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Country: Pakistan
Servers: Pakistan
Panels: cPanel
Working: 5 years is a reputable hosting provider known for its exceptional customer support. They offer high-quality services at affordable prices, along with great working styles and discounts. With their services, users can migrate their website data seamlessly without experiencing any downtime or data loss concerns. excels in providing exceptional shared and dedicated hosting services.

Customers have praised for their outstanding customer support, which has been.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Plan IcPanel1 pcs3 pcs1 Gb$1.5
Plan IIcPanel3 pcs5 pcs2 Gb$1.8
Plan IIIcPanel5 pcs10 pcs3 Gb$2
Unlimited plan IcPanel1 pcs-20 Gb$2.72
Unlimited IIcPanel30 pcs-25 Gb$4.07

VPS Plan I-8 Gb4 pcs120 Gb$24.41
VPS plan II-10 Gb5 pcs150 Gb$44.46

VPS Plan I-8 Gb4 pcs120 Gb$24.41
VPS plan II-10 Gb5 pcs150 Gb$44.46

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I have been using inhostpk's shared server for the past 8 years, and their customer support has been outstanding all this time. While they don't offer extensive assistance and require some server administration knowledge, they are helpful i.. Read more »
InHostPk is reputed for delivering excellent customer support. They offer high-quality services at affordable prices, along with a great working style and discounts. With their services, you can migrate your website data with zero downtime and withou.. Read more »
I recently transferred my website to and I am extremely pleased with their hosting services. Their customer support team is accessible round the clock and consistently helpful in resolving any problems that arise. The website loads quick.. Read more »
Having been a web developer for nearly a year, I can confidently say that Inhostpk's hosting services have been exemplary. Their customer support is unparalleled, consistently going above and beyond to ensure my websites function smoothly. They .. Read more »
I have been a loyal customer of Inhostpk for more than 10 months, and I consider their support to be their greatest strength. Although their other services are also outstanding, I made the switch to them because my previous hosting provider lacked we.. Read more »
I am currently utilizing inhostpk's VPS service to host the websites of my clients. Throughout the span of seven months, there has been no occurrence of downtime, and the performance of this service surpasses that of my previous hosting provider.. Read more »
I recently switched my website hosting to because of their fast loading speed, which I found through my research. Although the speed initially slowed down to 4 seconds after the free migration, their support team helped optimize my site,.. Read more »
Inhostpk's tech support services are extremely effective and prompt in dealing with both simple and complex issues. I was impressed by the extensive documentation they provide, which has been incredibly useful in understanding and implementing i.. Read more »
I looked for a speedy hosting service for my online store and discovered that inhostpk is the fastest option. Their customer support is prompt, responding in less than 2 minutes, and they are always available around the clock. They provide excellent .. Read more »
I strongly endorse their Hosting prices due to their exceptional speed and performance. I have been utilizing this hosting service for the past three years and have never encountered any problems, whether it be concerning lag or customer support. Ove.. Read more »
I recently transferred my website to due to its fast loading speed, which was the main factor in my decision after conducting research. Although the speed initially tested slow at 4 seconds after the free migration, the support team was .. Read more »
I highly suggest their wordpress web server because of its affordable price and fast performance. I appreciate the cpanel they have developed and the fact that they provide a free domain registration with it. Additionally, if you purchase any of thei.. Read more »
Inhostpk provides various services such as web marketing, email marketing, and domain registration, catering to most of my online business requirements. What sets them apart is the inclusion of unlimited storage in all their plans, ensuring that I wi.. Read more »
I have been using Inhostpk for a while now and it is my top choice for serving my clients in Pakistan. It comes highly recommended for Shared Web hosting services in the country. The customer support is consistently active and helpful, making InhostP.. Read more »
The hosting provider is highly recommended for its excellent service. One of my clients has been using it for over 8 months and has found it to be reliable, with fast speeds and responsive technical support.
Excellent hosting service with top-notch customer support. The team assists in resolving any problems promptly and competently.