rating: 10, reviews: 16
Country: USA
Servers: USA, Germany, France, Australia, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Finland
Panels: cPanel, DirectAdmin
Working: 12 years
Testing: 30 days is a highly recommended hosting service that offers exceptional features and support. Users have praised its user-friendly interface, fast-loading websites, and ample technical assistance. The registration process for purchasing domains is quick and seamless, with the option to use cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin. The customer service is prompt and efficient, respecting users' time and providing high-quality service. HostYD stands out from other hosting companies by offerin.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

StartercPanel2 pcs1 pcs50 Gb$1.98
AdvancedcPanel8 pcs--$3.98

HYD1GB-1 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$12.99
HYD2GB-2 Gb1 pcs50 Gb$20.99
HYD3GB-3 Gb2 pcs70 Gb$34.99
HYD4GB-4 Gb2 pcs90 Gb$44.99
HYD5GB-5 Gb3 pcs110 Gb$54.99

Intel Atom D5251.8 GHz4 Gb2 pcs500 Gb$68.99
Intel Atom C25502.4 GHz8 Gb4 pcs512 Gb$77.99
Intel Atom C27502.4 GHz8 Gb8 pcs512 Gb$89.99
Opteron 4170 HE2.1 GHz8 Gb6 pcs1000 Gb$119.99
2x Opteron 4170 HE2.1 GHz16 Gb12 pcs2000 Gb$139.99

Reviews on


Chris Brown
I thoroughly examined all the available options and decided that I wanted to use WordPress, but I was unsure about where to host it. Choosing this option turned out to be the best decision. It has proven to be user-friendly, fast-loading, and offers .. Read more »
Patrick Kuhn
Flawless service and user-friendly interface that can be easily understood by even those with less expertise.
Max Far
I used litecoin to buy 17 domains and the registration process was extremely quick.
Nash Tyree
In addition to other positive aspects, the most notable feature is their support for Bitcoin with no minimum requirement.
Isabelle Nolan
I have received the most exceptional technical assistance in years, far superior to the support provided by other hosting companies. It is definitely worth the money spent.
Keith Ryder
I have had a positive experience with Hostyd, which stands out from other hosting companies I have dealt with in the past. Unlike those previous experiences, Hostyd provides professional services and assistance in a prompt and friendly manner. They p.. Read more »
Adebayo Sangare
I was particularly impressed with the promptness of the customer service for this hosting service. What I appreciate most is that the company recognizes the importance of respecting people's time, particularly their customers, by providing effic.. Read more »
Berta Cronin
This is the best hosting I have ever received! I used it during my project and absolutely enjoyed it.
Sinesio sotelo
I have a great affection for this company. The level of support they offer is truly outstanding. I have been utilizing their services for several years to create websites for my clients. I highly endorse them.
Rorry Eoin
Outstanding help and aid.
Carol Dudley
The service I received was of high quality and affordable. I encountered no issues and would highly recommend this hosting provider. Thank you.
Ksenia Litovchenko
The support provided by HostYD is exceptional, as they are highly cooperative and open to assisting their customers. Additionally, their prices are incredibly affordable. If you are searching for a hosting service for the long term, I highly recommen.. Read more »
Brian Jeffrey
I am extremely satisfied with hostyd as everything is highly professional and secure. The cpanel is user-friendly and allows for easy email creation. In addition to the prompt technical support, I have also received ample assistance and cooperation f.. Read more »
Jesse Menkens
Ever since I joined a reputable company, I have always received prompt support and access to top-notch tools for developing my projects. Starting with a small store, it was crucial for my customers to have error-free access to my products, which I ac.. Read more »
Elliot Marsden
I have had a great experience with HostYD as they always promptly assist me whenever I reach out to them. Additionally, whenever I faced uncertainty or encountered challenges with my website, they have been very helpful, making everything much simple.. Read more »
Helen Wright
Overall, the services provided by HostYD have been of exceptional quality, including both their hosting services and timely technical support. Furthermore, their rates are impressively affordable.