rating: 9.5, reviews: 15
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia
Panels: Custom-built
Working: 19 years
Testing: 10 days is a hosting service that has garnered a mix of positive and average reviews from its users. Many customers are highly satisfied with the outstanding quality and affordability of the services provided. They find the control panel to be user-friendly and the hosting to be highly effective for their website and online store creation needs.

Some customers have been recommended HTS by experts and trust their recommendation, expecting no issues to arise. Others mention that while HTS .. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Анлим 1---1 Gb$0.92
Анлим 2---2 Gb$1.57
Анлим 3---3 Gb$2.3
Анлим 4---10 Gb$6.9

Intel Core 2 Duo2.4 GHz4 Gb-250 Gb$40.54
Intel Xeon E3-1220-16 Gb-1000 Gb$87.57
2x Intel Xeon E5440-16 Gb-2000 Gb$98.38
Intel Xeon 2*E5620-48 Gb-2000 Gb$135.14
Intel Xeon E5-2630-64 Gb-320 Gb$178.38

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Anna Bubenets
The hosting service is outstanding! I plan on continuing to utilize it.
Aleksey Kuzmin
We have been working on the creation of websites and online stores for many years, and this hosting service has proven to be highly effective. I find the control panel to be extremely user-friendly, and the affordability of the services in relation t.. Read more »
Igor Gorbachev
I recently began utilizing them. The experts suggested HTS to me, and I trust their recommendation, expecting no issues to arise.
Alejandro Quijano Ga
HTS is a typical service provider, facing some drawbacks, which is quite common for any provider.
Aleksandr Razumovski
The hosting service is of high quality and offers competitive prices. It includes many services that other providers charge separately for. According to reviews and analyses of hosting companies, this hosting falls somewhere in the middle of the list.. Read more »
Artem Safonov
For the past five years, I have been collaborating with this hosting provider. Over time, I have transferred all my websites to HTS due to its exceptional reliability, opportunities, and support. I highly endorse it without any reservations.
Igor Vorotnikov
The hosting service appears to be reliable, but recently its performance has been noticeably sluggish.
Although I have not been collaborating with them for a decade, only for two years, I am highly content with the quality of their work. I have entrusted them with hosting three websites, and throughout the entire duration, there have been minimal issu.. Read more »
I have been hosting with them for ten years now and I have no intention to change. Their hosting services are reliable and their support is excellent, beyond what words can describe. Recently, I hosted a significant project on Bitrix and it functione.. Read more »
Thanks to your website, I discovered this hosting service and I am extremely thankful. I have successfully moved two of my websites to this hosting. I particularly appreciate the unlimited price plans they offer, as I was initially concerned about po.. Read more »
Oleksii Fedorchak
I recently attempted to utilize this hosting service and found that my website functions properly. However, I am not satisfied with the hosting's management system as it lacks convenience in certain aspects.
Evgeniy Myatovich
This hosting company is highly reliable and has an efficient technical support team. They promptly respond to inquiries and provide clear instructions for any given situation. The website remains stable, and I have never experienced any issues with t.. Read more »
Denis Savinskiy
The hosting service is outstanding! I previously used a free hosting service which consistently had issues, so I decided to give HTS a try. To my surprise, it surpassed all my expectations. I have yet to come across a better hosting service.
Ivan Zhuravlev
HTS is a hosting company that I really like. They flawlessly operate my website, providing excellent performance. I highly recommend it to everyone!
Alisa Morozova
It appears to be a typical hosting service.