rating: 8.7, reviews: 52
Servers: USA, North America
Panels: cPanel
Working: 23 years
Testing: 90 days is a web hosting company that has garnered mixed reviews from users. Some customers have had excellent experiences with the company, praising their proactive notification of maintenance work and helpful customer support. However, others have expressed dissatisfaction with the company, citing slow website loading speeds, excessive fees, and slow customer support response times.

In terms of pricing, some users find it to be slightly higher compared to other options in .. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

CorecPanel2 pcs40 pcs100 Gb$9.99

Cloud VPS SSD 1-1 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$6
VPS 4GB-4 Gb4 pcs90 Gb$54.99
VPS 12GB-12 Gb12 pcs210 Gb$101.99

Aspire3.4 GHz16 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$169.99
CC-10002.7 GHz192 Gb12 pcs2000 Gb$569.99
CC-20003 GHz256 Gb24 pcs4000 Gb$699.99

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I have been utilizing inmotionhosting for a few years now and the experience has been excellent. One aspect that I particularly value about the hosting team is their proactive notification of any upcoming maintenance work. Additionally, their support.. Read more »
We have been utilizing inmotion for nearly four years. The WHM feature was excellent, and we rarely needed to contact customer support. The cost is slightly higher compared to other available choices in the market. Nonetheless, I truly appreciated th.. Read more »
I have a strong desire to love InMotionHosting, but it is becoming increasingly challenging. Although it used to be a well-known company among my US clients, it hasn't been on my radar for years. However, I recently had the opportunity to try ou.. Read more »
For approximately one year, I have been utilizing InMotion Hosting. Initially, I opted for their shared hosting option, specifically the Power Plan, and subsequently transitioned to their reseller hosting, the R-1000S. I have solely positive remarks .. Read more »
I am dissatisfied with this company and the clients I referred to their service have also expressed the same dissatisfaction. The website is highly unreliable, as it loads slowly and has excessive fees. The customer support is slow, usually taking 3 .. Read more »
Inmotion provides excellent support and reliability, making them a cost-effective hosting option. Despite being affordable, their quality remains high. They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied and also provide a free domain n.. Read more »
When looking for a more affordable option, InMotion is my go-to choice. I frequently recommend them to clients who are not interested in hosting with me. In terms of their price range, InMotion provides excellent support and resolves any issues quick.. Read more »
The hosting service is reliable but the pricing is too high. The speed is not as fast as other alternatives and the support provided is average. The shared hosting plan starts at around $10, which is a significant amount.
I had a positive experience with inmotionhosting while using their WP-4000S plan. Although I find their price slightly steep, I have no other complaints as they provide excellent support and their server performs well with good uptime. I highly recom.. Read more »
For more than 16 months, I have been utilizing InMotion as the hosting platform for my client's website. In terms of storage space, the provider has generously offered ample capacity, and there are no restrictions on website traffic. The uptime .. Read more »
I had a positive encounter with InMotion Hosting. I participated in a project involving the complete setup of a website and collaborated with the designers and developers from InMotion. These individuals consistently took the initiative to address an.. Read more »
They are not worth the amount you are paying for their services. They experience occasional downtime, although it is minimal, and their website takes a long time to load. For a price of approximately $6.3 per month, you only get two websites. While t.. Read more »
Hafiz stands out for its round-the-clock support, dependability, and impressive uptime, which are crucial factors. Although the prices may be slightly higher, this is a worthwhile investment for those seeking perfection and having every.. Read more »
I had my first WordPress client hosted on InMotion about eleven years ago, and even after all this time, their services are still excellent. The only drawback is their User Interface and graphics, which seem outdated for such an established web hosti.. Read more »
I had the opportunity to be with Inmotion for a duration of 3 years, and it was an excellent experience overall in terms of their support, performance, and other aspects. Although the price was slightly higher, it did not pose a problem. However, I h.. Read more »
I am currently using for my website for the past two years. I have a virtual store and have never encountered any issues with it. The control panel provided by is user-friendly. I pay a monthly fee of $6.99 and.. Read more »
After experiencing slow performance with some of my GoDaddy websites, I decided to switch to InMotion. My main concerns were speed and reliability, and InMotion appeared to be a suitable option due to their offering of SSD drives, unlimited bandwidth.. Read more »
I have been utilizing their server for a period of two years and I am extremely satisfied with it. I possess a VPS server which operates at a remarkably high speed. Additionally, I am currently hosting my friend's website on my VPS as he recentl.. Read more »
The text highlights the diverse range of features available, catering to various individuals from beginners to advanced users. The interface is user-friendly, and the provided features are appropriate. Adjusting settings is simple, and the support te.. Read more »
The support and reliability provided by InMotionHosting have been exceptional. Our experience with their dedicated server has been incredible. We upgraded to a dedicated hosting because our website had high traffic and needed dedicated resources. We .. Read more »
I would like to mention one aspect that I am not fond of. The initial manual verification process they have. Although I understand its purpose, I believe they should explore alternatives for automation. Now, let me highlight some positive aspects: .. Read more »
This hosting company is known for having very polite and supportive customer service. I encountered a problem with backing up my website, but they guided me through it smoothly and without much difficulty. They offer a free domain name, free website .. Read more »
Inmotion Hosting is an exceptional service provider that I have had the pleasure of working with. Their support team has consistently been helpful, and their self-help resources are well-documented. The process of getting started with their service i.. Read more »
Inmotion provides affordable pricing, making it a budget-friendly option. It offers similar features as other hosting sites, but the only drawback is the manual verification process for setting up an account, causing some delays. However, it is parti.. Read more »
In my experience, Inmotion Hosting has been the most beneficial web hosting service I have used. Their customer support is excellent and their server response speeds are incredibly fast. They offer a range of features including a 99.9% uptime guarant.. Read more »
InMotion is an extremely reliable host in every aspect. Compared to other hosts we have used, our website's uptime is better and we hardly ever experience any downtime. The speed is also impressive, with page load times faster than 90% of other .. Read more »
To start, I want to make it clear that I used to work for InMotion Hosting from 2014-2015. However, my review is based on my experience as a customer, not as a former employee. InMotion stands out because they are one of the few shared hosting provi.. Read more »
In my opinion, I highly recommend InMotion Hosting despite it being slightly more expensive than other hosting providers. As a web developer, I enjoy trying out different hosting servers, and InMotion Hosting impressed me with its excellent dashboard.. Read more »
I became aware of InMotionHosting thanks to a blogger friend's suggestion. Their servers are speedy and have a trustworthy uptime, and they provide top-notch customer support. Additionally, they offer complimentary data backups and protection ag.. Read more »
Inmotion hosting provides complimentary domain names and a seamless transfer process from cPanel to cPanel. Their servers utilize high-speed SSD storage, resulting in rapid website loading times. However, their claim of unlimited hosting is misleadin.. Read more »
During my recent encounter with InMotion hosting, their support team stood out as one of the most reliable and competent among all other hosting companies. The staff members were highly professional and always ready to assist, offering various commun.. Read more »
I have been a customer of theirs for a while. The positive aspects are their exceptional customer service and support, user-friendly control panel, a 90-day money-back guarantee, and free data backups. However, be prepared to spend a significant amou.. Read more »
This hosting provider, which is located in the United States, is well-known for its dependable service, fast performance, and excellent customer support. Although their prices may be slightly higher, the quality you receive is worth the cost. Additio.. Read more »
InMotion has been in the industry for a long time, which means that as a developer, when you include their services in your offerings, you can be confident in your sales. Although they are reasonably fast, they may not be as quick as they claim. Pers.. Read more »
Inmotion hosting is a well-known company in the web hosting industry. Although they promote unlimited hosting, which is actually not possible, they excel in certain areas. These include offering SSD storage, the availability of both Postgre SQL and M.. Read more »
InMotion hosting offers a cost-effective shared hosting solution that includes various features such as unlimited email addresses and SSD storage. Additionally, they provide a complimentary SSL certificate, even with their basic package. The support .. Read more »
InMotionHosting is highly regarded as one of the top hosting solutions available, thanks to the quality of their service. Although I personally consider SiteGround to be the best option for WordPress websites, many people prefer InMotionHosting. Howe.. Read more »
To begin with, their servers are incredibly speedy. The level of customer support they offer is outstanding. They have a good track record of uptime and a generous 90-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, they provide a top-notch Scuri plugin for W.. Read more »
I am extremely happy to be a client of one of the top hosting services, InMotionHosting. They provide an amazing hosting service at a reasonable price, and their customer service is exceptional. I truly appreciate the way they treat their customers. .. Read more »
Advantages: - Offers a range of plans suitable for small and large websites - Provides excellent 24/7 customer support to assist with any issues - Includes a free domain and SSL certificate Disadvantages: - There is a large selection of plans, which.. Read more »
I have been a satisfied customer of Inmotion for three years, and I am extremely pleased with the quality of their services. Their support is excellent, their speed is impressive, and their uptime is reliable. If you are considering shared hosting, t.. Read more »
I have been familiar with InMotion since 2005, but it wasn't until 2014 that I had the opportunity to test out their hosting services. One aspect I appreciate about them is their speedy servers. The average load times for their pages are faster .. Read more »
I am extremely satisfied with the customer support provided by this company. The live chat feature is excellent, and the response time is much faster compared to other hosting providers. The only drawback is that their pricing for packages is quite h.. Read more »
Setting up a new account with InMotion can be time-consuming because of their extensive fraud protection process. However, once you are approved, you benefit from free website backups, SSL certificates, and site migrations. Additionally, they provide.. Read more »
I have found that inmotionhosting offers the most affordable price compared to other hosting providers I have tried. Even my clients agree. Additionally, the package I purchased includes protection against hacking and malware. Usually, these services.. Read more »
The main aspect that I find most appealing about InmotionHosting hosting is their excellent support forum and comprehensive tutorials that provide assistance in resolving typical hosting problems. Additionally, they are known for being dependable and.. Read more »
I am a fan of the documents and forum provided by Inmotionhosting. They offer valuable information and assistance to both non-technical and technical customers. The customer support and pricing are also commendable. Additionally, they include free SS.. Read more »
Advantages: - They are renowned for their 99.9% uptime guarantee, which I have personally experienced. - Their customer support is excellent, providing thorough assistance and always being willing to help. - They offer a 90-day money back guarantee, .. Read more »
I have been a customer of InMotion Hosting for approximately a decade. The technical materials they provide are excellent, and to my surprise, I am usually able to follow the online instructions to resolve any issues. However, in cases where I cannot.. Read more »
When I seek assistance, I discovered that the support team members are extremely accommodating. They ensure that the inquiry process remains enjoyable, even if the question requires forwarding to the Technical Support department. Additionally, they p.. Read more »
I was always curious about the InMotion hosting service, but recently I was asked to assist with some tasks on their control panel. When I visited their site, I immediately noticed a wide selection of hosting plans at affordable prices, with discount.. Read more »
This hosting service is speedy and dependable, making it ideal for static websites and customized applications. It allows for easy domain transfers and provides a free SSL certificate. In terms of security, they offer numerous measures such as automa.. Read more »