rating: 8, reviews: 3
Country: Canada
Servers: Canada
Panels: cPanel
Working: 20 years
KayoteX.com is a web hosting company that offers a range of services and features. With a focus on providing access to cPanel's fundamental functions, KayoteX aims to cater to the basic needs of its customers. The approval process for their hosting service is seamless, and their customer support is exceptional, providing assistance whenever needed.

One aspect that sets KayoteX apart is their inclusion of the latest softaculous, php version, and MariaDB, ensuring that customers have acce.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

LightcPanel1 pcs1 pcs1 Gb$2.6
BudgetcPanel10 pcs5 pcs1 Gb$4.95
BasiscPanel--5 Gb$9.95
SupremecPanel--10 Gb$19.95

KVPS-1---15 Gb$39.95
KVPS-2-1 Gb-25 Gb$55.95
KVPS-3-1 Gb-40 Gb$75.95
KVPS-4-1 Gb-60 Gb$89.95

Dual Core E53002.8 GHz1 Gb2 pcs250 Gb$165
Core2 DUO E74002.6 GHz1 Gb2 pcs250 Gb$185
Dedicated Xserve2.8 GHz2 Gb4 pcs146 Gb$575

Reviews on KayoteX.com


I became a member of Kayotex a year ago in order to utilize their services, primarily because I wanted to have access to cPanel's fundamental functions. My overall experience, from the approval of the hosting service to the assistance provided b.. Read more »
A few months back, I had to transfer a client to a better hosting service because they were dissatisfied with the performance of Kayotex. The client didn't have any major complaints about the service or support, but they wanted to switch to a mo.. Read more »
A few years ago, when I first created my website, I was in search of a trustworthy web hosting company. That's when my friends introduced me to KayoteX.com. Ever since then, I have been a highly devoted customer. What impressed me the most was t.. Read more »