rating: 9.1, reviews: 48
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia, Germany
Panels: KeyHelp, ISP Manager, Plesk, DirectAdmin
Working: 27 years is a web hosting service that has received mixed reviews from users. Some customers have had a terrible experience with their service, encountering frequent website inaccessibility and slow response times from the support team. One user even mentioned that their website was dysfunctional for an entire day with extremely slow download speeds. This customer had a negative experience with and strongly advised against dealing with them. However, there are also positive reviews fr.. Read more »

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We have been working with Keyweb for 3 years now. During this time, the company has proven itself as a reliable partner, helping us solve a wide range of our clients' tasks together. Keyweb is not only ready to provide standard solutions but als.. Read more »
Many thanks to the Keyweb technical support team - Yuri Petrovsky, Nadezhda Zhukova, Andrey Bishuk, and everyone from the KEYWEB team for their instant support and assistance in setting up our company's mail server. I would also like to highligh.. Read more »
Great support! Now our CRM and document management system work excellently, reliably, and quickly! Well done!
We use Cloudvm for our remote office. They are great guys. They helped us organize remote work, so now it doesn't matter if we work from home or in the office - all documents and 1C are always accessible. I don't worry about the security of.. Read more »
Excellent support. Quick response to tickets. Ability to communicate with support via Telegram. The support team truly helps and is very friendly, even towards those whose technical level doesn't allow them to ask a correct question. Affordable .. Read more »
We have been working with Kivweb for several years. We use a combination of several products for our corporate needs - a terminal farm and an office on multiple virtual servers, and a dedicated 1C database. During the launch phase, we received compre.. Read more »
Guys, it's terrible. I have my website on Bitrix. They couldn't install Bitrix site management for me, so they installed an emulator. I found out about this after moving to another hosting yesterday. The website was incredibly slow on Keywe.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for over 2 years. I have no complaints about its performance. It offers simple website management and hosting. One major advantage is their customer support, which is available at any time of the day or night. The respo.. Read more »
I really like the hosting. My website is running smoothly. I'm satisfied not only with the performance of my website, but also with the technical support team - they respond promptly. I'm not very knowledgeable about settings, so I have to .. Read more »
I hosted my 2 websites on this hosting 3 months ago. The website management and hosting process are simple and easy, and I was able to handle it myself without much experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to overpay webmaste.. Read more »
I really liked the hosting for many reasons. Before, I was using one of the top ones. Honestly, I don't know why it was considered the best, as the website performance was terrible and it barely loaded. I even paid extra for additional memory to.. Read more »
I am very grateful to Keiweb's technical support for their assistance in everything. For someone who knows nothing about the technical aspects of website management, this hosting service is truly a lifesaver. The team takes on the responsibility.. Read more »
I have read many reviews about hosting companies and Keyweb. Based on my experience, I can say that this host has excellent technical support, which has repeatedly demonstrated its professionalism by helping with any issues and situations. If I neede.. Read more »
I recently switched to KeyWeb due to a good promotion they had, along with positive reviews. The migration process was quick, although anyone who has moved before knows how tedious it can be - either taking a long time or the website being unavailabl.. Read more »
I had been with another hosting service for almost 12 years and was very dissatisfied with them, but I was afraid to switch to another provider. The process of transferring my website scared me as well. I accidentally stumbled upon Keyweb, they had s.. Read more »
Using multiple different hosts for various projects, so there is something to compare. KeiWeb has been and is better in all aspects, so all projects have ultimately been transferred to this hosting. They constantly improve their hardware, have the fa.. Read more »
I chose Keyweb based on the advice of the developers of my store, as I didn't understand much about it, so the choice isn't really mine. The online store has been on hosting for three years now, and we've also connected two more. What .. Read more »
This is my first hosting. I chose it solely for economic reasons - the price is reasonable and there are positive reviews about the support. I didn't make a mistake, the support is the most pleasing aspect, the guys are great. They did all the .. Read more »
I encountered a technical issue with the website's functionality on a hosting platform provided by another service provider, where the site had been hosted for over 6 years. It was time to choose a new one. As I engaged with the technical suppor.. Read more »
Relatively inexpensive, decent VPS hosting. The technical support specialists are knowledgeable. They often help me with configurations that I struggle with, or more precisely, that I have no understanding of at all. The quality of the services provi.. Read more »
I transferred all my websites to this hosting company two months ago. I immediately liked the fact that they offer a variety of VPS plans at incredibly low prices for a 400 GB SSD. In this short period of time, I have been able to appreciate the reli.. Read more »
Decided to write a review, although I have been using the services of Кейвеб for quite some time now. In my opinion, it has one of the best technical supports out of all, they respond to requests instantly and don't prolong the problem-solving p.. Read more »
I have over 50 websites and landing pages hosted with Keyweb. I trust them completely. The websites are always available, load quickly, and never hang. The support team responds within 5-10 minutes. They provide guidance and explanations that even a .. Read more »
The hosting is great. The servers are located in Europe, yet the prices are the same as others. I use the hosting for my website. From the first week of operation, it became clear that the hosting works excellently. The support team solves all issues.. Read more »
We have been working with K-Web for over a year now. Their technical support is very responsive and helps us solve all our issues. They respond to tickets within 5 to 15 minutes, regardless of the time of day or weekend. Their pricing plans are flexi.. Read more »
This is unbelievably great support! After dealing with various hosts who are too lazy to lift a finger, it feels like stepping into a fairy tale where everything works perfectly. Thank you so much!
I have had a positive experience with this hosting service. It has been working flawlessly for over a year. The uptime is high, the speed is also very fast, there are various pricing plans to choose from, and the customer support is polite and respon.. Read more »
I don't have to deal with technical issues myself, as the employees in the chat help me. The loading speed of the websites is excellent. I haven't had any significant problems and I still don't.
This hosting is perfectly normal. There haven't been any failures yet, which surprises and pleases me a lot. The support is really fast. I've been hosting my website for over 2 years.
Great hosting. It only has advantages, in my opinion! The guys from TP work quickly and efficiently. I have a couple of websites on my plan and they always help. Plus, the prices are very reasonable. I've been using it for about 3 years now.
Personally, I highly recommend taking a look at Keiweb hosting. I have personally tried many different hosting providers with various advantages and disadvantages, but I have found everything I need at Keiweb. Here, the uptime is high, with round-the.. Read more »
I decided to use Caveb hosting for several reasons. They offer high uptime, the ability to choose PHP versions, and fast SSD storage. Along with hosting, they provide excellent customer service available round the clock and a reliable data center. Ad.. Read more »
Friends, I have been with you since 2014! And I have always received a response from your administrators regarding any questions. You delight me with your consistent work! Unlike other hosting providers, where people seem to struggle to even make a s.. Read more »
I would like to personally thank the technical support team at K-WEB! They respond within 3-5 minutes and solve issues in no time. Although most of the time it's not really issues, but rather my own lack of knowledge.
I am a regular customer of Caveb hosting. I host both simple websites and high-traffic ones, as well as a couple of landing pages. I am satisfied with the hosting service and have no complaints. The price is reasonable, considering the quality of ser.. Read more »
I finally reached the review on CaveWeb after yet another interaction with customer support. Just wanted to express my gratitude for their assistance. The hosting service has proven itself to be reliable, with no downtime.
I have been using this hosting service for almost 10 years, and during this time I have contacted support about 3 times, always receiving immediate assistance.
I had the most terrible experience with their service! I decided to discontinue using it after just three days. The websites were frequently inaccessible for more than half of the day. The support team took an incredibly long time to respond, typical.. Read more »
Alex, you're quite peculiar. I possess multiple servers from this provider, and everything functions perfectly. It's hard to find similar services at such an affordable rate anywhere else.
I have experienced no issues with VPS rental in various locations that offer good IO, except for Keyweb.
I am actually content with the speed. The true issue lies within your mind.
The information provided is false. My website has been dysfunctional for an entire day, with extremely slow download speeds ranging from 1 to 30 kilobytes per second. The servers are also experiencing slowdowns, and the technical support team has bee.. Read more »
The service is excellent, they handle everything efficiently and respond promptly. It's just a shame that they don't allow adult videos!
The worst service I've ever encountered! I ran away from them after three days. The websites were constantly down for half a day. The support was incredibly slow, taking 12 hours to respond.
I have rented VPS from many places, and I have never had any issues with IO except for at Keiweb.
Alex: Wow, you're such a joker. I have several servers with this provider and they all satisfy me. Plus, where else can you find so many advantages at such a great price?
I, on the contrary, am pleased with the speed, and your screenshots show that your domain is being delegated to the wrong address, that's the whole trick. You simply need to put your hands in the right place.
It's just a scam, the website doesn't work every other day, the loading speed is 1-30 kb/s, the servers are slow, and the customer support doesn't respond for two whole days... Luckily, I only subscribed for a month (lost 15 euros). T.. Read more »