rating: 9.3, reviews: 58
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia, Germany
Panels: ISP Manager
Working: 27 years is a highly recommended hosting service that provides excellent quality servers and user-friendly control panels. They have been serving customers for multiple years and offer prompt and helpful support with no drawbacks. The advantages of include a user-friendly server management interface, a wide range of features and server settings, fast webpage loading speeds, and 24/7 technical support. They prioritize security and offer special tools and monitoring systems to p.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

VPS-PROJECT-1 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$7.53
VPS-STARTUP-2 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$17.74
VPS-BUSINESS-8 Gb4 pcs80 Gb$38.17
VPS-DEVELOP-4 Gb3 pcs60 Gb$52.9

i5-135001.8 GHz64 Gb14 pcs1024 Gb$167.2
AMD Ryzen 7 7700X3.8 GHz64 Gb8 pcs2000 Gb$191.4
i9-139001.5 GHz64 Gb24 pcs4000 Gb$253.23
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D4.2 GHz128 Gb16 pcs4000 Gb$277.42
2 x Xeon Silver-42142.2 GHz256 Gb24 pcs8000 Gb$858.06

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I have been using this ISP server for four years now, and to say that I am satisfied would be an understatement. Let me share an interesting case that happened four years ago, which perfectly illustrates why monopolies are a pain. The major players .. Read more »
We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of the server in a positive manner. The control panel is user-friendly and convenient. We have been utilizing their server for multiple years and highly recommend it. Additionally, we would like t.. Read more »
ISPserver has both advantages and disadvantages like any other hosting and server service. The advantages include a user-friendly server management interface, a wide range of features and server settings, fast webpage loading speeds, and 24/7 technic.. Read more »
A few years ago, I decided to transfer my websites to ISPServer from a different hosting provider. As a beginner in hosting, I reached out to their support team for assistance, and they successfully transferred my WordPress sites. Throughout the past.. Read more »
None of the websites have ever experienced any downtime. Any issues that arise are quickly resolved with the help of technical support. We have been using our web studio's hosting service for several years now and have not even considered switch.. Read more »
I have been working with ISPServer for a few years now, so I have had the opportunity to compare their services with others. I am satisfied with everything they offer, including their pricing, website speed, and software. However, their technical sup.. Read more »
I am pleased with the fast loading speed and prompt responses from the technical support. The websites work well and don't lag. I highly recommend it.
RIA Penza Region has been collaborating with ISPserver "Obloko" since the creation of our website. Excellent software has been installed and is functioning well, with protection against DDoS attacks. The technical support team works quickly.. Read more »
I am satisfied with the fast download speed and quick responses from the technical support team. The website functions well and loads quickly. I would highly recommend it.
Our company, RIA, located in the Penza region, has a partnership with ISPserver. Since our website was created, we have utilized their "Cloud" service, which has proven to be efficient and reliable. Their software is of high quality and off.. Read more »
The staff consistently performs at an exceptional level, and their assistance during challenging situations and handling of errors is greatly appreciated.
Great functional hosting. After much consideration, I decided to give it a try. Since I started using it, I've had some questions for the technical support team, and I can say for sure that while they may not respond quickly, they do help resolv.. Read more »
I have 2 years of work experience. During this time, everything has been going smoothly. The website functions in a stable and efficient manner. The support team is prompt and responsive, which is great. Overall, I would definitely recommend it!
I use hosting for most of my websites. It is important to me that the resources do not go offline and that I receive a quick response from technical support for any of my queries. I have been using this platform for many years because their technica.. Read more »
We were recommended this hosting by the website developer and we are very happy that we chose ISPServer. The technical support helped us set up everything and fine-tune the stable operation. Thank you.
I am completely satisfied with this hosting, there have been no downtimes so far. The technical support impresses with its speed and quality of responses, and the prices are good, just like the tariff plans.
I have been using the services of this company for over 5 years. As the manager of a web studio, here are the things that I personally liked: 1. Prompt responses from the technical support team. 2. Refunds for downtime caused by technical issues. 3... Read more »
I used to use hosting providers or Yandex for hosting. After Yandex stopped supporting hosting, I tried to work with Ucoz hosting, where Yandex hosting was transferred, but it was so inconvenient for me that I started looking for free hosting options.. Read more »
I was recommended to use the hosting services of ISPServer by the programmers who manage my websites. They said it is the most reliable and affordable option, which I have personally experienced. The support team always provides detailed and accessib.. Read more »
I have been renting a dedicated server from ISPServer since 2014. Currently, the server hosts over 30 full-scale projects. Throughout this time, there have been a couple of brief technical interruptions lasting 10-15 minutes. The support team is resp.. Read more »
We have been using this reliable hosting service with reasonable prices for over 3 years in our web studio. We host our own projects as well as our clients' projects on this platform. Overall, we are satisfied and highly recommend this company.
We have been using a dedicated server provided by this hosting company for internal projects for over three years. During this time, we have successfully migrated from one server to another, transferring all our data, replaced a failed RAID disk, and.. Read more »
I first discovered this hosting provider back in 2016. Throughout our collaboration, I have had nothing but positive experiences and emotions. I have used both their virtual hosting and virtual dedicated server (VPS) services. Due to the nature of my.. Read more »
I have been using ISPServer's cloud hosting for 2 years now and I have no complaints at all. The management is convenient and intuitive. The performance is good, with the website loading very quickly. The price is competitive, although I always .. Read more »
I recently started using this hosting service, and so far I have no complaints. Everything is working smoothly, the support team responds to all questions promptly, it is convenient to use, and the price is reasonable. In short, I have no plans to sw.. Read more »
We have been using ispserver for several years now. We are pleased with the convenience of management, speed, and reliability. I can't recall a time when our website was not functioning during these years. Although this used to happen occasional.. Read more »
We migrated our store to ISPServer about 6 or 7 years ago. Before that, we had been dealing with struggles first with a "no-name" hosting provider recommended by the engine developers, and then with It was a time when they didn'.. Read more »
I've never written hosting reviews before, but this time I decided to do it. I was so happy when my website started working again that I promised myself to thank the guys behind it. And what better way to do it than to write a review? So, here&.. Read more »
I was assigned to work on the website and was given various accesses: admin panel, FTP, databases, and the host's admin panel (which, as it turned out, had an incorrect password). It was night and we were working on the website. For some unknown.. Read more »
Great server, with lightning-fast and high-quality technical support. However, in my opinion, they charge a bit too much for their services. On the bright side, the website runs like clockwork, with an excellent interface that is logical, easy to und.. Read more »
The speed is amazing! Instant chat support is incredible! These guys are true professionals, I have never encountered such high-quality service anywhere else. And I have something to compare with, because before switching to ispsever, I used the serv.. Read more »
This hosting option is extremely good. The support team is very helpful, polite, knowledgeable, and responds quickly. They are also technologically advanced. Additionally, the price is affordable and the service is not compromised, unlike other hosti.. Read more »
We have been using the services of this provider for a long time and we are satisfied, as are our clients. From a user's perspective, they offer an intuitively understandable interface, prompt and accessible technical support for any questions, .. Read more »
I am very pleased with the services provided. I rented hosting and it is excellent in terms of speed. The support team is polite and always ready to help! I thank the company and wish you success in your development.
After switching to hosting, all my website problems came to an end. The thing is, none of the hosting providers I approached were able to transfer the site to their dedicated server. Either there was no support specialist, or I had to pay money, and .. Read more »
I used their services many years ago and was not very satisfied, especially with the quality and technical support. In 2011, I switched from Russian hosting to Hetzner, and at that time, with the exchange rate of around 30 rubles per dollar, the pric.. Read more »
I recently started using hosting services. I have no complaints about its performance. There is a bonus in the form of a trial period. There are no issues with the loading speed at all; if I encounter any difficulties, I contact the technical support.. Read more »
I have been using hosting for over a year now. The server's performance is excellent, and the navigation and tariff selection system are convenient. I was also pleased with the technical support - they respond promptly and with expe.. Read more »
I am grateful. I rate this hosting service with a score of 5+ for their performance. The aspect that pleased me the most was the speed.
I was in search of a hosting service for a sizable portal that included all hotels in Kiev. I experimented with various Ukrainian hosting providers, such as the popular Mirohost, but ultimately settled on ISP and have no regrets. ISP is an excellent .. Read more »
The hosting company is exceptionally good. It can handle heavy loads without any issues. The technical support team is prompt in responding, even for minor problems.
The hosting service is of good quality and the price is reasonable.
I own a small website that is expanding. I was highly impressed with the support service provided by the internet service provider (ISP) server. The staff members are courteous and tactful, and they possess the necessary knowledge base to efficiently.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for almost a year. + The support service is efficient and responsive, providing assistance to newcomers in understanding the hosting. + The uptime is good, with my sites experiencing less than 12 hours of downti.. Read more »
The hosting is generally excellent. We don't switch because we have already settled in, although there are cheaper offers on the market - around 200 rubles per month. As they say, to each their own - not everyone looks for better when they have .. Read more »
I made an effort to avoid relying solely on one hosting provider for all my tasks. Consequently, I can confidently assert that ISP is the top choice. Over the past three years, I have entrusted them with hosting my own websites as well as those of my.. Read more »
I bought a cloud server from them four years ago for a monthly fee of euros. Everything was fine, it opened quickly, and it worked stably without any failures. The technical support was decent and responded within a day. It all started when they star.. Read more »
Throughout my experience, I have tried multiple hosting services. As a result, ISP stands out as the best. I have been hosting my own websites as well as those of my clients (currently 18) with them for three years now. I must particularly commend th.. Read more »
Great hosting. Handles loads without any issues. The customer support responds promptly, even to the most basic questions.
I have been using their services for several years. VDS is not cheap. In the last year, there have been constant problems. Websites don't work. Every other day, all I do is write to technical support. At the moment, I am transferring my websites.. Read more »
I worked in hosting for almost a year. + The support team is really efficient and responsive, they help beginners to understand everything. + Good uptime. Websites were down for less than 12 hours in total throughout the year. + Additional disk space.. Read more »
I understand that this is the same as firstvds, as I can log in from any provider. I want to say that the website is not available several times a day for 1-5 minutes intervals. And this has been happening for 5 months. The technical support didn.. Read more »
Something always goes wrong once a month. Either the website becomes inaccessible or their own website/billing system also periodically goes offline. And recently, the situation has gotten much worse. They also practice restarting client servers when.. Read more »
I have a small website, but it's making progress. I was impressed by the support service at ispserver, they are polite and tactful guys who have the knowledge for their job. Occasionally, the website may go down, but that happens with any server.. Read more »
The server keeps crashing constantly.
Good hosting, value for money.
Thank you for the excellent job! We were particularly impressed with the speed.
I was searching for hosting for a large portal (all hotels in Kiev). I tried out many Ukrainian hosts (including the well-known Mirohost), but in the end, I settled on ISP and have not regretted it at all. They are a very good provider, and I recomme.. Read more »