rating: 8.4, reviews: 36
Country: USA
Servers: USA
Panels: cPanel
Working: 23 years
Testing: 30 days is a popular web hosting provider that offers a range of features and services at an affordable price. While they have some advantages, such as immediate deployment and reliable security options, there are also several disadvantages that should be considered before choosing this provider.

One of the main criticisms of is that they need to update and expand their offerings. The packages they offer, particularly the 'Performance: Standard' option, come with.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Basic-1 pcs-10 Gb$6.95
Plus---20 Gb$8.95
Choice Plus---40 Gb$9.45

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Dadson T
One of the reasons I switched to HostMonster was because of the additional features and add-ons offered by the provider. The company also offers free domain transfer and a website builder. Unfortunately, they lack monthly payment plans and managed Wo.. Read more »
Rubina Anju
This is one of my favorite web hosting services at the moment. I have been using their services for about three months, and believe me, this hosting provides the best customer support. The speed and reliability are sufficient for work. There may be m.. Read more »
Jordan Jones
HostMonster is a popular brand that primarily offers one product range with an option to upgrade to a professional level. However, they need to update and expand their offerings. The packages they offer, particularly the 'Performance: Standard&#.. Read more »
Jordan Jones
HostMonster is a well-known brand that focuses on a narrow range of products with limited offerings for upselling. They seriously need to increase and adapt their offerings. The packages are listed as "standard" performance with a rather ex.. Read more »
Danilo Abreu
In 2012, I had an encounter with HostMonster. They offer a satisfactory service considering the price they charge. In terms of fulfilling my purchase, the server had no security issues as it offered multiple tools to safeguard my website from attacks.. Read more »
Danilo Abreu
I worked with HostMonster in 2012. The price of their service is average. There were no issues with security and the server, as they provide many tools for protection against DDOS attacks, SQL, and more. However, I had a terrible experience with thei.. Read more »
Berroney Campbell Jr.
Even though HostMonster offers additional features and add-ons, their website is unacceptably slow, rendering these extras worthless. On a positive note, their pricing is lower than average, and their cPanel control panel is user-friendly, even for n.. Read more »
Berroney Campbell Jr.
HostMonster is very slow, making their offered additional features and add-ons generally useless. The below-average prices are a plus, including the user-friendly cPanel control panel that is easy to navigate even for those who are not technically sa.. Read more »
Aieshah Shah
Even though host monster provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and affordable pricing, I cannot recommend them. Their plans have severe limitations and their basic account only allows for one website and five email accounts, which did not meet the n.. Read more »
Aieshah Shah
Despite the 30-day money-back guarantee and reasonable price, I still wouldn't recommend Host Monster. Their plans are very limited, with the basic account allowing only one website and a mere 5 email accounts, which didn't suit my clients,.. Read more »
Dan Bechtold
I cannot recommend HostMonster, even though they offer attractive features and addons. I switched to another provider after only a few months because my sites took too long to load and the promised addons and features did not meet expectations. I fel.. Read more »
Dan Bechtold
I cannot recommend HostMonster, despite all the cool features and add-ons they have. I was with them for only a few months before I moved my website to another provider. The websites took a long time to load and those add-ons/features were not worth .. Read more »
Dadson T
I decided to switch to HostMonster for several reasons, one being the additional features and addons they offer. They provide free domain transfer and a site builder. However, they do not offer monthly hosting plans or a managed WordPress option.
Syed Sohail Balkhi
I tried using Hostmonster services but ultimately decided not to continue with them. Although I didn't encounter any major problems and their server and uptime seemed satisfactory, I was dissatisfied with their website which I found to be less u.. Read more »
Syed Sohail Balkhi
I used Hostmonster services but decided not to continue hosting with them. I didn't have any major issues, everything seemed fine, and the server and uptime were also satisfactory. However, I didn't like the website management, it wasn'.. Read more »
Rubina Anju
Currently, this is one of the web hosting services that I really like. I have been using it for approximately three months and I can assure you that this host offers exceptional support for your website. The speed and dependability are satisfactory. .. Read more »
Hafiz Ehsan
As a Website Developer, I have created approximately 150 websites using various platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and Magento. In my experience, I have found to be an exceptional hosting provider for all types of websites, whether.. Read more »
Hafiz Ehsan
I have developed around 150 websites hosted on various platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento. This hosting is excellent for any type of website, whether it be a blog or an e-commerce site. performs very quickly.
Dénes Székely
The price is excellent, not the most inexpensive, but still lower than the average. This indicates that most of the features/services are also not outstanding, but still satisfactory. If you are in search of an affordable hosting option for a relativ.. Read more »
Dénes Székely
The price is excellent. Not the cheapest hosting, but still below average. Most features/services are also not that great, but still acceptable. If you are looking for affordable hosting for a relatively simple, not too demanding website, then you wi.. Read more »
Kiairra Monet Winchester
Hostmonster only offers 1 domain, which does not suit my needs. I create multiple websites that require registering more than one domain name for each account. Their "Plus" plan, the second most expensive, does not justify the expenses, as .. Read more »
Kiairra Monet Winchester
I have concerns about Hostmonster because they only provide the option for one domain, which is a significant drawback for me. Building multiple websites necessitates the ability to register more than one domain per account, which Hostmonster does no.. Read more »
Saddam Kassim
I am somewhat dissatisfied with the performance of the VPS server I have been using for nearly 6 months. Although they offer fully Managed Hosting with cPanel, the quality is not up to par. My website experiences frequent downtime, leading to a loss .. Read more »
Gomez Ojukwu
While looking for an affordable hosting provider for my website, I came across HostMonster. Usually, the quality of a service corresponds to its price. One major advantage is that all their plans include a free SSL certificate. Their cPanel control p.. Read more »
Rose Troutman
I changed my contract to a new place because the previous one had too many failures and restrictions that I couldn't adjust to. I chose this new place because it is in America, so I don't have to worry about speed and traffic issues. The su.. Read more »
Angelina Taylor
They excel in areas such as customer service, speed, and uptime, which are standard metrics. Additionally, they offer unique features like instant VPS provisioning and security measures such as Spam Assassin Protection and Hotlink Protection. However.. Read more »
Rahul Rodrigue
The cost is a bit expensive, but I appreciate the installation process. Everything is easily accessible. If you encounter any difficulties, simply call a number and a knowledgeable technician will assist you. I can confidently say that I have receive.. Read more »
Rehmat Alam
I have tried their VPS hosting service, but I am not happy with it. Despite offering fully managed hosting with cPanel VPS machines, the overall quality is not impressive. I experienced frequent downtimes and the server speed is also subpar. It seems.. Read more »
Remi's Josh
I have found to be an outstanding hosting provider, despite their higher cost for the basic plan. Their speed is unparalleled and truly impressive. However, there is some delay in page loading on Overall, HostMonster... Read more »
Muhammad Yasir
I have had an exceptional experience with this hosting service, which I consider to be one of the finest. It is highly reliable and trustworthy, consistently utilizing cutting-edge technologies that are continuously enhanced. The speed is incredibly .. Read more »
Jane Wood
The support I have received has been exceptional and I have been incredibly satisfied with the assistance provided. I have not experienced any downtime on my websites, and the only instances I required help were when I needed to move my website (whic.. Read more »
Klaudia Shehi
Advantages: - Immediate deployment and quick setup - Reliable security options - Adequate customer support - Above average uptime (99.96%) Disadvantages: - Page load time has been average over the past 16 months.
Amanda Heel
The basic plan offered by HostMonster may be expensive, but it provides good value with unlimited bandwidth, 50GB storage, and an SSL certificate included. One positive aspect is the quick connection to their live chat support. However, the actual pa.. Read more »
John Pardo
Even though the hosting is outdated, I appreciate its user-friendly interface. The support staff is highly knowledgeable and responsive, providing quick assistance. Similar to other hosting services, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is.. Read more »
Adeel Khan is an average web hosting provider in my opinion. I have utilized their services for my clients and found their interface to be user-friendly. They offer good support and their speed and reliability are commendable. Their features are.. Read more »
Mehwish Khan
After using this service for around a year, I must confess that it is possibly the finest hosting service I have ever utilized. There has been absolutely no period of unavailability, the staff is extremely courteous, and the support provided for any .. Read more »
Anastasia Synenko
Despite the confusing and outdated appearance of the site interface, I had a positive experience working with them. The control panel was convenient, they had all the necessary services, and my client appreciated the option to choose between three We.. Read more »
Shahrom Nasulloev
Tech support responds very promptly, making it an excellent option.
Roman Eliseev
What an incredible host! Truly outstanding!
Ruslan Vinnitsky
I have had nothing but a positive experience with this hosting service. The technical support is satisfactory, the prices are fair, and most importantly, I have not encountered any issues. I highly recommend it to anyone, as you will not be disappoin.. Read more »
Hosting service is exceptional! The technical assistance is flawless.
Kiairra Monet Winche
I have been utilizing this hosting service for a month now and I must say, the speed is outstanding. Great job!
Darya Molchanova
Monster is an excellent hosting service.
Nikolay Dogay
The hosting service is exceptional, and it has completely met my expectations.
Marina Andreeva
I am content with everything as it functions correctly according to my expectations.
Artem Panchenko
The provider is extremely reliable and lives up to its reputation completely. It has a strong signal and offers more affordable prices compared to other providers. The administrative panel is user-friendly and their reliability is accompanied by a gu.. Read more »
Margarita Kovalenko
I have been utilizing their services for over two years and I have absolutely no grievances. My encounters have consistently been positive.
The provider itself is powerful, as the name suggests, with a strong signal. The tariffs are cheaper than those of the main Russian provider. The admin panel is in Russian, ensuring reliability with a guarantee. However, the live chat is only availab.. Read more »
Everything works as it should, I am satisfied with everything.
I have been using it for over two years. There have been no complaints during this time. Only positive emotions.
I only have positive emotions about this hosting service - the support is excellent, the prices are reasonable, and most importantly, it never fails. I recommend it to everyone, you won't regret it!
Excellent hosting!!! The technical support is top-notch.
It's been a month on the hosting - the flight is excellent, well done!
Excellent hosting! I am satisfied, and the ping for Russia is good!
That's a great option. However, the ping to Russia is quite long.
What a beast! Excellent hosting!
Monster is an incredibly superb hosting service!