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Panels: cPanel
Working: 15 years is a hosting service that stands out for its outstanding technical support and personable attitude. Their team has provided valuable guidance and assistance in crucial instances, making them highly recommended for all users. With remarkable expertise and professionalism, the team is always eager to lend an ear and find solutions.

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I have no issues with my website network functioning. I use aggregators and require constant uptime, which is provided by hostzealot. I pay an average of 60 euros per month, which is fine for me. The VPSs can handle the load.
The technical support provided is outstanding, as they have assisted me in crucial instances on numerous occasions. When I migrated a significant project to their platform, their team offered valuable guidance on the content management system. I high.. Read more »
The distinguishing feature of this hosting service is their personable attitude: they are consistently prepared to offer assistance, guidance, and encouragement. Irrespective of the circumstances, they are constantly eager to lend an ear and discover.. Read more »
I have been working with an excellent hosting service for over two years now. This hosting provider offers excellent performance and reliability. All of my websites run smoothly without any downtime, and the loading speed is impressive. The control p.. Read more »
The service is excellent, especially considering the price-quality ratio! I would like to highlight its stability, which is crucial for such services, as well as the excellent work of the administration, including customer service! I highly recommend.. Read more »
I previously had experience working with different hosting providers, but due to their consistent issues, I made the decision to change to a different company. HostZealot was recommended to me, and I was initially drawn to their affordable prices and.. Read more »
The VPN from HostZealot is excellent. It is a functioning VPN service at a low cost. It would be great if there was masking of VPN usage from the provider, and if it was possible to choose which websites to access directly to reduce ping, while using.. Read more »
The hosting service is excellent with reliable uptime. I opted for a 70 euro server package, which has been more than sufficient for our project. I have been using it for over six months without encountering any issues. The pricing is also reasonable.. Read more »
The website interface is pleasant, understandable, and convenient. I would recommend this hosting provider to my acquaintances and friends because compared to other providers, it did not disappoint and left a pleasant impression. It has good equipmen.. Read more »
I would like to emphasize the user-friendly nature as the most notable benefit of this hosting. This feature is particularly advantageous for beginners in this field. The creation of the virtual machine is a swift and straightforward process that req.. Read more »
I ordered a VPS from hostzealot a few months ago and I've been using it ever since. I'm really satisfied with their service. The price for the VPS is very reasonable and you only pay for the services you actually use. If you need any assist.. Read more »
I started working with Hostzealot a few years ago and I am extremely satisfied with the services they provide. This service is a perfect fit for my projects.
The speed is satisfactory, and when it comes to dependability, it is fairly consistent. In a span of three months, the server encountered an error and ceased functioning only once. When I reached out to the support team, they promptly responded withi.. Read more »
I was browsing through various VPN reviews, but I couldn't decide which one to choose because of the prices. The connection speed and the option to select European countries were important to me. I bought a VPN from them and I am satisfied with .. Read more »
I have found Quality hosting to be one of the top hosting options I have tried. It is affordable and operates reliably. The customer support is consistently courteous and readily addresses even minor inquiries. Overall, I am completely satisfied with.. Read more »
I started working with this hosting service on a cheap plan of around $1 per month. After my website traffic grew, I had to switch to something more powerful. The support team advised me to rent a VPS. Before that, I tried setting up a server from sc.. Read more »
I received a free domain and a good hosting service with decent bandwidth. For just 4.5 euros, I can install 10 websites on the hosting.
The standard hosting doesn't stand out among competitors. I switched to it in 2021 in search of "reliable hosting". They have modern high-speed servers, 24/7 support, and you can order domains and SSL certificates. The support team is .. Read more »
I enjoyed collaborating with this hosting provider. I rent a VPS for 11 euros per month - a reasonable price for such features. The customer support team helped me transfer all my projects and configure the server. The uptime is almost 100%, with the.. Read more »
I rent several VPS, and I am satisfied with the service and technical support. I wanted to express my gratitude for the prompt resolution of any issues that arise while using the tariffs.
Hello, I would like to express my gratitude to the employees of this company. It was a pleasure for me to work with them. The competent staff always provides assistance in difficult times.
This company is excellent, the employees are always available to help with any questions 24/7. They also go above and beyond to resolve issues and perform tasks that they are not obligated to do. For me, this is the best hosting company and I highly .. Read more »
I have been collaborating with this hosting service for several years and I highly recommend it. The server performance, support, everything is of high quality and efficient.
Great hosting! The customer support is extremely fast and available round the clock. The staff and programmers are highly professional. We are very satisfied.