rating: 5.9, reviews: 19
Servers: India
Panels: cPanel
Working: 12 years is a web hosting and domain service provider based in India. With over three years of experience, they have built a reputation for offering fair pricing and reliable service. Many customers highly recommend HostingRaja for its affordability and dependable performance.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider. Some users have reported issues with IP address blocking, causing frustration and inconvenience when using the cPanel interface and WordPress admin interface. A.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

SILVER-3 pcs4 pcs100 Gb$1.25
GOLD-5 pcs6 pcs120 Gb$2.54
Premium Business Standard-2 pcs--$3.95
Premium Business Plus-4 pcs--$5.09

BASIC VPS-2 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$6.59
Extreme VPS-4 Gb4 pcs120 Gb$20.38
WINDOWS BASIC-2 Gb2 pcs70 Gb$29.98
WINDOWS VALUE-2 Gb2 pcs90 Gb$35.98
Premium Ecommerce-5 Gb4 pcs200 Gb$47.97

Basic Server9.6 GHz6 Gb4 pcs512 Gb$39.58
Value Server9.6 GHz16 Gb4 pcs750 Gb$57.57
Basic Windows9.6 GHz6 Gb4 pcs500 Gb$71.96
Silver Server14.4 GHz24 Gb6 pcs1000 Gb$81.56
Value Windows9.6 GHz16 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$95.96

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We have been utilizing Hostingraja's domain and hosting service for the last three years and have had a superb experience. The prices are fair, and the service is dependable. We highly recommend it!
The reseller hosting service they provide is satisfactory, but there is a problem that troubles me. It appears that they frequently block my IP address without any clear explanation. It becomes frustrating to constantly have to enter a captcha when u.. Read more »
HostingRaja is favored by certain Indian customers due to its affordable hosting rates and complimentary domain for one year. However, I have encountered difficulties in connecting databases with websites, and their support is only available from 10A.. Read more »
I recently joined Hostingraja a few months ago after reading positive reviews about its high performance and incredibly affordable pricing options. After my own experience, I can confirm that they do indeed offer top-notch services for a great price... Read more »
My overall experience with Hostingraja has not been the most satisfactory. I have encountered multiple confusing plans and occasional attempts to upsell, which have greatly perplexed me. Additionally, the lack of a 24/7 help desk means I cannot recei.. Read more »
Over the past few months, this hosting service provider from India has proven to be extremely beneficial for multiple projects. Their Domain services, NodeJS Servers, and DataBase servers have consistently delivered fast, reliable, and secure perform.. Read more »
One of my customers utilized Hosting Raja for registering a domain and obtaining basic hosting for their portfolio website, and they were satisfied with the service. However, I encountered some small problems during the deployment process, but the Su.. Read more »
I appreciate Hostingraja for its exceptional speed and unparalleled reliability. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that their service comes at a cost and may not be the most affordable option. Additionally, Hostingraja offers a refund if you are dissat.. Read more »
Initially, when I created my website using Hostingraja, they provided an excellent product that facilitated the quick and effortless creation of a satisfactory website. Nevertheless, as time has passed, they have fallen behind. They do not support fe.. Read more »
Because I consistently experienced problems with overload on HostingRaja's hosting service, I had no choice but to switch to a different provider. Despite my efforts to upgrade the hosting plan, it continued to be slow and susceptible to overloa.. Read more »
HostingRaja has gained significant recognition in the Indian hosting industry. They offer reliable and reasonably priced dedicated server services. However, there are occasional challenges in getting technical support as there may be a shortage of re.. Read more »
Hostingraja offers extremely poor service. It took me a whole 10 days to set up an email after purchasing a domain name, and I am still facing difficulties. Throughout these ten days, I made daily calls to them, but I received inadequate assistance w.. Read more »
HostingRaja is a leading hosting provider in India, but it lacks international exposure. However, it is highly regarded as one of the top cloud hosting providers in the country. Although I haven't personally used it, some of my local customers h.. Read more »
Despite not being the fastest, HostingRaja displayed impressive performance in our speed tests. HostingRaja utilizes HTTP/2, PHP 7, and SSDs for faster operations. However, their Shared hosting lacks a server-side caching system, unlike their WordPre.. Read more »
Hostingraja is known for its fast web hosting services due to the use of high-speed SSD discs. Each HostingRaja plan includes a feature that improves speed by caching dynamic content. However, it should be noted that this provider may be expensive an.. Read more »
I personally would not advise anyone to purchase HostingRaja's Hosting service due to their poor quality of service. Every day, my entire website fails to load unintentionally and my database is also inaccessible, resulting in a constant stream .. Read more »
HostingRaja has the most abysmal customer service globally. Regrettably, I opted to renew my prod server with them for a year. Whenever they implement an absurd update, my server goes offline for a minimum of 24 hours. If you voice your concerns, the.. Read more »
The hosting service is extremely quick to respond. I was experiencing numerous issues with my website, as it was giving an error message with every click. However, after switching to their domains, my website has not encountered any errors even with .. Read more »
I encountered frequent issues with HostingRaja, including hacks, plugin malfunctions, and problems with WordPress. Each time, they charged me around $90 to have their specialist fix the problem. Seeking help from an external agency, I was informed th.. Read more »