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Working: 17 years is a web hosting provider that offers excellent hosting services. They have shown significant improvement over the years and have stood out as one of the best performers in the industry. One of the main reasons for their positive rating is their support team's impressive response time, which is better than any other hosting provider. They respond within minutes or hours, ensuring prompt assistance to their customers. The user-friendly interface provided by Hostingshouse simplif.. Read more »

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I have been a happy customer of Hostingshouse for a long time because they offer excellent hosting services. However, I was disappointed when my hosting unexpectedly expired due to personal reasons. When I renewed my subscription after a month, I cho.. Read more »
Even though I have been creating and managing websites for a long time, I only recently started using Hostingshouse as my web hosting provider. Over the years, I have dealt with various web hosting companies, each with their own approach, focusing on.. Read more »
Over the years, Hostingshouse has shown significant improvement overall. The main reason for my positive rating is their support team's impressive response time, which is better than any other hosting provider I have used. Instead of waiting for.. Read more »
I have utilized for my client's website and have been impressed by its user-friendly dashboard. I have found it to be a dependable option with affordable packages and excellent 24/7 customer support. Additionally, I have never .. Read more »
In my opinion, is the best hosting provider. I have been utilizing their services for over two years without experiencing any website downtime. The user-friendly interface adds to the ease of use. They offer affordable packages and .. Read more »
For the past two years, I have relied on Hostinghouse for my website services. They currently host five of my websites, and I am extremely satisfied with the support I receive from them. They are easy to work with, and I believe their pricing is reas.. Read more »
It took me four days to resolve a login problem, but on the fourth day, a competent technician from the recovery team managed to fix it during our fourth conversation. I was not satisfied with the first two technicians as they were unable to provide .. Read more »
The cPanel provided by Hostingshouse is easy to use for users.
HostingsHouse is a dependable hosting provider with affordable pricing options. Their customer service is prompt and well-informed, consistently offering effective solutions to any problems. The user-friendly interface simplifies website and hosting .. Read more »
I recently made use of Hostingshouse's migration service to transfer three existing Wordpress sites to Hostingshouse. Although the free self-migration option was not effective, I chose to pay for the service. The entire process lasted around 10 .. Read more »
The customer service at Hostinghouse is exceptional and the company offers satisfactory web hosting services. Although the ticketing process is efficient, Hostinghouse is lacking in some aspects. The amount of RAM provided (2GB) is not sufficient, re.. Read more »
Hostingshouse is a trustworthy website, however, it lacks satisfactory customer service and creates difficulties when transferring domains to other platforms. It is not suitable for managing 1–50 domains efficiently. Despite appearing budget-fr.. Read more »
Hostingshouse web hosting is an excellent choice for individuals seeking extensive customization, control, and top-level performance. Despite being slightly pricier compared to alternative web hosting options, the additional advantages compensate for.. Read more »
My customer has been utilizing hostingshouse for the past 2 years and is currently running an online store on their hosting server. My customer has not encountered any problems with this hosting company that could negatively impact their store. I hig.. Read more »
I am very satisfied with the web hosting service I chose in Pakistan. I am grateful to a friend who recommended it to me. I am enjoying your excellent service.