rating: 9.2, reviews: 82 is a hosting provider that offers convenient and affordable hosting services, particularly for those using cPanel. Compared to other hosting providers, Hostinger stands out with its exceptional chat support and convenient WordPress hosting service. They offer a shared hosting option that adds even more value to their services.

One of the standout features of Hostinger is the impressive uptime of websites hosted on their platform. They provide free SSL and domain options f.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Free Website HostingCustom-built1 pcs1 pcs-$0
Single Shared HostingCustom-built1 pcs2 pcs50 Gb$9.99
Premium Shared HostingCustom-built100 pcs-100 Gb$11.99
Business Shared HostingCustom-built100 pcs-200 Gb$15.99
Cloud StartupCustom-built300 pcs-200 Gb$24.99

КVМ 8-32 Gb8 pcs400 Gb$21.99

KVM 1-4 Gb1 pcs50 Gb$5.99
KVM 2-8 Gb2 pcs100 Gb$7.99
KVM 4-16 Gb4 pcs200 Gb$12.99
КVМ 8-32 Gb8 pcs400 Gb$21.99

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Dmitriy Shevchuk
I left without really becoming their client yet. I didn't have time to fully understand their prices and technical details, so my evaluation is just an estimate. Before you start using this hosting service, write to their support. At first, you.. Read more »
Gurpal Singh
I have recently started using for hosting with cPanel, and it has been a convenient and affordable option compared to my previous hosting provider. The shared hosting option offered by Hostinger adds even more value to its use.
Pawan Singh
After trying out multiple hosting providers, I have found that Hostinger stands out among them. Their chat support is exceptional and they offer a convenient wordpress hosting service that allows you to transfer your website from another host without.. Read more »
Clare Deane
I am currently using Hostinger as my website's hosting provider and have generally had a positive experience. They offer affordable prices, although I have encountered some difficulties as well. Recently, my website unexpectedly went offline an.. Read more »
Naeem Saiyed
I have been using Hostinger for quite some time now, and I must admit that I am increasingly becoming exasperated with it. The primary problem I face is its frequent downtimes, which interrupt my work abruptly. This is incredibly frustrating, especia.. Read more »
Amit Pandey
Hostinger is a suitable choice for those who are new to website hosting. Personally, I began my hosting journey with Hostinger and found it to be user-friendly and reasonably priced. Allow me to recount my experience with them. As someone in search o.. Read more »
Mohit Kumar
I have utilized hostinger for several projects for my clients, specifically for WordPress, and it has proven to be extremely user-friendly and straightforward. Hostinger offers a helpful support team that is accessible at any time of the day. Additio.. Read more »
Pratipalsinh Jadeja
I have been utilizing hostinger's web hosting services for both personal and business purposes for the past 2 to 3 years. Compared to other hosting providers in India, it is not only one of the most affordable options, but also superior in quali.. Read more »
Adolfo Héctor Moyano
Hostinger is currently one of my favorite providers. From a support standpoint, they are excellent - their support team resolves your issues in a short amount of time. Their pricing is good, and they are one of the fastest hosts I have ever used. So,.. Read more »
Muhammad Ans
One of the best and affordable providers in the virtual hosting market. They offer free top-notch website management guidance. They have excellent uptime performance, with up to 356ms over the past year. They also provide free applications such as Wo.. Read more »
Alejandro Quijano García
This hosting provider is the one I highly recommend to my clients because it is fast, reliable, and reasonably priced. I am confident that with them, my clients can easily choose suitable services on their own and will not be deceived or sold unneces.. Read more »
Yauheni Pa
I had a project that I developed for a client using Laravel. It worked perfectly on my local server, but not on the hosting platform. So, I reached out to the support team, who immediately contacted the technical group and solved my issue within 4 ho.. Read more »
Tiaan Strauss
If you are a fan of virtual hosting, then Hostinger is an excellent and reliable option. The host offers monthly and yearly plans at very good prices, and the support is even better! If I have any complaint about them, it is only that they do not off.. Read more »
Ayesha L.
Hostinger was the first company I bought a domain from back in 2009 when I started my business. The company has been in the market for a long time and is reliable. Their services are affordable, and their servers and uptime are truly excellent. The o.. Read more »
David Mooney
Based on my experience, I highly recommend this hosting provider. Their support is amazing and they offer the most affordable plans. As for email hosting, their emails do not get flagged as spam.
Adeel Akhtar
The hosting is good, reasonably priced, fast, and easy to use, but it took some time to set up the control panel. Like many other hosting providers, they only offer basic customer support. For technical assistance, you have to wait a long time and co.. Read more »
Syed Sohail Balkhi
Hostinger offers great hosting at a reasonable price. I use their "Business Shared Hosting" plan and it has everything I need. They have a fast and secure server, a very helpful support team, a free domain, free SSL, and very affordable pri.. Read more »
Dadson T
I have been using Hostinger services for a long time. I like it, it's really fast and provides the necessary speed. It also has a high uptime. Their customer support is excellent and available 24/7. The company also offered me a free domain. The.. Read more »
Vikram Agarwal
I have been working with Hostinger for over 2 years now and I am truly impressed with their service and prices. I have a shared web hosting plan with them and it easily accommodates around 7 domains without any issues. Their hosting is fast and secur.. Read more »
Erjon Tafa
I recently reached out to Hostinger customer support, and their service is one of the best I have ever encountered. I rate them 5 stars and hope they continue to remain committed to their policy of doing good in their business. I am very satisfied wi.. Read more »
Rubina Anju
I must say, Hostinger is one of the best web hosting providers, my favorite. They offer reliability, above-average speed, and great support. And all of this at a very affordable price. Additionally, if you are a first-time user, you get extra bonus p.. Read more »
I consider Hostinger to be the most efficient web hosting service for all types of users. I started using Hostinger to host all of my websites and I constantly recommend it to my clients. The only downside of their service is the slow technical suppo.. Read more »
Indra Widijanta
Setting up hosting and a domain was very easy. They have a simple and user-friendly PHPMyAdmin control panel, and the connection speed is fast. I live in Indonesia, where the domain is available with its own extension. I installed WordPress o.. Read more »
Juarez Weiss
The perfect hosting company for small and fast projects. The prices are very pleasant, and you get a free .website domain (other domain options are also available)! I used Hostinger to host a Wordpress blog for a family member, and I am very happy w.. Read more »
Radoslav Chakarov
I found Hostinger through Google when searching for "affordable web hosting". Since our internet project had significant expenses, I was looking for something quick and easy. Oh boy, did Hostinger deliver! It turns out the provider is based.. Read more »
Leo Valle
They have good plans, but they don't have cPanel. They use a different, but very simple user interface. I have Mautic installed and it quickly loads all pages. There is nothing new in the hosting performance. If you're looking for hosting t.. Read more »
Edelvis Luis
Hostinger is simply incredible, and their support is excellent. My WordPress website started working smoothly and much faster. They also offer a free SSL certificate for virtual hosting. I couldn't ask for more.
Maria Elena Bejerano
Hostinger undeniably offers an incredible price for their services, it's just phenomenal. I have an online store using WordPress, and my website has never experienced any downtime; it functions perfectly. Their online support is also outstanding.. Read more »
Luis Enrique Valle
They have several excellent services. I am currently testing their Premium plan, and it is working very well. I have unlimited websites and double the bandwidth, not to mention fast page loading. I have had several web projects with this company. I d.. Read more »
Chris Evans
The hosting offers a free domain, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and 24/7 support. The prices are very low, but you will still get everything you need. For $3.99, you will get a free domain, unlimited websites, 30GB of storage, free SSL, 99.9% uptime.. Read more »
Nemanja Raicevic
Great hosting for beginners. For just a few dollars, you can get reliable web hosting. As for the larger plans, they are excellent in terms of price and quality. I haven't had any issues with the hosting so far. The support is top-notch, they fi.. Read more »
Stefan Mihajlov
Hostinger is one of the top hosting providers for beginners. They offer hosting packages starting at just $0.99 for the first month and around $2 for renewals. The more expensive packages have unlimited bandwidth and are also priced at just a few dol.. Read more »
Kristijan Savev
Hostinger is one of the cheapest and most cost-effective virtual hosting providers that you can find in the market. One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a provider is customer support, and Hostinger will not disappoint you in t.. Read more »
Sudip Sengupta
For those who are unaware, in 2019 Hostinger faced a serious security issue that put their entire hosting stack at risk. While this may sound alarming, Hostinger took immediate action by implementing policies and processes that ensure an unbreakable .. Read more »
Kiairra Monet Winchester
Hostinger is one of the most affordable web hosting services I have tried. They have all the basic features. I would say it is perfect for both beginners and experienced webmasters. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of phone support, whi.. Read more »
Md Mizanur Rahman
Hostinger is a reliable web hosting service provider, but it does have some drawbacks that I can speak about from my own experience. They do not provide regular website backups, free SSL service, and have limited disk space. I also found their custom.. Read more »
Hans Weber
Recently, I had the opportunity to try Hostinger for my client's website. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of their services, especially considering the low cost. For just $0.80 per month, you get everything you need to host a simple s.. Read more »
Hardik V Kalathiya
We can work comfortably with Their prices are affordable and they ensure consistent webpage loading speed, which helps in completing tasks on time. In many cases, using tools can be challenging and may require the expertise of a qualif.. Read more »
Hardik V Kalathiya offers easy and affordable hosting services, ensuring fast webpage speed for efficient task completion. Sometimes, tool usage can be complex and requires expertise. The utmost priority is delivering an exceptional user experience, which.. Read more »
Adolfo Héctor Moyano
Hostinger is definitely one of my preferred hosting options compared to others. The support they provide is exceptional, as their team efficiently resolves any issues in a timely manner. Additionally, their pricing is reasonable and their hosting spe.. Read more »
Muhammad Ans
This shared hosting provider is highly regarded for its affordability. They generously offer a complimentary website management guide. Remarkably, they have maintained an impressive uptime of 356 ms over the past year. Additionally, they provide vari.. Read more »
Oleksii Fedorchak
Hostinger is the worst service I have ever tried, I absolutely do not recommend it, it's just a scam! They charged me twice for domains that I did not renew, the support is clueless and couldn't solve the problem, they duplicate my personal.. Read more »
Alejandro Quijano García
I highly recommend this hosting provider to my clients because it offers fast and reliable service at a fair price. They make it easy for clients to choose the right hosting plan without being deceived into purchasing unnecessary features. As a WordP.. Read more »
Yauheni Pa
I developed a Laravel project and took the initiative to host it for a client. While it functioned properly on the local server, it encountered issues when deployed on the hosting server. Consequently, I reached out to the customer support team, who .. Read more »
Irina Ivanova
I have been considering this company for a very long time and have tested many companies for over 15 years, both virtual hosting and VPS. This winter, I finally decided to purchase a virtual hosting package from Hostinger. I started with the premium .. Read more »
Dmytro Pinchuk
Sometimes there are unexpected long breaks in work for 8-12 hours. I don't recommend it. We should decline.
Tiaan Strauss
If you prefer shared hosting, Hostinger is an excellent choice. They provide both monthly and annual plans with competitive pricing and exceptional customer support. They are also highly dependable. The only drawback is their lack of dedicated server.. Read more »
Ayesha L.
Back in 2009 when I began my career, I purchased my first domain from Hostinger. This company has a long-standing reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Their packages and pricing are highly affordable, and their servers offer good performan.. Read more »
David Mooney
I highly suggest this hosting service because I have personally used it and their customer support is exceptional. They offer the most affordable hosting plans and their email hosting ensures that emails do not end up in spam folders.
Today I was convinced that this company has the best employees. I needed to transfer my website to, but I had vague ideas on how to do it due to my inexperience and lack of technical knowledge. As it turned out during the migration proce.. Read more »
Huba Anatoliy
I have transferred several websites and their domains here. At first, there were some delays with the technical support's responses. However, everything was soon resolved and all the websites, including their content, were transferred to the new.. Read more »
Adeel Akhtar
The hosting service is of high quality and offered at a reasonable price. It is fast and user-friendly, although it may take some time to get used to customizing the control panel. The support provided is basic for most hosting services, and technica.. Read more »
Aieshah Shah
Hostinger was a good company in 2010, but not anymore. They are getting worse and worse. A few hours ago, they locked my hosting account, explaining it in an email as me abusing their services. They don't have a direct phone line, and their chat.. Read more »
Aieshah Shah
Hostinger used to be a reputable company in 2010, but their quality has significantly declined since then. Recently, they suspended my hosting account and accused me of mistreating their services. Unfortunately, there is no available phone line to co.. Read more »
Dasaret Bizhga
Hostinger is a web hosting provider that primarily operates and accepts payments in electronic currency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Based on my personal experience, I would recommend Hostinger. However, it does have a low bandwidth at tim.. Read more »
Dasaret Bizhga
Hostinger is a hosting provider that primarily deals with payments using digital currencies like bitcoin and etherum. In my opinion, based on my own experience, I would suggest using Hostinger with some reservations. The hosting service sometimes has.. Read more »
Syed Sohail Balkhi
Hostinger offers affordable hosting services that meet all my needs. I am currently using their "Business Shared Hosting" plan, which includes a fast and secure server, excellent customer support, a free domain, and free SSL. The pricing is.. Read more »
Dadson T
I have been a user of Hostinger for a while now and I appreciate its fast speed and ability to meet my speed requirements. Additionally, it has a high uptime and their customer support is exceptional and accessible at all times. They even provided me.. Read more »
Vikram Agarwal
For the last 2 years, I have been utilizing Hostinger services and I must say that I am highly satisfied with both their excellent service and affordable prices. I currently have a shared web hosting plan with them, which effortlessly handles around .. Read more »
Andrew Barchuk
I wanted to switch to this hosting because I was creating websites for several of my clients, but then I found out that you have to pay for each SSL certificate. But they should be free because they are standard from Let's Encrypt. There is a ki.. Read more »
Erjon Tafa
I recently had an interaction with the customer service team at hostinger. The level of support they provided was exceptional, surpassing any other customer service experience I have had.
Rubina Anju
Hostinger is undoubtedly one of the top web hosting providers in my opinion. It is also my personal favorite. They offer exceptional reliability and above-average speed, along with excellent customer support, all at an incredibly affordable price. Mo.. Read more »
In my opinion, Hostinger is the most effective web hosting option for users of all types. I personally use Hostinger to host all of my websites and I confidently suggest it to my clients as well. The only drawback I have experienced with their servic.. Read more »
Indra Widijanta
Setting up hosting and a domain is extremely easy with this particular service. They offer a user-friendly PHPMyAdmin interface, and the connection is incredibly fast and seamless. As I reside in Indonesia, I appreciate that they have established a b.. Read more »
Juarez Weiss
This hosting company is ideal for small and quick projects. The prices are very affordable and you even receive a free .website domain. I personally used Hostinger to host a family member's Wordpress blog and I am extremely satisfied. It did tak.. Read more »
Radoslav Chakarov
I discovered Hostinger by searching for "affordable web hosting" on Google. I was specifically seeking a fast and straightforward option since our online project had a limited budget. To my delight, Hostinger exceeded my expectations. Despi.. Read more »
Leo Valle
While Hostinger may lack a Cpanel, its interface is user-friendly and the plans are well-suited to meet your requirements. The installation of Mautic is fast, and the pages load quickly. Although the hosting performance is not groundbreaking, I would.. Read more »
Edelvis Luis
The Hostinger service is amazing and their support is excellent. I have a WordPress website and it has been smooth sailing since they provided me with a WordPress accelerator. Additionally, their shared hosting plan also includes a free SSL certifica.. Read more »
Maria Elena Bejerano
Hostinger offers an incredibly affordable price that is truly outstanding. I own an online store powered by WordPress and it never experiences any technical glitches or slowdowns; it runs smoothly as expected. Additionally, their online customer supp.. Read more »
Luis Enrique Valle
The services provided are of high quality, and I am currently evaluating the Premium plan which is proving to be successful. I have the benefit of unlimited websites and double the bandwidth. I have used this company for multiple web projects, and th.. Read more »
Chris Evans
The hosting service provides a complimentary domain, a 30-day refund policy, and round-the-clock customer support. Additionally, their prices are affordable, while still offering all the necessary features. For just $3.99, you'll receive a free .. Read more »
Nemanja Raicevic
Excellent hosting option for those who are new to website hosting. You can get reliable web hosting at an affordable price. In terms of both cost and quality, it is exceptional for bigger packages. I haven't encountered any issues with their hos.. Read more »
Stefan Mihajlov
Hostinger is highly recommended for beginners looking for a hosting provider. Their hosting packages start at a very affordable rate of $0.99 for the first month and around $2 for renewal. Unlike other providers, they offer larger packages with unlim.. Read more »
Kristijan Savev
Hostinger is a shared hosting provider that offers extremely affordable rates, making it one of the cheapest options available. I initially had doubts about the quality of their services due to the low prices, but I was pleasantly surprised. The most.. Read more »
Sudip Sengupta
In 2019, Hostinger faced a significant security problem that compromised their entire hosting system. Despite the alarming nature of the incident, it ultimately benefited both Hostinger and its customers. In response, Hostinger implemented a series o.. Read more »
Mihail Stepunin
I have been using their services for a couple of years. Everything was satisfactory. The technical support was quite reasonable, even more accommodating than I expected at the beginning. The response time to tickets wasn't instant, but within ac.. Read more »
Kiairra Monet Winchester
Hostinger is an affordable web hosting service that I have personally tested. It offers essential features and is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced website creators. However, a drawback is the absence of phone support, which can be inco.. Read more »
Md Mizanur Rahman
Hostinger is a commendable provider of web hosting services, although there are some deficiencies that I can note based on my own experience. They do not offer consistent website backups, free SSL service, or sufficient disk space. Moreover, their cu.. Read more »
Hans Weber
I had the opportunity to test Hostinger for a client's website and I was highly satisfied with the excellent quality they offer at an incredibly affordable price. For just $0.80 per month, you receive all the necessary features to host a basic, .. Read more »
Michael Keough
I am the developer of the website and I have created a basic PHP script for it. However, the web hosting account on Hostinger is not performing well and frequently experiences crashes. The customer support service is extremely lacking, particularly w.. Read more »
David Laza
Hey everyone! I've been using Hostinger for over 2 years and I wanted to share my thoughts on their service: Pricing: Hostinger offers very affordable hosting plans, particularly in the shared hosting section. I personally used the Premium Shar.. Read more »
Dawn Leah
If you are in need of unlimited hosting, is a suitable option. A year ago, I purchased an unlimited package from them for a client and their service has been excellent. They also offer a money back guarantee, which is beneficial for use.. Read more »
Saroj Kumar
While you may come across negative reviews on other review platforms, I personally believe that their service is satisfactory. Their admin panel is user-friendly and their customer support is satisfactory. Additionally, they provide a website builder.. Read more »
Meredith Shepherd
Currently, Hostinger is a rapidly expanding and user-friendly hosting company that I find to be excellent. It offers generous server space and, in comparison to other options we've tried, has the fastest load time. While there have been a few in.. Read more »
Sheena Niña Depaudhon
Hostinger offers exceptional performance at a budget-friendly cost. It is one of the most affordable hosting providers that delivers outstanding service. I consistently have positive encounters with their technical support team, making me highly reco.. Read more »
Yan Znamerovskiy
We have been using The Hostinger for less than 3 months, but within this timeframe, the server experienced more than 3 instances of crashing, each lasting at least 1 hour. As a form of apology, we were granted an additional week of free hosting. Pres.. Read more »
Saddam Kassim
These days, Hostinger has become a well-known and highly regarded company in the field of web hosting. I personally have become a customer of theirs, purchasing a domain name and their shared hosting plan, and I must say, it has been a fantastic expe.. Read more »
Egor Shrimov
Hello! I rarely write reviews. Or rather, never :-) But here I really want to say from the bottom of my heart, you guys are just awesome! I have never encountered such attentive and friendly service in my 17 years of working on the Internet. Keep up .. Read more »
Mario Petkovski
Hostinger offers affordable hosting packages with reliable uptime and round-the-clock customer support, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Although the speed may not be top-notch, the $0.99 shared hosting package offers better value compare.. Read more »
Ronald Carmenate
I am incredibly impressed with these individuals as they provide exceptional hosting services and go the extra mile to offer outstanding support. I will definitely suggest Hostinger to my loved ones and acquaintances. Many thanks for surpassing expec.. Read more »
Billy Leo
Hostinger offers excellent support with quick and helpful replies. Their pricing is very competitive compared to other hosting providers. While there may be other providers with cheaper prices, their hosting quality is not as good. Therefore, Hosting.. Read more »
Gomez Ojukwu
Upon discovering Hostinger, I was immediately drawn to its attractive introductory price and the exceptional speed of my website. Additionally, the company's cPanel dashboard is user-friendly and visually appealing. The support provided by Hosti.. Read more »
Dmitriy Svitlichenko
I have been using this hosting for over 2 years, and it's simply amazing. The prices are not high, plus there are discounts and promotions up to 90%. I highly recommend it to everyone. I want to express special thanks to Julia from technical sup.. Read more »
Dmitriy Uliankin
I paid for hosting for two years, convinced by their claims of website migration services. As stated on their English-language website. But no, a circus ensued. They refused to perform the migration and instead tried to sell me a different package. I.. Read more »
Raisul Mushfeq Siddiki
Hostinger is an ideal hosting service for beginners due to their exceptional support and simple WordPress installation. Their hosting price is reasonably competitive compared to other providers. However, unlike many others, they do not offer free SSL.. Read more »
Rahul Rodrigue
'Hostinger' is the first hosting company that introduced me to the world of web hosting. When I launched my first blog, I started receiving ads from Google about 'Hostinger'. They are the most affordable hosting provider and offer.. Read more »
Jim Anderson
Despite being affordable, they do not compromise quality to maintain their low prices. The only drawback to their affordability, which may explain why they can offer such low prices, is their costly SSL certificates. They have servers located globall.. Read more »
Mohamed SALIH
I rarely need to contact support, but when I do, I know it will greatly improve my day. This is because it is the only hosting service that offers emojis and GIFs on their chat platform. Additionally, their articles and knowledge base are very useful.. Read more »
Anas Khan
This hosting provider is ideal for e-commerce websites as it offers excellent server response time, no lags, and a fantastic customer support team. You can rely on this website to meet all your e-commerce requirements and achieve guaranteed outcomes... Read more »
Georgiy Pazovskiy
This is the best technical support in the world. It's so awesome that I'm even leaving a review. I rarely comment on anything. Alexandre from the technical support team is simply the best!
Aleksandr Chernyh
Love it! Everything is simple and convenient! The built-in builder allows even inexperienced users to create a website! The support is superb! They resolve issues promptly!
The support was quick and efficient in resolving my issue, for which I am grateful :)
Timur Gilmanov
Great prices! The support team was very helpful with important inquiries. They also explained how to set everything up. I highly recommend this hosting service.
Gennadiy Kuznetsov
I've just started working with this hosting, but my first impressions are already positive. They respond quickly to questions and help overcome difficulties. I hope it continues this way.
I have been using it since 2015. I have never had any problems. The technical support quickly and efficiently resolves any issues!
I have been using it for less than a year, and the results are impressive! Special thanks to the support team!)
Remi's Josh
I am extremely satisfied with my overall experience using In terms of pricing, offers the most affordable plan. However, despite the exceptional qualities of, I found that the speed did not meet my expectati.. Read more »
Muhammad Yasir
I have had a mixed experience with hostinger. They excel in certain areas, but have drawbacks in others. Their cheapest plan offers limited features, but as you invest more, you gain access to additional features. They use advanced servers and have a.. Read more »
I created a second website and didn't even have any questions about which hosting to use for it! I have been using Hostinger's services since 2015 and their technical support is really impressive! The team always responds quickly and tries .. Read more »
Mirza Sisic
Hostinger is a hosting company based in Europe that provides affordable hosting packages. Their customer support is available in multiple languages, which is beneficial for customers who do not speak English. They generally have a reliable uptime and.. Read more »
Jane Wood
I greatly appreciate your excellent customer service. Every time I encounter a problem, I contact you and it is promptly resolved. In situations where the person assisting me is unsure, they seek out an expert who can assist. I highly recommend Hosti.. Read more »
Klaudia Shehi
Advantages: - Generally high uptime - Quick loading time of 369ms - 30-day money-back guarantee - Support available in multiple languages - Includes a free website builder and domain name - User-friendly interface - Premium and Business plans offer u.. Read more »
Sergey Galustyan
There is a reliable and efficient customer support service available on Moreover, you can customize everything to your liking. Not to mention the speed and convenience, everything is really cool here. I highly recommend it!
Alexander Chapaev
I have been using your services for over 3 years. I have not encountered a single issue. All questions with the Support Service are promptly resolved! Well done, keep it up!!!)
Julija Tamanska
An adequate offer on the market in terms of price-quality ratio. The price is affordable, and the quality of the services provided is good. The technical support is very helpful. I am a novice in this field, and the specialists promptly consult and h.. Read more »
Excellent and fast technical support. They helped immediately and solved the problem in 10 minutes. Highly recommend!
Slaviša Milojković
Hostinger offers the most affordable hosting option available, which includes a complimentary domain for one year and a 30-day refund policy. Despite their impressive speed, their uptime is not the most reliable. However, it is important to note that.. Read more »
Dima Ustinov
We have successfully resolved the issue with changing the email address (Forgot password) of an already registered website. Previously, it was a great free hosting service, and now it is very convenient to register domains here.
pete smith
Right from the start, I can mention that one of Hostinger's standout qualities is their affordable pricing for server hosting. This aspect holds great significance when it comes to selecting a hosting company. Their servers are specifically desi.. Read more »
John Pardo
I highly recommend this hosting provider for beginners looking to start an online business or website. I have been using it for a while and can confirm that it offers fast, secure, and reliable web hosting for my successful online projects. While the.. Read more »
Jonquil McDaniel
Hostinger is a popular web hosting provider known for its affordable and feature-packed hosting plans. Unlike other providers, they do not engage in aggressive upselling tactics, which was a pleasant surprise. Their servers have good availability and.. Read more »
Olivia Dela Paz
Hostinger is the most affordable and efficient hosting service I have used among all the providers I have tried. I have been using it for several years and it offers unlimited disk space. They also provide 24/7 live support for assistance. I have onl.. Read more »
Adetola Adeniran
I have been using the company's hosting services for the past two years and have had no problems whatsoever. Their hosting service restricts the number of websites on each server and offers fast bandwidth speeds, guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime. Add.. Read more »
Anastasiya Korotkova
Thank you so much for the prompt technical support. You broke it down and explained it with screenshots.
Good day, I would like to leave my enthusiastic feedback about the lightning-fast work of the technical support team and express my gratitude for their responsiveness. Wishing you prosperity and success.
Aleksandr Tsulaya
I recently registered and have already had a great conversation with the customer support team, which is very pleasing. I haven't done much with the website yet, but I will start creating soon.
Anton Sylkin
Are you starting a business and struggling with designing your website? Why pay a webmaster when Hostinger's whole team is there to help me personally at the most affordable prices. All the work is intuitive for a beginner user. And when a task .. Read more »
Adeel ALI
I have utilized the top-tier package offered by this company for my clients, and I am extremely impressed with the speed and reliability of their service. Furthermore, their rates are reasonable, and I appreciate the fact that their customer support .. Read more »
Mir Dzhavad Alibeyli
I just signed up and I'm already enjoying the convenient control panel, fast performance, and responsive technical support! I highly recommend it!
Vyacheslav Pozdnuhov
I haven't been using it for long, but overall it seems fine. However, the demand for money in exchange for an SSL certificate really annoys me.
shiela saballa
Advantages: - The website loads quickly, usually within one second. - The Control Panel is easy to use, even for older users. - They provide protection against various types of attacks on all hosting packages. - The support team is knowledgeable and .. Read more »
Mehwish Khan
Throughout my lifetime, I have required the services of several web hosts. The process of setting up all the necessary files and dealing with inevitable issues has always been a source of dread for me. It is particularly frustrating when I seek suppo.. Read more »
Atikur Shohel
I highly recommend Hostinger for those looking for affordable VPS hosting. They offer VPS hosting at a rate of $3.95 per month, which I have been using for the past seven months. It is an excellent service considering its low price, and their support.. Read more »
Vadim Muravev
Everything is great, the hosting is awesome. It sometimes slows down, but rarely. It's easy to use and very user-friendly. I've been using their services for many years and I'm happy with everything. I'm very lucky to have consult.. Read more »
Sergey Vorobev
I have been using this service for about 5 years, starting with the free version (being cautious), but for the past 2 years, I have been using the paid services. I like it so much that I don't want to search or switch to anything else. They have.. Read more »
Great website and excellent customer service. I purchased my first domain and the support team was very helpful. Thank you so much. Highly recommend using it!
Thank you to the wonderful team at I have been using their free hosting for several years and their paid hosting for a few years now, and everything is great. I wish them continued success, as it is also tied to our success!
Irina Surikova
Very fast technical support! Thanks to consultant Julia, she helped solve the issue promptly and efficiently! And overall, the guys are great. It's nice to deal with professionals!
They respond to inquiries promptly, clearly, and in a friendly manner. This is especially important for someone who is new to domain registration, hosting, and other related matters.
I have been using the service for several years now. Overall, I am very satisfied with Hostinger, especially compared to the previous hosting services I have used. Of course, I can't say that there were no problems at all, but where are they com.. Read more »
Oleg Scherbakov
I have been using this excellent and affordable hosting provider for over 5 years. I started using it when it was still free, but even now it remains the most affordable option on the market!
Dmitriy Krivchikov
I'm not very good at creating hosting and other new ideas. But here they helped me quickly and efficiently. I recommend it.
Pavel Bondarchuk
Terrible hosting. Not suitable even for a simple Wordpress project. Constant lags and downtimes. Horrible!!!
I am not an expert in this field, but it seems like the website has been created and is functioning. The support is prompt and answers questions excellently. The website builder is user-friendly. Thank you for the job well done.
Lesha Abdulov
I have been using this awesome hosting service for a long time. It is of international standard and provides excellent technical support. My first project was hosted on this platform and I still have multiple projects running on it.
Aleksandr Kulakov
I recently started working with this hosting company and have already appreciated the high level of technical support and the speed at which they solve problems! The team quickly helped me park my domain, explained everything, and set it up. I was al.. Read more »
Well. I started collaborating with the hosting company a long time ago because I liked their pricing policy and the resources they provide for the cost. However, I quickly became disappointed when I realized that the second payment was several times .. Read more »
Sergey Kovalev
I was pleased with the prices. The support especially pleased me. I had some issues with importing woocommerce products and couldn't figure out what the problem was. But then they provided me with a detailed explanation. It's just a shame t.. Read more »
Yuriy Peresada
The best hosting, very convenient. And the name is beautiful, easily remembered. I like everything.
Ivan Orehov
I have been using this excellent hosting for over 5 years and have almost no complaints. The support is particularly outstanding. The only downside is that there are no servers in Russia, which significantly reduces the speed of websites.
Great hosting! We have never had any major issues. And any minor problems are solved instantly.
Andrii Kniaziev
The domain was connected promptly and assistance was provided in setting it up. Very satisfied with the service.
Vitaliy Suslov
A very good and convenient hosting service. I have been using it for several years now. Whenever there are any issues, the support team reacts quickly and efficiently to resolve them!
Pavel Portnov
Everything was explained clearly, even a person who doesn't know would understand. Well done!
Aleksey Stepanyuk
Excellent hosting, affordable and functional, with wonderful technical support that responds very quickly and even helps where they are not obligated to help.
Vitaly Savitar
I needed to restore a website from five years ago. The guys from tech support were incredibly helpful, especially Andrey! They are highly skilled professionals who truly care about their clients. I want to express my gratitude to the Hostinger team f.. Read more »
Aleksey Boyandin
There was an urgent need to create a website - quickly, beautifully, and reliably. I inquired about the cost of website development and was not satisfied with the prices. I researched the methods of creating a website on my own and discovered the pos.. Read more »
Egor Shrimov
Hello friends! Personally, I really enjoy the work of this team, and I have something to compare it to. I have been involved in online activities since 2002 and have seen many teams. Here, everything is clear, at least since I've been here. The .. Read more »
Shah Ledirov
Hello everyone, I highly recommend this hosting provider, I have been using it for over 4 years now. The interface is very user-friendly and powerful. The staff is also genuinely helpful. I am proud to have chosen this hosting provider .. Read more »
Great hosting. I have been using this hosting for over 5 years. Special thanks to support specialist "Ivan" for fast and constructive assistance. If you need reliable, affordable, and high-quality hosting - this is the place for you!
Natalya Oborina
The customer support service is of very high quality and fast. I am very grateful to specialist Denis, who helped me resolve issues with the website.
Konstantin Chistyakov
The interface is simple and user-friendly, and the support is excellent. They quickly identified the problem and explained how to fix it. The prices for domains are very reasonable, and this is my second time using their services.
Amazing hosting with the most responsive support! Anything that can't be solved on your own, the support team handles in no time. I bought a more powerful second hosting and have been using it for a year already. I recommend it to all the client.. Read more »
The website has been hosted on this hosting for five years already! Everything is absolutely satisfactory. The technical support is top-notch! Overall, I highly recommend it to everyone.
They respond promptly and competently address all the questions that arise. Having little experience, I often turn to customer support. I always end up with a competent solution and in a good mood.
Natalia Bauer
The support system is excellent, I didn't expect such promptness. The operators are very polite and friendly! The price is satisfactory.
Yuriy Chirkin
Want to waste your time? Money? Lose customers? Look no further! They simply disabled the email submission form on my landing page, which used to send customer data to my inbox. Traffic to my website was low, and I couldn't understand why I was.. Read more »
Alexander Ryabyshev
Since 2003, I have worked with over 20 different hosting providers, and this one truly has the best support system I have ever seen. The responsiveness is unparalleled, and all the operators are very courteous and friendly! As for performance, compa.. Read more »
Reasonable price for hosting, fast support for accessibility issues.
Vadim Gette
Everything is great!
Lidnet LTD
I have been using Hostinger for a long time, over 3 years, and I really like it. It keeps getting better every year, that's a fact. The support team is responsive, websites don't go down, and while the price is not the lowest, it is compens.. Read more »
For my first project, I chose Hostinger and I made the right choice. The price is reasonable and all the other parameters are satisfactory as well. I would like to specifically mention the support service. It was my fault that my website crashed, but.. Read more »
Vasiliy Matveev
I registered a domain. The entire process went very quickly. The support service works excellently. I will be working here.
Igor Linkevich
The hosting is excellent and the technical support quickly and efficiently responds to any questions. According to, everything is superb.
Aleksandr Rokosovskiy
I have been using this hosting for over five years. I am satisfied with its uninterrupted operation, access at any time, and flexible account settings. The employees provide instant assistance in case of any difficulties with configuration or payment.. Read more »
Andrey Voskoboenko
Great hosting Excellent technical support, they helped me solve my problem very promptly Thank you!
Vadim Sergheev
Had a very pleasant experience with the support team. All questions were resolved quickly and promptly. Denis from the technical support was particularly impressive. He promptly identified the problem and solved it for us, even though it was our faul.. Read more »
Sergey Prikhozhiy
I have been using the services of hosting providers for over 10 years. There were two main ones (Ukrainian and American). But when I switched to Hostinger, I realized what top-level service is all about. There hasn't been any downtime yet, the s.. Read more »
Aleksandr Shevchenko
I'm not very well-versed in this, but the tech support quickly and clearly explains everything and actually helps. Thank you.
Anatoliy Safonov
The Internet has been around for about 25 years and has been hosted on numerous servers. I am not one to jump ahead of the bandwagon, but for now, everything is satisfactory.
Alexey Korolev
Hello! I've been using these guys' free hosting for many years, and now I've upgraded to their Premium service. I must say, I've hardly had any complaints with the free hosting. However, there was a slight delay and uncertainty du.. Read more »
Arman Mkrtumyan
Thank you to the specialists at Hostinger for their excellent and coordinated work, especially for someone like me who is a novice. They promptly responded to my issue and provided competent technical support. In a year, I have never doubted or regre.. Read more »
Konstantin Sigov
Since 2006, I have been using various hosting providers. However, for the past few years, I have been keeping all my projects on Hostinger and I highly recommend it to my clients.
I have been using this hosting platform since 2012. Initially, it was an experimental platform for me, but now I have transferred all my working websites here. Everything suits.
Aleksey Lushnikov
I have used this hosting service several times before to create mini websites for communicating with friends, and it has been satisfactory so far. I trust these guys and the prices are quite reasonable. However, the payment process through Interkassa.. Read more »
Anastasiya Serebryanskaya
Hostinger is a very convenient service and website builder for people like me, who are, you could say, "novices". The support from the online consultants is fast. I am very satisfied with the features provided by Hostinger. Well done)
Aseke Japhin
Great service. Very intuitive interface. Fast customer support.
Aleksandr Starkov
I have been using it since 2014. Compared to others, it has one of the most intuitive interfaces for users. The most important thing is that you understand where to click to achieve your goal (such as creating a website, registering a domain, using a.. Read more »
Valentina Pazii
Promptly, and always to the point!
Andrey Bolotin
Thank you so much to Alexander from Hostinger support for promptly resolving my issue! I was previously on a free plan and upgraded to a paid one. My account got blocked due to "Complaints." It turned out to be the actions of my competitors.. Read more »
Wass Pogoreloff
For about 8-9 years, I used a free hosting service. However, after the discontinuation of the free option, I switched to a paid one, and everything has been great. The support team is incredibly responsive, providing comprehensive answers within 3-4 .. Read more »
Ruslan Konovalov
We have been using this hosting for 3 years and everything is top-notch - the price, speed, reliability, and the support is beyond praise with lightning-fast response. Thank you guys for your hard work!
Lubov Smi
They helped me quickly and efficiently! I am satisfied with the service!
Aleksandra Shevel
I really like this hosting! The interface is clear, it has a wide range of features, the support team is responsive, and the staff is friendly. In my opinion, this is the best hosting in every aspect! :-)
Ilya Ver
Great value for money! One downside is that the software is not always up to date... not all modules are supported: specifically, there is no support for redis and older versions of mysql. But I managed to work around it programmatically... I think t.. Read more »
Aleksandr Hvaschevskiy
I have been using it for a few years, and it suits me just fine.
Nastya Arakcheeva
I had some issues with the website, couldn't access Wordpress, and then the database crashed. I was getting really desperate, but Alexander from the support team pleasantly surprised me. He responded quickly and, most importantly, fixed everythi.. Read more »
Aleksandr Egoshkin
I have been using it for several years and everything is satisfactory. Lately, the support has become incredibly prompt.
Review? Well, I'm just pleasantly surprised by the prompt, competent, and courteous customer support of this service. I can confidently say that I made the right choice. I transferred my website from another fairly well-known hosting provider, a.. Read more »
Arkadi Klein
Great hosting! I have been using their free hosting for five years and I have no complaints at all. WordPress works perfectly on it. Sometimes there are speed issues, but since the hosting is free, I have no concerns about the hardware or customer su.. Read more »
Aleksey Grigorev
Great hosting. Currently, I only use their domain registration and SSL certificate services. I chose this hosting because they offer such low prices compared to others. The support team quickly resolves all my inquiries. I'm not an expert at wri.. Read more »
Pavel Suvorov
A small website for personal-professional use with no special requirements. I am quite satisfied with the hosting. I used it for about three years for free, but now they have closed the free option, but it's easier for me to pay 35 rubles per mo.. Read more »
Nikita Pavlov
Dear gentlemen, thank you for your promptness and professionalism!
Yury Sawchenko
Great hosting. Fast and responsive customer support.
Katya Kotova
Great hosting! Affordable: I hosted my website during my job search period (when finances were tight), and the website support is also cost-effective. There are multiple pricing plans available with discounts.
Viktor Krutitskiy
Great service. Everything is convenient and reliable, I have been using it for several years, and I love everything about it. Thank you!
Ramil Nigmatullin
Very good, stable, fast hosting. Affordable. Convenient control panel.
Anton Simonov
I am just starting to learn web development, and when I encountered a problem, I reached out to their support. They helped me quickly and efficiently, without any unnecessary words, to resolve the issue. I highly recommend Hostinger!
Vitaliy Subbotin
Before Hostinger, I have tried working with many providers and was quite dissatisfied with the performance of the hosting services. Only here, everything suits me and I like it. The support team works at the highest level, solving any issue in real-t.. Read more »
Dato Khubukelashvili
The affordable price, stable performance of all projects. The support team responds quickly and promptly resolves any issues that arise. Everything is perfect.
Sergei Shatrov
Fast customer support, user-friendly website. Quick service, everything is great, no flaws that I can see.
Konstantin Kamyshnikov
I have an e-learning website on LMS Moodle, designed for internal corporate use, as well as a couple of promotional one-pagers. Despite not being a programmer, I have not encountered any problems. I was able to set up and update Moodle myself, as wel.. Read more »
San Sanches
I have been using the services of this hosting for a couple of years now. I have never had any major issues. All projects work consistently. I can highlight the well-thought-out cPanel, since I work with many hosting providers, and I can say that th.. Read more »
Vladislav Ulanov
Fast technical support Affordable price
Mike Foley
Today, I made a mistake by assigning an SSL Cert to the wrong domain. However, I was able to resolve this issue quickly by reaching out to support through the chat feature on the SSL Page. The support team responded promptly and immediately understoo.. Read more »
Vanya Hilyuk
Great support, the administration quickly responds to inquiries and helps with resolving any issues that arise.
Luis Angel Salazar
The prompt is asking to rephrase the given text. Here's a possible paraphrase: I am highly satisfied with their customer service as they promptly address issues and provide assistance in resolving any errors you may encounter.
Sergey Karevskiy
I have been working with this hosting service for many years. Not just using it, but actually working with it. There have been no glitches, and the technical support team responds quickly and provides relevant assistance.
Marco Bimbati
This hosting service is truly exceptional. They provide unparalleled customer support, addressing all of my inquiries with patience and politeness. Additionally, the hosting itself is outstanding, delivering remarkable speed and dependability.
Stanislav Petrovsky
We have been using it for over a year and manage more than 6 websites. Everything is awesome. They respond quickly without any delays. The service is top-notch.
Alexander Sukhoruchenko
Everything is great!
Besarbër Krasniqi
Olga Karaulnykh
The technical support is working great. Maybe there was a problem in the data center once a year, but the rest of the time everything is working perfectly fine!
Suzan Lee
I have utilized the free version (000webhost) for some time and made the choice to upgrade, and I have not been let down. The support is prompt, useful, accessible 24/7, and polite. I highly suggest them to both newcomers and experienced individuals.
Nikolay Zamotin
Terrible hosting Every 2 months, all websites go down and don't work for 7-10 hours Support is unresponsive to DDoS attacks And the sites drop in search results, so I have to bring them back up... until the next glitch happens I would have moved.. Read more »
Agustín Morales
I agree with the choice to use as a hosting service. They offer a personalized technical support that efficiently addresses and solves any issues that come up. Additionally, the CPanel they provide is user-friendly and offers a wide ran.. Read more »
Ken Pang
Wow, that's impressive!
Andrey Mihalek
I started using this hosting a long time ago when it was still free. Now it's paid, but the prices are ridiculous for learning what hosting is. The technical support responds properly.
Alpár Kertész
Today, I immersed myself in various tasks. During the morning, I dedicated my time to researching the best place to purchase a domain and host for my website. Eventually, I found a provider that offered competitive prices and a wide range of options... Read more »
Gui Paluch
Hello Hostinger, as a Brazilian, I own one of the biggest Exploit projects globally. I initially used Brazilian servers but they did not meet my expectations. However, after trying out 000webhost (free) and being pleased with it, I decided to migrate.. Read more »
Craig Ryder
I initially purchased a VPS SERVER PLAN 1 at a discounted rate of $4.99/mo. Despite being informed by a sales associate that plans renew at the regular price, I have consistently been charged the same renewal fee of $4.99 according to my records. The.. Read more »
The hosting service that is both affordable and dependable.
Yuriy Zemlyaniy
I liked the hosting, the tech support did a great job.
Andrey Obertas
Great hosting provider, affordable prices, but most importantly, very high-quality and fast technical support. They respond and solve issues instantly!
Angelina Simakina
I highly recommend this hosting service to everyone. I have personally tested it and my website has been running smoothly for several years without any issues. The control panel is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The hosting structure is con.. Read more »
Stepan Ivanov
I have been using this hosting service for over a year now. I switched from the free plan to a paid one. The prices for the plans are reasonable. The advantages in terms of speed and functionality are evident. I have never encountered any major issue.. Read more »
Oleg Kroshkin
Among all the hosting providers I have tried, this one is the most responsive (their support team is always prompt and helpful, even with the smallest details). It offers a plethora of settings and can handle heavy projects without any lag. I have be.. Read more »
Ruslan Kravchuk
I have been using it for 3 months now. It's time to renew the payment, so I decided to read some reviews. I'm happy with it and will continue using it, so the negative feedback surprised me a bit. I decided to defend it :D As for the suppo.. Read more »
Not recommended! The customer service provided by Hostinger is simply terrible. There are constant glitches and failures, and they deceive their clients. The free hosting has turned into a paid service, even though it was advertised as free on the in.. Read more »
Oleg Ivanov
I have been using a decent hosting service for two years now, and I recommend it. I am on a paid plan because the free one has limitations.
I am using the free plan of this provider. I have hosted my website,, on it for testing purposes, trying to develop my skills in web development, so to speak. For a free hosting service, everything is great. There have been a few o.. Read more »
I am currently testing using the free option with my own domain. The registration and installation of WP went smoothly and without any issues. If all the checks pass successfully, I will move my website, sprint, and hosting there. They are so annoyin.. Read more »
I can't say that everything is very bad! But still, the host often hangs, although not for long! It could have been better.
I like the hosting, but the support service is not that great. It would be really good to introduce online consultations because by the time I receive an answer, it's usually no longer needed. Since I'm just learning website development, I .. Read more »
I can't say anything about free hosting, but I can say that paid hosting is decent and the prices are reasonable. Everyone has their flaws, so maybe I was lucky that I didn't encounter any issues.
I have been using the hosting service since 2001 on a free plan. Throughout all this time, my website has only experienced downtime once, for about an hour. There have been occasional issues with accessing cPanel, but I resolved them by using net2ftp.. Read more »
The hosting is not very reliable, but since it's free, it's tolerable. What bothers me the most is its reliability! When search engine bots come to index, the servers often crash, and that's where the consequences arise.
I have been using this hosting service since September 2012. Overall, I am satisfied, but not completely. There was a time when my website was down for more than 5 hours, and it happened during the night on a weekend when Yandex often crawls the site.. Read more »
I use their services. I am pleased with the lack of advertising, the amount of allocated space, and the fairly good speed. The support is top-notch. There are three file managers to choose from, making it convenient to work with databases and email (.. Read more »