rating: 8.9, reviews: 11
Servers: USA, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong
Panels: cPanel
Working: 15 years
Koddos.net is a hosting service that specializes in providing solutions to combat DDoS attacks, offering a sense of security to their customers. While their infrastructure is strong and their server performance is praiseworthy, some customers have mentioned that their prices may be slightly higher compared to other competitors in the industry. However, the majority of customers have reported positive experiences with Koddos.net.

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Plans and Pricing

Mini Plan AcPanel--3 Gb$8.95
Plan AcPanel--5 Gb$14.95
Plan BcPanel--10 Gb$25.95
Plan CcPanel--15 Gb$39.95
Medium Risk AcPanel--10 Gb$39.99

Plan A OpenVZ-1 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$9.99
KVM A Self Managed-1 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$19.95
Managed VPS Plan A-2 Gb1 pcs40 Gb$43.93
Plan C OpenVZ-2 Gb2 pcs60 Gb$46.99

E3-1230-16GB-1TB-SATA-16 Gb-1000 Gb$90
E3-1240v2-16GB-256GB-SSD-16 Gb-256 Gb$120
Ryzen-9-5900X-128 Gb-960 Gb$175

Reviews on Koddos.net


The performance of our e-commerce site has become extremely slow, which is unacceptable. At first, koddos's server speed was satisfactory, but it has greatly declined over the past year, and their support has been unable to fix the problem. Desp.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Koddos for six years now, and overall, my experience has been satisfactory. However, I have noticed that their prices have increased recently, and their system seems to be struggling. Most of their support team members are f.. Read more »
I have had a mixed experience with Koddos. I chose their VPS hosting with DDoS protection and found it to be a strong and secure environment for my website. The uptime is impressive and their guarantee of 99.9% uptime is reassuring. However, I did f.. Read more »
I bought the Shared plan from Koddos.net in 2018 for a few of my clients' e-commerce websites. They are still using their services and we haven't had any downtime. The websites load quickly, which has helped us rank highly on Google. Althou.. Read more »
Koddos provides specialized solutions to combat DDoS attacks, providing a sense of security. While their infrastructure is strong, the prices may be relatively high. I encountered difficulties with certain advanced settings, but their support was ext.. Read more »
After conducting thorough tests on koddos.net, I can assert with certainty that it is a dependable hosting service. Their DDoS protection is incredibly efficient, guaranteeing a safe and stable hosting environment. The server's performance is pr.. Read more »
We operate a software firm and, at times, we are responsible for managing hosting in addition to development, depending on the client's requirements. Our main concern is the speed of websites, particularly those built on WordPress. We have been .. Read more »
This hosting provider offers excellent domain security and a variety of hosting plans at reasonable prices. Overall, it is highly recommended for all users who seek consistent service for their website.
If you are in need of a secure and high-bandwidth website hosting service, Koddos.com is a great option to consider. Personally, I have utilized their VPS hosting plan along with DDoS protection and have been satisfied. With Koddos.com, you can expec.. Read more »
I have been using Koddos offshore web hosting service for several months now, and I am extremely satisfied with their services. Initially, I opted for a monthly shared hosting plan, which worked out well for me. After a month of using their services,.. Read more »
I had no previous knowledge in webhosting and assumed it would be a difficult task. My main requirement was to have a functional website and reliable support. A friend recommended Koddos VPS hosting in Hong Kong, as they were satisfied with their ser.. Read more »