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Working: 21 years is a reputable hosting company that has been providing reliable and high-quality services for almost 20 years. They are known for their excellent customer support, fast speeds, and dependable performance. With various data centers available worldwide, Linode offers a global presence and ensures excellent speed and uptime for their customers. They offer competitive pricing options and have special pricing options, making them a cost-effective alternative to other hosting providers. Lin.. Read more »

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I like to use Linode for streaming media because they offer node balancers and have special pricing options. Additionally, they have pre-made scripts available in their marketplace for easy deployment. Another advantage is that they provide a 2-month.. Read more »
I have a strong affinity for players who are considered underdogs in any field. This is what led me to give Linode a try, and my experience with them has been positive thus far. Linode offers various data centers and their pricing is reasonable. Thei.. Read more »
Linode is highly impressive with its excellent customer support, fast speeds, and dependable performance. Additionally, their DNS manager is especially appealing. It can be concluded that Linode is more suitable for businesses rather than hobbyists, .. Read more »
I have been using Linode as my preferred VPS provider for several years now, across multiple projects. Their pricing is good and their speed has been satisfactory, especially when I use the Dallas location which is closest to me. Whenever I have need.. Read more »
I currently use Linode for my web hosting needs and have been satisfied with their service. They offer servers in their original state for deploying applications and scripts, making it a better fit for developers who have SSH knowledge. Their pricing.. Read more »
Linode is a very user-friendly virtual private server (VPS) provider that offers a great API to easily manage your virtual servers and volumes. They have competitive pricing compared to Digital Ocean, but provide better storage performance with SSDs .. Read more »
One of the top-rated companies known for its dependable service. The dashboard is highly comprehensive, offering easy accessibility to all available features. The prices are reasonable, and the support team is highly knowledgeable and prompt in respo.. Read more »
After transitioning from shared hosting to Digital Ocean, I realized that I lacked mail services. To solve this issue, I set up my own mail service. During this process, I came across Linode, which proved to be a great option as it has port 25 readil.. Read more »
Linode is a well-known and trusted name in the hosting industry. While it may encounter occasional minor problems, overall it is reliable and dependable. Unlike other hosting companies, Linode caters specifically to IT professionals and is often prai.. Read more »
Linode, an established company for nearly 20 years, has recently made significant improvements to their Cloud Manager, making server management much more efficient and user-friendly. The remarkable performance and dependability of their servers and n.. Read more »
I had a great experience using Linode. While it may not be the most affordable option, it is perfect for those who prefer Linux. It offers fast and reliable performance, with better server response times compared to other providers. I only encountere.. Read more »
They are excellent providers, offering simplicity, convenience, speed, and reliability. Their affordable prices make them stand out, and they offer useful features like Block Storage and NodeBalancers that assist with your tasks. The Managed Service .. Read more »
Linode is similar to digitalocean in many ways. If you need Linux hosting, I would recommend choosing Linode, digitalocean, or AWS. We use Linode for our clients and they are always satisfied with the server performance. The prices are affordable, st.. Read more »
Linode was among the pioneering hosting companies to introduce VPS service combined with SSDs. I have been a satisfied customer for over four years, benefiting from their excellent services. In addition to their official support, they have a supporti.. Read more »
Linode was one of the pioneers in introducing VPS Hosting with SSD, and based on my personal experience, their services are of excellent quality. The VPSes can be set up instantly with just a single click, using one of the popular distros, and are im.. Read more »
I have been using Linode as my hosting provider for a long time and continue to use it for both my personal sites and my clients' sites. The pricing starts at $5 a month and it is easy to deploy a VPS. If you are not tech-savvy, they also offer .. Read more »
Linode is a suitable hosting option for individuals proficient in working with the Linux terminal. It is particularly well-suited for VPS and dedicated servers. While their managed plans come at a higher cost and they charge for automated backups, Li.. Read more »
This company offers excellent VPS services with multiple locations worldwide. Although they focus solely on VPS, they are highly specialized in this area and provide additional features like GPU, node balancers, and backups. Their support team is eff.. Read more »
If you are in need of a Virtual Private Server (VPS), Linode is a highly recommended option due to its excellent performance, stability, affordability, and user-friendly interface. It allows for easy installation of various Linux distributions. Howev.. Read more »
Linode is considered one of the top VPS providers due to its exceptional speed, stability, competitive prices, and user-friendly control panel. Setting up your preferred Linux distribution on their VPS is a quick and effortless process. In addition t.. Read more »
Linode is an excellent choice for web developers seeking web hosting services. They excel in VPS and cloud hosting, allowing users to have complete control over their hosting experience. Their service and features are of top-notch quality, comparable.. Read more »
This hosting service is affordable, reliable, and easy to use. We have only been using it for a short period and have not had any need to reach out to customer support.