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Servers: France, Canada
Working: 10 years is a reliable and affordable hosting service that offers a range of solutions for dedicated servers and VPS. As a subsidiary of OVH, Kimsufi provides cost-effective options with highly competitive prices, making them the go-to choice for those seeking budget-friendly hosting solutions. Despite their affordability, Kimsufi does not compromise on performance, delivering impressive speeds and reliable uptime. Their servers are particularly suitable for testing or development purposes, a.. Read more »

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If you are searching for affordable, dependable, and fast hosting services, Kimsufi is an ideal choice. I have personally utilized this provider for game servers in the past and can confidently say it is excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend it witho.. Read more »
Kimsufi, an OVH startup, offers low-cost servers with unmetered bandwidth and guaranteed 100mbps speed. Despite limited hardware and a lack of quality support, their tools, such as rescue mode and custom kernel, make up for it. Kimsufi also provides .. Read more »
Kimsufi, a subsidiary of OVH, offers the rental of inexpensive servers with ample storage capacity. It is an ideal choice for those seeking plentiful storage for off-site backups, rather than high CPU power. The company's network is notably reli.. Read more »
Kimsufi, a subsidiary of OVH, offers cost-effective solutions for dedicated servers and VPS. They have highly competitive prices, which can be found as the lowest on the web. Despite being affordable, their performance is impressive and suitable for .. Read more »