rating: 9.9, reviews: 15
Servers: Germany, France
Panels: cPanel
Working: 8 years
Testing: 15 days is a highly recommended hosting provider that offers affordable and user-friendly services for personal domains and WordPress websites. With great uptime and fast loading speed, they ensure a smooth and efficient operation for all websites hosted with them. Their prices are consistently more competitive compared to other providers, making them a suitable choice for individuals seeking reasonable hosting rates.

While their customer support may not be exceptional, it still fulfi.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

PersonalcPanel2 pcs10 pcs10 Gb$1
ProfessionalcPanel2 pcs30 pcs20 Gb$2.99
BusinesscPanel10 pcs-40 Gb$4

Intel Atom C23501.7 GHz4 Gb2 pcs1024 Gb$30
Intel E3-1230 v23.3 GHz16 Gb4 pcs2048 Gb$76
Xeon E3-1230 v33.3 GHz32 Gb4 pcs2048 Gb$130
Xeon E5-1410 v22.8 GHz64 Gb4 pcs320 Gb$240

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I have been using Hostic as the hosting provider for all my personal domains and WordPress websites. I have never encountered any issues as it operates smoothly. Their prices have consistently been more competitive compared to other providers I consi.. Read more »
Hafiz offers affordable and user-friendly hosting services with great uptime and fast loading speed. They provide excellent security measures, making them a suitable choice for individuals seeking reasonable prices. However, their customer suppor.. Read more »
Hostic is a hosting service provider that is known for being friendly, efficient, and trustworthy. I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received from them. They are always prompt in answering my queries and have been very helpful in trans.. Read more »
A few months ago, I switched to Hostic after trying out various other online hosts. I have to admit, it was a beneficial decision. Hostic stands out as the best option compared to other hosts available. The services they provide are beyond expectatio.. Read more »
Had a positive encounter with them. Their customer support is amiable and they provide lower rates than other options.
Honestly, it is the top hosting option! I have tested it for three of my websites and they all operate exceptionally well. The customer support is extremely prompt and the representatives are very friendly and accommodating. Without a doubt, I will c.. Read more »
The hosting rates and support from are excellent. I am very satisfied with and would highly recommend their hosting service to anyone in need.
I am incredibly satisfied with this web hosting service, particularly their Reseller package. They have consistently provided excellent service for a lengthy period of time.
I am extremely impressed with their hosting service, as they offer fantastic deals at a more affordable price. Their support is outstanding, always responding promptly whenever I contact them. I highly recommend them to everyone.
I highly recommend using these individuals, as they are fantastic. Their excellent support, affordable service, and wide range of pre-installed tools make it quick and easy to establish a website.
I bought a Webhosting package from Hostic a month ago and I am extremely satisfied. When I didn't receive the email with my cpanel password and other details after signing up, I reached out to their live chat support and was impressed with their.. Read more »
Setting everything up was incredibly easy, as it guided me step by step without any problems. The customer service provided is exceptional, with immediate responses and solutions. Thank you for your assistance!
Adward is a highly competent and trustworthy service. I haven't faced any problems since I switched to them. The transition was smooth and the customer service team was extremely pleasant to deal with. The friendly and supportive staff have g.. Read more »
Absolutely dependable with exceptional uptime.
I recently changed to and it is absolutely fantastic! They offer excellent support, affordable rates, and never experience any downtime. Additionally, my website's loading speed has increased threefold, which is why I highly recommend .. Read more »