rating: 8.1, reviews: 88
Country: Russia
Panels: cPanel
Working: 15 years
Testing: 10 days
IHC.ru is a hosting service that offers both virtual hosting and VDS options. One of the advantages of this hosting service is its speedy loading of website pages, making it satisfactory for users. However, there is a drawback to consider, which is the strict restriction on the database load. If this limit is surpassed, users are notified to upgrade to a more expensive plan, without any flexibility in the plans to accommodate such limits.

Despite this drawback, many users have been work.. Read more »

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Excellent budget VDS 100% uptime for 3 months (according to the free uptimerobot account) Allows hosting DNS Has daily snapshots - saved me once when the database crashed after a reboot and I didn't have my own backups Free anti-DDoS protection .. Read more »
Over the past 4 years of using ihc.ru, I have absolutely no complaints about their service. Here is my review: I have been using IHC services since 2019. A friend recommended it to me. I was looking for something cheaper, but couldn't find any .. Read more »
Great hosting service. I've been using it for over 7 years. There are almost no website downtimes. The speed is excellent. Previously, the technical support was not great, but today everything is good. As for the downsides, I would note that the.. Read more »
I have been with this hosting for over 10 years. At first, there were just constant issues and I wrote terrible reviews everywhere. I thought they would kick me out because of it. But then everything got better and I completely forgot about it. I ha.. Read more »
Sites are being blocked for no reason, dragging us into complex internal rules - as a result, they have blocked 30 !!! client sites for 20 days in the New Year, and ultimately blocked access to files. They are trying to present some nonsense - they b.. Read more »
Virtual hosting is constantly unavailable. The last straw was the technical maintenance that lasted for more than 5 hours today, which they decided to carry out at 12 noon, during peak hours. Yes, yes, it was not a failure, not a DDoS attack, but pla.. Read more »
I have been using IHC as my host for about 5 years now. I have around 10+ websites on different CMS platforms with varying amounts of traffic. I have not encountered any issues at all. I also host my clients on IHC, so it's a good referral. I hi.. Read more »
Fast and sufficiently functional shared hosting. The technical support has recently impressed with their competence and responsiveness. When the website's traffic grew to the point where regular notifications about exceeding load limits were rec.. Read more »
Hello, Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that there has been a hardware failure in the disk subsystem of the server hosting your order p593047 (HDD/8), resulting in the permanent damage of all data (30.04.2021). We have upgraded the disk subsys.. Read more »
We have been friends with this hosting provider for about 10 years. There have never been any complaints during all these years. The cost of their services is really affordable!
We have about ten websites hosted on IHC, including some high-traffic ones. I would like to highlight the hosting's reliability and excellent uptime for our websites. The control panel allows us to choose our own IHC panel, which is not as user-.. Read more »
The SSL certificate has been extended. However, the domain administrator was not informed about the need to reconfirm the domain rights. As a result, the certificate expired on Saturday. We have not received any verification emails and when we contac.. Read more »
A fast processor, ample RAM, and a stable network are all meaningless when the read/write speed on the SSD is extremely low, dropping down to 30MB/s, which is insufficient for stable database operations. In the past 24 hours, my VPS, which cost just .. Read more »
I'll be brief. I really like the hosting service! The level 1 support is excellent (in some cases, the response was even more knowledgeable than level 2 support on other hosting platforms)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm thrilled with their work! There i.. Read more »
We have been with the IHC company for five years now. Currently, we have over 170 websites hosted, and everything is running smoothly! Special praise goes to their support team. They are always prompt and professional, and they have practically helpe.. Read more »
I highly recommend this hosting service for hosting your websites to all my friends and acquaintances. Many of them have already followed my recommendation and switched to ihc.ru. It is a reliable hosting service with affordable prices. Thank you.
I have been using the services of this provider for four years or more. Only this year, I had some problems with paying for the services, which were related to the fact that I live abroad and for some reason my Yandex.Money account was temporarily bl.. Read more »
I've been having a lot of problems lately. I switched to the VIP tariff, but it's been a complete nightmare. The servers frequently crash, and the backup copies that supposedly exist are either empty or only contain the current state of thi.. Read more »
No backup was made, and the email with the requests for the past two years has been wiped out!!! When I contacted them about it, they responded with "it happens, there's nothing we can do now." This is extremely rude and unprofessional.. Read more »
I have been a client of this hosting provider since 2011, ever since I left Best Hoster. - The control panel is user-friendly and I have gotten used to it like it's my own. There are plenty of payment options available and the website's per.. Read more »
I have been a customer of this hosting provider since 2013. These guys are always active and constantly upgrade both their hardware and add new features. By the way, they were among the first Russian hosting providers to offer support for QUIC and Br.. Read more »
Great. Excellent service. The technical support is knowledgeable and responsive. They always respond quickly and helpfully. This is the best hosting service out of all the ones we've used. Additionally, the prices are much more advantageous than.. Read more »
The interface is extremely inconvenient. When registering a domain, you have to enter the same information multiple times. By sheer coincidence, I ended up using their services. The customer support was rude and stopped responding altogether. I do no.. Read more »
Great service. The technical support is competent and prompt. They always respond quickly and help. This is the best hosting service out of all that we have used, and the prices are much more advantageous than many others. Compared to our previous ho.. Read more »
The service is great with a responsive customer support team. In terms of price and value for money, it ranks high on my list. I have no complaints about the uptime, although there are occasional scheduled maintenance works every few months. These ar.. Read more »
While hosting has its advantages, there is a drawback to consider: there is a strict restriction on the database load. Once this limit is surpassed, a notification is sent, advising you to upgrade to a more expensive plan. Unfortunately, there is no .. Read more »
I have used hosting before and it has been satisfactory, except for one issue - my domain's mailbox receives a significant amount of spam. It is quite frustrating to use this email for work. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common problem with .. Read more »
My project has a monthly traffic of around 500,000 (18-25 thousand per day). The CMS used is the resource-intensive Drupal 8 (database size - 1.2 GB), and it occupies 15 GB on disk. Previously, it was hosted in Germany on a dedicated server, and ther.. Read more »
Terrible staff work! Zero support!
After many trials and tribulations, we carefully selected this hosting service. And now, for a year and a half since switching to it, we have been living peacefully. It is a modern and reliable hosting provider. It is fast, stable, with virus checks,.. Read more »
I got a VPS from this provider on the recommendation of my friends. I have no major complaints, if something doesn't work on the first try, they always escalate it to the second level of technical support and resolve it there. The prices are qui.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for three years and have no complaints. The virtual hosting works perfectly, and the technical support is fast (via chat, tickets, Telegram). The uptime matches the stated claims. The price is reasonable. You can confid.. Read more »
Great combination of price and quality, domain included, 10-day trial period. The website loading speed is good. User-friendly control panel. The customer support is not just good, but excellent. They respond within 10-20 minutes, even to the most ab.. Read more »
I am personally involved in website development, and when clients need a hosting recommendation, I always suggest ihc.ru. They have user-friendly menus, top-notch security measures, a wide range of functionalities, remote access to your website, and .. Read more »
The company I work for has been using virtual servers with CentOS 6 (we have two of them) on this hosting for a couple of years. The websites are functioning properly and the ping is fast. The admin panel is simple and user-friendly. In case there .. Read more »
I have been using the services of ihc.ru for over 3 years now, and I have already paid for all the services until 2020. Throughout my time working with this company, I have only had positive experiences. The quality of the services provided at a reas.. Read more »
Our website http://podmoskovnye.ru has been hosted on www.ihc.ru for about 10 years, if not longer. During this time, we have tried various hosting services, including HC.RU, Timeweb, and HostiMan. I can confidently say that IHC.ru has been the most .. Read more »
After using it for a year, I have come to the following conclusion about this hosting service: Pros: - The technical support is excellent. - It is inexpensive. Cons: - The performance is unstable, frequently slowing down, especially during peak hours.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for several years. I have transferred almost all of my websites there. In terms of reliability and quality, it is definitely one of the best in Russia. I highly recommend getting a tariff plan with the control p.. Read more »
I have been using hosting since 2011. When I started my blog, I didn't understand anything: how to choose based on what parameters, which plan to take, etc. Now I am very happy that I chose ihc. Even as a beginner, I was able to understand their.. Read more »
I consider the biggest advantage of this hosting to be their technical support. They respond quite quickly, pointing out the specific error that needs to be fixed. Moreover, everything is explained very clearly and literally. I recently had a problem.. Read more »
I plan to move my landing page to a new hosting service this week. The hosting is affordable and has a reliable server that has been tested for many years. I have multiple other websites on this hosting service that use different content management s.. Read more »
I have been using ihc.ru hosting for several years. It is fast, reliable, and has highly qualified support. They always explain everything clearly and persuasively. I am very satisfied. All my websites are hosted on this platform!
I'm very glad that I came to IHC at the right time. As the projects grew, there was a task to find a hosting provider that was optimal in terms of price and quality. I compared reviews, analyzed the performance and convenience, and finally settl.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for almost 5 years now, and I have never had any issues during this time. The technical support team responds quickly, and they always notify in advance about any scheduled maintenance. The websites are always accessibl.. Read more »
Hello! I have been using a virtual private server (VPS) from IHC since July 2014. I am very satisfied with the quality of service, the support team's work, the stability, and, importantly, the price. When I first rented the server, I was initial.. Read more »
I have been working with this hosting provider for 5 years, and I have never had any issues with my websites during this time. The technical support always responds quickly and efficiently, even to the most basic questions about website functionality.. Read more »
I probably changed hosting three times before finally switching to ihc.ru. The problem is that I often use the Simplacms engine and for some reason it doesn't work properly on all hosting platforms. On a certain forum, a guy suggested trying ihc.. Read more »
I have been using this excellent hosting service for six years now and I am completely satisfied. The customer support team is responsive and truly helpful. Thank you!!!
I am currently satisfied with the hosting service I am using. Although it has only been a short time, I have not encountered any issues and everything is running smoothly. The support service has not been necessary for me as the platform is user-frie.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting company for one year already. One major advantage is the affordable prices for domains, such as a domain in the .ru zone costing only 150 rubles per year (compared to 600 rubles at nic). When I need tech support, I reac.. Read more »
This hosting service is exceptional and has never experienced any issues. Any planned downtimes are communicated beforehand, and their technical support is exceptional. Additionally, the pricing is very affordable, and if you use the code F7BTVQXMPH .. Read more »
Although hosting is affordable and not considered bad, there is a concerning aspect to it. After I paid for another year, I started receiving messages urging me to switch to a more expensive plan due to increased load. The technical support initially.. Read more »
I am currently utilizing VDS and I am extremely content with it. The support team promptly resolves any issues, including those caused by my own errors. I have not come across a superior option. The website operates swiftly and remains highly stable,.. Read more »
Drawback - it experiences occasional downtime every 3-5 months, but this is a common occurrence for any hosting service. The prices are average when compared to the market. One significant benefit is the highly convenient native control panel. Overal.. Read more »
I used the services of several other companies before, and they worked fine, but for various reasons, I had to stop using their services. I mostly order VPS servers because one of my scripts requires a specific server. I decided to take advantage of.. Read more »
I have been using ihc services for over five years (since 2011) and I am using their VPS hosting. The stability of their service is excellent, and they always inform in advance about any technical maintenance work. These maintenance works are rarely .. Read more »
I have been a client of IHC for over a year and a half, since January 2015, when I switched from REG.ru. I also rent a VDS from the host 1stVDS, so I have something to compare it with. Currently, I am using VDS (SSD) and website hosting services from.. Read more »
Good day. I want to tell you about this "awesome" hosting service. The story began with an email from the hosting support team complaining that there were hacking attempts from my IP address on other websites. This happened during the summe.. Read more »
They only extort money. They don't return it back.
I have been a client of ihc for several years and have always been somewhat satisfied with their services. However, after changing my tariff, not only did the price double, but most importantly, I lost access to ssh, which is essential for me. To res.. Read more »
In general, I liked the hosting except for some issues. I've been using it for about 3-4 years, I can't remember exactly, but throughout my usage, the same problem arose multiple times: I would create a test website and after playing around.. Read more »
My website was targeted by a DoS attack, but thanks to quick response, the attacker was identified and blocked from accessing the network. Thank you for your assistance.
The website is unavailable!
Great hosting, I recommend it to everyone. The support team is always helpful and will solve any issues you have. Previous hosting providers don't even come close in comparison. The prices are fair and match the services provided. Overall, I hig.. Read more »
You know, I've worked with different providers, and only ihc has earned my admiration and respect. Their technical support team is fantastic. I highly recommend them!
They host websites with viruses, ransomware, browser blockers, and actively support them, ignoring complaints despite the criminal nature of their actions, even though they operate within the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. For instance, the.. Read more »
Colleagues, I have been working in advertising for over 10 years, and the website developer recommended the hosting provider "Internet Hosting Center." I switched hosting, and a nightmare began. The company's employees do whatever they.. Read more »
The hosting has become terrible, websites are down.
This is not my first hosting. The hosting is good overall. However, there is one drawback - a lot of spam in the domain email. It is quite troublesome to use such email for work. This is a common issue with all hostings. That's all sincerely. Ho.. Read more »
This week I will transfer the landing page to this hosting provider. The cost is reasonable, and the server's performance has been proven over the years. I have several other websites on different CMS platforms that have been running smoothly. O.. Read more »
Unfortunately, websites on this hosting were constantly being hacked. Sometimes it happened 2-3 times a month. Sometimes all the websites on the account were affected at once. As a result, several websites ended up being flagged by filters. They refu.. Read more »
The downside is that it freezes every 3-5 months, but this is normal for any hosting service. The prices are average market rates. A significant advantage is the very convenient native admin panel. Overall, the client-side of the website is very user.. Read more »
I have been staying here for 2 months, and it has been lagging for 3 days now. Every time I call, they say they will fix the issue within 30 minutes. But the problem still persists.
The Hosting Center is terribly unreliable! In the span of a year, I had two websites crash on their platform. I also lost a domain because they failed to notify me of its expiration. The domain I purchased from them was never properly assigned to me;.. Read more »
I rented a VPS (I think it was the Earth plan) and couldn't last for three months without experiencing constant issues, slowdowns, and so on. Overall, I got the impression that the allocated resources were insufficient, causing the advertised be.. Read more »
I am currently enjoying the good hosting service, although I haven't been using it for long. Everything is going well, even excellent, and I haven't had to contact customer support yet. The registration process and settings are clear and th.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for a year now. One major advantage is the affordable prices for domains, for example, a .ru domain costs 150 rubles per year (while it costs at least 600 rubles at nic.ru). I contact their technical support thr.. Read more »
This hosting service is excellent and has never let me down. They always inform me in advance about any issues, and their technical support is outstanding. It is also very affordable, and if you use the code F7BTVQXMPH during registration, you can ge.. Read more »
The hosting is not bad and inexpensive, BUT! When I paid for another year, they immediately started complaining about the load and suggesting to switch to an expensive tariff. The tech support used to satisfy me, they responded quickly, but now it�.. Read more »
I am submitting a request to your technical support service for the third time this month with the same issue. Your system consistently blacklists the IP address of the Yandex search bot and returns an error for all requests. In my previous email [#.. Read more »
IHC.RU, as a VPS hosting, is simply a piece of crap. I bought it half a year ago, and these damn idiots managed to completely ruin my website, which I had been working on for 3 years. And who is going to compensate for that? It's time to shut do.. Read more »
The hosting is not bad, but there is one problem - a strict limit on the database load. Once it is exceeded, notifications about the exceeded limit and offers to upgrade to a higher tariff start pouring in. The next tariff is three times more expensi.. Read more »
The email service on this hosting is terrible. It takes about 5 minutes for a single message to be sent, and even then, there is no guarantee that it will be sent successfully on the first try. We are extremely dissatisfied and will be switching to a.. Read more »
Used it for 1 year, leaving and drawing a conclusion: Pros: - Awesome technical support; - Inexpensive. Cons: - Unstable performance (can lag several times a week and almost always during peak hours); - Not very fast. Suitable for testing projects an.. Read more »
The support is absolutely inadequate. When asked "how to do it?", they reply "in your personal account". When making a payment for a year, they deducted money for a month. It turns out to be more expensive to pay monthly, and when.. Read more »
I am currently using VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) and I am satisfied with it. The support team promptly fixes any issues, including those caused by my mistakes. I haven't seen any better option yet. The website works fast, stable, and it'.. Read more »
If you're reading this message, you're lucky! Because you'll save money, time, and nerves! ihc is one of the worst hosting providers! IT'S HORRIBLE HOSTING! Why? Here's the answer: There is no support in Ukraine (I can spea.. Read more »