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Country: USA
Servers: USA
Panels: cPanel
Working: 26 years
Testing: 30 days
iPage.com is a web hosting provider that offers affordable pricing and reliable performance for users looking to create their own websites. Initially, users are satisfied with iPage's fast performance and lack of issues, making it a suitable choice for hosting their initial websites. The company also offers a Referral program, allowing users to refer clients and potentially earn commissions.

However, some users face setbacks with iPage. Despite successfully referring clients, they do no.. Read more »

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iPage web hosting----$2.99

iPage web hosting----$2.99

iPage web hosting----$2.99

Reviews on iPage.com


When I first chose iPage.com as my hosting provider for my initial website, I was initially satisfied with its fast performance and lack of issues. As my website grew and I acquired more clients, I also participated in their Referral program and succ.. Read more »
The hosting site experiences sluggish database queries and the customer support team is slow in providing assistance. Despite having unlimited disk space, the site's performance relies heavily on inodes. I do not recommend this service and advis.. Read more »
If you require assistance, you would need to call them as they do not provide online support, which can be time-consuming. However, they have a helpful staff and their website loads quickly. Overall, I consider them slightly better than average and t.. Read more »
iPage has proven to be an affordable and satisfactory solution for some of my clients. After using the platform for a while, clients often ask me for recommendations to further enhance their websites. Realtors, in particular, seem to favor this platf.. Read more »
The price plan offered by this hosting provider is highly cost-effective and their technical support team is extremely responsive. If you encounter any problems with your website, they address them promptly. Personally, I experienced a couple of issu.. Read more »
I have been using iPage for nearly a year, and I believe it is deserving of a closer examination for those in search of a reasonably priced and user-friendly hosting provider. The plans offered are highly adaptable and include various additional feat.. Read more »
iPage offers satisfactory speed, reliability, and support at an affordable price. However, I wouldn't suggest them due to their lack of additional services like free SSL and backups indefinitely. Unlike other hosts, iPage charges for these servi.. Read more »
In all honesty, it's an acceptable option. How would you feel about a hosting provider that initially offers plans for $10 per month - which seems a bit pricey - and as you're about to leave the page, suddenly presents a dubious timer offer.. Read more »
I have had a wonderful experience working with iPage for the past five years, and it is hard to believe that it has been that long. There have been no problems, and everything has been smooth sailing up until now. The company and its staff truly exem.. Read more »
I have been familiar with iPage for a while now and have used their services on multiple occasions, particularly when they offered support for Python applications. Their services were consistently dependable. However, my recent experience with them w.. Read more »
Initially, I was not impressed with their user interface (UI) and anticipated difficulties in working with it. However, I soon realized that it was quite familiar to most clients I have worked with, as it resembled the customization process of WordPr.. Read more »
Is iPage really worth its low price? I decided to give it a try after reading a positive online review, as I needed a reliable and speedy host for my portfolio website. While the speed of my website on iPage's shared servers was impressive, its .. Read more »
I do not plan on using or suggesting iPage to my friends because of my negative past experience. Two years ago, they did not have chat support and it was extremely difficult to reach them by phone. As someone who travels frequently, it was challengin.. Read more »
Ipage hosting provides a simple solution for hosting websites, but it has limited options. This can be seen as both a disadvantage or an advantage. If you are new to building websites, this hosting service is user-friendly. However, I prefer having m.. Read more »
I have been using iPage.com as my web hosting platform since my website began last year. In my opinion, iPage is an affordable host with decent performance. The pros of iPage include a free domain name, email address, and website building opportuniti.. Read more »
I am a fan of Ipage because it provides unlimited domain options, unlike other platforms that limit the number of domains you can have. I find Ipage to be consistently dependable. Additionally, I specifically seek hosting sites that offer Wordpress h.. Read more »
To put it bluntly, Ipage is not a hosting provider that I can ethically recommend. I generally avoid companies owned by EIG for good reason, and Ipage is a prime example. The only positive aspect of their service is the affordable price, but even tha.. Read more »
I had a negative experience with ipage for a duration of two years. The dashboard was extremely confusing to navigate. Initially, I only paid $13 for web hosting in the first year, but the renewal price skyrocketed to over $100 in the following year... Read more »
I had a great experience using iPage as the host for my blog. The initial price for the basic plan was very affordable at $1.99/month and it even included a free domain for the first year. However, the renewal price was higher, but I was able to nego.. Read more »
My introduction to iPage.com came from a client who utilizes their services. They offer reasonably priced hosting packages that include all necessary features. While their uptime is dependable, the speed can occasionally be inconsistent. It is import.. Read more »
iPage is a web hosting provider that provides affordable hosting packages. Nonetheless, I encountered problems with subpar website performance and frequent periods of downtime. The customer support team was not particularly effective in resolving the.. Read more »
I am dissatisfied with the service provided by iPage.com. Let me share my personal encounter with them. Advantages: Their hosting packages are affordable. Disadvantages: They do not utilize the standard Cpanel. It is costly to migrate a site ($150)... Read more »
iPage is well-known in the web hosting industry for their affordable pricing of $1.99. However, my experience using their shared hosting plan for six months revealed that the loading speed of my website was unsatisfactory and I encountered frequent s.. Read more »
The reason I was drawn to ipage was their affordable prices, which are among the best in the market. However, I soon discovered that my website's speed is sluggish. It takes a significant amount of time to load, which makes me feel uneasy. Despi.. Read more »
After experiencing a series of ddos attacks on my regular hosting provider, I decided to explore alternative options for possible backup plans. Since I am not yet prepared for a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), I began searching for affordable alterna.. Read more »
I do not agree with the widespread belief that iPage offers great value. There are cheaper alternatives available that do not require a three-year commitment. Some of my developer friends have subscribed to iPage without realizing that it lacks cPane.. Read more »
I discovered that iPage hosting is the most uncomplicated web hosting option available. It is suitable for small websites and they provide attractive discounts for new users. Choosing a longer time period can also get you a more advantageous offer. I.. Read more »
If you are searching for a hosting service provider that is reliable, iPage is a great choice. They provide $100 worth of Google Adwords and Bing Ads. WordPress can be easily installed with just one click. Additionally, they have over 1000 web templa.. Read more »
I would like to begin by praising iPage.com for creating a hosting platform that is easy for users to navigate. iPage.com offers various languages and a developers mode at affordable prices. iPage.com is reliable and can address all your needs within.. Read more »
I purchased shared hosting from iPage during a special promotion where it was only $1 per month. However, my experience with them was not great, possibly because of the bulk selling. The server was very slow and the account I received used the vDeck .. Read more »
Ipage offers affordable hosting services at a very low cost, approximately $3 for a 12-month period. It is important to note that this pricing is for shared hosting, which is still quite impressive. Additionally, for the first year, all plans come wi.. Read more »
iPage is an extremely inexpensive hosting service, but it operates at a slower speed compared to others. Despite this, iPage provides many attractive features such as free SSL, round-the-clock live chat and phone support, unlimited bandwidth, and sto.. Read more »
When you choose longer-term plans with iPage, the cost is lower. For a one-year plan, you will be charged $2.99 per month, with a regular price of $9.99 for the year. If you opt for a three-year plan, the cost is $1.99 per month or approximately $80 .. Read more »
I had a terrible experience with this hosting provider. I used their service for approximately two months, but I was never satisfied. The loading speed of the webpages was often very slow, and sometimes they would get stuck, requiring me to contact t.. Read more »
iPage is an extremely unsatisfactory web hosting provider. When it comes to terrible web hosts, iPage ranks high on the list. Despite having excellent uptime and security, as well as being an environmentally friendly web hosting provider, almost ever.. Read more »
I experimented with using this hosting service for one month. However, due to a lack of support, I decided to cancel my subscription. I would not recommend this service, especially for beginners or individuals with time-sensitive business needs. Fir.. Read more »
If you need an affordable hosting provider that offers great features, Ipage is the ideal option. They provide dependable customer support and their speed is satisfactory. I have successfully managed several Wordpress websites for my clients without .. Read more »
This company allows users to register an unlimited number of domain names under one account, which is convenient. However, instead of the usual array, they use vDeck. Unfortunately, this hosting platform does not support Cron, SSH access, and SFTP. A.. Read more »
To summarize briefly, the text highlights the advantages and disadvantages of a hosting service. The pros include low initial rates, free domain registration or transfer, 24/7 support, and user-friendly features for beginners. The cons include a lear.. Read more »
I have approximately 40 websites hosted with this service, but their databases are on separate servers. This hosting service handles requests and has minimal load. The average response time from Yandex is between 3000-5000 milliseconds. Occasionally,.. Read more »
I have been utilizing this hosting company for approximately one year. I purchased this hosting service for my personal blog, WordPress step by step, which is an online project dedicated to learning about one of the most popular blog platforms, as we.. Read more »
I am dissatisfied with this hosting service which I have been using for a year. The loading speed of the pages is extremely slow and there are frequent instances of lack of access. I have taken several steps like installing Alexa for control and send.. Read more »
The hosting service is extremely unsatisfactory. Websites are frequently unavailable, page loading times are exceptionally slow, and there are daily occurrences of database connection errors. Overall, it is an absolute nightmare.
I am currently experiencing freezing issues with all five of my websites on iPage. I am attempting to determine if the freezing is solely with IPAGE or if there are additional underlying problems as well.
The affordability of iPage hosting is undeniable! For just around $42 per year, what more could I ask for? I recently discovered a discount that gives back 60% of the plan's price, resulting in a mere $2 for a year. It's hard to dispute suc.. Read more »
I transferred my website to this hosting service and so far, the speed is acceptable, and I haven't needed to reach out to customer support as everything is functioning properly.
I have been utilizing this service for over six months now. The technical support is reliable and effectively resolves most issues. However, the main drawback is the frequent need to reach out to them due to the website's dysfunction. There are .. Read more »
Regarding the payment: Initially, I made a payment of $42 for the first year, but for the subsequent year, the amount due has doubled to $84.
I have been using this hosting service for approximately one month. I would like to point out some inaccuracies in your description. Firstly, the speed is excellent, which was the main reason I chose this hosting service. Among all the hostings I tes.. Read more »
I must give them credit for their clever marketing tactics. I was under the impression that I could host all my websites for just $3. However, I soon discovered that there were limitations. One of my sites included a documentation catalog in pdf form.. Read more »
Avoid searching for a low-cost hosting provider! Their service is extremely poor. Websites experience significant slowdowns, and they even threatened to disconnect me from the server when I had a phpBB forum (claiming it caused excessive strain, desp.. Read more »
The hosting service is extremely bad. It takes an incredibly long time for site pages to load, ranging from 20 to 70 seconds. When you reach out to their technical support, the pages briefly improve with load times of 6 to 10 seconds for a few days, .. Read more »
Terrible hosting. The comment above mine suggests giving the host a try for a full year instead of just one month, and then evaluating its performance.
I am dissatisfied with the hosting provider I am currently using. The website takes a long time to respond to requests, sometimes even taking 2 minutes to download. I reached out to their support service to address the slow performance of their serve.. Read more »
I moved my website to this hosting provider two days ago and so far, I am happy with everything. The speed is good and the technical support is excellent. I am currently working on resolving a few issues, and I receive answers within 1-2 hours. The o.. Read more »
I had utilized this hosting service for one year before discontinuing. They suspend websites that experience excessive traffic and impose limitations on file storage. Despite the attractive pricing, there might be some valid reasons to consider it.
I am dissatisfied with the hosting service. The technical support team assumes I am incompetent and repeatedly advises me to clear the cache and cookies, without attempting to understand the actual problem. The hosting company claims their side is fu.. Read more »