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Country: Russia
Servers: Russia, Poland, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands
Working: 19 years is a hosting service that offers a range of services, including Personal VPN, Socks 5 proxy, and VPS hosting. They have received mixed reviews from customers, with some praising their excellent service quality and customer support, while others have experienced issues with speed, limited server selection, and slow customer support response times.

One customer who uses their Personal VPN service mentioned that it is ideal and one of the best available in the market. They hav.. Read more »

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I would like to thank the entire team and the technical support represented by Konstantin T. and Anton R. for their clear and prompt work on transferring and launching 5 not very easy websites on VPS. I also appreciate the company for the pleasant 50.. Read more »
I have been using InfernoSolutions' personal VPN services for the past two years. The support is truly impressive in terms of response speed and comprehensive solutions. I am located in the GMT+8 time zone, far away from Moscow. After reaching o.. Read more »
Due to some strange circumstances, Roskomnadzor is blocking, well, or trying to, websites and resources that I am used to. For some time, I used well-known paid VPNs, but after they stopped being effective (due to their own blocking or the protocols .. Read more »
Due to understandable reasons (blockades), there was a need to acquire a reliable VPN with support for multiple protocols on a purchased server. I didn't have much knowledge about this before, as there was no need for such a thing. Therefore, I .. Read more »
I am currently utilizing the Personal VPN service provided by Amnezia. In my opinion, considering its cost, this solution is ideal and undoubtedly one of the finest available in the market. Throughout the five months of usage, I have encountered no i.. Read more »
Their website is excellent and they offer a reliable support team available all day, every day to assist you. Additionally, they provide various payment options, including the ability to pay with cryptocurrencies.
I purchased their Personal VPN and Socks 5 proxy service, which claims to have a maximum speed of 30-40 mbps. Although it costs $5 per month, there is a limitation where you can only select one country during the ordering process and can only use tha.. Read more »
I have been a loyal customer of this hosting provider for a considerable period, and I am content with the competitive pricing, excellent service quality and speed, and top-notch customer support. A special shout-out to Sergey B, the support worker!)
I want to show my appreciation to the complete Inferno Solutions staff for their outstanding service! I have been utilizing their services for more than six months and have never encountered any issues. I would like to emphasize the fair prices, dive.. Read more »
I am utilizing an SSD VPS and have encountered no issues throughout our collaboration for over a year. When I reached out to tech support, they responded promptly and effectively. The payment options are convenient, and the prices are reasonable.
Excellent service. Competent assistance. Convenient and speedy equipment installation. Affordable price and the equipment aligns with the stated specifications.
I highly suggest it to everyone as I have recently started using it and I am extremely pleased with the service. The pricing is fair, the technical support is responsive and helpful at all times. I am content with everything and plan to continue usin.. Read more »
I have been using Inferno for almost a year now, specifically for VPS. The support they provide is excellent! As someone who is not very knowledgeable about website settings, I purchased their services and they have been extremely helpful. They have .. Read more »
I was referred to this hosting service by my friend mainly because of its affordable prices. Another aspect that impressed me was the quick and round-the-clock technical support provided by the company. I usually do not write positive reviews, but th.. Read more »
This hosting service offers outstanding conditions and excellent 24/7 technical support. We have been utilizing their services for over 2 years, after switching from another hosting provider who transferred everything smoothly and at no cost. The ser.. Read more »
I recently acquired a paid VPS for VPN usage, which was a new experience for me. The tech support provided was exceptional and they prioritized customer satisfaction. Despite my lack of expertise in handling virtual servers, they guided and assisted .. Read more »
Absolutely horrendous provider. They can block your server for no reason at all. They may impose conditions on you, like pay for 3 months or we won't unblock it. Their support team ignores your requests for days on end. They scrutinize all traff.. Read more »
I was transferring my website to this hosting provider and needed a dedicated server in the Netherlands. The support team was helpful throughout this process, and I am grateful to them for their assistance. Currently, everything is running smoothly, .. Read more »
I am using a VPN for the first time, and it has been a great experience. The service includes multiple VPN protocols and profiles, and if needed, you can purchase additional profiles. However, if you rent a server without pre-configured VPN, it will .. Read more »
I migrated my website to Inferno on an Ultra-fast NVMe SSD VPS in the Netherlands with DDoS protection. The team quickly helped me with the move within an hour. It's a great high-level service. The technical support is excellent and actually wor.. Read more »
Great hosting service! I urgently needed a VPS and reached out to the guys at Inferno Solutions. They quickly set up a cloud server for me. Their prices are affordable and their 24/7 customer support is excellent - they are pleasant to communicate wi.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for 2 years now. The service and the quality of VPS servers are consistently top-notch. The technical support team is very responsive and staffed with experts who are always willing to help. Any issues that may .. Read more »
I use a private VPN, which is not a particularly ambitious task, but I will still say that I like the speed, customer support, and the price is also good. In addition, the convenient payment system pleased me amidst recent events.
The hosting is fast, just like their support, which leaves only pleasant impressions. Moreover, they have an increasing number of locations, which was very helpful when I needed a VPS specifically in Japan (and the new VPS even come with NVMe).
I have been working with Inferno for several years now. They provide VPS services in Ukraine. Their support team is always available 24/7 and genuinely helpful, even with issues that they technically shouldn't have to handle. They are always qui.. Read more »
Hosting services are not available! However, you have the option to purchase a virtual server and set up your own hosting on it. Support is available for any inconvenient questions you may have.
The hosting is absolutely amazing, with excellent support and service. I have been using it for over 3 years and plan to continue using it in the future.
Excellent hosting. I rented a VPS server from them. From placing the order to logging into the server via SSH, it took a maximum of 15 minutes - they work super quickly. I needed to move the server to another country - no problem, they asked a few cl.. Read more »
Great service, very satisfied. The VPS is fast. The support team is very helpful and professional, they even respond within a couple of minutes at night. No need to upload personal data, which is definitely a plus. I wish this company good luck and w.. Read more »
I keep all my websites here and I'm very satisfied with them. I highly recommend it to others. There are no significant problems whatsoever.
Great VPS (price/quality) for demanding users Inferno Solutions is simply an excellent hosting company! Platform: KVM - says a lot. Low (optimal) prices for truly quality equipment, even for SSD VPS servers in the USA. The performance of the hardwa.. Read more »
I have been working with Inferno Solutions for several years now, and everything is satisfactory. There was one time when I switched to another hosting provider attracted by their low cost (I won't mention names, no advertising). However, as s.. Read more »
I have been working with them since the time when there was only one person placing ads on forums, and until today. At first, I only used them as a backup hosting, but gradually I transferred everything to them. The website may be outdated, but behi.. Read more »
I will start with the words - the hosting is excellent, but special attention should be given to the support. Even with the standard support package, the guys not only help but also provide advice on which commands to use in the server console (they .. Read more »
I am a new user of hosting. The company strives to be a leader in all aspects, and their technical support is no exception. From my first inquiry about transferring my adult website from another hosting provider, I realized that they hav.. Read more »
The reasonable price completely justifies itself. The technical support is quick and efficient. I have been using it for over 8 months and have no complaints. I highly recommend using it.
After considering many hosting options, I settled for this one. It is very convenient in terms of pricing, stability, and protection against DDOS attacks, and of course, it offers some pleasant bonuses as well.
Excellent service. Reasonable prices for quality services. I especially want to mention the tech support. They instantly helped me solve the problem. I was cluelessly going back and forth trying to set up the server, but they helped me in just a coup.. Read more »
Excellent hosting, competent technical support! They advised me before renting. They answer all questions quickly and help solve any problems. I definitely recommend it!
I have been using it for about 5 years and have hosted several client websites. I choose VDS because, unlike others, it works perfectly, even on the $5 plans. I would rate it 10/10.
I have taken on the task of using VDS in the USA. I have been using it for several months now and I am very satisfied with the server's speed and, most importantly, the price. Almost all other hosting providers had much higher prices for a simil.. Read more »
Great quality for a reasonable price. The technical support is top-notch. They helped resolve a very challenging task promptly. A thousand thanks!
We switched from another host almost a year ago, and we haven't regretted it once! What can we say after 10 months of solid VPS hosting with DDoS protection? We have almost no complaints, only admiration for the tech support. We have never encou.. Read more »
I ordered the cheapest VDS for VPN for $5. An hour after placing the order, I received an email with all the details (proxy, configurations, openvpn, etc.). Everything is working smoothly, I highly recommend it.
Great quality at a great price. If anything happens, the customer support responds very quickly. I personally use it and recommend it to others.
This hosting service offers a great variety of servers. It's pleasing to know that there is a free trial period available for any server. The customer support team is highly responsive, usually answering within an average of 5 minutes, and the c.. Read more »
The hosting is great, and I received a pre-configured server - just grab it and use it. The support team responds quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended!
Great hosting, excellent customer support, everything is top-notch, highly recommend.
The tech support job is impeccable. Instant responsiveness to any inquiries.
In the beginning, our resource was hosted by another hosting provider, but we were not satisfied with their reliability. However, after transferring to Inferno as our new host, we noticed a 35% decrease in page load time, zero downtime in 10 months, .. Read more »
In March, I made the switch from Inferno to VPS. Their service is exceptional, as they promptly respond to any ticket within 5 minutes or even faster, going beyond their expected responsibilities. Additionally, their prices are reasonable, and the ov.. Read more »
I have been using their services for a long time and I am very satisfied. The customer support is outstanding and the server works perfectly. I highly recommend it.
I highly recommend INFERNO as a hosting service. If you want your websites to function properly, this is the right choice. While the price may be a bit high for some individuals, the quality of the services and the friendly support provided are well .. Read more »
Men are helpful and provide advice. If I am unable to comprehend something, they take care of it for me, including virus checks, and they do it all for free. Currently, I believe this is the most reliable and excellent company. I would highly recomme.. Read more »
They are a great service provider. We lease two VPS servers from them. Their support team is knowledgeable and resolves issues promptly. Switching between pricing plans or transferring a server's data to a new one is seamless. Overall, I am cont.. Read more »
I have been utilizing the Linux VPS plan from Inferno for over 6 months, specifically the Medium (DE) price plan. I rate their customer support highly, as they typically respond to tickets within 5-10 minutes, just as the previous reviewer mentioned... Read more »
I utilize this server for evaluating different services for customers. The affordable price of $10 has relieved me from the obligation of managing my own testing websites. The convenience of being able to rent a server temporarily in any location wor.. Read more »
We have recently transferred our website to their platform, and they handled the migration process themselves. Their support team provides excellent service, promptly responding at any time of the day to help resolve any problems. I highly recommend .. Read more »
Stability: superb Technical support: superb Overall impression: superb I transferred my entire website to Inferno and I couldn't be happier! They efficiently migrated my site and consistently assist me with any problems I encounter. I am extreme.. Read more »
I have been using hosting services since 2013 - Linux VPS, Medium tariff plan. In the 4 years, I have had no complaints about the technical support. They respond almost instantly at any time of the day or night. None of my often amateurish requests h.. Read more »
I rented a server from Inferno Solutions based on a friend's recommendation and I was completely satisfied. Not only was I pleased with the price and speed, but also with the option to pay for the services with bitcoins, as well as the timely cu.. Read more »
I use VPS from Inferno Solutions for accessing VPN with a static IP. The support team quickly assisted in setting everything up, providing necessary links to programs and instructions. There are no complaints regarding the server's speed and per.. Read more »
I have had the best hosting experience with this provider. I have been using their services for more than a year, and during this entire period, my website only experienced a few brief outages, which were not even the hosting provider's fault. T.. Read more »
I recently got myself a VPS, specifically an "Ultra-fast SSD VPS in the Netherlands with DDoS protection." The VPS was set up in approximately 8-12 minutes, which was very fast. After the setup, I created a ticket requesting the installati.. Read more »
Inferno Solutions is the best and most reliable hosting provider. I have been renting a server from them for over 5 years and I have never had any complaints. Their tech support is amazing, available 24/7 and can quickly solve any issues, no matter h.. Read more »
First of all, I want to say a big thank you to the support team for their prompt and high-quality assistance. They helped me set up my VPS and understand all the intricacies, even answering my questions at night. I chose the tariff with SSD disks (by.. Read more »
I have been using their services for a year now. Initially, I was concerned about the support when transitioning to a VPS, as I had no experience with it and had some silly questions. However, the support team was able to promptly and round-the-clock.. Read more »
Thank you so much for your hard work! Everything is working perfectly! Your team is simply amazing, you are the best provider in the world! Well done!!!! You set up the 301 redirect yourselves! Even though you weren't required to according to t.. Read more »
I switched to INFERNO hosting based on the recommendation of a trusted resource for me. I reached out to their support in the middle of the night. In the morning, I paid for the round-the-clock extended support and started addressing urgent tasks. I .. Read more »
I am very satisfied with the service. The support team responds quickly.
I really like the Inferno hoster! They have a flexible approach to clients, reliable hardware, and a good and responsive support team. Problems with the website were resolved quickly. In difficult situations, they often go out of their way to help th.. Read more »
I want to thank the employees of the hosting company INFERNO for their quality work. They always help with something, give advice, and test website performance. It's really cool :) Yes, sometimes they may be lazy. But we're all human :) The.. Read more »
Very fast support. Responds quickly and efficiently to any questions or issues. Once had a glitch. They fixed it before the agreed-upon time and provided compensation. Most importantly, they did not hide the source of the problem. I highly recommend .. Read more »
Good day, I would like to share a few words about the hosting service Previously, my website was hosted on a dedicated server with one of the Ukrainian hosting providers. Everything was initially perfect, but then I added video advertis.. Read more »
I ordered a server in the USA using the services of Inferno Solutions. I am very satisfied so far. The server works quite fast and reliably. The technical support confidently assisted me with all my questions. I highly recommend them, especially cons.. Read more »
Great hosting, great team. The best tech support for users. We trusted them completely without requesting a trial period. From the start, we were provided with a high-performance and easy-to-configure CentOs 6, and we didn't have to wait even a .. Read more »
The price is a bit on the higher side, but the service and support are top-notch.
I would like to express my immense gratitude to Inferno Solutions support team. These guys are true professionals. They respond quickly and patiently solve all the issues that arise. I am not a programmer at all, but they help me with everything. If .. Read more »
Great VPS at a good price. The tech support is fast and the people are reasonable. Thank you for the superb service!
This is my first VDS. This is my first Linux server. I had trouble deciding on a provider for a long time. Inferno Solutions stood out for two reasons: price and technical support. And on top of that, I got a fast server! Overall, it's the best .. Read more »
Everything is great!
I used the services of Inferno Solutions and I am very satisfied. Everything was clear, fast, and friendly. The technical support was quick and the servers were good. I highly recommend them.
I am using for the first time, but from the first few minutes, I have only positive impressions. When placing my order, they immediately helped me choose the country to purchase a server for my future website. After the transaction was c.. Read more »
Great dedicated servers. We have been using Inferno for over a year now, and we have no complaints. The speed is great, the support is responsive, and the prices are low. We are extremely grateful!
Hello! Good day! I am currently using Ultra-fast SSD VPS on Inferno in the Netherlands! Everything and everyone here operates at the highest level. The support team responds quickly to tickets and effortlessly completes any tasks assigned to them. I .. Read more »
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for quite some time now. Previously, I used a friend's login (OpenVPN), but now I have registered myself and I have no regrets at all. I don't know about the uptime and other details t.. Read more »
I first used Inferno's services over a year ago, and everything was top-notch, especially the technical support. The hosting administrators always helped me solve any server problems that were caused by my own mistakes. And then, a couple of mon.. Read more »
I want to express my gratitude to the host. They really go out of their way to accommodate the user, which is really cool. In my case (I'm from the Luhansk region), it's exactly what I need: I often can't pay the bill on time due to th.. Read more »
I have been using Inferno for about six months. Prior to that, I had two other service providers. I chose Inferno primarily because of its high disk system performance and, of course, its affordability. I also really appreciate the communication styl.. Read more »
I started using this hosting provider based on a recommendation from a friend. I submitted a ticket with some questions, and they responded quickly and thoroughly. I ordered a VPS, and the staff set it up for me and soon my website was up and running.. Read more »
Great service. Quality and customer service are top-notch. I highly recommend it.
After 4 hours of searching and communicating with various representatives of VPS services (and I've looked through and talked to quite a few, it was horrifying at times, I can provide examples if necessary), I found these guys. They are quite r.. Read more »
Hello dear friends, I would like to express my opinion about a fantastic hosting provider. I can confidently say that you can go for it without any hesitation. With a 99% uptime, responsive technical support, and excellent services for a small price,.. Read more »
I have been using the excellent VPS for a long time for various projects. Everything works like clockwork. The support service also works well, they respond to all inquiries promptly.
The best customer support I have encountered. The response time is 5-10 minutes at any time of the day, and the competence is top-notch. Keep up the good work.
Unfortunately, they used to be good, but now they have fallen to the level of mediocre hosting. The VPS has an uptime of only 95%, the support is fast, but the solutions are makeshift and break unexpectedly. Considering everything, it is also expensi.. Read more »
The guys helped solve the problem with increasing the database upload limit. They were quite prompt! Thank you very much!
I recently started using this service and I'm using it with a VPN. I haven't had any problems in the 15 days since I started using it. The customer support responds quite quickly. The prices are definitely not the cheapest, but the quality .. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for 5 years, transferred all my websites here, and have never regretted it. The high uptime is undoubtedly thanks to the data centers, but the amazing support provided by Inferno is the credit of the hosting itself and,.. Read more »
Great service, excellent customer support.
The service I've seen is truly the best, with lightning-fast customer support. There were some delays with activating the service, but as a bonus, I received a free paid server setup! I will continue to use it and recommend it to all my acquaint.. Read more »
If you need a really good VPS or dedicated server, I recommend choosing Inferno. I have been using their services for over two years: Uptime is 99.9999(9)%, and their customer support is excellent - they answer questions within 3-8 minutes.
I have been using Inferno Solutions for over six months and I am very satisfied. The server performance is very stable and the customer support is excellent. They always respond to my tickets within three minutes, no matter the time of day. If I have.. Read more »
I have been using this server for 4 months now and I must say it's been excellent.
Over a year with Inferno. The support is fast, responsive, and professional. There have been no issues with service or servers. The servers are of high quality and the prices are excellent. I highly recommend them.
I am using an SSD VPS in the Netherlands, which has the best price-quality ratio that I have found after a long and careful search. I highly recommend checking out if you have any doubts. You can even take advantage of their.. Read more »
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for a long time. I am satisfied with the speed and quality of their work. Without a doubt, I can recommend it to my acquaintances and friends.
I use SSD VPS in the Netherlands, which offers the best price-quality ratio I have found after a long and careful search. Here are the advantages: - Excellent value for money. I extensively researched, compared, read reviews, and engaged in online c.. Read more »
I have a custom coursework and diploma writing website. It is very important for the website to have constant accessibility. The previous hosting service would almost daily show an error of the site being unavailable in Yandex.Metrica. I am now trans.. Read more »
I am completely satisfied! This service is great in every aspect. The finance department, administrators, and 24/7 technical support are doing an amazing job, just as it should be! However, only Inferno offers such a service, not to mention the const.. Read more »
I use a VPS to access my websites via OpenVPN. OpenVPN was set up quickly and for free. I really like that the support team always responds quickly and provides relevant answers. Therefore, if any questions or issues arise, they are usually resolved .. Read more »
Guys, you did great! I was honestly amazed by the speed of ticket processing. It was instant.
Great job, you all did it so quickly and efficiently...the website transfer to the server was done very well. There was a DDoS attack on the website for 3 days...I didn't wait any longer and moved everything to them! Thank you!
Good server speed, fast setup, pleasant support, loyal price, what else do you need :) Very pleased with the VPS with DDoS protection in the Netherlands. Highly recommend.
Great guys, quick activation, and responsive customer support! That's probably why they have excellent reviews everywhere! Thanks for the service!
Affordable XEN servers with fully dedicated resources, eliminating overselling.
I have been using the server for several years and I am satisfied with everything. The support team always responds quickly, resolves all issues promptly, and problems are solved swiftly. It is very convenient for work! The server operates reliably a.. Read more »
Great channel, pleasant server prices, fast support - just what you need.
Considering that they constantly send out newsletters, the text could be rewritten as follows: "Please leave a comment about the support service and receive a bonus. If you are willing to express your gratitude publicly and receive a $10 bonus .. Read more »
Good hosting, I haven't been using it for long but it has already caught my interest. 1. Great technical support (they respond very quickly, always helpful, and never rude!) 2. In the month of using this hosting, there hasn't been a single .. Read more »
I have been using Inferno Solutions for over three years. I am satisfied with both the quality of service and the reliability of the service. The support team is very responsive and quick, always helping me solve difficult server configuration tasks... Read more »
Excellent, wonderful, and great service. One can endlessly sing praises to Inferno Solutions. My RL-Team project on Inferno Solutions means a lot already. Throughout the existence of my project, this is the best service. The technical support is the .. Read more »
Do not work with them, they are just common scammers. I ordered a VPS, paid for it, and suddenly they demanded that I send them a scan of my passport, otherwise they wouldn't activate anything. I'm guessing they'll probably ask for my .. Read more »
This hosting was recommended to me by my friends, and I am also ready to recommend it to my other friends and acquaintances. I am especially impressed with their technical support, which is beyond praise. They respond quickly, professionally, and mos.. Read more »
Good day! I also want to leave my review about this company. When I first came across the website of this hosting provider, I thought: what a sketchy company. The website design is simple, and the site map is overly simplistic. But when I ordered a v.. Read more »
Great service. The customer support team always responds quickly and calmly. Problems are resolved very quickly. The servers themselves are reliable.
It's been a year with Inferno and still going strong. Using VPS. The support is amazing - lightning fast and responsive. The prices are great. Even if you can't renew your VPS in time, you can ask for a payment extension!
The support team is excellent. They respond almost instantly and help solve all issues related to both the server and the website. They can easily say that it's not their responsibility, but they take it on and assist. Respect for that! :3
Thank you very much for the support team! A few weeks ago, our server was hacked and spam started flooding our clients' emails. Throughout the day, we couldn't identify the cause of the high server load, so we reached out to the support tea.. Read more »
Sergey Everything is great, thank you for your promptness, timely warnings, resourcefulness, and alternative options, I am very satisfied with the fact that you have been helping me solve my problems not for the first time, and guar.. Read more »
We moved to Inferno a few months ago. We were choosing between several market participants for a server and we are glad we chose IS. Special thanks to their support team - I can't remember a single instance when we received a response later than.. Read more »
High-quality services at a reasonable price. The response time of the customer support team is commendable :). Over the past year, there have been no complaints about the quality of services and customer service.
Good day! This provider is simply excellent. I am very satisfied. I highly recommend this hosting to all beginner webmasters. I started out myself, searching and I know. It's reliable here. There are constantly discounts available. They also hav.. Read more »
I have been using VPS from for over 2 years. I am very pleased with their support and the option for full administration. I highly recommend it.
Great hosting. Personally, I rent a dedicated server. No issues. Polite tech support.
The prices are absolutely reasonable, I must say I came to them through and I am very pleased with the prices, and most importantly, the support is adequate. I am very satisfied with the website installation, transfer, and launch. .. Read more »
I was always afraid to switch to a VPS, but thanks to basic administration, it went smoothly and without any stress. The tech support guys set everything up for me. The website is running great, and the ping is even better than Yandex's. Thank y.. Read more »
I will also leave my review about this hosting service. I have been using for several years and I am very satisfied. I have never had any problems, except for one time when I had to restart. I am using VDS from Germany. I switched to In.. Read more »
I am completely satisfied with their services. I ordered a DDoS-resistant VPS from them and have not encountered any problems, even though my project is quite challenging. The support is simply lightning-fast! They also allowed me to delay the VPS pa.. Read more »
I have been using Inferno for over a year now. The prices and quality of their VPS are simply fantastic. When I signed up using a promo code, I received a discount for the entire duration of usage, which makes the VPS even more affordable. I have nev.. Read more »
I have been hosting websites with this hosting provider for 3 years now. Before that, I often encountered situations where if there was any problem, the support team would respond with statements like "there are no issues on our side, you need t.. Read more »
I am completely satisfied with the speed of the VPS and the speed/quality of the support.
Great company. Really impressed with the promptness of Inferno Solutions' tech support! I'm constantly adding websites to the server and the support team always helps me with any configuration issues I may have. The prices are fair and the .. Read more »
I inherited a server from Inferno, the previous owner of the website. I have never regretted it. The price/quality ratio is 100%. The technical support is top-notch. They respond promptly and clearly.
One of the best providers out there, and there's something to compare it to. The fastest, and most importantly, knowledgeable customer support, with a very supportive management. Reasonable credit options are available! After changing their plat.. Read more »
I have been consistently hosting all my websites on a VPS for two years now. I chose it based on reviews and ended up sticking with it. What impresses me the most is the support team's responsiveness - they reply within 3 minutes. Being a newbie.. Read more »
Great support from the host! The performance is also stable! They always work quickly and with high quality. I have been using their services for 3 months and will continue to collaborate with them. Pros: Server stability. Technical support. Overall .. Read more »
Great service! Before placing an order with Inferno Solutions, I reached out to their customer support for assistance in selecting a VPS with the lowest ping to my desired server. They quickly pinged all their servers and helped me choose one with a .. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for over a year, and it has always had excellent uptime and impeccable support. Now, when I need hosting services again, there's no question that I will return to Inferno.
I have been using Inferno's VPS for about a year now, and everything is great. The customer support is always responsive, even at 3am. The prices are affordable. Everything is excellent, thank you!
Thank you for the bonuses! It couldn't have come at a better time, as paying has become difficult due to the exchange rate. I received $160 through a promotion by topping up my balance with $540. Awesome! I wish there were more promotions like t.. Read more »
I came across this company about 2 years ago and I have not regretted it since. The quality of their services and customer service is beyond praise. They resolve technical issues promptly and respond politely. Overall, I feel comfortable with Inferno.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for over a year. The support team responds quite quickly to tickets and not only do they fix the problem or set up what is needed, but they also provide explanations about the nuances of the specific issue. Addi.. Read more »
This is a very reliable company that we have been working with for several years. They provide fast technical support and their prices are very reasonable. The performance is highly dependable with no disruptions.
I have been using the services of this provider for several years now. I ordered a VPS in Germany, where all my websites, including a couple of online stores, my own website, and other projects, are running smoothly on the resource-demanding TYPO3 sy.. Read more »
I have used quite a few hosting providers, the latest being one of the well-known ones. After exceeding the limit, they started insisting on upgrading to a more expensive plan or VPS, or they would disconnect the service. Their VPS options were also .. Read more »
The price of hosting is affordable for everyone, much lower than on other websites. Our customer support is available 24/7 and you will receive a response to your question within minutes. Our servers operate around the clock without any interruptions.. Read more »
I have been using Inferno Solutions for over a year on the PROMO: Linux VPS - Start plan (DE) for $10 + $5 for the control panel. I have never regretted choosing this provider. They excel in all aspects - the website is incredibly fast, and the suppo.. Read more »
Our support is always top-notch!
I have used quite a few web hosting services, with my latest one being Regru. After exceeding the limit, they started insisting that I upgrade to a more expensive plan or a VPS, or else they would disconnect me. The VPS option offered by Regru was al.. Read more »
I have been using Inferno services for about six months now - it is an excellent alternative to foreign services in the current conditions of the increasing dollar exchange rate. It is a domestic service of high quality, with optimal prices, top-notc.. Read more »
The hosting is quite good, I would say simply wonderful. The technical support works great, they help with issues, and the prices are not very high. Overall, it's a 5-star hosting!
I have been renting a VPS from inferno-name for over 2 years. So far, everything is satisfactory. There are rarely any access disruptions, and issues are promptly resolved. I am especially pleased with the support team, who even assist with problems .. Read more »
Great job by the technical support team. They respond quickly and efficiently. They managed to transfer my websites to a dedicated server in a short period of time. The prices are also reasonable.
I have been using their services for about a year now and have not encountered any problems. Their technical support is polite and quick, and their prices are reasonable. Most importantly, they ignore complaints from copyright holders, and if it come.. Read more »
Great hosting provider. I only order VPS here. The technical support is knowledgeable and quickly resolves any issues. The stability of the VPS and the quality of the connection are very satisfying.
Inferno is an excellent hosting provider. I have been working with them for two years now and always choose them for their outstanding services. The main advantages are their competitive prices, quality of communication channels, and the prompt and k.. Read more »
Great hosting with competitive prices for servers. The customer support is simply the best - they respond very quickly and with great loyalty.
The VPS installation process took a bit long, but the support team responds relatively quickly. They are helpful with everything. However, it would be preferable to automate the OS installation and provide VPS more quickly, as there are situations wh.. Read more »
From the very beginning of its existence, my website has been hosted on Inferno Solutions' server, and during this entire time (3.5 years), Inferno has proven itself to be an impeccable service. They provide high-quality dedicated abuse-resistan.. Read more »
I have been using Inferno's services for over six months now. Throughout this time, the server price has never dropped, and the prices have remained consistent. However, the standard technical specifications of the servers have improved! Renting.. Read more »
I switched to Timeweb a month ago. Their customer support is excellent. They quickly respond and resolve issues.
I really liked the support I received. They transferred the website quickly and efficiently, their responses were fast and helpful. They helped me choose the right pricing plan and were always available to stay in touch. The team was polite and under.. Read more »
I switched my hosting to Inferno Solutions and decided to try out their simplest plan, "Cheapest VPS/VDS in Germany - PROMO: Linux VPS - Lite plan (DE)". I encountered some difficulties with the setup, but their customer support was quick a.. Read more »
I have been using the hosting provider for several years now. And that means it would be impossible to keep my websites hosted on a service with mediocre performance for so long. Fortunately, Inferno is top-notch in every aspect - websit.. Read more »
Recently, I encountered a problem - the resources of a regular hosting service were no longer sufficient for my corporate website. A friend recommended to me. I gave it a try and tested it out. Within 24 hours, I moved all my projects th.. Read more »
I've been using Inferno hosting and I couldn't be happier! I've tried many options before, but I ended up choosing Inferno because it's fast, convenient, simple, and easy to work with. Other hosting providers fell behind because I.. Read more »
I've been searching for a good VPN service for a long time, but I managed to set it up myself and they provided instructions. The prices are great, catering to any budget. I'm extremely satisfied! In the future, I'm considering creatin.. Read more »
I am renting a dedicated server from Inferno. The machine is good, the price is fair, and the support is excellent. I can't find anything to complain about.
In March 2014, I purchased a virtual dedicated server from Inferno for $15 for 3 months. It came with 10 gigabytes of storage, 256 megabytes of RAM, Centos Linux operating system, and the server was located in the Netherlands. At the time of writing .. Read more »
We moved to Inferno about six months ago. The positive reviews from many acquaintances in the IT field, as well as the comments on various platforms, influenced our decision. While this played a role, it was not the determining factor. The determinin.. Read more »
Excellent host with friendly and helpful support! They have repeatedly helped me with server setup, as I am not proficient in administration. The servers are reliable and the prices are reasonable. Everything is great - thanks to the Inferno team!
We have been searching for a Russian-speaking VPS for our OpenVPN server with minimal ping, but not in Russia. We came across Inferno and agreed to a 24-hour trial period (since it's not a web server). The initial setup didn't go smoothly (.. Read more »
I have been hosting 3 projects on their Dutch server for a year now - any issues are quickly and effectively resolved by their support team. It's a great company.
Individual virtual server at the price of hosting! I recently switched to Inferno and I have no regrets. There haven't been any interruptions in operation, SQL is lightning fast and handles heavy loads with ease. Previous services with OpenVZ co.. Read more »
I've been with Inferno Solutions for over a year now. It's a good hosting service with reasonable prices and helpful support staff. At first, I had some difficulties with availability, but that was mainly due to those who overloaded the ser.. Read more »
A year ago, I was in the process of choosing a hosting service for my organization. I decided to try out the Linux VPS from Inferno Solutions ( Their support team quickly set up the server according to my needs and made several optimiza.. Read more »
I've been searching for a good VPS for my website for a long time, tried out many providers, and ultimately chose Inferno. I've been a user for about a year now. I'm pleased with its stability and the best price/quality ratio. I would.. Read more »
I switched to this VPS on the recommendation of my acquaintances and I have no regrets. The uptime is 99.9%, there is no overselling, and the technical support is available 24/7. Overall, I am satisfied.
Before Inferno, I used many VPSs and they were not cheap! After getting a VPS (RU) from Inferno, I was simply amazed by the speed of the servers and the promptness of the technical support. They responded within 2-5 minutes! Plus, their LiveChat is a.. Read more »
I was looking for a VPS for my website and decided to go with Inferno, which I don't regret. The websites load faster and, on top of that, the administration is free.
We have been working with Inferno for over a year now. Before that, we tried several hosting providers, but only with Inferno have we achieved the highest level of stability and functionality for our service. One of its distinguishing qualities is it.. Read more »
I really want to recommend this hosting provider. If you want your websites to work, then this is INCREDIBLE! The prices may be high for some, but the quality services and friendly support are worth it. Yes, I mean FRIENDLY. Sometimes I ask such emba.. Read more »
Three years ago, I switched to them from the majors and I have never regretted it. Their support is prompt, reasonable, and, most importantly, effective. I highly recommend them.
I have been searching for a VDS/VPS in the Netherlands for a while now. There were direct options to purchase, but after reviewing numerous reviews and offers, I decided to try getting it from a reseller. I chose Inferno, and I have not been disappoi.. Read more »
These guys are simply amazing... they offer great advice and if I'm struggling and don't understand how to do something, they do it all for me and even check for viruses upon request, and all of this is free! At the moment, I consider them .. Read more »
Great provider. We rent a couple of VPS from them. The support is knowledgeable and resolves issues quickly. Switching between tariff plans or transferring a server copy to a new one is seamless. Overall, we are satisfied. The launch of a new server .. Read more »
I use servers to test various services and services for end clients. The minimum cost of $10 has saved me from the need to maintain personal test platforms. The ability to rent a server for a short period of time anywhere in the world has allowed me .. Read more »
I recently moved to them and they transferred the websites themselves. The support is top-notch, responding quickly at any time of the day and helping with any issues. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Work stability: excellent Technical support: excellent Overall impression: excellent I moved the entire portal to Inferno and I can't be happier! They transferred it promptly and always assist in everything! Thank you so much! High uptime, sup.. Read more »
This is the best hosting provider I have ever worked with. Throughout the time of working with them, which has been over a year, the website has only gone down a couple of times and even then, it was only for a short period. Moreover, the reasons for.. Read more »
I have been using Inferno's Linux VPS Medium (DE) plan for over 6 months now. Their support is excellent, as mentioned in the previous review. They respond to tickets within 5-10 minutes. If there are any technical issues, the website always pro.. Read more »
Originally our resource was hosted by another provider, whose stability did not satisfy us. After transferring to Inferno, the page loading time decreased by 35%, there was no downtime for 10 months, and the traffic from search engines increased. But.. Read more »
I switched to VPS from Inferno in mid-March and the quality of service is top-notch, at 100%. I receive a response to any question in my tickets within five minutes, sometimes even less, even for those questions that might not have required an answer.. Read more »