasing. I have never had any major problems. If something doesn't work or there is a minor glitch or issue, the support team quickly solves everything, and if something i.. Read more »
I was really impressed by this hosting service, everything is top-notch. The prices were quite surprising, as they are relatively low for such high-quality work. I highly recommend it to everyone, you won't regret it.
I have been using majordomo hosting for almost a year and a half, and I am satisfied with it, although not completely. The speed could be better, but the prices are excellent compared to competitors. The control panel is quite convenient and easy to .. Read more »
The hosting is generally not bad at all, but the speed is a bit weak. Its price is reasonable, reliability is excellent, and the support is good. Personally, I have used it and everything was fine. I can recommend it!
I have been using this hosting for a long time. I was happy that there was a free trial. I liked it and decided to purchase it. The price is good. The technical support is responsive, they quickly answered any questions that arose.
I am from Europe and was looking for a suitable website. And here it is, my find - Majordomo, the most famous hosting provider with a full range of services. And it's affordable. When I registered, I immediately received a 50 ruble gift by using.. Read more »
As a newcomer, it was important for me to not only ensure the effectiveness of the hosting services provided, but also the ease and practicality of using the service. I liked that the support team explained everything in a clear and understandable ma.. Read more »
I used this hosting when I was just starting out in website building. What is useful for beginners here? When a site is just being developed and doesn't have much weight or traffic, this hosting is simply ideal for a young site. What's also.. Read more »
Excellent simple hosting for beginner webmasters. Fast technical support, they will help with any question. The price for hosting is very pleasant! The website works without any lag, it has been running for a month without any interruptions.
It is quite convenient that there are many payment methods available. The interface is pleasant and easy to understand. The website is reliable, so I can confidently say "yes" to it.
I recently started using the hosting services of Majordomo. I am pleased with the convenient control panel, low prices, and high speed. It's very convenient that there is an online chat on the website where beginners can get all the necessary ad.. Read more »
I am using virtual hosting on Majordomo. I have created a website on Wordpress. The technical support helped with the installation of this CMS and the configuration of the domain. The interface for managing email, FTP access, and other functions is q.. Read more »
I run a blog on Wordpress. I chose Majordomo after a couple of unsuccessful experiments. The technical support specialists quickly and without any problems transferred the website, the speed is decent, and the support responds quickly and adequately .. Read more »
We have been using this hosting service since 2008. There have always been several websites hosted here in one form or another. These websites are very small, with an average of no more than 50 visitors per day. As a result, we initially had the chea.. Read more »
I moved to this hosting two weeks ago. So far, everything is going smoothly.
I moved to this host from, thinking that the old hosting was fine. But after two weeks of work, I realized that I will have to move again. Here are the problems: 1. There is no phone for immediate communication, so we have to solve all the pr.. Read more »
Renting a server is generally a common practice, but there are occasional instances of it freezing, and basic hosting tends to experience regular monthly breakdowns.
We have been utilizing this hosting service for approximately five years and overall, it has been a reliable four-star experience. In fact, we have found it to be quite exceptional. :)
The hosting service is unreliable. Over the course of a month, my website has experienced multiple instances of downtime, including the disappearance of the menu.
The hosting service is extremely poor! My website experiences frequent and prolonged outages throughout the day and night, which have persisted for a week. To protect your mental well-being, I strongly advise against dealing with them!
The website frequently experiences downtime. The interface is confusing in an intuitive way. One of my websites will be relocated, while the others will remain in their current locations for the time being.
The hosting service has deteriorated significantly compared to previous times. Over the past two months, the website has experienced frequent downtime every single day. The technical support team can only offer apologies and assure us that the situat.. Read more »
I am extremely satisfied with Majordomo's hosting services after conducting extensive research. I strongly oppose the opinions of those who argue otherwise. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional work provided by Majordomo.. Read more »
I am horrified! Everything is completely non-functional! After three days, the website crashed on a basic WordPress platform, and there was no access for a total of five hours... The reaction is repulsive: the problem is not with the server response .. Read more »
Majordomo used to be an excellent hosting provider that I highly recommended for about four years. However, in recent times, I have experienced frequent website downtime, which has caused inconvenience for my clients and subsequently for me. Furtherm.. Read more »
The hosting company is extremely poor. The technical support team refuses to assist, ignores inquiries, and is unresponsive through phone or chat. It has been a month of suffering, and ultimately, I am unable to continue with their services. Therefor.. Read more »
I am not the only one facing difficulties with this hosting service. Usually, the website becomes inaccessible multiple times throughout the day, particularly when Yandex direct is initiated. This hosting service has gained a negative reputation amon.. Read more »
Pros: We receive letters from Yandex.Metrica about our website being accessible again about 3-4 times a month. The database also occasionally crashes, and emails from the contact form can get delayed for 2-3 hours. The customer support team responds .. Read more »
There are several projects on this hosting. We use both regular (virtual) hosting and VPS hosting - everything works great! Sometimes there are issues, but the support team handles them quickly. In terms of stability, it is MUCH BETTER than the damn .. Read more »
I have been using this great hosting service for over 5 years now. I rent 3 virtual servers and, like any other service, there are occasional issues. However, nothing too critical and everything gets resolved quite quickly.
We have been using this hosting service for about five years now, and overall, it's been a solid four. Plus, we're happy with it. :)
The hosting is superb, I searched for a long time, but what Majordomo hosting does and the services it provides, I disagree with those who claim otherwise. And competition, it exists. Thank you very much for the opportunity provided.