rating: 7.7, reviews: 21
Country: Ukraine
Working: 22 years
Hvosting.ua has been providing hosting services since 2009 and has gained a reputation for its quality. The hosting company offers domain registration services, and many customers have found satisfaction in utilizing their services.

One aspect that has pleased customers is the excellent technical support provided by Hvosting.ua. The support team has gone above and beyond to assist customers, ensuring that their hosting experience is smooth and trouble-free. The speed of the hosting serv.. Read more »

Reviews on Hvosting.ua


Yaroslav Priymachenko
We have been hosting our online store on HHosting since 2009. Before, everything was fine, but now it's a complete mess. The site is unavailable for half a day multiple times a week, and it's impossible to reach their customer support. It&#.. Read more »
I have been using Hvostring services for over 15 years. Currently, we are using almost all of their main services - the simplest Multisite 4 (previously we had the highest level, but we reduced it because we needed fewer names), VPS from their new ra.. Read more »
Stanislav Grib
I do not recommend it, as contacting managers results in receiving rudeness and inappropriate behavior towards oneself. You will be greatly surprised when they simply dismiss your complaint. Hosting services represent rudeness, inadequacy, and indiff.. Read more »
Aleksey Akrilan
We have been using their services for several years. During this time, there have been only 2 outages, which were quickly resolved. Getting in touch with their customer support is easy and quick, even on weekends. They accept payment through Privat24.. Read more »
I have been using Hvosting.ua since 2009 and have registered numerous domains with them. I am pleased with the hosting's quality.
Kristina Dmitriyeva
The ISP manager is causing frustration as the FTP is not functioning and there is no availability of online chat for quick troubleshooting.
Dmitry Doroshenko
I have been utilizing their services for over a year now and I am extremely content. Their technical support is excellent, the speed is high, and the price is affordable. These individuals excel at what they do.
Alexandr Karpov
I utilized their services for a full year, but then I switched to a different hosting provider due to my frustration with the frequent website malfunctions.
Pavlo Kliuchenko
The assistance provided was exceptional. The individuals went above and beyond to assist me on multiple occasions. In 2012, there was an incident where a domain was taken over because the renewal was not processed promptly, resulting in someone else .. Read more »
Irina Andreeva
I made a payment for my domain, but the hosting company informed me that the payment didn't go through, even though the money was deducted from my card. Accounting is still not responding to my inquiry.
Usman Sardar
I do agree that the price is affordable, however, it seems that they have cut costs by reducing the number of employees, especially in the tech support department. If you are specifically looking for inexpensive hosting, then this option is suitable .. Read more »
I have been using Hvosting.ua for a while now. It started off as just a shared hosting, but now it has become a full server. I am quite satisfied with its performance and technical support.
The price and quality of this hosting are almost equivalent, making it suitable for simple blogs and small internet projects.
Since 2008, it has been working flawlessly and the prices are pleasing. The customer support is quick and there have been no malfunctions. What else could you ask for?
The customer support is excellent. The guys have helped me several times, going above and beyond what they were supposed to do. In 2012, one of my domains was stolen because the auto-renewal didn't work, but they managed to recover it and even p.. Read more »
The system for managing issues is very inconvenient, the FTP address cannot be opened, and there is no online chat for quick problem solving.
Novikov Catering
I have been using it for over a year and I am completely satisfied. The tech support is good, the website works quickly, and the price is favorable. Well done, guys!
I used it for one year and then moved to another hosting because I got tired of constant website crashes.
I paid for the domain, but the payment did not go through, even though the money was deducted from my card. However, the accounting department has still not responded.
I have been using Hvosting.ua since 2009 and have registered multiple domains with them. I am satisfied with the hosting quality. For technical support, I recommend reaching out to Evgeniy - he is very competent!
Yes, I agree that the price is low, but they have really skimped on the staff, especially the technical support team. I was particularly impressed by my communication with a certain Andrey, who was able to answer almost all of my questions after thre.. Read more »