rating: 4.5, reviews: 11
Country: Kazakhstan
Servers: Russia, Kazakhstan
Panels: Plesk
Working: 13 years is a hosting company that offers services suitable for competent individuals who are experienced in effectively handling technical tasks. With a track record of 5 years, this company has proven to be reliable and has garnered positive feedback from satisfied customers. Their technical support team promptly addresses inquiries and provides assistance when needed. However, it is worth noting that their services come at a higher cost compared to other providers in the market.

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Plans and Pricing

KZ 1Plesk1 pcs1 pcs1 Gb$1.68
KZ 5-5 pcs5 pcs5 Gb$6.51
KZ 30-10 pcs10 pcs30 Gb$19.07

Average-3 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$14.02
Like-4 Gb2 pcs75 Gb$17.95
Huge-6 Gb3 pcs100 Gb$26.92

Average-3 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$14.02
Like-4 Gb2 pcs75 Gb$17.95
Huge-6 Gb3 pcs100 Gb$26.92

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If you are not incompetent, a regular provider is suitable for you. It requires competence to effectively handle it, and it is not suitable for foolish individuals. Personally, I have been utilizing their services for a period of 5 years, and I do no.. Read more »
The situation is terrible. The support team continuously removed a faulty wordpress plugin for four days. Eventually, they transferred the operational website to a different location, causing my site to malfunction. The support service is extremely p.. Read more »
This hosting company is terrible. They managed to ruin my Wordpress website and now they are taking forever to restore it from my backups. It has been five days already and the support team keeps saying they will try to expedite the process with the .. Read more »
Tech support is non-existent as they only provide empty, courteous responses without taking any action. The reason behind their remarkably low price is now apparent.
Communication issues arise approximately once a month. Additionally, I refrain from relying on the DNS services offered by this provider due to their frequent rejections.
I decided to provide hosting services. I'm from Germany. I signed a contract and paid 83,000 tenge to DIS idhost. They didn't provide the service, so I had to retrieve my servers from there. They also didn't return the money. In short,.. Read more »
A good provider, if you are capable. It requires knowledge to manage, not suitable for fools. I have been using it for 5 years, without any complaints. The customer support always responded quickly to all my inquiries and resolved issues promptly. Ye.. Read more »
This is a silent horror. The support team spent four days trying to remove a non-functioning WordPress plugin. As a result, they transferred the functioning plugin to a new address, and now the website is not working. The support is terrible, they ca.. Read more »
This is just ridiculous, not hosting. They have been transferring Wordpress from MY backups for the 5th day now, which they themselves killed. The support said they would speed up the admins. The DB is 10MB, and the website's data is 200MB.
There is no technical support, they are stalling. Now it is clear why the price is so low.
Communication problems even occur in Kazakhstan a couple of times a month - consistently. I don't use the DNS services of the provider due to too many failures.