rating: 7.4, reviews: 7
Country: Canada
Servers: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, China
Panels: Parallels Plesk, cPanel
Working: 28 years
iWeb.com is a web hosting service that offers fast and reliable performance for websites. Despite using only one dedicated server for multiple websites, the server performance remains impressive and consistent, even outside of Canada. The competitive prices and excellent server performance make iWeb a great choice for web developers and clients.

However, the customer support provided by iWeb.com is the main drawback. The response time is slow, often taking hours before addressing inquir.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

SINGLE PROCESSOR2.4 GHz8 Gb6 pcs2000 Gb$149
DUAL PROCESSORS2.13 GHz64 Gb8 pcs4000 Gb$431

Reviews on iWeb.com


As a web developer, I needed to handle my client's websites, so I decided to use iWeb based on a recommendation from a friend. Despite using only one dedicated server for around 20-25 websites, the performance is remarkably fast and reliable, ev.. Read more »
In the past, I was hired by a digital marketing agency to manage and maintain their client website databases. They utilized the iweb dedicated hosting service, which allowed them to have around 15-20 websites running on one dedicated server. Despite .. Read more »
Huge bills are being charged for exceeding the traffic, even if it is illegitimate. If you have ordered a server with a limit, let's say 10 TB, but your server gets attacked, then you will have to pay for the traffic at a rate of 5 cents per gi.. Read more »
I have utilized iWeb on multiple occasions to offer hosting services to clients in Canada. Its fast and dependable performance makes it an excellent choice for server hosting in the country. I have been a customer for several years and have seldom ex.. Read more »
I discovered iWeb when I required a reliable and powerful dedicated server. At the time, their pricing was competitive compared to other similar services. I had a seamless experience with them, finding them to be fast and highly dependable, even when.. Read more »
The problem lies with the customer service provided by iWeb.com. While it is common for hosting providers to have subpar customer service, their service was particularly bad. They are known to have angry staff. Although their reliability is usually g.. Read more »
After being bought by INAP, a company listed on Nasdaq, this Canadian host expanded its presence worldwide by establishing numerous new data centers. If you seek colocation or dedicated server services in Montreal, they are highly recommended. Howeve.. Read more »