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Country: USA
Servers: USA, India, North America
Panels: cPanel
Working: 22 years
Testing: 30 days is a web hosting provider that offers shared hosting services with a simplified cPanel. While they provide average hosting services, there are a few drawbacks to consider. They often use upselling tactics and have high renewal costs. The website performance is average, and there are occasional uptime problems. One major issue is the slow propagation of DNS changes, which can take hours. Customer support can be hit or miss, with long wait times and sometimes unhelpful responses. Des.. Read more »

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Hatchling PlancPanel1 pcs--$11.95
Baby PlancPanel---$12.95
Business PlancPanel---$17.95

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In my experience, Hostgator has consistently provided average hosting services. Their shared hosting accounts have a simplified cPanel, but they often use upselling tactics and have high renewal costs. The website performance is average and there are.. Read more »
As a web developer, I have been using hostgator for several clients who have specifically requested to host their websites on this platform. Over the past 6 years, I have experienced no downtime with hostgator, and one of my clients, Jonoworld, is ex.. Read more »
We have utilized Hostgator for numerous clients who are currently utilizing their services. The cost is acceptable, and the services are satisfactory. However, there is a significant drawback with their ADDONS. When you purchase any additional featur.. Read more »
I first became acquainted with HostGator eight years ago when I started working in the IT industry. My initial employer used HostGator hosting for all their clients, and when I asked why, they explained that HostGator is a dependable hosting provider.. Read more »
About a year ago, I chose to change my WordPress blog-only website into a WordPress/Woocommerce site. Before settling on Hostgator as my website host, I looked into several other options. They were incredibly supportive during the initial setup of my.. Read more »
Hostgator's dedicated server performance meets my requirements and I have been a loyal customer for a year. I can confidently state that they are the best hosting provider available. Their customer service is excellent as they promptly respond t.. Read more »
At present, I am utilizing the baby plan from Hostgator for my new business venture. This plan provides unlimited websites, unrestricted bandwidth, complimentary SSL certificates, and the convenience of one-click WordPress installation. Over the past.. Read more »
I utilize hostgator's hosting services for managing all of my domains. Hostgator provides three distinct hosting packages and offers a discount for purchasing the annual plan. The M plan is an excellent fit for me as it includes Cpanel, where I.. Read more »
I utilized HostGator's cPanel to assist a client, which was my initial experience with server hosting. During that time, my focus was solely on modifying the style of the client's website. Consequently, I completed the task without any conc.. Read more »
In around 2017, I had websites hosted on using their shared hosting plan. With shared hosting, you would expect that the server performance would not be optimal and that the website pages would load slowly due to the shared resources. .. Read more »
HostGator offers a user-friendly dashboard that is simple to navigate, which could be due to my familiarity with the interface as most of my clients also use HostGator. Additionally, their hosting plans are affordable. The only drawback is their limi.. Read more »
I have utilized HostGator for my clients and found their live chat support to be highly responsive, although sometimes unhelpful. Their pricing is competitive and among the most affordable in the industry. However, their server and page load speeds s.. Read more »
In the past, Hostgator had a reputation for being highly dependable and affordable. However, although their prices haven't significantly changed, their reliability seems to have declined and it is uncertain if they can regain their former status.. Read more »
Why does a reliable host have a support team lacking technical assistance? Perhaps that is why their prices are low. The website performs quickly and offers high-quality, but it may not be user-friendly for beginners.
I don't prefer this hosting provider since the websites load slowly. However, I haven't encountered any problems with the sites unexpectedly going offline or facing reliability issues. The customer support is not very helpful and their resp.. Read more »
I first signed up with HostGator several years ago and have had multiple experiences with clients who still use their hosting services. These clients have all encountered similar problems. There are simple issues that the host restricts customers fro.. Read more »
Our client in Southampton, England benefits from the Dedicated hosting services provided by this company. Despite the $90 monthly cost, their services are exceptional. The server we are using is Linux-based and has 8GB RAM, ensuring sufficient speed .. Read more »
I highly recommend this hosting service as it offers exceptional features such as reasonable rates, user-friendly interface, fast performance, dependable reliability, and effortless upgrading options. Although the customer support may have some limit.. Read more »
Hostgator's only drawback is its lack of email support. However, for those seeking affordable yet exceptional hosting services, Hostgator is the ideal solution. It provides cost-effective cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Overall, I am highly.. Read more »
Hostgator is renowned as a top-tier hosting provider globally, offering outstanding performance, exceptional customer support, and affordable pricing. Personally, based on my extensive experience utilizing their services for various purposes, I whole.. Read more »
I was initially attracted to the attractive promotional pricing offered by HostGator, but it turned out to be a major error for my website. The service worked well initially, but as my site gained more traffic, I quickly realized that quality comes a.. Read more »
When it comes to hosting, I always choose HostGator for clients who are knowledgeable or have some expertise in managing their websites. While HostGator offers affordable prices for beginners, their support services are not as extensive. Based on my .. Read more »
For the past 8 years, I have been utilizing Hostgator's reseller plan and have been extremely satisfied with it. The platform's user-friendly interface and exceptional support team have been a great asset to me. Throughout my experience, I .. Read more »
Hostgator is a suitable choice for individuals who lack advanced technical skills, but their shared hosting plans are not the most cost-effective option available. If you wish to host 2 or 3 domains on a single hosting plan, you will need to subscrib.. Read more »
Hostgator is among the priciest hosting providers I have utilized. In comparison to other services like Godaddy and Hostinger, their prices are significantly higher. Additionally, they impose a $10 fee for the installation of an SSL certificate, even.. Read more »
Hostgator offers competitive prices and their customer support is satisfactory, although not the best. In terms of value, I have discovered that there are hosting providers that offer faster speeds and more reliable resources at a similar price point.. Read more »
In 2020, I decided to use Hostgator for my recently created blog. I wanted a reliable and affordable hosting platform for beginners, so I chose Hostgator because their pricing was lower compared to others in the market and I found a discount, making .. Read more »
The website is exceptionally well-designed, and their advertising is also exceptional. The only drawback was the pricing.
The pricing is great, but it appears that the quality matches the low cost. Based on my experience, the speed is not satisfactory. Although the support is decent, it falls short compared to the high standards set by other providers. If you have a ver.. Read more »
We considered Hostgator as a web hosting option for our site launch. Although their shared hosting plans were not as impressive as other options, they do offer good features. Currently, we are using VPS hosting, but back then we were considering shar.. Read more »
I had low expectations for Hostgator but was hoping to be proven wrong. In the end, I was indeed mistaken. Throughout a span of three years, there were only two instances of service interruptions, with one lasting for over two hours. However, by the .. Read more »
Hostgator is an exceptional service provider that has consistently met our needs for many years. In addition to their excellent products and services, their support is of the highest quality and they have efficiently resolved every query we have had... Read more »
I have been a long-time user of hostgator, but I feel that its quality has declined over the years. It may be suitable for those seeking a low-cost hosting option, but based on my personal experience, I encountered frequent problems and faced difficu.. Read more »
I do not recommend this hosting service at all. The customer support, particularly the live chat of hostgator, is very unsatisfactory. Many clients approach me to transfer their websites from hostgator to a different hosting provider.
I started using Hostgator in 2012 and found it to be an excellent hosting provider with competitive prices and fantastic customer support. However, if you opt for the Shared Hosting plan, it's crucial to ensure that your website is free from any.. Read more »
The cost of Hostgator's services is reasonable, but it is important to note that the quality of the service you receive is directly related to the price. The support provided by Hostgator is lacking in terms of speed, reliability, and overall qu.. Read more »
The prices offered by HostGator are extremely competitive, however, opting for their basic plan may result in compromising factors such as speed and reliability.
Hostgator has been in operation since 2002, which is considered a significant amount of time in the hosting industry. The key advantage of using Hostgator is to make a payment for at least one year in advance. This is where their value lies. If you c.. Read more »
After conducting multiple experiments with Hostgator, I have come to the following conclusions: If you have a small website with minimal risk, you can consider using Hostgator. However, for a large and demanding website, it is not advisable. Advant.. Read more »
HostGator was a mixed experience for me. On the positive side, it was easy to choose them because of their widespread advertisements and attractive prices. This was particularly appealing as I only needed to set up a basic website for my fantasy leag.. Read more »
Despite its affordable prices and generous email sending capabilities, my experience with this hosting service was extremely negative. I encountered numerous website attacks and faced significant difficulties in reaching their support team. Furthermo.. Read more »
Hostgator is highly recommended by Google and others as a hosting provider. However, I am frustrated with their billing practices. They repeatedly charge for services without justification. Despite multiple attempts to resolve the issue through live .. Read more »
I have been a customer of Hostgator for 18 months and initially had a positive experience with their service. However, we encountered difficulties when trying to renew our domain, which turned out to be a frustrating and disappointing experience. Des.. Read more »
A long-standing and experienced web hosting provider offers a wide range of services, but falls short in terms of support. Despite occasionally using their services over the years, I always ended up switching after experiencing difficulties or other .. Read more »
Based on my personal experience with HostGator, I can confidently say that I am pleased with the value I receive for the affordable price of their hosting packages. They consistently maintain an impressive uptime of approximately 99.99%. Additionally.. Read more »
The shared hosting packages they offer are very affordable, but they lack in terms of speed. I frequently experience long website loading times exceeding 10 seconds, despite my attempts to optimize the code. Additionally, their support is sluggish an.. Read more »
Here's a possible paraphrase: Here is yet another long-standing hosting company that is attempting to stay afloat by providing extremely low prices. This should make you think twice... However, if you are looking to purchase an inexpensive but .. Read more »
If you are involved in online business, it is likely that you have come across Hostgator. My personal experience with Hostgator has been a mix of positive and negative. Initially, I was attracted to their affordable plans for small websites with low .. Read more »
I have spent a significant amount of money hosting various websites with Hostgator, and overall, my experience has been positive. The customer support has always been excellent, and my websites have been highly stable with minimal downtime. By using .. Read more »
When I first started building my website, I opted for Hostgator as my hosting provider. Specifically, I chose shared hosting, which is a suitable option for beginners entering the world of website ownership. Hostgator offers a reliable hosting server.. Read more »
Based on my personal experience, HostGator is a mediocre hosting provider. They do not stand out in any particular area nor do they lag behind. Their Cpanel is user-friendly, their prices are competitive (although you have to commit to a long-term co.. Read more »
Hostgator appeared satisfactory, but I would not advise my clients to use it. I had experience with their hosting services while taking on client sites that were already hosted on Hostgator. I was extremely dissatisfied when I posed a more complex qu.. Read more »
Hostgator is reasonably priced, although not the most affordable option available. They have three plans; the least expensive one is suitable for those who need to create a single website. However, if you require unlimited domains like myself, the ot.. Read more »
I began using in 2005 and they have consistently proven their reliability to me. Throughout the years, I have created and hosted more than 30 websites using WordPress and Drupal with their services. It is an affordable option and I have.. Read more »
Md is a popular and cost-effective web hosting platform that is often recommended. I have been using their services for my website since last year and believe it is a reliable option with fast performance. The renewal cost is affordable, a.. Read more »
The initial impression of HostGator's website is its attractive and user-friendly design, making it easy to navigate and choose a hosting plan. The plans are especially suitable for those with limited funds, particularly for individuals starting.. Read more »
For almost a decade, I have been using HostGator to host various websites. Initially, I was recommended to try HostGator by a friend who had faced similar hosting issues as me. We both had viral websites with high traffic from social media, but we st.. Read more »
I decided to give Hostgator a try for hosting one of my websites, but I am thankful that they offer a trial period. This hosting service turned out to be extremely slow, making it one of the worst experiences I have had. Their dashboard was disorgani.. Read more »
In general, my experience with Hostgator has been positive. I have exclusively used it for installing Wordpress. The one-click installation feature makes it convenient and quick to start a project. The reliability is generally good, with only a few i.. Read more »
I have utilized Hostgator for several of my clients and I can confirm that it is an affordable and efficient service. However, I would not suggest it for websites with heavy traffic or those requiring enhanced security measures. Hostgator is ideal fo.. Read more »
In the past, I utilized Hostgator as the hosting service for my website portfolio. However, I discovered that it lacked sufficient security measures, had slow performance, and was more susceptible to cyber attacks. On the positive side, their custome.. Read more »
I have had a negative experience with HostGator, as all the websites I have hosted with them have been hacked, unlike other hosting services. This has made me decide to never use them again. It has been a terrible experience overall, especially if yo.. Read more »
A few years ago, I had experience with HostGator, but I found their Cpanel to be perplexing and filled with unnecessary features. Their support was also slow, often contacting me through email or website tickets at a later time, which was quite frust.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Hostgator for a long time and overall, my experience has been good. However, I did have some problems with their support last year when one of my client's websites went down and I had to wait for a long time on the phon.. Read more »
Hostgator offers affordable plans that provide excellent value, including unlimited bandwidth and various additional features. The servers perform well, and the technical support is reliable. It is recommended to consider Hostgator as a provider, but.. Read more »
In simple terms, it is strongly advised to avoid this host under any circumstances. Previously, HostGator was considered one of the top shared hosting providers. However, after being acquired by EIG, the quality of their service significantly decline.. Read more »
One of the benefits of using Hostgator India is their live support team, which is available to provide assistance, although they may not be able to completely solve the issue immediately. I have had multiple interactions with their live technical tea.. Read more »
I chose HostGator's managed WordPress hosting package, which I found highly advantageous for my startup. Additionally, the website's speed is impressive. I am satisfied with my hosting provider and would certainly recommend it.
I have been using HostGator for nearly two years and I am quite pleased with the service they provide. If you choose their three-year plan, you can get a good price. Their support is top-notch, although at times they may take a little longer to respo.. Read more »
Hostgator offers affordable plans that provide excellent value, including unlimited bandwidth and various other features, even in their basic packages. Nevertheless, their speed has decreased over time and their customer support is slow in addressing.. Read more »
I have to admit that they excel in providing shared hosting services at affordable prices. I mainly hosted WordPress and Joomla websites, as well as managing clients' email addresses. The support they offer is excellent, and I never encountered .. Read more »
For the past three years, I have been using HostGator and I must say that they provide excellent service. Although I am on the Cloud Business Hosting medium package, I am not particularly satisfied with the speed they offer. Additionally, they have a.. Read more »
I have utilized HostGator for a few of my clients, and I have been consistently pleased with their reliable uptime. They consistently offer reasonably priced hosting packages that are of good quality. Additionally, I encountered no difficulties while.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for a period of two years and have found that it consistently provides all-inclusive features. It operates smoothly and efficiently without experiencing any downtime. Additionally, it offers an abundance of feat.. Read more »
Hostgator offers both Linux and Windows hosting options, equipped with cPanel and Plesk. They provide unlimited disk space and valuable features like free website templates and a website builder, making it convenient for individuals who lack technica.. Read more »
HostGator is a reliable and trustworthy hosting company that ensures high-quality services. Their pricing is affordable, yet they prioritize speed, security, and support without any compromise. Personally, I consider HostGator to be one of the top ho.. Read more »
I have personally used Hostgator after it was acquired by EIG. Despite being part of the same company group as Bluehost, Justhost, and many others, Hostgator used to have the best support. However, there has been a recent change where they now offer .. Read more »
I have been a customer of Hostgator for approximately one year and have had a positive experience with their service. It is user-friendly, offers the necessary features, and is reasonably priced. However, there have been occasional instances of downt.. Read more »
After the initial months, there will be a rise in prices, which is ideal for short-term projects or testing purposes. Their subscriptions provide Cpanel and there are no restrictions on resources. They have a reliable infrastructure, ensuring that se.. Read more »
I am unsure about what has occurred with HostGator because they used to excel in their field. They had excellent server load time and customer support, but recently their performance has declined. They are no longer the same as before. However, thei.. Read more »
The great thing about HostGator is that they offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Additionally, they provide free SSL certificates with all subscriptions. They also give you the benefit of unlimited email addresses and MYSQL databases. It is als.. Read more »
Hostgator was initially a reliable and high-performing hosting provider, but its quality has significantly declined since its acquisition by EIG. While their support may be better than other providers, I do not recommend them if speed and reliability.. Read more »
To begin with the positives of HostGator hosting, I would like to highlight some favorable aspects. All of their Web Plans, such as the Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan, include beneficial features like a complimentary cPanel, website mig.. Read more »
Hostgator is not recommended for a long-term partnership as their services are more suitable for small projects and their quality is compromised by frequent downtime, misconfigurations, and additional tasks that customers have to handle themselves. H.. Read more »
One aspect of Hostgator that I appreciate the most is their reasonably priced hosting options, particularly the Hatchling plan, which is perfect for users with basic needs. Their shared hosting packages are among the most affordable options available.. Read more »
I previously relied on HostGator as the main hosting provider for my numerous product review websites. However, the shared hosting service they offer did not meet my expectations in terms of performance, resulting in a significant decrease in website.. Read more »
Initially, Hostgator appears to be affordable, but the cost for renewing their services can be excessively high. Despite this drawback, it is a dependable hosting service with satisfactory performance. The uptime is excellent, the support team is com.. Read more »
If you are a beginner, HostGator is a recommended option. They offer a plethora of walkthroughs, tutorials, and resources that are beneficial for beginners. These tutorials can guide you through setting up, designing, and building your site, eliminat.. Read more »
HostGator provides excellent services and is one of the largest hosting companies globally. They offer a wide range of hosting options, including shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated, and optimized for WordPress. The stability and speed of their services.. Read more »
HostGator provides an excellent service that I have been using for several years, in addition to other hosting services. One thing I appreciate about this company is that I can confidently recommend it to my clients without worrying about them being .. Read more »
I appreciate them for basic, static websites. However, when I began incorporating features that involve databases and other less dynamic elements, the loading speed became extremely slow and problematic. Additionally, being on a shared hosting plan m.. Read more »
Hostgator has reliable uptime and provides free website migrations. However, they do not offer managed hosting options due to being impacted by EIG. Nonetheless, individuals with expertise in web administration or design, who are willing to perform m.. Read more »
I highly suggest HostGator for individuals who are not very tech-savvy. Why? Here are the reasons: - Firstly, they provide round-the-clock global support. - In terms of support, their technical team is friendly and offers the best customer service c.. Read more »
Advantages: - The website provides all necessary information for comparing packages, and the price decreases as the cycle increases. - The company regularly upgrades their servers and keeps up with technological requirements. Disadvantages: - If you.. Read more »
Despite being advertised as unlimited, the hosting service is actually limited due to server constraints. While it boasts fast server response times for US users and a high rating for BitTatch, there are certain limitations imposed. New users can ben.. Read more »
Hostgator became my next choice after using iPage for my client's growing website. Since both brands are owned by EIG, I expected the same level of quality and speedy support. I cannot comment much on the help team because I managed everything w.. Read more »
The hosting was excellent, and there were no issues for an entire year.
They request a copy of your passport or driver's license, which seems unreasonable. However, there is a limit of 250,000 files, although there is no strict restriction. It is just advised not to exceed this number, as backups will not be created.. Read more »
Scans were not necessary for registration and there were no issues with payment using credit cards. However, on the third day, the account was blocked due to server overload, despite the presence of only a few small sites with minimal traffic. After .. Read more »
I have been a loyal customer of Hostgator for four years now and I am extremely happy with their service. The uptime has been exceptional, with no interruptions in the four years. The user panel is very convenient and has everything one needs. Though.. Read more »
I have been using Hostgator hosting for a period of two years. In terms of pricing, I find it acceptable, although there are other hosting providers offering lower rates. One downside is that although Hostgator offers unlimited disk space, there is a.. Read more »
Foreigners may be asked to provide a photocopy of their passport or driver's license, and in some cases, a scan of their credit card might be necessary as well.
The hosting services offered in the United States are affordable and of good quality. Overall, this hosting company is highly recommended due to its fast speed, reliable technical support, and user-friendly interface with cPanel.
Currently, we are utilizing their servers and everything is going smoothly thus far.