rating: 8.3, reviews: 35
Country: Canada
Servers: USA, Canada, Netherlands, North America
Panels: cPanel
Working: 18 years
Testing: 30 days is a hosting service that provides commendable service for smaller operations. The company offers reliable and trustworthy hosting at a reasonable price. The interface is pleasing and adequate, and the customer support is reliable. One noticeable improvement compared to their previous acquisition, Lunarpages, is the use of SSD, showing that Hostpapa is keeping up with technology and hardware advancements.

The performance of their hosting is satisfactory, although not the b.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

StartercPanel1 pcs10 pcs100 Gb$8.95
PluscPanel10 pcs-100 Gb$10.95

Venus-4 Gb4 pcs125 Gb$59.99
Earth-8 Gb8 pcs250 Gb$109.99
Mars-16 Gb8 pcs500 Gb$169.99

Venus-4 Gb4 pcs125 Gb$59.99
Earth-8 Gb8 pcs250 Gb$109.99
Mars-16 Gb8 pcs500 Gb$169.99

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Based on my personal experience, Hostpapa is a trustworthy hosting service suitable for smaller operations. They offer commendable service considering the price you pay, with satisfactory speed and uptime. The interface is pleasing and adequate. Whil.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Hostpapa since 2018! The service is excellent, and it is constantly improving!
I was really keen to try out HostPapa. I used to work with Lunarpages, but it was acquired and merged with this provider. Lunarpages had major issues with outdated equipment, overloaded servers, and poor support. So, I was interested to see how the s.. Read more »
Their basic package only supports two websites, you will get a free domain, but backup is not free, and there are many hidden costs. The prices for shared hosting are too high. However, the speed is above average, and the customer support operates 24.. Read more »
Over the course of 10 years in the field of web development, I have had multiple occasions to work on their server. I have never encountered any issues with Hostpapa. Their servers are excellent and the uptime is also at a high level. Many of my clie.. Read more »
We had a client in Ontario with a local bakery, and they needed a reliable server in Canada. After researching online, HostPapa seemed like the best choice - a true Canadian host with affordable prices and a range of features. The operators convinced.. Read more »
Hostpapa is an extremely reliable service that is always happy to assist and go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. In all the time that I have been using their services, their support team has never let me down. I frequently reach out to th.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Hostpapa since 2018. The service they provide is exceptional and consistently improving.
Competitive pricing. However, be prepared to compromise. In the end, you will get more than you expected for such a price. The interface is simple, with excellent security settings. The knowledge base and tutorials are good. The support could be bett.. Read more »
I have been using the VPS Cpanel server without support package for about 2 years. Recently, I took advantage of a promotion to get a new VPS server (Venus) and migrated to it easily. Their new VPS packages come with 2 CPU cores, which turned out to .. Read more »
I have been eager to try out HostPapa because I used to work for Lunarpages, which has been acquired and merged into HostPapa. One major issue with Lunarpages was their outdated hardware, overcrowded servers, and poor support. As a result, I was curi.. Read more »
The basic package they offer only allows for two websites, but it does come with a free domain. Unfortunately, web backups are not provided for free and there are several additional costs that are not immediately apparent. The cost for shared hosting.. Read more »
Throughout my decade-long career in web development, I have had numerous opportunities to work with Hostpapa's hosting server. I have consistently found their support to be highly helpful and their server's uptime to be commendable. I have .. Read more »
We had a client who owned a local pastry shop in Ontario and needed a dependable server in Canada. After conducting an online search, we found that HostPapa appeared to be the most suitable option. They are a reputable Canadian hosting provider offer.. Read more »
The service provided by Hostpapa is highly dependable, and their team consistently goes above and beyond to assist customers. I have been utilizing their services for a while now, and I have never been disappointed. Since my work is unique, I often m.. Read more »
If your website has users in India, HostPapa can offer a significant advantage in terms of reduced latency. Nevertheless, I have serious concerns regarding the reliability of their services, particularly their customer support. When I contacted their.. Read more »
Get ready for trade-offs with competitive pricing, but you'll receive more value than anticipated. The interface is user-friendly and uncomplicated, with excellent security features. The default security setup is impressive. They offer a helpful.. Read more »
If you have a website with users from India, I believe that HostPapa offers a significant advantage in terms of speed and latency. However, I have doubts about the reliability of their service and customer support. When exploring the possibility of t.. Read more »
We have been operating a VPS Cpanel server without a support package for nearly 2 years. However, we recently took advantage of their promotional offer and acquired a new VPS (Venus), which we smoothly migrated to. The new VPS packages have twice the.. Read more »
I have been a loyal user of lunarpages, a hosting provider that was recently acquired by hostpapa, for more than a decade. Despite the change in ownership, hostpapa has managed to preserve the exceptional qualities that made lunarpages stand out. Rem.. Read more »
I grew to appreciate HostPapa's hosting service after using it for two years, mainly due to its excellent features. One of the standout features is the website builder, which allows for a quick and easy setup with various add-ons such as images,.. Read more »
One of my client's websites is hosted on hostpapa and the speed is impressive, the pricing plan is reasonable, and the server is dependable. I have never experienced any server downtime. Additionally, they provided me with a complimentary domain.. Read more »
Based on my personal experience, HostPapa is a hosting company that provides mediocre services. The speed of their starter plan is unsatisfactory, making it difficult to create complex websites. Although their pricing plans are simple and don't .. Read more »
I am currently a customer of HostPapa. The first thing that stood out to me was the noticeable difference in speed between accessing the control panel pages and the actual website pages. The website pages took a long time to load. By early February 2.. Read more »
To me, is a relatively good company with both positive and negative aspects. One major advantage is their provision of free SSL, which I appreciate in 2019 as it is a widely used technology that should be easily accessible. In the past, .. Read more »
I am consistently pleased with being a customer of Hostpapa. Their services and plans are completely satisfactory. Additionally, I greatly appreciate the helpfulness and friendliness of their support team whenever assistance is required. The value fo.. Read more »
The speed and price of the service are satisfactory, and it seems to be reliable. The customer support is always available for assistance. I have been using their hosting for a school application without any problems. I inquired about their 30-day mo.. Read more »
I have been using for some time now and it is neither good nor excellent. Speed-wise, is not ideal and they also charge an additional fee for a 30-day guarantee. Additionally, cancelling the setup can cost up to $29.95. Comp.. Read more »
To begin with, Hostpapa's uptime is better than average at 99.96%, which is positive. They offer excellent security features and provide various options to contact their support team. The pricing is quite reasonable, starting at $3.95 per month .. Read more »
HostPapa provides average hosting services that are neither exceptional nor terrible. Their strongest point is their uptime, but their speed is not commendable. They offer helpful support options, such as video tutorials, live chat, and even phone su.. Read more »
Hostpapa has been incredibly beneficial for both me and my clients' websites. We hardly ever encounter any problems. But on the rare occasions that we do, the support team at Hostpapa is absolutely outstanding! It is the best support I have ever.. Read more »
I had a customer who used Hostpapa as their hosting provider, but I was disappointed with their support when it came to managing the website. Hostpapa is not a reliable hosting company as they frequently experience downtime and have slow performance... Read more »
Based on GTMetrix, the website takes 40 seconds to load, mainly because it takes 39.1 seconds to connect to the server. Despite their claims of unlimited resources, the hosting service provided by this company is not satisfactory. Even a simple ".. Read more »
Advantages: - The company offers affordable packages, particularly for long-term contracts of 36 months. Even for a one-year billing cycle, the prices are satisfactory for the services provided. - Their technical support is excellent. If a process is.. Read more »
I could describe their hosting service as trustworthy because when my website went down by accident, they promptly helped restore it within a few hours. They offer excellent support through tickets and chat in various languages. The cpanel provides s.. Read more »