rating: 9, reviews: 41
Country: USA
Servers: USA, North America
Panels: cPanel, Direct Admin, Plesk, Custom panel
Working: 25 years
Testing: 30 days is a web hosting company that offers affordable services with a range of features. While they may have some drawbacks, such as slower response times and the need for manual data backups, they make up for it with their lifetime price lock guarantee and unlimited domains. Customers appreciate their straightforward pricing and user-friendly options. is known for its reliable customer support and commendable uptime performance. They also offer free migration services .. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Free for studentscPanel, Plesk---$0
Free Non-ProfitcPanel---$0
ASP.NET WindowsPlesk25 pcs--$8

Linux Cloud VPS 1-6 Gb3 pcs90 Gb$18
Windows VPS 2-4 Gb2 pcs60 Gb$20
Windows VPS 1-2 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$22
Linux Cloud VPS 2-4 Gb2 pcs60 Gb$32

Xeon E3-12303.2 GHz32 Gb4 pcs2000 Gb$57

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Jonathan stands out as a straightforward web hosting company that offers similar services to other prominent providers such as Bluehost, but at a more affordable cost. In conclusion, is the ideal choice for individuals seeking .. Read more »
Over the past few years, I have experimented with various hosting services and recently switched to Interserver. I decided to go with them due to their reputation for providing top-notch hosting services. They claim to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee,.. Read more »
Like every other hosting service, has its advantages and disadvantages. Although their support team is reliable, their response time may be a bit slow. While migration is free, it requires users to manually backup their data as it is .. Read more »
Hello, their pricing is slightly higher but their service is highly recommended. The ultra-fast speed they offer is indeed fast, and they can actually back up their claims. Additionally, the ability to have unlimited domains is a great advantage. It&.. Read more »
Although the price is not very affordable, if you are interested in a managed server for ASP.NET, Windows, Linux, Reseller Hosting, and Cloud Hosting with numerous cloud apps available to you in just one click, then this is the option for you. There .. Read more »
Interserver is truly amazing, as I had a positive encounter with them. Their support team assisted me in migrating my compromised WordPress site. They thoroughly investigated the issue, resolved it, and restored my website to its normal state without.. Read more »
For the past three years, I have utilized Interserver as a hosting platform for my client's website, and I have found it to be a valuable and satisfying experience. The customer support team is dependable, and the company offers free migration s.. Read more »
Hello, we currently utilize interserver dedicated hosting for our Windows environment. While their servers perform well, we have found their customer support to be extremely inadequate. They struggle to comprehend our inquiries and often make mistake.. Read more »
The cost of the premium hosting service is justified by its price plans. You will receive a highly dependable hosting service, along with top-notch support, above-average speed, and stability. Despite the high prices, the features offered are well wo.. Read more »
Advik is considered one of the top hosting providers, particularly due to its exceptional customer support, uptime, and reasonable prices. Opting for this service would be a smart decision if you are looking for flawless performance within .. Read more »
Interserver is a decent provider, although not the best I have experienced. One feature that impressed me was the price lock, ensuring that the monthly rate remains the same for as long as you use their services. Additionally, they offer free SSL and.. Read more »
The price is reasonable, the speed is excellent, and the security measures are strong. It is crucial to note that the uptime is at an impressive rate of 99.97%. New users are provided with a complimentary migration service, as well as round-the-clock.. Read more »
Cloud Hosting is regarded as one of the top, if not the leading, providers in the industry. Their services include complimentary site migration and an unrestricted amount of emails. They are highly cost-effective and reliable. Their support team is r.. Read more »
I have been a customer of for more than 5 years and believe it is the top choice for website solutions. It has a successful history of 20 years and offers excellent customer support available 24/7. New clients can enjoy free site migr.. Read more »
I use this web hosting service for its flexibility. Interserver is both cost-effective and reliable. I choose to use Wordpress to personalize my websites, and Interserver offers an option to buy a plan that includes Wordpress. Whenever I need assista.. Read more »
Jasmine is a hosting company that offers a great deal at $4 per month if you commit to a 3-year plan for $144. The price for a 1-year plan is $54 ($4.50 per month), which is still quite reasonable considering the features you receive. They pr.. Read more »
This hosting provider stands out from others by offering free migration services, guided by a highly skilled customer support team. The cPanel is user-friendly and offers a wide range of scripts and 1-click installers that make it easy to start using.. Read more »
If you haven't given InterServer's web hosting plans a try, now is the perfect time to do so. Currently, they are offering a special deal where you only have to pay one penny for the first month. This means you have nothing to lose by tryin.. Read more »
Out of all the hosting services I have used or tested, this is one of my favorites. Interserver provides excellent support and top-quality hardware, resulting in great service and fast, dependable websites. One feature that stands out for me is the .. Read more »
The hosting provider has impressive reliability and website security, along with efficient performance. They offer an affordable plan with exceptional features, making them one of the top choices. Their technical support is excellent, assisting with .. Read more »
Interserver offers excellent performance and pricing options, making them the top choice for web hosting. One standout feature is their Windows VPS hosting, which is highly beneficial. However, it's important to note that they do not include cPa.. Read more »
InterServer provides a decent website loading speed and has a reliable uptime with no downtime issues. They offer a user-friendly control panel, suitable for beginners, and include features like daily updates, free SSL certificate, and WordPress inst.. Read more »
Interserver receives a decent number of positive reviews, however, I have conflicting opinions about their offerings and services. I encountered a problem when my VPS account was not automatically backed up, which was my own mistake as I assumed they.. Read more »
Interserver is a reliable hosting provider that I have used for both web-hosting and VPS services. Initially, they did not offer CPanel for VPS, but now they do. The greatest advantage of using interserver is the wide range of add-ons available, and .. Read more »
InterServer is a reputable hosting provider known for its fast performance, competitive pricing, and effective Litespeed caching. However, their affiliate program is deceptive since affiliates are unable to register their own clients. Additionally, t.. Read more »
The performance of the service is satisfactory and their reliability is commendable. However, improvement is required in their support staff to achieve prompt problem resolutions. On a positive note, they do offer assistance with site migration.
InterServer is a reliable hosting provider that offers reasonably priced and high-quality hosting services. I personally used their VPS hosting and had a positive experience without any issues. One advantage is their availability of Windows VPS hosti.. Read more »
Remi's is a web hosting provider that stands out for its affordability compared to other major providers like Bluehost. Despite its lower price, offers the same range of services as these competitors. For anyone looking to sa.. Read more »
Interserver is a top-notch hosting service that caters excellently to businesses of all sizes. In comparison to other hosting providers, their plans are highly competitive. The speed and uptime of their service are outstanding, and their customer sup.. Read more »
Although it is a smaller company, they are clearly making an effort. They provide standard shared hosting and APS.NET hosting on Windows servers, each priced at $5. Additionally, their WordPress managed hosting costs $8 per month. The support is quit.. Read more »
This has been an exceptional experience for me. I have multiple websites on this platform, and the pricing options are unbeatable. I purchase my domains from InterServer and host my sites with their hosting services. It has been a successful combinat.. Read more »
The employees at this company are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, flexible, and, most importantly, tenacious. They have a way of simplifying complicated problems and explaining each step thoroughly. This has been my experience with every person I h.. Read more »
I have been a user of interserver for more than a year and would rate them 8 out of 10. They offer excellent customer support and their pricing plans are value for money. Occasionally, I experienced some performance issues on my VPS, but that may be .. Read more »
I have found this hosting company to be the most dependable one I have ever utilized. The support they provide is excellent, and their pricing is reasonable. I highly suggest this hosting service to all of my acquaintances. It offers numerous feature.. Read more »
I appreciate InterServer's Price-Lock Guarantee, which ensures that the rate remains the same even after the lock-in period. Their team is knowledgeable in WordPress, making it easier to set up WP on their platform. Additionally, their customer .. Read more »
Interserver offers a wide range of servers and hosting services, including options like Wordpress and Drupal. They provide various types of cloud services to cater to different needs. In my opinion, their VPS special is a great value compared to othe.. Read more »
InterServer falls into the category of an average hosting company, as there are both positive and negative aspects to their services. While they provide affordable hosting plans and ample storage space, their reliability and support for hosting serve.. Read more »
I have been a satisfied customer of their service for a year now, particularly impressed with their excellent customer support. The live chat feature is fantastic, and their speed surpasses that of other hosting providers. Just like other hosts, thei.. Read more »
If you are in need of unlimited hosting, Interserver is a suitable choice. A year ago, I purchased their unlimited package for a client and received excellent service. There is no need to worry about this hosting option as they offer a money back gua.. Read more »
Honestly, I am pleased with their service and the price for reliable internet web hosting. Initially, I received 8 panel debts, but they only lasted for around 6 months. Over time, I noticed a decrease in the quality, especially in terms of bandwidth.. Read more »
I was searching for an alternative in the United States. My main inquiry was regarding the frequency of InterServer's website backups and any restrictions on support ticket requests and downloaded data. I had a live chat with Sushma, who was a f.. Read more »