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Country: Ukraine
Working: 23 years is a domain registration and hosting company that offers satisfactory services according to some customers. One reviewer mentioned that they have successfully hosted 18 websites on a single IP address without any issues. However, there are some negative aspects reported by other customers. One reviewer found it difficult to transfer their domain due to the slow response time of the support team. They claimed that it took several days to get a response. Another reviewer described Imena.u.. Read more »

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They have frozen $150 and refuse to return them. They demand written statements, scanned copies of passports, tax identification numbers, and more. I highly advise against it. It is better to use other services.
Personally, the registration process seemed quite lengthy and slightly confusing to me. However, once authorized on the website and payment was made, the domain was registered quickly. I haven't encountered any issues in my work so far, everythi.. Read more »
The first domain on Names was registered about 5 years ago. During this time, there was an opportunity to test the company's "service". So far, my experience has been only successful. I have not encountered any problems with competence.. Read more »
I registered several domains using names. The registration itself seemed a bit complicated at first, but then I got used to the procedure. I have no complaints about the work at all. I have communicated with the support team a few times and it has be.. Read more »
I am satisfied with the service, I contacted support once at the very beginning - they responded promptly and adequately in my opinion. I not only purchased a domain but also stayed with their hosting. There are no complaints about the website's.. Read more »
Thanks to Imena, I have registered my domain and now I don't have to worry about someone taking it from me in the future. I chose this hosting service not by chance, as I researched the market for domain services and realized that it is importan.. Read more »
I have been working with this company for several years now! I am very satisfied with their fast customer support and reasonable prices for their services. Another huge advantage is their quick registration process, which sometimes takes just a coupl.. Read more »
Since 2014, a friend of mine created a fashion website for me, where I wrote about what a girl should wear, how to style different pieces, and what to pair them with. About a month ago, I received an offer to buy the website. I became interested beca.. Read more »
Almost all websites are in the RU zone. After Yandex was blocked in Ukraine, I decided to switch to the UA segment. I chose to register domains here. Currently, I have 4 domains registered here. The registration price is the same as on the market, an.. Read more »
I chose their hosting for my small blog. The reason is simple - the price! For 2 years, the website was only down once, and I received compensation of +10% added to the balance. The customer support responds within the day, which is generally quite f.. Read more »
I can't say anything about hosting because I use the services of another registrar. As for domains, we have been collaborating since 2014. During this time, I have accumulated 7 of my own domains and 12 client domains (I am a web developer and S.. Read more »
I purchased a domain and hosting from them, and my experience has been satisfactory. I have hosted 18 websites on one IP address, and my own website loads without any issues.
It is difficult to transfer your domain as the support team takes several days to respond.
This is the worst domain registration company I have come across. The DNS updates take an entire week and the technical support is completely unresponsive. The prices they charge are outrageously high. I strongly recommend against using their service.. Read more »
Around 7 years ago, we moved our domain to their services. Since then, we haven't encountered any issues except for when we needed assistance during the transfer process. Additionally, we utilize Mirohost for hosting, although we find their pric.. Read more »
This company is extremely frustrating. The process of updating ns-servers is time-consuming and sometimes ineffective, which is a major issue with the .ru zone in general. My domain has been unable to update to the ns-server for four days. Even after.. Read more »
It is impossible to work with them! Their support is nonexistent. Perhaps they do respond to someone at some point. I do not recommend it. What a waste of my time!
The support team has been unresponsive for several days. It is difficult to retrieve one's domain.
We transferred our domain to them, it's been 7 years already. Everything is fine so far. We only contacted support when we moved. The host is also on Mirohost. But the prices are a bit expensive, in general.
Incomprehensible company, very long updates of the name servers, sometimes they don't update at all - a huge problem with the .ru zone. My domain has been unable to update its name servers for 4 days now, even though I changed them to new ones 4.. Read more »
I've never seen a worse domain registration company. They can take up to a week to update DNS, and their customer support doesn't reply at all. The prices are astronomical. I highly advise against using their services.
I ordered a domain and hosting from them... For now, I can only say that there are 18 websites hosted on one IP address... The website loads fine.