rating: 8.7, reviews: 15
Country: Pakistan
JabraHost.com is a web hosting provider that has been serving customers for the past four years. They offer affordable pricing and exceptional features, making them a great option for those seeking affordable hosting or domain parking services. While they have received positive reviews for their fast hosting service and top-notch customer service, there are a few areas where they could make some enhancements.

One area for improvement is their email services and upgrade offers. Some cust.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Unlimited Hosting-1 pcs--$1
Master Plan-5 pcs27 pcs30 Gb$1.09
WordPress Business-1 pcs--$1.27
Premium-8 pcs--$1.83

Unlimited Hosting----$1
Master Plan---27 Gb$1.09
WordPress Business----$1.27

Unlimited Hosting----$1
Master Plan---27 Gb$1.09
WordPress Business----$1.27

Reviews on JabraHost.com


Jabrahost offers top-notch customer service with accessible and knowledgeable agents who are always on hand to assist customers hosting their websites with Jabrahost. Waiting times are minimal, and the agents are quick to respond. The only drawback w.. Read more »
Despite the JabraHost's fast hosting service, there is an issue. If your package includes multiple websites, you can only avail one SSL certificate for free. As a result, obtaining an SSL certificate necessitates paying a fee for each new certif.. Read more »
For the past four years, I have been a loyal customer of jabrahost's hosting service, and I can confidently state that I have never encountered any issues. Their pricing is reasonable, and their features are exceptional. Nevertheless, there are .. Read more »
JabraHost is a suitable choice for small businesses with low website traffic, but it is not recommended for larger traffic sites such as blogs, e-commerce, and dynamic sites. This is because the server response time causes slow website loading for la.. Read more »
I recently moved my website from Interserver to JabraHost and I am extremely satisfied with the outstanding service I have received. One of the main problems I encountered was related to my site's URL, but the team at JabraHost quickly addressed.. Read more »
I highly recommend JabraHost for their reliable and affordable web hosting services. Their customer support is responsive and helpful in resolving any problems. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage website and hosting requirements. I.. Read more »
I highly recommend Jabra Host as I have been using it for my personal project for the last 2 years. It has consistently provided excellent performance, with responsive support, no lag issues, and at an affordable price.
Jabrahost offers outstanding customer service, with prompt responses to queries. It would be beneficial to have a diagnostic log on the dashboard that can identify connection problems and provide solutions before contacting engineers. However, despit.. Read more »
I have been using Jabra Hosting since July 2022, and overall, it has been a positive experience, although not without its flaws. Initially, the performance and stability of the VPS servers were inconsistent, but things eventually improved. Since Augu.. Read more »
I would like to express my gratitude towards Jabrahost for their exceptional customer service and prompt assistance. Ever since I switched from my previous hosting provider, I have noticed that Jabrahost has a fast-loading website and provides quick .. Read more »
For the past two months, I have been utilizing Jabra hosting, but the server's loading time is very slow, resulting in wasted time and frustration for users. Additionally, creating a zip file is quite difficult, and I am unsure why they are not .. Read more »
Jabra Host is an affordable hosting service that offers improved performance. Along with various other features, this service also includes free DNS. The customer service team is quick to address any issues that may arise. Occasionally, there may be .. Read more »
I would not suggest using this hosting service due to their lack of responsiveness through email or live chat, slow website loading times, and the impracticality of their Cpanel for creating zip files. Additionally, I experienced around 5-6 hours of .. Read more »
I have been utilizing a hosting service originating from Pakistan for several months, however, regrettably, they did not fulfill their promised services. Their customer support is severely lacking. They were unable to offer DDoS protection and the lo.. Read more »
Jabrahost has a reasonable initial cost and provides a straightforward WordPress installation. However, due to faulty plugins, I encountered a few issues with my website. Thankfully, their customer service promptly resolved the problem. As a result, .. Read more »