rating: 8.7, reviews: 6
Country: Canada
Working: 16 years
Hover.com is a hosting service that has received a mix of positive and negative reviews. One standout positive review highlighted how the company efficiently restored a lost website and successfully transferred it to a new account. This demonstrates their ability to handle difficult situations and provide positive outcomes for their customers.

One major advantage of Hover.com is that they provide domain privacy for all domains at no extra cost. They also offer free email services with t.. Read more »

Reviews on Hover.com


The text states that despite facing a difficult situation, there was a positive outcome. The writer asked Hover Hosting to split an account and move a group of websites from one account to another. They accidentally missed including one website in th.. Read more »
One major advantage is that domain privacy is provided at no cost for all domains. Additionally, free email services are offered with their hosting packages. The server speed was impressive, as it loaded the webpage quickly in just a few seconds. The.. Read more »
I am a freelance web developer and I decided to use Hover as a hosting service for some of my clients based on a recommendation. Initially, it was satisfactory, but recently my client asked me to switch hosting providers due to speed problems. I am h.. Read more »
Hover is a user-friendly, reliable, and secure platform that I have been using for a year. I am extremely satisfied with its smooth performance, great uptime, and excellent server runtimes. The support team has always been responsive and knowledgeabl.. Read more »
I am not a big fan of them primarily because their website lacks visual appeal and professionalism. Additionally, their limited offerings of only domains and email domains do not provide much variety for users. Personally, I would not recommend them .. Read more »
I have been relying on Hover Hosting to host my PHP-based application for the past three years. The aspect that appeals to me the most is its user-friendly nature. It is incredibly easy to create new sites for my growing clientele by simply adding a .. Read more »