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Country: Netherlands
Servers: USA, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, China
Working: 27 years is a hosting provider that offers reliable network services with good uptime and stability, particularly in the Europe zone. They have a diverse selection of dedicated server options, with up-to-date hardware and flexible memory and storage options, including RAID configurations not commonly found in large data centers. However, they do not provide SSD NVME options, which may be limiting for certain applications. The initial setup cost is high, and some customers find it unnecessary.. Read more »

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Huge bills are being charged for exceeding traffic, even in cases where it is illegitimate. If you have ordered a server with a limit, let's say 10 TB, but your server is targeted by an attack, you will have to pay for the traffic at a rate of .. Read more »
I have some customers who require low latency in the Europe zone and they have a reliable network with good uptime and stability. However, when purchasing a new server, do not expect to receive a network bandwidth of 1gbps as advertised ("networ.. Read more »
I have been a loyal customer of Leaseweb hosting for the past seven years and I am extremely content with their services. They offer a diverse selection of cloud services that perfectly align with my business needs. Additionally, I have found their p.. Read more »
In the past, Leaseweb was appealing due to its competitive pricing, competent managers in multiple countries, and global presence, which was advantageous for expanding infrastructure near clients. However, with the emergence of cloud services like Di.. Read more »
If you have a high-bandwidth website to serve, Leaseweb is an excellent option. I had been with them for a few months and encountered no problems during my time with them. The only drawback I experienced was the delayed delivery of my dedicated serve.. Read more »
I have been a user of leaseweb for a while now and I am satisfied with the outcomes. They offer outstanding hosting and dedicated services of high quality. However, I believe they could consider reducing their prices slightly. Nevertheless, consideri.. Read more »