rating: 9.9, reviews: 22
Servers: Ukraine, USA, Netherlands
Panels: cPanel
Working: 11 years
Testing: 30 days is a highly recommended web hosting provider that offers exceptional service and a range of features. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the company, praising its speed, dependability, and top-notch customer support. stands out for its willingness to register domain names in the .in zone, which is difficult to find with other registrars. Customers have also highlighted the ease of installing WordPress and obtaining free SSL certificates, even for those with limi.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

HQ10cPanel10 pcs50 pcs25 Gb$6.95
HQ20cPanel20 pcs100 pcs50 Gb$8.95
CloudScPanel10 pcs50 pcs25 Gb$9.95
HQ40cPanel--75 Gb$10.95
CloudMcPanel20 pcs100 pcs50 Gb$12.95

kVPS50-4 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$19.99
kVPS70-6 Gb3 pcs70 Gb$44.98
kVPS90-8 Gb4 pcs90 Gb$45.54
kVPS100-10 Gb6 pcs100 Gb$49.8

AMD Opteron 32802.6 GHz32 Gb8 pcs4000 Gb$78
Intel Core i7-6700K2.6 GHz64 Gb4 pcs4000 Gb$143.21
Intel Xeon E5-2620v32.6 GHz32 Gb6 pcs4000 Gb$164.21

Reviews on


Aleksey Bondarenko
I decided to test hosting for WP. I entered a German number to confirm the trial hosting. As a result, I received temporary 6-digit passwords that were not valid (I had to resend the password 5 times). I wrote to customer support, but Victoria didn&#.. Read more »
Anna Ivchenko
Great support, excellent service quality. They even help when you are abroad. They provided essential support during the war and the complete collapse, I received emails from their support team with clear instructions. Thank you for your work!
Eleonora Katvalyan
This is the most convenient service. I have been purchasing domains there for many years now. The support team always helps with any questions. The interface is very user-friendly!
Elena Kosar
I am happy that I chose hosting There are several reasons for this: 1. Convenient and simple control panel. 2. Support service that is always available, quickly responds to requests, and helps with problem-solving. 3. Stable webs.. Read more »
High-quality, fast, and reliable hosting. Even a small tariff was sufficient for my project, which pleased with its stability, speed, and level of support! You won't find a better price among Ukrainian hosting providers on the market.
Yuriy Turovets
I discovered this amazing service, "HostIQ UA," after a recommendation from my IT instructor, Liliya Butrymova. I highly recommend this web hosting service because it offers fast 24/7 online support, interesting educational articles (includ.. Read more »
Լիանա Զիրոյան
I really like HOSTiQ, where I have 2 virtual hostings and a dedicated server with multiple domains. I transferred the domains from other registrars to HOSTiQ because it's cheaper. The server speed is good and I have no complaints. The support te.. Read more »
Yaroslav Yarmolchuk
I am happy to share my positive experience with using the hosting service! Hostiq is not just a service, but a true partner in the development of my own web project. What impresses me the most are the following: Stability and spe.. Read more »
Orlov Aleksandr
I have been using hosting from for a year now and I am satisfied. The website works quickly and there are almost no availability issues. The customer support is responsive and quickly helps if there are any questions. The prices are reaso.. Read more »
Volodimir Krasun
Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you a great platform for creating websites of various calibers. Currently, I have a blog on a website builder, but I am planning to upgrade and get a full-fledged hosting service where I can have both a WordPre.. Read more »
Serega Mesyats
Hello everyone! I want to write a review about First of all, I want to mention that I really appreciate their excellent technical support. You can ask them anything at any time and they provide immediate responses. So, even if you're .. Read more »
Maksim Magdych
Great service! It has a comprehensive documentation database where you can find manuals for almost everything. The loading speed is excellent, and there are no glitches. I must highlight the support team - it's rare to find such prompt responsiv.. Read more »
Yuliya Uglitskaya
I have been with for several years now and everything has been great and fast. I have a travel agency website. As a user, I am happy with both the pricing plans and the promptness of the support. Thank you!
Vitaliy P.
Good day! I am very pleased with the services of I have been working with them for over 5 years and have never had any problems. The prices are reasonable and the online support is simply superb. I have tried others before, but this hostin.. Read more »
Valeriy Grischuk
I have been using the services of for several years now, and I can say that they are an excellent hosting provider. They have many advantages that make them the best choice for hosting in Ukraine. First and foremost, the stability and reli.. Read more »
Sergey Shkyra
I was impressed by your services, everything was great and at the highest level. I was particularly pleased with the price and reliability, there are many good promotions, which are exactly what both a beginner and an experienced developer need. It h.. Read more »
Dmitro Panchenko
The highlight of the hosting provider is its support! There is no need to be afraid of diving into the world of WEB2, because WEB3 is still being implemented in our lives and without WEB2, it is simply impossible.
Oleksandr Shostak
Good and professional hosting. I have been using it for 2 years and have no complaints. I purchased the hosting service a year ago, but the domain from a different company. And now I also bought a domain because the prices and promotions are competit.. Read more »
Maks Dovbysh
Hello everyone! I highly recommend this place for purchasing hosting and domain. A special thanks to the support team for their amazing speed and addressing all my inquiries!
Galina Klyuchkovska
I asked for help with creating a website. The staff at responded very quickly and were polite. I highly recommend using their services. You won't regret it.
Yuriy Kravchenko
Easy-to-understand hosting. Created a website in a couple of minutes using the builder. There are helpful hints for website creation, which is what attracted me. Free domain with a promotion. Plus, there are always promo codes available.
Inna Sauliak
I am 100% satisfied with the hosting. The purchase of hosting and domain is convenient, there is a website builder, and the support is of high quality. No technical issues at all. Highly recommended!
Dmitriy Gvozdovskiy
I have been with this host for 7 years. Their support is top-notch - they are always available 24/7 to help with any questions. They offer competitive prices and even provide a free domain for a year in popular zones. I highly recommend them and will.. Read more »
Oleksandr Ribachuk
Great hosting. I used it for the first time and was satisfied. Convenient purchasing of hosting and domain, a user-friendly interface, and quality support. Highly recommended!
Natali Zhurahivska
Since this is my first experience creating my own startup, this service is simply a lifesaver for me because it provides an unlimited amount of accessible information and excellent technical support.
Great hosting! Everything works quickly, pleasant prices, and fast support. Highly recommend!
Hristina Kucherenko
Hello everyone. I heard from some acquaintances that this hosting service is really good for websites. The registration process and control panel are top-notch, so I will definitely continue using this company's services in the future!
Andrey Harkusha
I have been a HOSTIQ customer for 4 years. I am satisfied with everything. They provide quality service and support. I highly recommend them!
Sergii Melnyk
Very good hosting, I haven't been using it for long, but from the very beginning, I've had only positive experiences! Communicating with the support team left pleasant impressions (they helped and explained). And the hosting itself is super.. Read more »
Nikolay Sandul
Hosting is associated with only positive reviews. The tech support is excellent and fast, and they have repeatedly helped me with resolving my issues. The price is pleasant, and I was even more surprised that the hosting provides a month with no paym.. Read more »
I have been hosting my websites on this hosting for several years for different projects. I have never had any issues during all this time. They respond to all inquiries quickly (within 10 minutes at most). I highly recommend it.
Yura Nikolin
I have been using this hosting for over 6 months. I am very satisfied! It's fast, with excellent support, and convenient functionality. It's easy to manage my website. I highly recommend it!
Mikhail M
Great host, excellent service, user-friendly website, and very affordable prices! Highly recommended.
Valerii Lhov
I have been using this provider for about six months now. The support is always available and helpful. Everyone is satisfied.
It all started with hostiq. I have 10 websites and they all work very well. Creating new ones is a pleasure with hostiq. Thank you for the convenience and innovations that you constantly introduce.
Oleksandr Grabovsky
You guys are great, I definitely recommend! Flexibility for every customer in terms of tariffs and services. Everything will be Ukraine!
I would give the technical support a 10, as they help to resolve everything very quickly and efficiently, leaving no problems behind. The quality is excellent, everything runs smoothly without any disruptions, and the speed corresponds to the load yo.. Read more »
Vlad is a reliable hosting provider where I have been using virtual and dedicated servers for the past six months. I have been impressed by its high quality and reliability. During this time, my websites have been running smoothly and the loadin.. Read more »
I am very satisfied with hosting. They provide fast, reliable, and affordable service. I have my own website that works without any glitches or delays. I also love their support, which is always ready to help with any problems. I highly rec.. Read more »
Vladimir Alexeev
I highly recommend this hosting service. It is very good and has a reasonable price. The customer support is fast and can be reached through phone or chat.
Alena Dehtyar
The hosting service is good with excellent support, and the price is pleasant. There are no major problems. Satisfied.
Dmitriy Ignatenko
The technical support works quickly and resolves issues with high quality, everything is pleasing.
Konstantin Kravchenko
Overall, I find the service to be good, with excellent technical support. Additionally, they have their own blog and video tutorials on various topics related to the website. I am satisfied with everything so far and plan to stay with HOSTiQ. Hopeful.. Read more »
Ruslan Yakovenko
I am very satisfied with the service provided by My website is always accessible, and I have had very few issues with processing speed. And whenever I had questions about configuration or technical problems, customer support was always ver.. Read more »
Vitaliy Mylymko
Great customer support, fast hosting!!! Excellent service, so I will continue using their service.
Arthur Ivanashchenko
I will speak about the facts of the service: 1) You enter the website without any money - you come out with a complete developer package and feel like a 100/10 host. 2) In terms of speed: even on an unprotected http, I didn't feel any difference.. Read more »
Vadim Biletskyi
Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! I had difficulty finding any registrar willing to register a domain name in the .in zone, except for They provided me with a great deal of assistance. Once the domain was successfully registered, it was a b.. Read more »
Good day. I would like to share my impressions about hosting. I am really pleased with the loyalty. The speed and quality of support are greatly satisfying, at the highest level. It is a simple and user-friendly hosting, making all steps easy to perf.. Read more »
Sasha Kovalenko
I am extremely pleased with the services provided by! Their website building tool allowed me to effortlessly and swiftly create my dream website. The user interface was easy to navigate and understand, and the pre-made site templates aided .. Read more »
Valery Bessarabsky is a highly recommended web hosting option due to its impressive speed, dependability, and top-notch customer support. The team at is always prepared to assist with any issues that may arise while using their services. Their serve.. Read more »
Oleksandr Kopiyka
Hello! I ordered hosting after evaluating the technical support of HOSTIKA. Overall, I am satisfied with everything. They helped me transfer my website from another hosting provider and assisted with the setup. The price and quality are superb - I hi.. Read more »
Sasha Dudkin
I am incredibly pleased with the quality of HostIQ's services. All processes are carried out quickly and without any errors. The support service is especially outstanding, as every inquiry is resolved within seconds under the guidance of experie.. Read more »
Serhii Polyuk
I have been utilizing hostiq services for one year without encountering any issues. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Sergey Bukach
I am very satisfied with this hosting provider. The plus is the specially optimized servers for WordPress, the prices are reasonable (although there are cheaper hosting providers), but the good technical support makes reliable hosting worth it.
Svetlana Mishina
Hello everyone! I want to share my feedback. I have been using this domain for a long time, and last year we decided to move our website to this company's hosting. The technical support is superb, they always respond promptly and resolve any iss.. Read more »
Pavel Slobodenyuk
After a long search for a hosting provider for my website, I finally found a great one in Ukraine - The website's speed, friendly customer support, and quick assistance from the technical team have helped me solve the most difficult p.. Read more »
Olga Zhmak
I have been using HOSTiQ hosting for 3 years now and I have no regrets about my choice. There have been no outages, even during these war conditions. As someone who is not very knowledgeable about cloud-related matters, technical support is extremely.. Read more »
Olga Zhmak
I have been utilizing this hosting service for three years and have no regrets about my decision. Despite challenging circumstances, there have been no instances of failure. As someone who is new to cloud hosting, the technical support provided by th.. Read more »
I have been using it for over 2 years. Initially, I had the minimum plan for 2 websites, but then I upgraded it to the plan for 10 websites. I am satisfied with both the prices and the support.
Maksim Petrenko
Hostik is a really cool hosting platform. I was really impressed with their support. They helped me with a situation that I, as a programmer, couldn't figure out myself. Highly recommend!!!!
Bogdan Shay
The cost of the domain is always 50-100 UAH cheaper than others. Payment is instant. Support is efficient. Sometimes they take a while to respond, but considering the electricity issues everyone faces, the situation can be understood.
I bought the domain from them. After 12 hours, there was still no registration. I contacted them and they said to wait for 1-3 days. I asked for a refund to my balance so I could purchase in a different zone. They referred me t.. Read more »
Mykola Stanchak
I am very satisfied with the hosting services, especially with the support that provides assistance and support very quickly.
I have been using hostiq services for a year now and I have had no problems. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Andrey Fedorenko
Great customer support. User-friendly menu interface. Free SSL page security certificates available. Discounts for hosting subscriptions for a year. Overall, Hostik leaves a positive impression.
Igor Vladimirovich
Great hosting! Affordable prices and high-quality service! The technical support responds quickly and efficiently solves any issues that arise. They can also provide professional advice if needed. I highly recommend them!
Igor Vladimirovich
The hosting service is excellent! They offer affordable prices and provide high-quality service. The technical support team is very responsive and efficiently resolves any issues that may arise. They are also capable of offering professional advice w.. Read more »
Yevhenii Tereshchenko
Everything is at a high level. Everything works well, I have been using hosting services for not the first year - satisfied!
Vitaliy Tkach
The service is reliable, there are always promotions and good feedback. I recommend it to everyone ;)
Vova Kukharskyi
After trying to create my own website, I chose hostiq and I made the right choice. Advantages: - Ukrainian hosting - Great support, especially for beginners - Free trial hosting - Affordable domains - Reliable performance Disadvantages: - None (what .. Read more »
Andrey Tunik
I want to create a website using a website builder. I need to buy a domain and hosting. The support team explained everything clearly! Thank you. I highly recommend it.
Igor Schukin
Great hosting. The starting bonuses allow you to begin with a minimal budget. The technical support is excellent. Regardless of the time of day, there is always a specialist available to provide advice and resolve any issues you may have. Occasionall.. Read more »
Igor Schukin
The hosting service is of high quality. The initial bonuses enable you to begin with a small budget. The technical support is reliable, as there is always a specialist available to assist and resolve any issues, regardless of the time. Occasionally, .. Read more »
Roman Gilov
I bought a domain and everything was done quickly and with good quality, and most importantly, it was affordable! It's also great that the owner of hostiq is responsive. I highly recommend it!
Yura Koval
I have chosen this hosting provider and I am very satisfied with their services. I highly recommend them because I haven't encountered any issues so far. Their customer support is also very responsive!
Yura Koval
I purchased web hosting services from this provider and I am extremely content with it. I highly recommend it as I have not encountered any issues so far, and the customer support team is prompt in their responses.
Anatoliy Osa
I have been using this wonderful hosting for three years now. I highly recommend this company to everyone.
Valentin Kuryata
Everything is at a high level. Fast and high-quality service, I have been using hosting services for not the first year and I am satisfied!
Andrey Kuzemko
I tried their excellent hosting during the free trial period for one month, and I really liked it. This hosting service has everything I need, and even more.
Great hosting, top-notch and reliable customer support. Highly recommend.
Tetyana Bila
Our company has signed up for virtual hosting this year. We have been using it for 3 months and we are satisfied! If any questions arise, the tech support is excellent. The advantage is that there is a free trial period, so you can test the performan.. Read more »
Tanyusha Korj
The support is excellent. They help to understand the problem. I like the website builder. It is fast and convenient.
Svetlana Gavrilyuk
Thank you so much for working with clients! I'm still learning how to work with the website, but I can already see how much information you send every day. I really appreciate the 10-day advance notice for payment of services.
Volodya Bosak
Super hosting! Everything is at the highest level!
Vitaliy Kosinov
I have been testing the constructor for several weeks and I really like the simplicity of the design settings and product options. The transition between website pages is smooth. I will encourage my boss to switch from Yukoz to HOSTIQ.
Andriy Sokolyuk
Best hosting in Ukraine Lviv Data Center Incredible customer support, fast, high-quality, and reliable I recommend to everyone.
I switched to this hosting from another one. The technical support helped me with the migration without any problems. Price was one of the factors I considered, as my website is small and doesn't have any special requirements. It's not very.. Read more »
I switched to this hosting provider from another one. The technical support team assisted me in transferring my website smoothly. The price was one of the factors I considered, as my website is small and doesn't have any special requirements. It.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for a long time. I have over 10 websites hosted there. The support is excellent, even during times of war. I highly recommend it.
Viktor Kurgak
Everything is great, stable work, prompt support. No problems, you could say.
Great hosting. And also, an equally amazing affiliate program. I highly recommend it.
Marina Navrotska
The company has decided that it has the right to solely control the traffic to my websites and redirect it to their own placeholder pages. This is unprofessional, and I do not recommend this hosting to anyone. Their justification of "not being w.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for a short while. The support team is excellent and the speed is good. The control panel is very user-friendly. The price is reasonable. I highly recommend it!
Vladimir Viktorovich
Good day! I want to share my experience and impressions of HOSTiQ. As a beginner in this matter, I am writing a review and my personal opinion and impressions of HOSTiQ. I ordered hosting and a domain from HOSTiQ because it is a Ukrainian company, an.. Read more »
Viktor Veverka
I have transferred all of my clients to the CCA 50 website and so far everything is fine. Now I can manage everything myself and with the support, I will be able to solve various issues or seek advice. I communicate in English, I just need to transla.. Read more »
Viktor Veverka
I have successfully moved all my clients to the CCA 50 site, and everything is going well so far. Now I can handle all the setup myself, and with the support available, I can address any issues that may arise. I am able to communicate in English, and.. Read more »
Anatoliy Karpov
A few months ago, we transferred our online store to a new hosting provider. Everything was fine. Five days ago, our website stopped working. After multiple attempts to contact technical support, the website started showing signs of functioning, but.. Read more »
Andrew Petruniv
Everything was great until the business closed down, and unfortunately, it is not possible to get a refund for the money paid for hosting services for a year in advance. The business never really took off, and it was a mistake to launch a website her.. Read more »
Igor Druchok
The best hosting I have ever used. I especially love the support team's work. They are knowledgeable and friendly.
I have been using this hosting service for a long time. They have excellent customer support and fast speeds. It's very convenient to use and the price is reasonable. I highly recommend it.
I have been using this hosting for over a week now and I needed to transfer a few of my websites. I really liked the website navigation and the potential discounts offered for annual payments. I hope to stay here for a long time.
Dima Tarasov
Highly recommend. I have changed hosting providers many times, but I will stick with this one forever. The main thing is that their customer support continues to respond promptly even during times of war.
Vitaliy Podorozhnyuk
My first experience with hosting was great. The support was excellent and there are instructions on Tilda on how to use it.
Oleksandr Chepis
Good hosting, highly recommend. The support team is not only efficient but also very helpful in resolving almost all inquiries and issues.
This is my second hosting provider. I fled from the first one, as it only lasted for five months. I took my time to choose where to go next, and then I saw the cute kittens on their website, which immediately won me over. And I wasn't wrong. I h.. Read more »
Filipp Kurdyukov
Great hosting, everything works quickly, excellent support, has everything needed for smooth website operation. Thank you!
I used a different hosting provider before, but my website was constantly lagging, no matter which tariff I chose. I switched to Hostik, even though I knew how to transfer everything myself, but I decided to take advantage of the free migration servi.. Read more »
I opted for a different hosting service initially, but I encountered persistent lagging issues on my website, regardless of the plan I selected. I then made the switch to HOSTiQ, even though I had the knowledge to transfer the website myself, I chose.. Read more »
Aleksandr Labuzov
I chose this hosting for my small online store of fishing goods. What attracted me was that WordPress was pre-installed, and there was an opportunity to install a free Comodo SSL certificate. I am still setting up the website, but everything is worki.. Read more »
Anzhelina Nadezhda
Our organization has been using HOSTIQ.UA for 2 years now. We are pleased with their support team, as they always respond quickly and provide clear solutions and explanations. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Slava Nadejdin
This is a unique service. They register domains not in automatic mode (like everywhere else), but manually starting from 8 AM =))). Guys, it's the 21st century, they even introduced contactless payment in the subway.
Volodimir Hom'yak
I have been using this hosting service for two years now and have had to contact their support team several times. They have always resolved my issues promptly and efficiently. I highly recommend them.
Leonid Chepurnyiy
The prices are competitive, the technical support works promptly, the interface is simple and user-friendly! Everything is great! The website loads quickly!
Anton Pugach
HostIQ is an outstanding hosting provider that excels in several aspects. One standout feature is their utilization of LiteSpeed Cache, which is currently regarded as the top caching system, guaranteeing optimal performance. Additionally, their suppo.. Read more »
Anton Pugach
Great hosting. The most important feature is LiteSpeed Cache. There is no better caching system than LSCWP today. In addition, they have amazing support. They always understand and help you figure things out. In the past, this was seen as the norm, b.. Read more »
Working with is a pure pleasure. It is the best hosting service I have ever used. I highly recommend it without any hesitation!
Dmitro Hlistov
The customer support is excellent, they respond to and resolve queries even on weekends. For me, this is a determining factor when choosing a partner.
Evgeniy Sotnikov
The hosting service is excellent, with fast, high-quality, and efficient customer support. It is convenient to use and loads quickly.
Affordable prices and highly responsive support. I recommend this hosting provider to both beginners and advanced users.
Kristina Seredyk
In my opinion, the service is top-notch. I was really impressed with the work of the technical support team. I highly recommend using this hosting service.
Olga Sharga
It feels like all my best friends are working on this hosting: top-notch service, always ready to help with technical issues - around the clock! Convenient use of cPanel, easy payment!
Oleg Kozakevich
I consider "Hvostik" as the most friendly resource. Everything is just great! ... special thanks to the customer support team...
Nikolay Kesarchuk
Great hosting, quick chat support. I use it myself and recommend it to clients!
Denis Melashenko
Automatic payments were set up without the user's knowledge !!!!! This is a breakthrough, why didn't you ask me???? How did it happen that automatic payments were set up for me when I didn't do it? Technical support response - It is .. Read more »
Dmitro Panchenko
I started working with them 2 years ago, but what pleases me the most is that you don't have to be well-versed in terms and programs - they will always help you in the chat...the response time is never more than 5 seconds! Well done.
Anatoliy Marchenko
I am grateful for the assistance provided in setting up the hosting and the care of the staff in quickly resolving challenging technical issues. It is very pleasant to feel such support.
Aleksei Leshenko
I use the service because of its advantages such as 24/7 customer support, affordable pricing, and good quality (based on my experience of 4 months).
Olga Vladimirovna
Hosting is great! I met it a year ago, thanks to the tech support. I made my own online store easily and quickly without any problems.
Dmytro Popruzhnyi
I found an affordable and high-quality Ukrainian hosting service that works both in Ukraine and the USA. What I liked about them is that their tech support is excellent, they respond quickly, and their hosting prices are reasonable. I hope to have a .. Read more »
Denis Denisov
Great hosting, easy and fast, with reasonable prices. I would particularly like to mention the support team. These guys always help to solve any issue and respond as quickly as possible.
Sergey Ponomarenko
Great hosting. So far, everything suits me. Three months ago, I transferred my website to Hostiq's VPS. I had difficulties setting up the software on the server since I decided to do it myself, but I don't have experience in this field. Ho.. Read more »
Ulyana Aliskevich
I have been using HOSTiQ hosting for the past six months, and I am extremely pleased with our partnership. They provide competitive and affordable prices, along with professional 24/7 online support. Additionally, they offer various discounts, which .. Read more »
Ulyana Aliskevich
I have been working with HOSTiQ hosting for six months now and I am completely satisfied with our partnership. They offer good and affordable prices, professional round-the-clock online support, and promotional incentives. With their help, I was able.. Read more »
Vasiliy Belyaev
I only use the domain, but the price for it (considering that it's in the .org zone) is very reasonable!
Igor Medvid
We have been using the services of this internet provider for a long time. The customer support service works very quickly, with pleasant people. The website loads quickly. The prices are reasonable.
Nick Zaicev
I have been searching for a reliable domain registrar in Ukraine for quite some time and finally settled for this particular company. The promptness of their customer support greatly impressed me, and I highly recommend their services.
Nick Zaicev
I have been searching for a good domain registrar in Ukraine for a long time. I settled here. I was impressed by the speed at which the technical support team resolves your queries. I highly recommend it!
Sergey Shtangey
Everything is fine for now, the support team is working well, there are no problems with payments, and everything is going smoothly from a technical perspective.
Dmitro Lachok
I really liked this hosting service, they provide fast service, cheap domains, and they have a wide variety of them. I am on the OpenCart 20 plan, they installed the latest version of OpenCart for me, and they constantly update it. I have contacted t.. Read more »
Dmitriy Pasovoy
Excellent hosting with 24/7 technical support! They provided guidance, explanations, and directed me in the right direction! Overall, everything is fantastic!
Lyubov Koverga
I have been using this hosting for 3 months. It is very convenient for creating a WordPress website: there is no need to download anything additionally, with just one click, the admin panel is created and ready to use!
Sergey Kutko
I started using hosting and I was pleased with their fast support (they actually solve the problem, not just for show) and the price for their services. I couldn't find anything better in terms of price/quality ratio.
Dmitry Li
I have been utilizing hosting services since 2017 and have consistently had a positive experience. The control panel is user-friendly, the technical support is available round the clock, and the team is extremely helpful. They assist with various tas.. Read more »
Polina Radaeva
Thank you so much for the service. The support is very fast, and there are many useful additions (caching, backups, etc.). I am extremely satisfied with the hosting.
Dmitriy Li
I have been using HOSTiQ hosting since 2017 and I have had nothing but the best experiences. The control panel is user-friendly, the technical support is available 24/7 and is always prompt, and the team is excellent at assisting with everything from.. Read more »
Roman Radaev
Great hosting, very fast support, the ability to create backups, and various useful extras. Thank you very much!
Dmitriy Shtanko
I am very satisfied with the speed and customer support - they respond quickly (day or night, even at 4 am). I really like this hosting service - there is currently no better option in Ukraine.
Galina Sereda Pechil
I would like to express my gratitude to the administrators and creators of HOSTiQ for their promptness, accuracy, and accessibility. Fast assistance is always available whenever something is unclear.
Ivan Zharko
This platform is very convenient with a set of templates for creating a website. Even a beginner will understand how to create a website, as there are instructions provided. Overall, I am satisfied with the hosting.
Igor Melnik
I have been using HOSTIQ's services for almost three years now. During this time, I haven't had to worry about anything lagging, glitching, or not working at all. Whenever I have simple or complex questions, the support team is always there.. Read more »
Vlad Horbenko
We have been using this excellent hosting service for over a year now, and their technical support team is always quick to respond.
Igor Ryabov
I have been utilizing the services of HOSTIQ for over three years now. The support team provides fast responses, ensuring smooth website functioning, all at reasonable prices.
Igor Ryabov
I have been working with HOSTIQ for over 3 years! They provide fast support, uninterrupted website operation, and reasonable prices.
Oleh Sivachok
Great service with reasonable prices. They offer a variety of additional services. The support is fast and professional, even during late hours!
Roman Vilchinskiy
In fact, everything is very convenient, affordable, and awesome! I found a suitable domain, made the purchase, and now the website is on the domain. The support is also top-notch, they respond very quickly and will help if needed.
Denys Sydorenko
Recently, I faced the task of creating a website, and I had no prior experience in these matters. The support team guys served as a great starting point for me, answering any question clearly and concisely within 2 minutes. Well done! Bravo! Thank yo.. Read more »
Dasha Nechiporuk
I have been using HOSTIQ for more than a year and it is the top-notch solution! Their live support is quick and efficient, especially for beginners like myself. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Hosting payment process is secure and .. Read more »
Dasha Nechiporuk
I have been using HOSTIQ for over a year and it is the best solution! Fast and responsive customer support, perfect for non-professionals like me. The website is always working flawlessly, and the prices are affordable. Everything on the HOSTIQ websi.. Read more »
Andrey Suschik
Perfect for beginners! Reasonable prices, plenty of setup and promotion instructions, user-friendly website builder with multiple themes.
Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Good day! I was impressed by the quality of the support. They solve all the issues, and in a friendly manner. I wasn't used to such treatment before. The prices are also reasonable. So, I'm satisfied and sticking with them.
My first impression of this hosting provider is POSITIVE. They are always available and provide clear answers. I am particularly impressed with their technical support; it is fast, precise, and doesn't beat around the bush.
Evgeniy Kudybin
The website is perfect for beginners, everything is simple and accessible, and most importantly, honest. I would rate it 5 out of 5.
Nariman Memetov
We have been using the services of for a while now. We are quite satisfied with the services they provide and have no plans to switch. I always praise their technical support team; they are knowledgeable and polite. I highly recommend using.. Read more »
Ihor Karhashev
Great hosting. Highly recommended for those who are taking their first steps and have chosen their niche. They will help you choose the most optimal package without any problems, and you also get a free month for testing. Impressive selection of CMS... Read more »
Sasha Kasyanenko
Hello everyone! I have been using Hostiq services for some time now and I am satisfied with everything. Everything works perfectly, the interface is intuitive, there are various promotions, and most importantly, in my opinion, they have the best supp.. Read more »
Vladimir Kozachok
I am using this service for the second time, and I really liked it the first time when I used it for my website (online store). Now, I have used it again for another website that is currently under development, and the technical support is top-notch!.. Read more »
Yahniv Volodimir
I have been using it for almost a year. For now, I am more focused on practicing website creation rather than actual work, but I am satisfied with their hosting service. And their support team is the best support I have ever experienced in my life.
Convenient and reliable hosting with a patient and friendly customer support team! I have not experienced any failures in the service. The prices are reasonable. The website offers a wealth of useful materials, where you can find answers to many q.. Read more »
We ordered hosting for the first time in our lives. We quickly understood the tariffs and options. The prices are more than reasonable. The website is clear and simple. The customer support team is excellent. They answered all our questions very quic.. Read more »
Yerlan Tugaibaev
The hosting service is excellent and trustworthy, and also much more affordable compared to options available in Kazakhstan. It functions efficiently with prompt service, bringing me great satisfaction.
Erlan Tugaybaev
This hosting service is excellent and reliable, and significantly cheaper than what we have in Kazakhstan! It operates smoothly with a fast service. I am highly satisfied!
Liza Avramenko
Great service. The support team always quickly resolves any issues, although there are hardly any problems with the hosting service. I have been using XenVPS for quite some time now, and I can confidently say that they provide high-quality services. .. Read more »
Svetlana Lyulka
Even as a beginner with no experience in website creation, it was easy for me to figure everything out. And all thanks to the best technical support! Thank you guys for the instant help in problem-solving. The website is working perfectly, and the pr.. Read more »
Anton Bozhuk
Good day, I have been using HQ40 hosting for several years now. My first website was also hosted on this platform. Now I have transferred my second website to this hosting as well. I am satisfied with everything, especially the support team. If I ha.. Read more »
Vladimir Zhikin
I have been utilizing this hosting service since March 2019. They transferred and set up my website at no cost, and the quality of their service was excellent. The efficiency and ability to solve problems is truly remarkable.
Vladimir Zhikin
I have been using this hosting service since March 2019. They transferred and set up my website for free and with great quality. I am amazed by their promptness and the level of problem-solving they provide.
Maksym V. Havrylov
I've taken a trial month. I don't have much experience with hosting providers, but I learned more here than in the previous two months. is a great platform for beginners, for sure! I'm even staying here now. And the support i.. Read more »
Oleksandr Russ
The prices are low, the quality is superb, and the support is the best! I highly recommend it to everyone!
I have been using hosting for a month now and I am very satisfied. They provide a lot of setup manuals and their support team responds quickly and clearly. The cost is very pleasant and there are discounts available. I am happy.
Roman Berkovskiy
The service was excellent, got the domain almost for free. Everything was very easy and straightforward.
Slava Vodonenko deserves a 5 out of 5! Their prices and quality of services are absolutely satisfying. Once, I reached out to their support team with a specific issue that I couldn't figure out, and despite the late hour, the guys quickly helped me re.. Read more »
Timur Sytnik
The best combination of price and quality, domain as a gift, 30-day trial period. High website performance speed. Convenient control panel. Technical support is not just the best, but excellent. They respond instantly within 2-10 seconds, even to the.. Read more »
Alex Sologub
The only hosting service that I find convenient to work with. The functionality is quite simple and straightforward. There have been no system failures throughout the entire period. I have a positive impression of the hosting service. I have been col.. Read more »
Irina Chernodub
I have been working with for three years now, and everything has been stable. It is a convenient platform, and their customer support is always online and very responsive. They have quickly resolved every question I had. The pricing policy .. Read more »
Oleg Drab
I have been using this hosting service for 5 years now, and I have never encountered a problem that their technical support couldn't handle. The quality of service is excellent, and that's what I really like about this hosting provider. I h.. Read more »
Low prices, superb quality, and the best support. The website is suitable for both beginners and professionals with its easy and intuitive interface. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Elina Antonova
As a newcomer in the field of website creation, I really enjoy working with the HOSTiQ team. Their customer support is incredibly fast, responding promptly and providing useful assistance. I highly recommend them!
We have been ordering services from for the third year now. Before that, we changed four providers, but we trust Hostiq with all our websites. As always, everything is stable, reliable, and of high quality. Their customer support d.. Read more »
Volodimir Topor
I was choosing between Hostpro and HOSTiQ. They offer a free 30-day trial, so I decided to go with them. Their support team is always on point :) The hosting service frequently surprises me with promotions and discounts. I will continue to stay with .. Read more »
I recommend a hosting service that offers reasonable prices and fast support. The currency conversion is not very smooth, but if you spend a little time, you can figure it out by changing the currency and finding where the domain will be cheaper.
Oleg Pavenskiy
I am very disappointed with this service. I received an email about paying for an SSL certificate - Comodo Positive SSL - for 504 UAH. I paid for it, and then I received another email with a promotion in my inbox - I as.. Read more »
Serg Shapovalov
We have been using Ukrainian hosting for a considerable period, and whenever we had any queries, we contacted their customer support. HOSTiQ has a very responsive support team who promptly address our concerns, and they often do so in a lighthearted .. Read more »
Serg Shapovalov
We spent a long time choosing a Ukrainian hosting provider, and whenever we had questions, we reached out to support. HOSTiQ has a very responsive support team - they reply quickly and even crack jokes. The price is very reasonable, with big discount.. Read more »
Igor Zhdanov
An excellent domain registrar with the lowest prices for registering names in over 800 domain zones among 32 Ukrainian registrars. Personally verified.
Oleksiy Sidorenko
We have been using the services of for several years now. We decided to transfer all of our company's websites here because we were constantly dealing with problems with other hosting providers. Additionally, we were able to easily cre.. Read more »
The hosting service is really cool, firstly because the price is optimal and the support is practically instantaneous. If you write at night, they respond within 2 minutes and, most importantly, they provide guidance and often solve the issue themsel.. Read more »
Aleksandr Sidorenko
The website is very user-friendly and modern. It keeps up with the times. Many processes are automated, which significantly reduces the time for development and content publishing.
Yuriy Lisenko
Good day, I would like to share my impressions about this company. We specialize in website development, so a good hosting is very important to us. Our requirements for hosting are: stability with minimal downtime, as it is important for search engin.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Hostiq services for four years and I am extremely happy with their offerings. Their prices are affordable, the service is great, the platform is easy to use, and they provide prompt responses. The customer service is of exce.. Read more »
I have been using Hostiq services for 4 years and I am very satisfied. They offer pleasant prices, good service, a convenient platform, and fast response. I am especially pleased with the quality of their customer support. Any questions or issues are.. Read more »
The service is very convenient! I have been using it for over a month. The prices for domains are affordable, and the customer support responds quickly and in a helpful manner!
I am engaged in web development. For about two years, I used one of the most expensive plans. I have left this hosting. Yes, the attractive low price seems appealing, and the frontend of the website seems to work fairly quickly, but that's where.. Read more »
Vadim Vorontsov
The menu is quite simple and intuitive, the support is adequate, and time will show the rest.
Sergey Gotsalyuk
I have been using HOSTIQ services for a long time. The support team promptly resolves any issues. It is the best hosting I have come across (I have tried three different ones).
Maks Siruk
I came across an advertisement by chance and decided to give it a try. They immediately offered a discount, and after starting to work with them, I transferred everything. The hosting service is excellent, and the customer support and technical assis.. Read more »
Servin Osmanov
A pretty good hosting service. The huge advantage for me was that it's absolutely clean and accessible from anywhere in the world. The servers are fast, the support is decent, they take the questions seriously, but the response to a ticket isn&#.. Read more »
I have been using hosting and domain services for six months now, and everything is great. I haven't had any issues, and the support team responds promptly. I highly recommend them for collaboration.
Serhii Frantsev
We have been using Hostik for a year now. Everything works smoothly like clockwork, with pleasant prices and easy navigation on the website to find solutions to problems and answers to frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you.. Read more »
Elena Aleksandrovna
It all started with our desire to save money on hosting... We had been subscribers of another hosting provider for several years, but Hostq turned out to be cheaper with promised better server parameters. The specialists recommended 2 tariffs that su.. Read more »
Aleksandr Ribskiy
I can only write positive reviews about Hostiq as a company that provides hosting services. To be honest, I initially chose the host based on cost considerations, and out of the two final options (Ukraine and Hostiq), I chose the latter because the c.. Read more »
Excellent hosting. They helped me migrate my website and I haven't experienced any downtime since. They provide a very reliable service at a reasonable price. The support team is responsive and, importantly, available 24/7. Compared to my previo.. Read more »
Dima Tsymbalyuk
The service is very convenient! I have been using it for over a month. The prices for domains are not expensive, and the technical support responds quickly and is helpful!
Andrey Shabalov
Responsibility, efficiency, accessibility. What more could one wish for? I've got it all covered, high FIVE)))
Aleksandr Glotov
I have been using this hosting for 3 months now. I am extremely happy that I chose The prices for the services are reasonable. The technical support is top-notch, they helped me with all the questions during the installation and configurat.. Read more »
Stanislav Semenov
Super hosting at a super price, always stable, reliable, and powerful. Get the complete package of services in one place - hosting, domain, and SSL certificate - at a fantastic cost! And let's not forget about their customer support, they are si.. Read more »
Andrey Garnat
The service quality is consistently high, with convenient and efficient technical support.
Denys Pavliuk
I bought a domain on this website and then I also got hosting and SSL on a special offer, all in one place. It's really cool, I'll continue testing the features as I need them.
Konstantin Kirilyuk
We are launching a new project and, as always, we are hosting our website on And we thought, why not write a review if these guys are doing an excellent job? Friends, we highly recommend hosting provider, after analyzing .. Read more »
Dmitriy Portnov
I have been using for over five years now and everything is always great. I have 8 websites, some of them were previously hosted elsewhere, but after transferring them to hostiq, I haven't had any problems. They consistently work quick.. Read more »
Nikita Loginov
Good hosting. Decent speed. Support is loyal. Compared to its predecessor, everything is more than satisfactory.
Shahrom Nasulloev
My friend recommended this hosting to me, as he has been using it for a long time. I helped him create a landing page and back then I was convinced of the convenience and reliability of this hosting. I also came across the name of this hosting on sev.. Read more »
Oleg Kroshkin
Constant discounts and promotions are the first benefit. Real fast support in Russian language!: everyone will help, set up, advise, and explain - second benefit. Reasonable, moderate prices for fast, multi-functional, with plenty of settings and hig.. Read more »
Mikola Margita
Currently, Hostiq is the second hosting service I use, and in my opinion, it is a very good hosting provider. This is in comparison to my first experience with Gpdhost. Before choosing Hostiq, I approached the decision more seriously than the first t.. Read more »
Maksim Grigorev
I was choosing between several hosting providers, reading a lot of reviews, and decided to give hostiq a try. At first, I didn't understand their thing with kitty tails, but they are actually real kittens. The support team is top-notch, they exp.. Read more »
Igor Yakubovskiy
Great hosting. Everything is clear and easy to understand, and the technical support is fast. Highly recommend.
Ihor Karhashev
I am very satisfied with the hosting. The prices are reasonable, and the quality and speed of the customer support are outstanding. Additionally, the availability of various promotions and bonuses is a very pleasant addition. I am delighted to have a.. Read more »
Rustam Ahmetov
Great service with excellent and responsive support. I recommend it to all my friends.
I highly recommend this excellent hosting service with constant support and affordable prices. It is suitable even for beginners.
Nazar Dvoryanin
I have already purchased 2 hosting services. The support is very friendly and responsive, and there are no issues with prices - everything is affordable, even for students. The platform is very user-friendly, even for beginners, and they always offer.. Read more »
Andrey Lupu
Excellent hosting with superb customer support. They promptly assisted in solving issues, even if it wasn't their responsibility. I highly recommend everyone to use this hosting, they are the best!
Bogdan Lavrenyuk
Good hosting, choosing it because compared to other hostings here you get a large amount of memory (25GB) and the ability to host 10 websites, and the package with these features is much cheaper than the competitors. This package is great for large p.. Read more »
Maks Polischuk
Excellent hosting and stellar support - they solve literally any issue and do it quickly. They have helped me several times with a problem that is not directly related to hosting support, but nevertheless, they didn't refuse and helped me figure.. Read more »
Slavik Kaeta
I have been using the hosting service since the summer and I am satisfied with everything. They are open to negotiating prices and offer discounts. I will continue working with you. I highly recommend it.
Super hosting. Everything works like clockwork, no interruptions noticed. Competent support that helped choose the optimal option in terms of price/needs. And in general, a lot of respect for the support team. They provided guidance and helped resolv.. Read more »
Ruslan Kutepov
I will also leave my review. After a month of successful testing, I have no complaints. Special thanks to the support team, not every service can boast of lightning-fast response and problem-solving. For me, as a beginner, all of this is new, so I a.. Read more »
Cathrine Nefedova-Radzevy
Amazing Hosting: quality, technical support, and most importantly - a wealth of educational materials for beginners who want to build a website themselves.
Sergey Nikolskiy
I have a website hosted on HOSTiQ. I launched it to learn the ins and outs of hosting. Now I'm considering renewing it and eventually transitioning to VPS. It's not easy, but it's interesting. The advantage of this hosting is that it&#.. Read more »
Elena Mikalyuk is awesome! Their team is really fantastic and proactive, always ready to help and respond quickly. Highly recommend!
Vladyslav Nagurnij
I highly recommend this hosting service. I purchased 2 domains and hosting here, and I am extremely satisfied.
Danil Goriaynov
I switched to Hostic from another well-known host and I don't regret it! Their level of support is way better than others, they provide trial periods (even for VPS), help with problem-solving, and actually get the job done. It's nice that f.. Read more »
Anatoliy Malina
Such an awesome service! Their team is truly amazing, always helpful, and the client never feels any coldness.
Andrii Repchenko
Great service, excellent consultation, and assistance. Quick response and very polite communication. It's highly civilized. There's someone to look up to! I recommend it to everyone!
Mila Kanievskaya
I am very pleased with the quality of the services provided and the technical support. Considering how much is currently charged for website creation, this is a wonderful alternative. And as for YouTube tutorials, it's simply a fairy tale.
Volodimir Bundzilo
The hosting service is excellent, the quality exceeds the price. And the technical support helps with everything. I transferred 2 websites here, they were very slow on another hosting service for their price.
Viktoriya Meleshko
Great service! Convenient and easy-to-use tools, always in touch with competent guys from tech support. As a novice, they gave me a lot of guidance and clarification. It's pleasant to work and seek help here. There's always a clear explanat.. Read more »
I have been using the hosting services for a short while, but I am very satisfied! Compared to other hosting providers I have used before, this is the best hosting for me personally. The technical support is super fast, the performance is stable, and.. Read more »
Maksim Vitman
Great service, with excellent support. They assisted with the setup, showing and explaining everything. Highly recommend.
Anzhela Polischuk
I really like the hosting service for its price, reliability, and convenience. Thanks to the guys, the programmers, and the team.
Vladislav Menchinskiy
I haven't been using hosting for long, but the support is great, there are no crashes, I like the client panel, and the prices are also good.
By default, they enforce automatic payment for service renewals and deduct money from your card! A year after registering with them, I discovered a charge on my bank card for a domain name that I absolutely do not need, and of course, the funds are n.. Read more »
Sergiy Martinyuk
I have been using this hosting service recently, but now I can say that I am satisfied with its reliability and security. The technical support is excellent.
Ivan Drozdov
Excellent hosting. Great customer support. They always help with solving website issues, which occur much less frequently compared to other hosting providers... Overall, highly recommend!
Konstantin Korolev
I highly recommend this service. The hosting speed is top-notch. It's absolutely amazing - everything is easy, fast, and most importantly, affordable! The support team is great and always ready to help. I recommend it to everyone!
Sergiy Yatskiv
I am satisfied with the hosting service. I would like to express my gratitude to the technical support specialists who promptly and efficiently responded to all requests and helped fix any errors.
Dmitry Lavrynenko
They provide an objectively excellent service. I don't really know much about them, I just found them online through an advertisement. Their tariffs have a lot of features, even the cheapest ones. I have been using this hosting for several years.. Read more »
Vadym Gerasimov
Excellent hosting, superb technical support. Uptime, pricing, hosting panel convenience - all top-notch!
When I started working on the project, I was researching which hosting provider to choose. In the end, I decided to collaborate with HOSTiQ. I already had a domain, but they offered the most convenient and affordable conditions for the trial period. .. Read more »
Ivan Harchuk
I have been working with HOSTiQ for three years now and I have transferred several domains to them. I continue to do so as the renewal dates approach with my previous registrars. I really like their accessibility, client panel, step-by-step guide on .. Read more »
Igor Kargashev
As a beginner in website development, it was extremely important for me to determine the hosting provider where I could host and build my first successful projects. That's why I chose HOSTiQ based on ratings of quality and reliability, and I was.. Read more »
Volodymyr Roshchyn
As a beginner user, I was searching for a reliable hosting service to launch my website. I registered on the website It had a pleasant interface, great customer support, promotions, and interesting pricing plans. I decided to start.. Read more »
Evgeniy Maevskiy
I have reviewed many options as I plan to build a website for the long term, and I want to ensure that the sites will work perfectly. After testing hosting for a month, I can confidently say that it is better than all the previous platforms I conside.. Read more »
Evgeniy Sumrak
I started using this hosting more than a year ago and I am completely satisfied with it. Initially, I chose this hosting because they had the lowest price for domain registration and they offered a 30-day trial period for hosting with a website build.. Read more »
Dmitry Bevz
I am new to the hosting industry, but I was advised to choose "HOSTIQ.UA" and I am very satisfied with my choice. The website is very user-friendly, everything is intuitive and you will quickly understand the functionality. The visual desig.. Read more »
Pavel Grebenev
Quick registration, a wide range of various applications and features. Impressed with the 24/7 support, they respond immediately and provide quick assistance. Highly recommend.
Vladislav Fedotov
This is my first time dealing with hosting providers and I'm not very knowledgeable about computer science, but I easily understood everything here. I highly recommend it.
Lily Vinogradova
I have been working with Hostik for about six months now, and I believe it is the best hosting provider I have ever worked with. The support is always quick and ready to help, even in the middle of the night. The website runs smoothly and the control.. Read more »
Dmitriy Ionov
I have been using this hosting service for only a month. So far, I have been extremely impressed with their service. The support team responds almost instantly and is very friendly. The prices are also fantastic. Overall, I am very satisfied.
Rustem Ahmetov
I highly recommend this service as it is extremely convenient. The website builder is absolutely amazing - everything is easy, fast, and most importantly, affordable!
Ruslan Bondarenko
I have recently started using HOSTIQ services. They were able to register the domain name I needed at a reasonable price and even gave me a free month of hosting for testing purposes. I am already planning to launch several more domains with them. Th.. Read more »
Dima Prokofev
It is a pleasure to work with this hosting provider. The support team promptly resolves any issue without unnecessary dumb questions or suggestions to "restart." Everything runs smoothly. The hosting provider's website is user-friendly.. Read more »
Hello everyone! For seven years, my website has been hosted by the internet provider HOSTiQ. The WordPress blog runs smoothly without any issues. The prices are very reasonable, and the support team is responsive and available 24/7. The .. Read more »
Aleksey Karabanik
Our website is hosted on HOSTiQ servers. And often, we need assistance. Sometimes, we start asking strange questions that make sense to us but may not be clear to other specialists. However, when we reach out to HOSTiQ support, we try to explain in a.. Read more »
Igor Scherbakov
Great hosting provider: speed, security, reliability, and 24/7 support. I really appreciate the excellent round-the-clock customer support. Highly recommended!!
Evgeniy Demidov
It is difficult to compare with others as I only use it. But the support is really pleasing, if you explain the problem correctly, they help quickly. I host the websites I create there.
Ilya Korotkov
Everything is great, got 2 domains practically for free, plus 1 year of hosting for students, super :)
Excellent hosting provider: speed, security, reliability, and support. I really like it, plus the competent customer support is available 24/7. Highly recommend!!
Holovko Vlad
I highly recommend it. Everything works great, fast and stable. The technical support is competent, which is not often seen.
We placed our website on WordPress about a year ago, and I highly recommend this hosting service to everyone. The support team deserves a special shout-out!
Sergey Oleynik
I have been working with for over six months now. We purchase domains and host our partners' websites on I can confidently say that we enjoy working with this company. Whenever any questions arise, they are promptly resolved.. Read more »
Anton Lehan
Access to the website is always fast and convenient. I wanted the hosting to be affordable and the services to be of high quality. A friend advised me to check out Hostik - which I did. It's been almost 8 months and I have no intention of switch.. Read more »
Great service and great guys, I can say for now that everything is good. They solve all issues quickly and explain well.
I am amazed by the incredible conditions, discounts, and more that are offered for just 500 UAH. A domain and website with full support for students - it's unbelievable!
Oleg Gluschenko
I have been using hosting services for 3 years now. During this period, there have been no failures or problems. I always receive timely payment notifications (which is not difficult to forget over the course of a year). I highly recommend the servic.. Read more »
Chizh Vladimir
I liked everything, especially the technical support. They are always prompt and ready to help with the most difficult and confusing issues. It's also easy to work with the builder.
The first impression evokes positive emotions. There is a 30-day free trial period. Registration is quick. In the control panel, everything is logically divided into sections and structured. Technical support deserves a special shoutout, they are sim.. Read more »
Max Suslov
Thank you for the excellent service! The support is lightning-fast and top-notch! There is a flexible selection of pricing plans (compared to others, the prices for this service are very affordable), a trial period, assistance with website migration,.. Read more »
Oleg Belov
I have been using HOSTiQ services for almost 3 years. I have multiple websites hosted in one account. Throughout this time, I have been satisfied with the quick response from their customer support whenever there were any issues. Moreover, I haven�.. Read more »
Yaroslav Rychenko
Everything is satisfactory - excellent tech support, user-friendly interface, good prices, and most importantly, considering all the useful discounts of up to 80%.
Vadim Varenik
The constructor interface is easy to learn, making it convenient for beginners to work with - highly recommended. The hosting is excellent and fully meets the needs, with the option to upgrade to a higher tariff. The support is at a very high level -.. Read more »
Alena Bushina
Over a year ago, I used the services of Hostik, but due to certain circumstances, I had to temporarily discontinue their services. However, I had no doubts about which hosting provider to turn to again. Their prices are very reasonable, and their cus.. Read more »
Maksym Bezuhlyi
Highly recommend it. Everything works quickly and smoothly. The technical support is competent, which is rare to come across.
Ruslan Logvinenko
I really like everything here, especially the technical support. They always help with the most difficult and confusing problems.
Great hosting with round-the-clock technical support. Even on basic hosting, the support team is available 24/7. The website runs smoothly and reliably. Everything is perfect, thank you.
Natalya Nikitina
Good day! I want to share my opinion about the hosting provider, as I have been using their services for almost a year now. I am satisfied with everything - user-friendly interface, plenty of useful and educational information, but the most.. Read more »
Andrey Suhoy
I've been using TOPchik Hosting since 2017 and have had no issues. They offer regular promotions and pleasant bonuses. The prices are fair for the quality of their services. There are no hidden restrictions; you get exactly what is promised! (I .. Read more »
This year, we have switched our lightweight website, created on Adobe Muse, to a more demanding one on WordPress. Our old hosting service was no longer suitable for our needs, so we began searching for a new one. met our requirements perfe.. Read more »
Sergiy Skiba
I have used the services of several hosting providers over time, but after switching to, I have only had positive experiences. The technical support is responsive at any time of the day, which is crucial for beginners. I have not en.. Read more »
Aleksandr Kodak
I recently switched to this hosting provider. The support team helped me quickly migrate my website from another platform. They were very thorough in answering all my questions.
Vladimir Serhiienkov
Hello, friends! We have launched a new project that is very important for our country. The "Third Day" Charity Foundation, based on the word of God, aims to restore and expand forestry in Ukraine. We would like to thank the best hosting pr.. Read more »
Aleksandr Mihalchenko
I am very satisfied with the hosting. The support team resolves issues quickly and clearly. They are always ready to assist and never fail to provide guidance.
Great hosting, I've been using it for almost a year and have never thought about switching. The speed is impressive, and I haven't experienced any issues with my website's performance, everything is consistently good. The hosting websi.. Read more »
Yan Zenga
I rarely work on your website because I don't have any issues and all my websites are working perfectly. But when I start new projects, I have some questions about your services and I am always impressed by your service, especially the technical.. Read more »
Lyudmila Nosova
You guys are amazing, keep it up! The guys at Hostiq were incredibly helpful in opening my website with 0.00% knowledge, quickly guiding me through the process and providing great inspiration and collaboration. Now I know that your team does everythi.. Read more »
Evgeniy Nevenchanyy
I haven't used it for a while, but I decided to check out what's on the market and I came back to, which is unparalleled.
Svyatoslav Maslak
Very convenient, reliable, and with a friendly support team who are always ready to answer and assist if anything is unclear! Highly recommended to everyone!
Vasyl Chyvilov
Good hosting, I liked it. I don't know all the details, services, and advantages, I will only write about what I encountered in the process. 1. Reasonable price. I compared several options with the same hosting parameters, and the price of this .. Read more »
Anna Vasileva
I like everything, especially the customer support, they respond quickly and provide high-quality assistance.
Maksim Polyakov
Great hosting! Fast customer support, and what's especially pleasing is that they even solve issues they shouldn't (specifically, CMS-related questions). I'm gradually transferring all of my websites here.
Pasha Kravets
Great hosting provider. Prices are pleasing. In my opinion, the provider is experienced but not old-fashioned or arrogant like others. I appreciate the discounts and promotions they offer. Their website is very user-friendly and intuitive. There are .. Read more »
Dmitriy Yakimenko
I have been using this hosting for a long time and it is really great. It has many advantages, but the things that make me happy are: - The price - The excellent customer support.
Valerii Komarov
The technical support is up and running at 7 am and never sleeps! Well done. The feedback is excellent! Everything else is also fine.
Lesha Kutyavin
Very reliable hosting with excellent customer support. They always assist and provide helpful advice. I highly recommend partnering with them!
Thank you to the support team for providing excellent hosting services. I accidentally deleted my hosting, but they were able to restore it for me. Other hosting providers would not have been able to do the same. I am extremely grateful to you!
I was choosing between all the well-known Ukrainian hosting providers and chose Hostiq. I have been using their hosting services for a year now and have never regretted it! The support is simply top-notch, the speed is good, and it never goes down. I.. Read more »
Great hosting service! The support is instant. The guys solve any difficulties and questions very quickly! Thank you for providing a very convenient hosting with excellent service.
Aleksandr Vasilev
I have been using this great hosting service for over 5 years now, and I must say their technical support is top-notch. They always go above and beyond to help me, even with non-related questions.
Oleksandr Sienkin
Great service. They not only transferred my website to their server but also helped me customize my theme to meet the needs of my clients. I'm very pleased that they promptly respond and assist with any minor issues (which were, in fact, caused .. Read more »
The service at this company is superb. The technical support responds promptly and provides relevant assistance. It is available 24/7. I highly recommend it.
Sergey Muha
Simply the best I've come across. There was only one problem, and it was our fault. They helped us instantly at three in the morning. Thank you.
I chose this hosting because I was attracted by the quick response. Responsive support is always worth paying for. The servers work consistently without any disruptions, for which I am also grateful. I highly recommend using it!
Sergey Semenyaga
High-quality hosting with high stability. Our customer support team is always available to help resolve any issues that may arise. In the rare event of any service disruptions, we offer compensation in the form of bonuses.
Roman Sabadash
Would I recommend this host to others? Absolutely. Why? Reliability and stability of operation, customer support that won't rudely direct you to the FAQ but will gladly help with any question. Thank you for the stable and high-quality service!
Dmitriy Ivanchenko
Hello everyone! I wanted to share my impressions about HostIQ hosting. It's simply excellent - they have a wonderful and responsive customer support, reasonable prices, super fast speed, and they offer discounts, bonuses, and promotions. What re.. Read more »
Alena Bondarenko
Great hosting, I really love it! The most user-friendly interface in the world! Constant online support, highly recommend to everyone!
Nataliya Rozdilska
I have been using this hosting for a year now and I am satisfied. It works consistently and the technical support is at a high level.
Alla Vasileva
I have been using this excellent hosting for many years now, and everything is simply superb. The price is reasonable, the support is top-notch, and everything runs smoothly without any interruptions. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of truly .. Read more »
Aleksey Kapitonov
Great service. I really like the accessibility and user-friendly interface. HOSTiQ has a very convenient control panel, and most importantly, it offers reliable and useful features.
Emilia Masur
Great hosting. Especially informative for beginners. Excellent customer support. Satisfied.
Maksim Serkov
Great hosting, works reliably, and the price is affordable. I was also impressed by the technical support, they are very knowledgeable, and most importantly, they respond quickly and provide clear solutions. Highly recommended!
I have been using hosting for six months and during this time it has been excellent. The control panel is user-friendly and the knowledge base is superb - I can find answers to almost any question! However, what I like the most is the 24/7 technical .. Read more »
Denis Hilya
Great hosting, good price and pleasant discounts and bonuses, both on hosting itself and on purchasing domain names. The customer support is also excellent, they promptly assist if any issues or questions arise, I have nothing bad to say, only good t.. Read more »
Ozodbek Sobirov
Partnering with HOSTiQ is simply unique and easy for obtaining a domain. The price is definitely a 5. The speed is excellent at a 4. Reliability rates a 4. Support is a 5.
Denis Sevruk
Great hosting! The support team is always available and provides answers very quickly... compared to other hosts.
Ilya Soroka
Great loyalty program. Responsive support. User-friendly interface. I highly recommend this hosting service.
Natali Kovalenko
Our friendship with HOSTiQ has entered its second year. Not a single glitch during this time. I created a WordPress website for myself in Ukraine-Russia and one for a client in Africa - it works quickly, without any failures or issues. I really appre.. Read more »
Elena Sherstyuk
I haven't been using it for long, but so far the impression is positive. The customer support team responds quickly to inquiries and I have received the necessary assistance.
I have been using this great hosting service for a long time now. Their technical support is very responsive and quickly resolves any issues that arise. The control panel is also very user-friendly.
Oleg Volkov
This hosting is complete garbage, never use it if you value your nerves and time. They constantly charge for everything, the interface is absolute crap, nothing is understandable, and you constantly have to figure everything out with tech support. Th.. Read more »
Sophiaa Petrukk
Great project!!! In my opinion, the lowest prices on the Ukrainian market, fast customer support that will always provide clear and polite answers to any questions! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Evgeniy Korh
Excellent hosting. The support is simply top-notch. After I started exploring this hosting and comparing it to others, I can confidently say that I don't even consider any other options. 10/10.
Artur Arutyunyan
High-quality website, excellent customer service, always ready to help, highly recommend for future collaboration.
Alexandr Khodzinskiy
When problems occur, the technical support is always top-notch. They provide quick responses and kindness, offering fast solutions to any issues. We have been using their hosting services for a couple of years.
Serhii Kyrylchuk
I have been using this hosting service for 3 years now. There have been enough problems, but all of them were my fault))) - either I didn't configure the plugin correctly, or clicked the wrong thing in the admin panel, or something else... The s.. Read more »
The service is of very high quality, excellent customer care, and top-level support! Overall, I am 100% satisfied...
I really love the support service. They respond to any questions at any time of the day. They help at every stage of website creation. I really appreciate the 30-day trial period service. As someone who creates websites for myself, it is very conveni.. Read more »
Excellent hosting. Convenient control panel. Great support. Reasonable prices. I highly recommend this hosting to everyone.
I have been using the HQ10 hosting plan from HOSTIQ.UA for a month now, and I am completely satisfied with everything. The hosting speed is great, the prices are reasonable, and the technical support is top-notch. I would definitely recommend HOSTIQ... Read more »
I highly recommend this hosting service, as it offers excellent prices and the support team responds quickly.
Tanya Kondratyuk
I work as an IT teacher. Due to the forced remote learning, we had to connect our school to a unified platform. We chose GSE, and they required us to have our own domain. We ordered virtual hosting and a domain for the school. I figured it out, every.. Read more »
Vitaliy Biliy
It is a pleasure to write positive reviews when you write about what is actually true. The hosting service is superb and affordable, and it runs smoothly. The customer support is pleasant and will direct and assist you accurately. They helped me with.. Read more »
Dmitriy Romanchuk
Great hosting. While the website is still under development and there is no traffic yet to provide a more accurate assessment, so far the overall impression of the hosting and support is good.
Artem Kostetskiy
I really like this hosting service - it's user-friendly, has reasonable prices, and an accessible interface.
Denys Danylchenko
Great hosting. Affordable prices. I often interact with different hosts for work. These guys are truly responsive and always help to solve any problem, even answering questions during the night.
I started using hosting services a couple of days ago. I haven't encountered any problems. I had some questions about website migration, and the support team promptly helped me resolve everything! Overall, everything is great so far!
Mark Maydanov
This hosting service is really great, even when I'm in Kazakhstan and not just in Ukraine. I created a music website and I needed both a domain and a license, and I found everything I needed here. The prices are also very good!
Vitaliy Radchuk
Great hosting! I have been involved in website development and have changed hosting providers many times before I was recommended Now I recommend this hosting to all my clients. The technical support is top-notch, and the hosting itself fu.. Read more »
Sergey Sokurenko
Great hosting, affordable price. The support team is responsive and helpful. They even provide assistance during the night, I contacted them today despite it being a weekend. Highly recommend for anyone looking to use their services.
Dmitriy Babyuk
Main points: 1) Technical support has strong nerves. 2) There are guides (including video guides). 3) Flexible payment system with multiple tariff plans - there is something to choose specifically for oneself. ___ I am experimenting with several CMS .. Read more »
In my work, I deal with many registrars, hosting providers, and of course, actively communicate with webmasters. You know, you won't find such professional support, quality services, and extensive hosting panel capabilities anywhere else. I give.. Read more »
Gevorg Tamrazyan
I have been using hosting for over a year now and I am very satisfied with their support and hosting services. All of this makes me happy. Thank you.
Andrey Nesin
Great hosting! Take it without hesitation! I've been using it for six months - pleasant prices, constant discounts, and top-notch customer support.
Iurii Motyl
I recently switched my website to and here are some of the advantages: 1) Domain activation took less than 30 minutes. 2) Free SSL. 3) Friendly 24/7 technical support. 4) When you pay for hosting for 6 months or more, you get a domain for f.. Read more »
Aleksey Klimenko
I spent a long time choosing hosting and VDS server on the Russian Internet. But I couldn't find anything more interesting and convenient than this one. And this provider is not Russian. To be honest, I'm not surprised. Everything is very c.. Read more »
Anastasia Petruk
I have been using the services of HOSTiQ for over 3 years now. During this time, I have registered more than 3 websites here, and I have always been satisfied with both the prices and the quick response from customer support, and even the funny email.. Read more »
Vladimir Vasilev
This hosting is excellent; it allows you to create your own website from scratch without delving into the depths of programming.
I purchased hosting and a domain, and the website is working smoothly without any issues. The discount system is pleasant. The customer support team responds quickly.
Nina Mgebrova
I have been using hosting services for a long time. There aren't really any negatives to mention. It is a bit expensive, but it is offset by various promotions and bonuses. The support is top-notch, and the services, speed, and ease of use are a.. Read more »
Igor Zuiev
I really liked the modern and user-friendly design of HostIQ. They offer a wide range of services and affordable prices that can be tailored to any idea, business, or education needs. I especially want to mention the promptness and professionalism of.. Read more »
Sergey Moiseev
I am very pleased with the service. I have been using it for over a year and I am satisfied with it. The approach is very loyal and friendly. I recommend it to everyone.
Overall, the hosting was disappointing. I migrated a working website, WordPress/WooCommerce - 300 products :) to the WordPressM plan. And then the lack of processing time began. I couldn't even save plugin settings without a 503 error. It's.. Read more »
Mykhailo Maryn
Everything works smoothly, excellent and very fast service. They not only solve hosting issues but also help you find where Facebook pixel hardcoded data) If you don't know which hosting to choose, this is the place for you.
Oleksandr Lenkevych
The most reliable and stable hosting provider. The support team works quickly and helps in any situation.
Roma Mudrik
Well, what can I say. Let me put it simply. In my opinion, this hosting is the best in Ukraine. The prices here are affordable. The support is top-notch. They have professionals working here. So, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.
Denis Golovan
Very reliable, responsive, and fast hosting. I have been using it for over 4 years and have never had any problems, everything is excellent!!!
Yuriy Malinovskiy
I learned about Hostik from friends who have been using this service for many years. The interface is pleasant and it is easy to understand where everything is located in the dashboard. I am especially pleased with the professional technical support,.. Read more »
Yaroslav Kozak
One of the best hosting services for websites in the CIS region. Excellent technologies and support will never let you down.
Vova Sydorovych
At first, I carefully considered whether to buy or not, so I tried it on a trial period and I liked everything very much, so I bought hosting for a whole year in advance. I've been using it, everything satisfies me, the support is very good, and.. Read more »
Valentin Vissonov
I can say about HOSTIQ hosting. Overall impressions are good, honestly I have nothing to compare it to - it's my first hosting and domain. But about the customer support, I can say that it's top-notch. They respond faster than my wife picks.. Read more »
Oleg Savchuk
I have tried many different hosting providers and this one is among my top 5 favorites. It has a user-friendly control panel and the support team is responsive and helpful.
Boris Zolotchenko
I found a really good hosting provider in Ukraine. I researched multiple options, looking for the most affordable and reliable one, and I settled on HOSTIQ. I haven't regretted my decision once.
Serega Romashko
It is very difficult to choose and decide on what you really need right away. There are so many tariffs and offers. I chose a tariff that includes a website builder, and... oh boy. Never start with a website builder, it turned out to be a waste of ti.. Read more »
Andrey Matsko
This company is amazing, with the fastest and most responsive support. They helped with the setup from start to finish and have never let me down in the past few years. Fast, convenient, and reliable - keep up the good work!
Oktavian Moskalyuk
Great service at a minimal cost! Even on weekends, the support team responds very quickly, efficiently helping to resolve any issues. The website builder is user-friendly, clear, and very welcoming. Thank you, please continue providing the same level.. Read more »
Mihail Koral
I transferred my domain to this hosting primarily because they have built-in OpenCart, which is very convenient for me as a beginner. In addition, they have excellent support and good prices. And the free 1-month trial period allows me to make a deci.. Read more »
Yuriy Gordyeyev
I took a long time to choose, but I finally settled on it. The customer support is superb, they respond very quickly and politely. The admin panel is user-friendly. I will see how it goes in the next month or so and then I will share my impressions.
Georgiy Orlov
Today I purchased hosting and registered a domain for my online store. The support provided by this hosting service throughout the entire process was very professional and helpful. They quickly resolved all payment-related questions and I am satisfie.. Read more »
Yaroslav Sytnyk
At first, I carefully considered whether to buy it or not. I tried it out during the trial period and I really liked everything, so I decided to purchase hosting for a whole year in advance. I am using it and I am very satisfied with it. The customer.. Read more »
Maksim Nistratov
I have been using their services for 3 months now, and in this short period of time, I have come to love this hosting provider. The support team is very active and they respond quickly. They always help, give advice, and assist with configuration. Th.. Read more »
Vasiliy Bilyk
I have recently started using this hosting service, and even though my website is still in the development stage, I have already experienced the benefits of working with this company. The interface is very user-friendly and pleasant, the prices are a.. Read more »
Dima Dochich
I have been with this hosting provider for over 4 years now. Their customer support is amazing :-) I am planning to migrate to their VPS soon. It will be a whole new level with exciting new experiences.
Oleksandr Snietkov
Great hosting. The website works quickly and without interruptions. Special thanks to the support team - they respond instantly and answer all questions. They always help, give advice and recommendations. The price for such a service is reasonable. I.. Read more »
The interface is quite convenient. There are plenty of promotional offers. Everything is clear and comprehensible. There are numerous answers to questions in the WIKI section. I highly recommend it.
Katerina Mikulina
We are satisfied with the hosting, it always works smoothly. The customer support is excellent and the interface is user-friendly.
Taras Dmitrovich
This hosting service is excellent. I particularly liked the speed of operation, and as a non-professional, I appreciated the fast customer support. They helped me quickly resolve everything.
Peter Karnauh
My first hosting experience was great. The support team was very helpful and guided me through the initial setup. The admin panel is user-friendly and provides all the necessary information. I will continue testing it further.
Everything is on point. But This is the coolest support I've come across. Even if something is not entirely within their competence, they still help and give advice. You understand that regardless of the tariff, you are a valuable customer and t.. Read more »
Angela Kulynych
Super hosting, I was impressed by the quick support and responsiveness to any inquiries. This hosting has everything you need to create your own website. Highly recommended!
Mari Borisovna
I chose this hosting and I have no regrets. The support provides answers to any questions around the clock. I like the hosting.
Alexandr Govdalyuk
I have been using the services of for a year now and I haven't had a single problem with their performance during this time! Their technical support is lightning-fast, and their interface and control panel are user-friendly and easy to.. Read more »
Uliana Mudryk
The hosting is superb. Thank you to the best team of this hosting service. They always provide you with a response to your inquiries and take care of you. The system of this hosting service is simple, anyone can use it, everything is straightforward .. Read more »
Kirill Sinelnik
Very good hosting. They always inform about any issues (which occur very rarely) and often have promotions, including for students. The prices are reasonable and the customer support is excellent.
Ruslana Hulianska is a reliable Ukrainian hosting provider. We offer 24/7 support and a wide range of tariff plans. As a bonus, you may even receive a free domain. We provide video tutorials, articles, and educational materials to assist you. Our support tea.. Read more »
Denis Skvortsov
Excellent hosting. Highly recommend. The technical support team always responds quickly to any questions and doesn't leave you hanging in a tough spot.
Chepurko Andrii
The support team is very fast and provides relevant and high-quality responses. The website has a friendly appearance and everything is clear. The tariffs are good. It is worth the money!
Great and reliable service. Clear even for beginners. Customer support is available 24/7 and they respond within a minute! Thank you!
Olga Bakotskaya
I have previously worked with another hosting provider. I'll be honest, I ran away from there without looking back, remembering it in a nightmare. Hostik welcomed me into their family and transferred my website for me. I have been with them for .. Read more »
Great hosting, excellent support, they will help you anytime! Fair! Unmatched by anyone. I highly recommend!
Great hosting, works smoothly without any interruptions! There have never been any issues, support is always available. It's pleasing!
Sergey Vishar
Currently, the best hosting option is HOSTIQ. The quality is much higher than the cost. The technical support is always prompt and provides clear answers to questions, helping to solve practically any problem. I highly recommend HOSTIQ as the best ch.. Read more »
Oleg Tkachenko
I have been a customer of for several years now, and I have only positive emotions about their hosting services. The prices are average in the market, but the technical support here is exceptional. The support team works flawlessly 24/7, an.. Read more »
I helped my friends create a website using and everything is satisfactory. If any questions arise, the technical support responds quickly and clearly. Thank you, everything is fine for now!
Viacheslav Polyukhin is an excellent host for any purpose! I was looking for a host for CMS WP and their technical support quickly helped me out, explaining where and how to upload, and even providing an example. I was really impressed and highly recommend thes.. Read more »
Vladislav Avrahov
Great company, employees are efficient and always available to help with any issues around the clock. Thank you for the collaboration!
Eugene Orlov
I highly recommend this hosting service because of their excellent support. The team is very professional and always ready to assist and help with any issues. Additionally, this hosting is perfect for WordPress websites and the prices are reasonable... Read more »
Anton Semenihin
Thank you so much to the hosting service for their work and support, I have never seen anything better! The design is user-friendly, and the 24/7 support is fantastic.
I have been using hosting for several years now and I am satisfied with almost everything. The cost is low, the website is always accessible, and they notify me about everything via email. Since I am not a programmer and I manage my own web.. Read more »
Orest Lungu
Stability, that's what I needed. I haven't had any issues in the 3 months of usage. The support team responds quickly. I highly recommend it.
Soso Janiashvili
I have been using hosting from for almost a year. The technical support always helps when there are difficulties in work. The service is very cool, and the prices are good too. Thank you very much, I will choose you in the future.
Aleksey Tkach
I liked it, friends recommended it. The tech support helped to connect the domain to the website and assisted in dealing with the difficulties of the process.
Eduard Glushko
I have been using hosting from for the past three years. I am particularly pleased with a few things: 1 - they conduct their technical work at night, when it does not interfere with customers; 2 - there is no intrusive advertising; 3 - most.. Read more »
Anton Butym
Great service, especially happy with the prices. Work has become much more enjoyable and faster, thanks guys!
I believe that Hostiq is the best hosting service with reasonable prices and excellent support. I highly recommend trying out their services.
Marina Masel
Based on my experience working with several Ukrainian hosting providers, I can confidently say that Hostiq is the best in every aspect. Other hosts either have more limitations on the services they offer (less disk space, for example, or something el.. Read more »
Great hosting at an reasonable price. The support team is impressive, working around the clock and willing to patiently deal with beginners like me until we succeed :). They helped me figure out how to set up my website and resolve some issues, and e.. Read more »
Igor Lyubichev
The hosting is the best in the world, with super prices and fast customer support. I highly recommend it! Give it a try, you won't regret it!
Vitaliy Kozlov
I am a beginner, so the main requirement for support is that it is top-notch here. They solve all my problems around the clock and instantly!
Marko Dvoryanyn
The best and most reliable hosting in Ukraine, with the lowest price on the market. I have been using for a year and have had no problems. Special respect to the support team!
Oleksiy Miroshnichenko
I switched to from another hosting provider, and I am extremely satisfied. It's no wonder they are number one. All the features work flawlessly! Thank you to the team.
I am a newbie and I really need technical support. With hosting, I get help at any time of the day! It's so convenient! The podcasts on popular questions are also very helpful. I appreciate your support, thank you!
Nazik Dovgopoliy
Good evening. I moved my website to hosting- and I made the right decision! It was the right choice because they have a lot of nice bonuses, the website doesn't "go down", moderators are always helpful and answer even the sil.. Read more »
Roman Tiniv
Overall, I am satisfied with my experience with this internet provider. The customer support is incredibly responsive and they immediately help me with any issues I'm facing. They also offer competitive prices for hosting and domains. If you.. Read more »
Mikola Demedyuk
I have been using this hosting for over 2 years. It meets all my needs - price, support response, and transparency. During this period, there have been only a few complaints about the pricing plans, but these issues were quickly resolved. The support.. Read more »
Vladimir Yaremchak
This is my first experience with hosting services. I decided to start my own small business, and in the modern world, it has become common for a store without its own website to be viewed with suspicion by potential customers. My impressions are only.. Read more »
Sergey Anatoliebih
I am satisfied with the hosting service, it is excellent and convenient for the price. It supports the functioning of my website efficiently. I also want to mention the wonderful control panel where many tasks are automated. Furthermore, I would like.. Read more »
Kateryna Krupa
I am very satisfied with everything. The technical support is excellent, they solve any issue at any time of the day. The prices are affordable, and I was particularly pleased with the trial period. During this time, you can understand which package .. Read more »
Oleh Petriv
I have been using hosting for 3 years already. I have no complaints, it works smoothly. I receive quick responses from the chat manager for any question. It is also convenient that besides hosting and domain, you can connect many other services.
Olya Kurchenko
I'm not a big expert on hosting, but I have no complaints about the work of Hostiq) I particularly want to mention their excellent customer support!
Denis Yakovlev
with such an incompetent registrar who registered two domains under their own name. One of them cannot be connected to my server. The duration of the second domain cannot be shortened because I mistakenly took it for two years. So now I have to trans.. Read more »
Serhii Tankevych
The hosting is excellent! I have had no complaints in two years. The website loads perfectly and is always accessible. They always notify about server maintenance and so on. The support is simply superb, they don't force expensive plans and pati.. Read more »
The hosting service is really cool, everything works great. If you have a WordPress website, I highly recommend it! It's perfect.
Ruslan Martinenko
The customer support at is really awesome, available 24/7. The team helps with even the questions that don't directly concern them. For beginners like me, this is very important. The service is a perfect 10 out of 10 in terms of price .. Read more »
Hello! I want to leave a review about the hosting provider It is the best company for me. I have tried many hosting providers, but is the best! They have responsive and genuinely helpful support, uninterrupted servers, high-quali.. Read more »
Oleksii Fursov
Everything is great, both the support service and the hosting itself. Possibly the best hosting in this price range. However, one downside is the limited number of connections to the FTP server. If there are too many connections to FTP within a minut.. Read more »
Anna Shevelyova
I have been using the services of HOSTIQ for four years now, so I have the opportunity to evaluate them over time. Unlike my previous web hosts, HOSTIQ's service quality improves each year. They provide excellent software for stable and fast web.. Read more »
Sergey Marenich
I have two hosting plans and a dedicated server with my host, and I am very satisfied with the performance of the servers. They always provide advance notice of any server maintenance or updates. The domain prices are the cheapest I've found. Hi.. Read more »
Evgeniy Matusevich
Very fast hosting. The support team was very helpful with my questions, as I'm still not very knowledgeable about everything. I particularly enjoyed the website management (cPanel) !!! Overall, I highly recommend it.
Boris Avdeev
The hosting is excellent, I have been using it for about a year. Many other hosting providers were recommended to me, but I chose HOSTiQ and I have no regrets.
Yura Lisoviy
The hosting is great, the technical support is excellent, and the domains are affordable. I have been working with them for 2 years and everything is perfect.
Sergey Chernyavskiy
For the first time, I have never created a website before and I had no idea how to do it. I chose HOSTiQ and got a trial month, so I ended up paying for one month and using it for two, which was a pleasant surprise. The support team was amazing, alwa.. Read more »
Maksim Kravchenko
This hosting is perfectly suitable for a standard website. It offers a selection of PHP versions, which is rarely found in shared hosting. The support is satisfactory, they respond quickly and effectively. Overall, everything works smoothly without a.. Read more »
Maksim Zolochevskiy
I ordered hosting for an online store and chose a virtual SSD with the most expensive plan. They do not deceive with server speed, everything is great. The support is top-notch.
Vikto'r Kupriyanchik
Stable and fast hosting for an online store. Prompt support and reasonable prices. I have been using it for over 3 years and am completely satisfied. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't made a decision yet or is experiencing difficulties with ot.. Read more »
Igor Taykach
I am a newbie! I have been using excellent technical support since 11.2019, they respond within a few minutes! Everything is clear and understandable. I highly recommend it.
Hamzat Bugaev
Great hosting, been using it for almost half a year and haven't encountered any issues so far. Huge respect to the customer support!
Sviatoslav Pinchuck
Good hosting Very high-quality support that helps with everything from WordPress installation to explaining SEO basics. Reliable uptime. I have already purchased my third domain from them. As for the downsides, I would only mention the prices for dom.. Read more »
Dmitro Lisayev
We have been using this hosting service for a year now. We haven't had any problems, the prices are reasonable, and the support team is quick to respond when needed. Everyone is satisfied. It is very convenient to manage files and backup thanks .. Read more »
Lyubomir Alekseev
I have been using it for a long time. High-quality hosting. Convenient CPanel. Lightning-fast support. Everything is great. Thank you for being there.
Oleksiy Dovganich
Very simple and intuitive interface. I made several websites practically from scratch with no special knowledge. The customer support is excellent. I highly recommend it. Good prices and a bunch of bonuses.
Anton Levandovskiy
I work in internet marketing and this is the second website I've registered on this hosting service. I have never seen customer support and bots work so quickly. Even for an inexperienced person, creating a website will not be a problem because .. Read more »
Dmitriy Tkachenko
Great company, low price, good quality of service, huge selection, user-friendly control panel - as a beginner, I figured it out in just 5 minutes. The guys are responsive and I really enjoyed my experience here. I highly recommend it to my friends.
Oleg Levtsenyuk
This is not the first website on this hosting. The support works quickly and helps to solve many problems. They always accommodate the client. The price is pleasant.
I highly recommend it. Good hosting with excellent service that responds quickly. The price is affordable and lower than competitors.
Great hosting. I've been using an old Ukrainian hosting for about 5 years and hadn't even thought about ordering a new one, but the speed and prices made me look for better solutions. Based on reviews, I found this hosting company, visited.. Read more »
Dmitriy Polyakov
The hosting is not bad!! I'm still a beginner but everything is satisfactory! The technical support is really great, the guys are awesome!!!! The prices are reasonable, quite affordable for everyone!! So go ahead and use it, people, I highly rec.. Read more »
Andrii Pavlovskyi
I recommend this hosting because these guys have the most supportive customer service, they often help to resolve various website issues, from viruses to site migration to another domain. The prices are very reasonable. The speed is also superb.
Dima Mukhin
Great service, I've been using it not for the first time. I especially want to highlight their customer support - they always provide assistance.
Excellent hosting, the technical support is just top-notch! They will help you quickly resolve any issue, and I mean quickly, unlike other hosting providers where support takes half an hour to respond - that really impressed me when I switched to thi.. Read more »
Andrey Koba
The technical support team was very prompt in helping me issue and activate an SSL certificate, as well as assisting me in changing the domain name and setting up redirects. If I had tried to do it myself, it would have taken me a week and I probably.. Read more »
Probably the best hosting I have ever come across. The support team is extremely patient and always willing to help, even with the silliest questions, at any time of the day or night. The prices for all services (SSL, domain, hosting) are quite low. .. Read more »
Nikolay Desyatkin
I added the second website here. The support is great. They helped me set it up, there were some issues, as I uploaded it from my local server, but they provided assistance in configuring it. It works quickly.
Vadim Semenets
A year ago, I registered a domain name through For less than 20 USD, I received excellent round-the-clock support (with responses within 15 minutes) and low prices for domain name renewal. I highly recommend them to everyone!
In my opinion, this hosting service is excellent. The prices are attractive and the service for this price is outstanding. Just take a look: hosting costs about $20 per year and it includes two domains, 10GB of SSD storage, and fast request processin.. Read more »
I'm really happy with the excellent hosting service, especially the technical support! Hostic has been reliable and impressive so far.
The hosting is excellent! The technical support team is very responsive and always offered various solutions to any request for help, even on issues that are not within their scope, such as website optimization. I will continue to use and recommend H.. Read more »
Denis Boyko
The hosting is really cool, with low prices, reliable online support, and a convenient service. The website has a user-friendly control panel where many aspects are automated. I would like to highlight the high level of default security protection. I.. Read more »
Vladislav Timoschuk
Good hosting. Good price. Support is always available. Promotions and discounts on services. And I really liked that there is a 1-month trial period. Great choice, give it a try, you won't regret it!
I have been using this hosting for over 2 years. The websites of my clients are working perfectly, with no delays from the hosting side. There was a minor technical issue on the website, but the support team quickly helped to resolve it. I highly rec.. Read more »
Vitaliy Golovko
Great hosting! The website runs smoothly without any interruptions, the customer support is available day and night, they provide fast and professional assistance. The prices for their services are reasonable, and they always have promotions and disc.. Read more »
Yaroslav Kravets
I am grateful to for providing the opportunity to purchase a domain at a discount, as well as offering 24/7 support and always being available. I am very satisfied with the hosting service.
Roman Smolikov
I am very satisfied with the hosting service. The support team always operates at the highest level. The company regularly provides bonuses and gifts. We have been hosting 4 active websites with them for over 5 years. I highly recommend it. Excellent.. Read more »
Everything works! Great support, available in the morning, at night, and during the day! Prices are lower than competitors! Funny cat! The website has been around for several years, and today I am connecting two more.
Kostyantin Lyasch
Everything was registered quickly, plus a free domain for 1 year. The process was fast and easy. I'm satisfied with this.
Vladimir Tararyev
I have been using this excellent hosting provider for about two years and I really like it. They have a fair pricing policy for hosting and domains and their support is top-notch. They are always there to help me, no matter the time of day. What'.. Read more »
Denis Myasnikov
The price is slightly higher than that of the majority, but it is compensated by the quality of the product: the website's speed, quick customer support response, and server reliability.
Shahlar Dzhafarov
Hello! To be honest, I enjoyed working with HOSTiQ because they have good prices, various promotions, and most importantly, a trial period! And if someone wants to try this industry for themselves, there is a wonderful opportunity to do it absolutely.. Read more »
Dmitriy Chausov
Excellent hosting provider and domain registrar. They have promotions on popular domains. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Vita Timoschuk
Hostiq is quite user-friendly. It provides detailed instructions on how to utilize this server to its full potential.
The domain conditions are really cool. I switched two years ago and regret not doing it sooner. I highly recommend it!
Maksim Kovalevich
HostIQ is an excellent service that we have been using for several years now. I highly recommend it to friends and acquaintances! The support is top-notch.
I transferred my domain to them. The price turned out to be significantly lower than with the previous registrar. Additionally, the tech support was very responsive and helped me with all the questions that arose quickly.
Andrey Moskalenko
The tech support is responsive, the website has been launched a while ago and it runs smoothly without any delays, loading the pages quickly. I highly recommend this hosting service to everyone.
Evgeniy Yaroschuk
Great support, they respond promptly and address questions effectively. They helped me install an SSL certificate and transfer my domain from another provider. I haven't had any issues in a year, highly recommend!
Ivan Avramenko
I needed to register a domain and get some advice. The operators on the website explained all the intricacies of my question in a clear and understandable way to me, as someone who is not an expert. I am satisfied with the communication and decided t.. Read more »
Illya Ivanov
I was recommended this excellent hosting by a colleague and I am very satisfied with it, especially the technical support, which impressed me.
Artem Rybchenko
I switched to this hosting provider a few years ago. I am satisfied with everything, especially the support, which works very quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend it!
Fast hosting with a fairly large disk even in the "light" tariff plan. When purchasing hosting and registering a domain, I received a great discount, about 40% off. I have been using it for over 2 months now and my website has never been of.. Read more »
Arina Simonian
The support is really great. They respond instantly and provide high-quality assistance. I am very satisfied with this hosting. I highly recommend it!
Vitaliy Trofimenko
Everything works absolutely great! The website opens quickly, there is plenty of storage space, and file uploads to/from the server are very fast. I had a question about connecting to the website builder, and the support team provided clear assistanc.. Read more »
Andrey Radetskiy
Everything is fine. Technical support works efficiently. They provide clear and understandable answers. It's a great company.
Vitaliy Shkira
Great affordable hosting. I've been using it for a year. Everything is satisfactory. The customer support is excellent. I recommend it to beginners and professionals.
Dima Gordienko
I have been using this hosting for about five years now. I am very satisfied with it and have no plans to switch to another provider.
Vadym Onyshko
Great hosting! The customer support is simply superb, I have never seen anyone more responsive anywhere else! They even help with issues that are beyond their expertise.
Tatyana Naumenko
I had the best experience communicating with the Hostika team! The price is excellent, and there is an opportunity to earn money through partnerships or participating in promotions. It's great that when there are funds in the account, the paymen.. Read more »
Yuliya Romanyuk
I am satisfied with using this hosting service and the prices are reasonable. I have not had any problems with the hosting. I like it, everything is good.
Alexandr Kotov
I have been using this excellent hosting service for the past four years. They have servers in the USA, which is important if your website targets international audience. The prices are more than reasonable and the support team responds promptly.
Vitaly Repeta
I was looking for a hosting service that would meet specific requirements - high speed, large disk space, and affordable price for an online library for visually impaired people. Hostiq was a perfect fit. It has a good, modern c-panel and website opt.. Read more »
Ruslan Sotnikov
I have been thinking about having my own website for a long time. Since 2007, I have been involved in Forex trading, so I wanted to dedicate the website to the topic of making money in financial markets. But I was constantly held back by the fact tha.. Read more »
Very good hosting: 1) Stable 2) Reliable 3) Excellent technical support 4) Great consultants in the online chat 5) Affordable prices and tariffs Personally, after many years of using hosting services, I have settled on hostiq and have no regrets. I h.. Read more »
Sergey Solopenko is highly recommended to everyone for its user-friendly control panel, affordable hosting plans, and excellent round-the-clock customer support! Their hosting servers are extremely responsive and the support team is always quick to address .. Read more »
Regarding the price - the question is a bit unfair. Honestly, I would prefer to receive services for free :). As for the price-quality ratio - yes, it is excellent. I might repeat myself, but the strongest aspect is the technical support. I have prev.. Read more »
I have been using hosting for over three years and I have multiple domains and two hosting services. I must say, their chat support is very responsive and helpful, even if you write them at 3:00 in the morning. They always act quickly and efficientl.. Read more »
Hossein Fakhr
I highly recommend Hostiq as an excellent hosting provider. It offers convenience, great support, and assistance with any issues you may encounter.
Igor Karnov
During my time using this hosting service, I have only had positive experiences. The support staff has always been polite and helpful, and the prices are very reasonable, even lower than those of their competitors. So far, everything is excellent.
Vladimir Marchenko
The hosting is wonderful. I have been working with websites and various hosting providers for over 5 years, but HostIQ is the best hosting provider in my opinion. I also want to mention their support, they respond quickly and if a client is unable to.. Read more »
Nina Chyhrina
The hosting impressed us with its affordable price and high speed. This is important for us as we use it for a non-profit organization's website. The interface is user-friendly, even for those who are not tech-savvy. The customer support is alwa.. Read more »
Tanyushka Nalivayko
I have been working with hosting providers for many years and I know how difficult it is to achieve perfect performance. A couple of months ago, I came across your service and I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing that caught my attention was t.. Read more »
Igor Bezchasnuk
I chose and we are working steadily with qualified technical support. I highly recommend them!!!
Natali Surgova
Great hosting! Good quality at affordable prices) Perfect for starting a small project. The technical support is top-notch!)
Taras Boshko
The technical support is just out of this world! They respond at the speed of light, I am completely clueless about this topic, but the operator girl explained everything in detail and made me a satisfied customer! Special thanks to Sergey for swiftl.. Read more »
Andrey Sergienko
I highly recommend it! An excellent platform for hosting your web project. The technical support works lightning fast and can take care of tasks on your behalf upon request! There is a wide selection of pricing plans to accommodate any scale. They al.. Read more »
Belousov Pavel
Hostiq is an excellent hosting service - convenient and with great support that helps with everything.
A great hosting company for website hosting! Highly recommended to everyone!! Very satisfied! Quickly set everything up! Excellent customer support!! I tried another hosting company was just okay (((!! This company is the best!
The website was quickly transferred from another hosting provider. The support is excellent and the prices are reasonable. They gave us a 30-day test period. So far, everything is pleasing.
Andriy Savchuk
Great website. They gave me the opportunity to test their hosting for free for 30 days. After testing, I had no doubts. It has excellent features. They also have many promotions and discounts. I highly recommend it!
Akim Kerimov
Great tech support. They help at any moment, with responses coming within 5-10 seconds, and they assist with any questions. Additionally, the prices for domains and their renewal are pleasing. Thank you.
The hosting works perfectly fine. I will continue working with it. I am satisfied with everything and appreciate the way they treat me.
I have been using this hosting for a year. It is fast and reliable. It is very convenient for websites that are developed using CMS. The prices are great for the superb service provided. The technical support is very helpful if you can't figure .. Read more »
I was charged for renewing a domain that I had no intention of renewing. The customer support refused to refund the money, claiming that they had warned me and sent emails to my mailbox. In my opinion, this is not a valid argument. They said they cou.. Read more »
Roman Novikov
I only use this hosting service. I am pleased that the technical support works great, I always receive a quick response to any question, even late at night! Since I am a beginner in working with hosting, this is very important to me. I bought a domai.. Read more »
Mitya Pavlus
Best hosting! I have been using it for 2 years already. I am satisfied with everything. The customer support service is especially pleasing. The guys never abandon their clients! Fast, reliable, and affordable :)
I have been using a great hosting service called for a relatively short period of time, but so far I am satisfied with everything. The technical support is fast and responsive, and they helped me with issues on multiple websites when I tran.. Read more »
Oksana Chornovil
Great hosting! I've been using it for over 2 years and haven't had a single drawback during this time. The support is superb! Everything gets resolved quickly by real specialists! I used to be hosted on other platforms, so I have something.. Read more »
Roman Chyhyr
I was looking for hosting for Prestashop. I decided to try it out for 30 days, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quick response and assistance from the technical support team during the trial period. If I needed to enable or change something, the.. Read more »
Yulya Bondar
Fast and reliable hosting with quick support and informative educational materials. Highly recommended!
Excellent hosting. The staff solves everything))). The technical support is superb. They compensate for every downtime of the hosting with a bonus)).
Aleksandr Pavlyuk
Tech support is simply divine. It's worth using it just for that.
Sasha Radchenko
Great hosting, fast technical support, they always provide guidance and help to solve any question or issue. In a nutshell, I highly recommend them!
I can currently only write about support, as the website is still closed for reconstruction. But nevertheless, my opinion about Hostik has already formed, and it is nothing but positive. 1. Lightning-fast and professional support. Their support is t.. Read more »
I used other website builders to create landing pages, but they were more expensive and had limited domain options. Hostiq gave me a free month of usage, unlike other builders that only offered a maximum of 14 days.
Evgeniy Parhomenko
Excellent support, everything is satisfactory - highly recommended.
Svetlana Moskalenko
Great hosting, user-friendly website interface, attractive prices. It's a wonderful platform for beginners who are trying their hand at website hosting and setting up their first website on a hosting service. The experienced technical support is.. Read more »
Roman Anschuk
I have been using Hostic's services for a long time. I've had experience with other hosting companies. I can say that Hostic is reliable! The admin interface is intuitive, there is instant online support, no issues with website access, rich.. Read more »
Cyril Zotov
I switched to hostiq from another service provider. I spent a long time choosing between hostiq, ukraine, and hostinger. My main concern was speed. My WordPress site and GTmetrix insisted that I needed to reduce server response time. So, I asked expe.. Read more »
Nata Goncharenko
When I needed to choose a hosting provider, I did a search. The first two or three websites of the providers were written in a "gibberish" style. Some of the words were unclear to me, a non-expert. The fourth website was - it had .. Read more »
A pretty decent registrar and hosting provider. There are a few minor flaws, but they are mainly due to the differences in interface compared to my other registrar. It has been noticed that the WordPress site runs slightly slower on Hostik, but I.. Read more »
Aleksandra Gritsaenko
I have been using this hosting service for about a year and a half now, and I can confidently say that it is the best and I don't want to look for anything else! All the questions are resolved lightning fast by the support team, the prices are r.. Read more »
Maks Voloshin
I have been collaborating with HOSTiQ for several years now and I am happy with my choice. They offer affordable prices and their technical support team responds quickly and effectively to any inquiries.
I must note that the support works very well! They helped with setting up the certificates and respond promptly. Thank you and I wish you success in your endeavors!
Yura Sirak
I just bought a domain, but before that I purchased a domain and hosting from you, everything is awesome. Your customer support is truly legendary))))
Tatyana Petrichenko
I have been a regular user for two months now. I did not use the trial period as the prices for the domain and hosting were affordable, and I took advantage of some great discounts when signing up :) I also got an SSL certificate at a discounted pric.. Read more »
Aleksandr Menshikov
Friends, if you need a high-quality, reliable, stable, secure, fast, and affordable hosting, trust me! I recommend what I have been using for the past 4 years!
Pavel Shkura
I highly recommend using this reliable hosting service. Throughout my usage, I have never encountered any issues with my website.
Yaroslav Mishchenko
I am quite satisfied with the hosting - it is reliable, high-quality, and secure. The interface and personal account are user-friendly. There are attractive promotions available, such as SSL certificates, domain names, and more. The prices are afford.. Read more »
Ilya Strogonov
Great technical support. Also, the prices for domain names and their renewal are pleasing. Thank you.
Lusia Kostuchenko
I have always believed that the most important thing on a website is quality support. At, the support is top-notch! They always respond quickly and clearly. Even the most inexperienced user can understand.
Andrey Polyakov
I have been using this hosting for three years and I am extremely satisfied with their services. Their support team has always been prompt and helpful, which has been a lifesaver in certain situations. I highly recommend them!
Wadim Poskonnow
I highly recommend the most reliable, high-quality, and reliable hosting service, with fast and knowledgeable technical support.
Igor Ignatenko
I am satisfied with the hosting. I have been using it for a little over a year. Currently, I have only one website hosted here. I am particularly pleased with the support. They are always available and provide qualified answers that are understandabl.. Read more »
Hello there! I have been using hosting for a month now and I have only had positive experiences. The registration of the domain name and hosting was very quick. The technical support is excellent, and all my questions were resolved promptly in the on.. Read more »
Miron Yatskevich
In principle, everything could be satisfactory. However, after registration, it turned out that in order to activate the trial period, more specific personal information needed to be provided. Then, there was a need to contact support regarding the r.. Read more »
Vadim Chernenko
I have been with for the second year now. Their support team is excellent and always helps me resolve my issues. There are occasional disruptions, but they are very rare, and if there are any, the guys provide a monetary compensation, which.. Read more »
Aleksandr Belokon
I was pleasantly surprised by the price of the .bz domain (1.5-2 times cheaper than others) and the prompt support service. Thank you!
Andrey Karpov
We have been using this hosting for quite a long time. Currently, we are planning to register a new website and we intend to come back here. Additionally, the website has excellent technical support. I never thought it was possible to respond so quic.. Read more »
Our first hosting. We have been working with these guys since 2017. No issues or complaints at all. Everything runs smoothly.
Andrey Lihachev
Great hosting! I've been using it for a while now and I love everything about it. The support is fantastic. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Vova Lysyuchenko
Very reliable and fast hosting. The customer support is always top-notch, friendly, and patient (special thanks for that). The website navigation is convenient and there are plenty of promotions and bonuses. I have tried many hosting services, but af.. Read more »
Andrew Eysmond
Hello everyone. I have been using hosting for 2 years now. During these two years, I have reached out to their customer support for various reasons. Every time, I received prompt and informative assistance. I highly recommend Hostiq to all .. Read more »
Aleksey Osipov
The service is excellent, with low prices for the services and instant and clear responses from the customer support team. I am very satisfied with such a reliable service.
Andrei Milwood
Hello to all webmasters! I have been working with Hostic for three years now. Everything is going smoothly. There was one unpleasant moment during this period, but it was resolved very quickly. And it didn't really affect the website's perf.. Read more »
Alex Smile
I have been using this hosting for two years now and I am overall very satisfied :) The support team is also very friendly. I would rate it 5/5 and definitely recommend it.
Sergey Orzhekhovskij
Good day. I would like to share my positive impressions of working with Hostiq. We have been hosting our websites with them for over 3 years and we recommend them to all our acquaintances and business partners. We also purchase new domains from Hosti.. Read more »
Vladislav Meruz
After working with Hostik for many years, I want to say the following: I have never had to contact support regarding a website that wasn't working or any other issues! Even when I contacted them for other questions, I always received prompt and .. Read more »
Alex Balatskyi
I am satisfied with the services. The technical support is reasonable, the prices are normal, and the reliability is on point!
Andrey Ganzyuk
Great service. Perfect for my needs. Neither Vicks nor any others were able to offer something like this. I wanted to create a small online store and try launching Google Shopping. Everything worked out. I highly recommend it.
HostIQ is an excellent hosting provider. I am satisfied with the speed of WordPress and the performance of the free Opcache+Light Speed Cache module. They offer a variety of plans and numerous promotions and affiliate programs. I also really like tha.. Read more »
Nikolay Gurskiy
I have been using hosting for three years now. What can I say? It's not perfect, of course, but it has many advantages. Let's go through the points: Price, the price in terms of cost-functionality ratio, I haven't found any.. Read more »
Great hosting, affordable prices, lightning-fast 24/7 support, comprehensive plans that include everything you need (without the need to purchase services individually), and stability! Highly recommend!
Denis Sevruk
Great hosting. I am currently building an online store on this hosting and so far everything is satisfactory! The support team responds quickly. I took a 30-day trial period. I will definitely continue working here!!!
Bogdan Vladimirovich
Everything is great, the technical support is top-notch, no problems have arisen yet.
Sasha Sergienko
Very convenient hosting. It is easy to understand even for beginners. I liked the speed of technical support, they respond immediately. They are polite and solve issues of various complexities. The prices and promotions are pleasing.
I've just started using hosting services and I must say it's been great. The support team responds instantly, even during the night. I highly recommend it.
Andriy Siruk
I registered a domain with them. The technical support was impressive - fast and helpful. However, it was disappointing that there were no discounts available for domains.
Ekaterina Gritsakova
I have been using HOSTiQ for over a year now and we are all satisfied. The quality of service and consultation is top-notch. I highly recommend it to everyone!
Nina Pyhtina
Hello! I want to share my experience with I am absolutely thrilled with this hosting service. As a web designer, I have worked with many hosting providers, but none of them have surpassed this one. Here's why I choose year .. Read more »
Yuriy Pilyuk
I really liked the hosting. The consultants are always at their best. I contacted the support service around 2 am and they responded quickly. I accidentally broke my website, but they fixed everything in just 5 minutes. I will renew my package. Highl.. Read more »
Roman Ohrimenko
The best hosting I've had in my 3 years of website development! I transferred all my clients' websites here. The price completely justifies the quality, which is quite rare these days. Excellent support, they respond quickly and on topic at.. Read more »
Vladimir Bureyko
I have been using this hosting service for a couple of years. I am satisfied with everything - the price, the website performance, and the customer support. The payment system is also convenient.
Alexey Zagnitko
This is my first experience in hosting. I have built websites using different constructors, but HOSTIQ offers the best deals and the best balance of price, service, and quality. They quickly respond to any issues that may arise. I think I will transf.. Read more »
Yuriy Rudenko
This hosting service is absolutely fantastic - it's fast, the support is excellent. Everything is just super! I highly recommend it!
Ruslan Dukh
The customer support service is the best I have ever come across. The organization, speed of responses, and professionalism are top-notch.
Sergey Golubitskiy
I am very satisfied with the hosting, especially the fact that the hosting team always provides timely consultations on any issue. I used to be on Ucoz and it was very problematic to find out anything there.
Andrey Yakimenko
My website has been hosted with them for the past two years, and I have had no issues whatsoever. Everything is working perfectly. I am particularly impressed with their support team, who provided great assistance when I was initially migrating my we.. Read more »
Andrey Dorosh
I spent a long time choosing a hosting provider for my website! But the first option was hostiq. Reasonable and acceptable price, reliability that leaves no doubts, and access speed that is satisfactory. The customer support is also very pleasing, al.. Read more »
Dmitriy Koblitskiy
The hosting is excellent. The quality of technical support deserves a 10+ rating.
Elena Trotsenko
Great hosting, excellent technical support, and pleasant prices. Highly recommended.
Dmitriy Lis
I have found the best Ukrainian hosting, nothing more pleasant.
Anna Krasnyuk
A good hosting service that is user-friendly, packed with useful information and offers excellent technical support. It is the best choice for beginners!
Dmitriy Kirov
Hello! The hosting is completely satisfactory, the online support is top-notch, they always help to figure out any difficulties.
Albert Kildarovich
Great hosting service. Fast and stable performance. Especially the plan specifically designed for WordPress works like a charm - page loading is instantaneous, what more could you ask for?! Highly recommended!
Viktor Markiv
Hosting is ranked first, so I chose it. And I was not mistaken! The support is very good! I checked it all night, communicated with support because it's my first time and I wouldn't have been able to do anything without their help! The guys.. Read more »
Stanislav Deina
The technical support is top-notch. They handle everything themselves, back up data, provide assistance, and are patient and polite, among other things. The prices are reasonable, and they warn about possible issues, but in reality, the website is 99.. Read more »
Yaroslav Petchenko
Firstly, the services have an excellent price, cheaper than competitors. Secondly, the technical support is outstanding. They quickly and efficiently explained everything and helped solve technical issues. I highly recommend them.
Vanya Fedotov
The hosting is decent, but it has a few drawbacks. For example, it's not possible to create a comprehensive online store like Rozetka, but it would be perfect for a small company ;)
Hanna Zakhariievych
Great hosting! The support team always responds quickly and provides clear explanations and assistance. They also have excellent communication with the accounting department, taking into account all requests and preferences when preparing documents. .. Read more »
Yurii Pidhirnyi
Before choosing a hosting, I read many reviews online. I chose HOSTiQ. It's great that they offer a 30-day free trial period, during which my choice was confirmed. The price of the hosting was also one of the reasons why I chose HOSTiQ. There is.. Read more »
Alexandr Svistakov
I am satisfied with the quality of the service, I haven't had a single problem in the past year. The technical support is responsive and efficient. I highly recommend it to everyone!
Artem Kovalev
Great hosting for any task. I have registered three websites with domains over the course of two years. The timely technical support and wide range of payment options are pleasing. There have been no hosting failures in two years. There is also the o.. Read more »
Sergey Utenko
I switched to hostiq over 2 years ago. Compared to my previous hosting, I only have positive emotions. The support team is responsive, and the server performs stably (I chose a data center in the Netherlands). They always notify me in advance about a.. Read more »
Igor Melnik
I must say, I am a newcomer to website building. Honestly, I have been considering it for a while but couldn't make up my mind and take concrete steps. However, living without a website is no longer interesting to me. And so, for the past 10 day.. Read more »
Irina Kravchenko
Great platform for websites, plenty of options for project implementation, excellent customer support - always there for the clients, very democratic prices. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a stable website online!
Evgeniy Otstavnov
In my personal opinion, Hostiq is one of the best hosting providers. I have been hosting my websites with them for over two years now and everything has been going smoothly. I want to give a special thanks to their support team. I don't reach ou.. Read more »
Maksim Parfenov
Great hosting! I was especially impressed by the speed and support, they respond instantly! I highly recommend it :)
Mike Yurchenko
Great hosting! Polite staff, always professional assistance. Good luck and prosperity to your business. Happy New Year!
Aleksey Dubov
Great hosting, fast customer support, they respond to everything and solve problems. I haven't found any downsides so far.
Dmitry Doroshenko is an amazing hosting service! I am delighted that there is a 30-day trial period and very responsive customer support. Although I am a beginner, I hope to stay with them for a long time, or even forever. The prices are very reasonable, whi.. Read more »
Great, high-quality, stable hosting, affordable prices, fast and reliable online support. Highly recommended!
Maryana Zakharchuk
The hosting is simply amazing! We have been using it for almost a year now and everything is at the highest level. The website is always in working condition and doesn't crash (or we just don't notice it :)) We plan to continue our cooperat.. Read more »
Roman Tyniv
I am extremely enthusiastic about building my first websites on WordPress, especially with the assistance of Upon purchasing their hosting service, I immediately realized that I made the correct decision as it was reasonably priced. I exte.. Read more »
Artem Kovalev
Great hosting provider. I am satisfied with the services and the speedy support. I am planning to order my third domain with them as I am very pleased with their pricing policy, especially with the discounts for annual payment - over 15%. My websites.. Read more »
Vadim Oberemko
I have been using this hosting for about a month now and so far, everything is satisfactory. I plan to renew it for a year as it is much more cost-effective. The support is top-notch, much respect.
Dmitriy Bulanov
I switched to this hosting service from another one because of its affordable prices, excellent hosting quality, and extremely fast and reliable online customer support. You don't have to wait long as they promptly assist you and explain everyth.. Read more »
Alex Dubovyk
Great service! They essentially did the work of a programmer, cleaned up my website, and removed the links that were hindering its proper functioning! I am satisfied with this company!!
Great service! I always reach out to them either through writing or calling, and they provide helpful advice. The prices are good, and I am currently satisfied. I will continue to use their services.
Arsham Aleksanyan
Great website, everything is amazing and done at the highest level.
Daniel Kolomoets
I have been using a domain and hosting from hostiq for several years now, and I am completely satisfied with everything. The support is excellent, they always respond promptly and clearly to my questions and help solve any issues. Overall, I can easi.. Read more »
Anton Oreshin
It has been 4 years since I transferred my first domain to hosting, and I am completely satisfied with the tariff I am using. I started with a trial and then switched to the cheapest one as I wasn't sure about this hosting service. How.. Read more »
Maxim Surmenev
I have been using services for three years now and I am very satisfied. It is an excellent hosting service with exceptional technical support and friendly staff. I have never encountered any issues during this time. I highly recommend this .. Read more »
Dmitriy Onatskiy
I have been using the services of this company for over 2 years now. They offer affordable prices, prompt technical support, and excellent server quality.
Irina Akimova
We have been using the services of for over 2 years and we are completely satisfied. They offer excellent conditions, work without interruptions, and their support team is always responsive. We highly recommend them to everyone!
Dastan Kantore
I highly recommend everyone to give it a try... You won't regret it!
Aleksey Pischugin
Good hosting, unlike, has constant online support, quick data updates, and a more user-friendly interface.
We have been using for six months now. $5.95 per month, in my opinion, is quite good. And if you pay for six months or a year at once, they give good discounts. Such savings are pleasing. Always prompt, convenient control panel. The first m.. Read more »
Andrey Karpov
Collaboration with the hosting provider has been, and we hope it will continue to be, very productive. Despite all the positive reviews, this is truly the truth. They offer excellent services at a modest price. The website's speed is o.. Read more »
Tatyana Betsan
Great hosting! I want to highlight the technical support: they were very patient with me, as I am a beginner and had a lot of questions. They even respond promptly at 12 AM. I'm happy and recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances if possi.. Read more »
Artem Tsurkan
We have been using it for 2 years already, the hosting service keeps improving, and currently, with LiteSpeed caching, it works really fast!
I have been using this reliable hosting service at a good price for 2 years. The support team promptly resolves all issues. So, I highly recommend it.
Yuriy Samarets
I am very satisfied with the company's overall work. They have fast servers and reasonable prices, and their technical support is excellent. I have been hosting my website with them for over two years and have no complaints. When my website need.. Read more »
Igor Kolenkin
I have been working with this hosting service for quite some time now, and I am really satisfied with everything. Even after the payment period is over, the website can continue to function smoothly for a couple of days without disrupting its operati.. Read more »
Andrey Smirnov
Excellent hosting. I've been with them for 2.5 years already. Throughout this time, the only issue I had was when the website was down for a couple of days at night, and that's it! The support team even helped me configure the website on a .. Read more »
Dmitro Pelehatiy
It was my first experience using hosting. One of the reasons I chose and paid for fast customer support was very appealing to me. However, I had thoughts that they might just lure in customers and then make them wait for hours for a response. But the.. Read more »
Amiran Gigauri
The top hosting service
Artem Baglay
Good hosting. Great technical support. Even if the payment is delayed, they are accommodating. Very satisfied.
The hosting service is excellent, and the support team is very helpful. I appreciate the compensation for any downtime.
Marichka Gyk
I have been using this hosting service for 3 months now. So far, everything is great and I'm satisfied with it. Special thanks to the support team who are always there to help, day and night.
Evgeniy Yuschenko
They have helped me multiple times with setup. Overall, I am satisfied with the hosting service. Everything is straightforward and easy to understand.
Konstantin Komissarov
Great hosting! I use their domain delegation services and purchase domains. They work very quickly and are always friendly towards the customer. I'm considering moving a couple of websites to their platform. The free trial period and servers loc.. Read more »
Viola Litvinova
I have been using Hostiq for almost a year and I am satisfied with their service. I chose Hostiq because I liked the original design of their website - I appreciate it when people speak in a human language. Their prices are competitive and they often.. Read more »
Andrey Rudomanov
Looking for reliable hosting? Choose hostiq! We offer 24/7 responsive, friendly, and polite customer support. Our services have a quality rating of +9999 out of 10, and we highly recommend them to everyone.
I haven't been working for long, I'm a complete novice, and if it weren't for the hosting support, I would probably have abandoned the idea of creating a website. The round-the-clock support, the immense patience of the staff, quick re.. Read more »
Alex Orlov
We are hosting 2 websites here and have no complaints. The support team works quickly, the guys are helpful and explain things if there are any questions.
Evgeniy Malashenko
As a newbie, I was pleasantly surprised by the support I received from Hostik! The response time to my queries was incredible! I will definitely continue delving deeper into it!
Irina Akimova
Great hosting! I'm even surprised that the rating on this website isn't 5+. The price is affordable, the conditions are loyal, the technical support is very fast, and everything works without any interruptions.
Nozim Nurillaev
The hosting is generally excellent. I like it. I switched based on a friend's recommendation. The technical support is very pleasing. It's fast. They resolved all my issues with a perfect score of 10 out of 10. I will continue using it.
Aleksandr Budlyanskiy
Great hosting. Set up and forget about issues. Sometimes when something goes wrong, I try to figure it out myself. In the end, I waste time, then contact support, and everything is resolved.
Aleksandr Pervyy
What can I say? There was a massive DDoS attack. My websites were down. Hostiq managed to handle it and honestly admitted that they were down. They even offered me a free month of service. Other hosting providers banned me. Now I will be moving to a.. Read more »
Konstantin Petrovich
Great hosting in all aspects. The customer support is especially impressive! They have servers in the Netherlands. Everything is suitable, no complaints.
Viktor Yakovlev
We had problems with Unihost before. Their support team was unresponsive. We switched to Hostiq and everything is great now. Thank you!
I am impressed by the prompt technical support. The operator's pleasant communication with the client is noteworthy! Professionalism in their work, politeness in dialogues with the client, and understanding of the current issue with its resoluti.. Read more »
In general, everything works fine here, and if there are any glitches, they provide some cool stuff.
Igor Soloha
The website is often unavailable several times a day, but the support team is always online and always tries to help resolve issues.
Evgeniy Otstavnov
Hostiq is an excellent hosting provider, I recommend it to everyone! I especially like their support team, they work quickly and professionally! Recently, one of my websites was hit by a DDoS attack (my own fault for neglecting protection), and they .. Read more »
Ivan Shkurat
I have been using this hosting service for several years now and I am extremely satisfied. The support team is fantastic and very patient.
I'm happy with this hosting because the support is just amazing. They answer even the silliest questions, which sometimes surprises me. Keep it up!
Dima Gudja
Excellent hosting!!! The support is always fast and understandable!!!
Irina Smirnova
The most convenient and user-friendly website builder and hosting. We have tried many platforms to promote our business and have come to the conclusion that HOSTIK is the most convenient and reasonably priced. The support is at the right level, and e.. Read more »
Lusia Kostuchenko is an excellent hosting provider. The price is reasonable and the support truly impresses - they respond quickly and professionally handle all inquiries.
Maxim Nestulya
The most wonderful and amazing hosting, everyone is satisfied, everything is fast and perfect.
Deny Filon is a fantastic hosting service. I was very impressed with their technical support team. The guys and girls there respond quickly to inquiries and help resolve issues. I also want to mention that their hosting prices are among the lowest.. Read more »
Maksim Besedin
High level support, highly recommended. Euro standards of communication.
Alex Lihachov
Everything is very clear and simple, especially after a month of testing. I put together a simple website in just a few hours. I mainly use it to showcase services through YouTube. I am completely satisfied, especially considering the price! And the .. Read more »
Maksym Shydlovskyi
Excellent conditions for a small price. Prompt assistance. A wide range of services.
Anton Kolesnykov
Great hosting, pricing + support make a difference.
Igor Nikitin
Fast server and excellent technical support 24/7, thank you!
Dmitriy Denisenko
I decided to create a business card website and searched through numerous hosting providers before settling on What amazed me was that they offer a sufficient amount of time to test your website. This is a great advantage for beginners who.. Read more »
Pavel Shtanko
I am satisfied with the hosting, it is an excellent and convenient service for the price, which supports the operation of my website. I would also like to mention the wonderful control panel, where many aspects are automated. Additionally, I would li.. Read more »
Vladik Kibich
Great hosting, 24/7 support even at night, and the technical support always provides answers to any questions. I am very satisfied with this host.
Alexandr Stepaniuk
One of the best hosting services I've come across during my time on the internet. I can definitely recommend it to everyone. The customer support is excellent as well.
Roma Buhtiyarov
The service is excellent. I am most grateful to the technical support team. They are prompt and knowledgeable. I would like to highlight their proactive approach!
Shasha Dibrova
We ordered a website from and hosted it on hostiq. We are promoting it through context. Everything is working smoothly, the website loads quickly, and the technical support responds immediately. We have been using it for 3 months, and.. Read more »
Konstantin Zeykin
I really enjoy working with this hosting provider. The technical support is polite and knowledgeable, and the server performance is consistently stable with good speed. I switched to HOSTiQ from another hosting provider and I am very satisfied, I hav.. Read more »
Yaroslav Varfolomiiev
I came across Hostiq when I first entered the query "Best hosting Ukraine" in the search engine. And guess what? Links to Hostiq appeared, so I got acquainted with this hosting for the first time. Without exaggeration, it is PERFECT! As a w.. Read more »
Sergey Koptilyy
I have been using the hosting services of hostiq for over a month now. I am satisfied with everything: the speed, price, and the support team, which responds quickly to inquiries. It is convenient that CMS Wordpress is already installed, so there is .. Read more »
Den Kolokoltsev
I have been using your hosting for over a year and everything is fine, I like everything. That's why I recommend Hostik to my clients. Special thanks to the support team for their responsiveness and efficiency.
Vladimir Marchenko
The hosting service is amazing! The technical support is excellent, they provide consultations and can even assist you if you're unable to do something on your own. I've been using for a year now and I'm satisfied.
Dmitriy K.
The best hosting provider out of all that I've tried, always has some promotions, constant online support, knowledgeable guys, easy setup with engine auto-unpackers, cool and interesting newsletters, cheap hosting + domain as a bonus, and even a.. Read more »
Elena Kuznetsova
I don't have much experience with hosting providers, but I have been using for a year now and I am very satisfied. The company regularly sends notifications about various promotions and is very customer-oriented. I want to highlight th.. Read more »
Yuri Kostyk
Excellent hosting with all the essentials, incredibly powerful and fast support - they respond to your questions within seconds. Thank you for being here!!!! :)
Ustin Kompaniets
I have been using this hosting for over 2 years now, and it offers the best value for money compared to everything I have tried. The customer support is simply amazing - they instantly help with any issue. I highly recommend it to anyone in search .. Read more »
Anna Winter
I am a copywriter, not a website developer or designer, so when I needed a website for my portfolio, I opted for a platform with a website builder. I started trying out Wix, but due to several difficulties with domain names of a specific type, exorbi.. Read more »
Alexsey Komm
Very good! I highly recommend working together.
Dmitriy Patrakov
My online store has been hosted by Hostiq for a year now, and during this time, I have been able to appreciate their level of price/quality. I have to say that they prioritize service quality above all else. Of course, there have been some issues, li.. Read more »
Evgeniy Ischenko
Hostiq is fast and reliable, I highly recommend it!
Tatyana Vityuk
I have had my own website for a long time, but this is the first time I have had to manage it on a hosting platform by myself. Since my specialization is art, not technology, it has been difficult for me to do so. However, with HOSTIQ, it has become .. Read more »
Denis Telitsin
HOSTiQ hosting is reliable, high-quality, and convenient. I want to especially mention their technical support, as they are top-notch. I have had no significant complaints in the two years I have been using their service. I highly recommend them to e.. Read more »
Maksim Shkurenko
Great hosting provider, especially since there are often discounts available.
Aleksandr Krasovskiy
Very good hosting. Prices are reasonable. Tech support is top-notch - definitely recommend!
Vitalii Zhovniriv
High quality, fast, convenient! I highly recommend it.
Evgeniy Solovyanov
HOSTiQ Hosting - reliable hosting, I have been working with them for over a year, managing over 20 websites! The main advantages are excellent technical support and reasonable pricing policy. The service is top-notch. There have been no disruptions i.. Read more »
Slava Sladkih
We have been using this hosting service for 6 months and it has been excellent. We have no complaints about its performance and we are very satisfied. We hope that it will continue to meet our expectations in the future.
Evgeniy Dranitsyn
They claim to have customer-oriented technical support, but in reality, they only provide assistance until any problems arise, after which they leave you on your own. In February, I encountered an issue with spam emails being sent from Read more »
Vasyl Nasonov
I have been working with HostiQ for over three years now. The first website I hosted with them was my father's. As a web developer myself, I often come across the need for hosting and I always recommend their services to colleagues and clients. .. Read more »
Stasia Trubitsyna
The domain has been hosted on for 4 years now. What I like about it is that the company really values its customers and always offers some bonuses in the form of account top-ups. That's just great! The only issue I have is with the web.. Read more »
Mike Panin
I'm really impressed with the service provided by these guys and their approach to communication. There have been a few situations where their involvement was necessary, and they were quick to resolve the issue in favor of the client.
Vitalik Bakymenko
I liked the hosting overall. There are free perks such as hosting and the option to pre-install the necessary CMS. The website works perfectly, no complaints. The customer support answers all questions when needed.
Vlad Kovalov
The perfect balance of price and quality. The technical support doesn't make you wait long and responds instantly.
Tatyana Reyh
I chose a hosting service from a list of five recommended by my friends, and I settled on Initially, I was drawn to the free trial month and the user-friendly website navigation. As a beginner in website building, I want to highlight the .. Read more »
Vyacheslav Moroz
If you are looking for a place to host your website, I highly recommend considering This company will assist you with the setup and initial functioning of your hosting. They will also provide support and inf.. Read more »
I switched to this service without much hope for the long term. I thought I would quit within a year, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it consistently reliable and high-quality. I've been using it since the beginning.
Affordable prices, responsive technical support always answers and assists!
Everything is easy and clear! Great support. Any inconvenience is always compensated.
Great hosting.
Aleksandr Sementsov
Great hosting with a wide range of services and high-quality technical support. If any problem arises, the support team always answers all questions and provides assistance. They even accommodated me when there was a delay in payment from my side. Th.. Read more »
I have been working with these guys for many months, and it has been nothing but positive emotions! A special shoutout to their technical support team, they are incredible! Even if you don't know how to work with websites, they can do everything.. Read more »
I must say, this hosting is top-notch. The quality for such budget-friendly prices is simply superb. The HUGE PLUS is the technical support))) P.S. There are plenty of promo codes for ordering the first host and bonuses))))
Stas Orel
The hosting is great. The technical support is top-notch. I am very satisfied. Thank you for such reliable service!
Vyacheslav Zaika
Hostik is one of the best hosting providers in Ukraine. I had a terrible experience with Ukrnames in the past, but Hostik is top-notch. I highly recommend it. The Inspector would give them a gold plaque.
Natalya Shemetyuk
I chose when searching for hosting. The first thing I liked about it was the relatively low cost. The second thing was the access to all of my website files, as many platforms offer options without the ability to retrieve your files. The tr.. Read more »
Artem Kapitsa
Great hosting! I recommend it to everyone. All of my friends have switched to it based on my recommendations and they haven't regretted it. Personally, I have been using this hosting for three years now and the quality of service keeps improving.. Read more »
Oleksandr Burenkov
I am very pleased with the hosting, especially the technical support. They are always polite and knowledgeable. I have been using this hosting for two years already and will continue to use it in the future, I recommend it to everyone! And the hostin.. Read more »
Edgar Baban
I have been using the excellent hosting service for over 2 years now!!! It's fantastic!!!
Valentin Piven
I highly recommend for their excellent hosting services, reasonable prices, and responsive customer support.
Yaroslav Sergiyovich
The best hosting I have ever used.
Vlad Dogadaev
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for about six months now. I use hosting as a backend for mobile applications. It performs well for my tasks, although the speed is not the best, but I didn't purchase the most expensive hos.. Read more »
Evgeniy Gigauri
I've been using this hosting service for a year and a half now. I have absolutely no complaints about it! It works perfectly, just like Swiss watches! And, of course, all credit goes to its employees. Respect to you guys! Best regards, Evgeny G.. Read more »
Maksim Pereverzev
Great hosting! I took a long time to choose before making a final decision. And this is one of those cases when you hit the bullseye on the first try. They offer affordable and diverse packages; They have responsive, fast, and helpful support; High s.. Read more »
Kir Tribunskiy
I'm very glad that I switched to this hosting provider a while ago: the prices are low, the speed is excellent, and there has not been a single interruption. The customer support is also very satisfying. They respond quickly and solve all issue.. Read more »
I highly recommend it. The technical support is fantastic, they respond lightning fast, and at any time of the day. The website works quickly and reliably.
I have tried many hosting providers, but I chose this particular one. The speed is excellent, with 100% uptime in the last month, and the support team is always helpful.
Roman Malyuha
Great hosting. We have been using it for 2 years and have never had any problems. They helped us set everything up in the beginning since we are not professionals.
Evgeniy Kozul
Great hosting! Affordable prices, stable performance, high-quality support! They always accommodate the customer's needs! Highly recommended!
Karen Aleqyan
The website is really cool, I have been using it for over half a year and haven't had any complaints so far... I will give it a 5-star rating for all 4 aspects.
Andrey Faraon
I mainly use hosting for testing purposes, and overall I am satisfied with it. While there are cheaper hosting options available, I believe that the price and quality are at a decent level. Plus, I really like the SUPPORT - they respond right away, a.. Read more »
Angelina Keblis
This hosting service is truly exceptional, with top-notch quality and stability. Throughout our time using it, they have consistently demonstrated positive performance. I would like to particularly commend their customer support team for promptly res.. Read more »
Yuriy Kravchenko
From the beginning of using the website until now, everything is perfect. The price is excellent, the control panels are convenient, the support is always online and they always solve issues quickly.
Dmitriy Dibrov
I stumbled upon Hostik by chance when purchasing a domain, and I have stayed with them forever! They have excellent 24/7 support that knows what they're doing. In a year of using their services, I haven't experienced any critical failures. .. Read more »
Aleksandr Zubarev
I've been using it for about three months now, and everything is great. Even though they experienced a DDoS attack on their hosting, they quickly resolved it and even gave me an additional free month. Overall, I'm really satisfied with ever.. Read more »
Roman Sabadash
I'm glad that I didn't make a mistake when choosing a hosting provider. Here, I am pleased not only with the cost and quality of services, but also with the excellent customer support.
Evgeniy Otstavnov
Hostiq is an excellent hosting provider, I have been working with them for over a year now! I have several websites hosted with them. During my time using their services, I have not encountered any technical issues. I particularly appreciate the prom.. Read more »
I believe that such hosting and at such a price, like at Hostiq, is unique for Ukraine. 50 GB SSD, 20 websites, + a free SSL certificate, all for 2060 UAH per year =) This is more than enough for me and the websites load faster than on localhost. Tha.. Read more »
Yura Sirak
Thank you!
Igor Zolotko
Perfect hosting for any purpose. I highly recommend collaborating with them.
Vasiliy Dalechenko
Everywhere it is written that the customer support on this service is good. That's a lie! It's AMAZING! :) The same goes for everything else. Convenient systems, all the necessary CMS!
Viktoriya Belova
This service is good and convenient, although there are some drawbacks in terms of UX, but it's not likely to come to our country anytime soon. Other than that, it fulfills all of my needs. Plus, the price is lower than many others!
Alena Belenkova
I am very satisfied with the service. They always respond promptly and help with any questions. Thank you for the truly excellent work. I will definitely recommend you.
Sergey Markov
I would like to express my gratitude to the technical support team. They promptly and efficiently resolve any technical issues and problems related to the website's operation. Moreover, the staff in the department are polite and professional.