rating: 7.3, reviews: 22
Country: Pakistan
Servers: Pakistan
Panels: cPanel, Plesk
Working: 15 years
Testing: 30 days is a web hosting provider based in Pakistan that offers a range of hosting packages at affordable prices. While they have received mixed reviews from customers, there are several positive aspects to consider.

One customer had a positive experience with when they successfully resolved a domain registration payment issue that had been ongoing for a year. The customer praised the company for their excellent services and outstanding customer support, particularly h.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Plan IcPanel1 pcs-1 Gb$1.45
Plan IIcPanel3 pcs-2 Gb$1.88
Unlimited Plan IcPanel---$3.12
ASP.NET Plan IPlesk5 pcs2 pcs1 Gb$3.67

Win MICRO-2 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$12

Win MICRO-2 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$12
MICRO-2 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$12

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My experience with them was extremely negative. I worked on my website, and although it was live for a short period of time, it soon crashed. Whenever I reached out to customer service, they consistently denied any issues with their service and inste.. Read more »
For the past six months, I have been utilizing HosterPK for my online business site. Although their support team lacks availability and responsiveness, their shared hosting package has proven to have limitations. The allocated bandwidth and storage s.. Read more »
If you are searching for a trustworthy and reasonably priced hosting provider in Pakistan, HosterPK is an excellent option.
HosterPK successfully resolved a domain registration payment issue that had been ongoing for a year, and they even refunded the payment. This incident has strengthened my confidence in their services, which I consider to be excellent. Mr. Fahad provi.. Read more »
For a whole year, I had a problem with a payment for a domain registration that was not resolved until recently by HosterPK. They not only fixed the issue but also refunded my payment. This incident has strengthened my confidence in their services, w.. Read more »
I joined a Minecraft server through and I am extremely satisfied with the exceptional support team they offer. They were prompt in aiding and guiding me through the process of switching to a different modpack. Although their prices are s.. Read more »
I enrolled in a Minecraft server through, but after a week, I wanted to switch to a different mod pack. However, I was confused by the different versions available, so I reached out to their support team for help. They offered to make th.. Read more »
I have not given my endorsement to due to their extremely unresponsive customer support. It appears that they have completely ceased their services, resulting in a very negative experience right at the beginning of 2021. I purchased thei.. Read more »
Rabia is the top hosting service I have ever utilized during my career in web development. The outstanding aspect lies in their packages, which allow you to customize your priorities based on your requirements and budget. You have the option to a.. Read more »
The Hosterpk support team quickly responded to my request and successfully fixed the issue, as is often the case in my long-term experience with them. While I have made mistakes that caused various problems, Hosterpk has consistently been efficient i.. Read more »
To begin with, I initially registered multiple domains and obtained shared hosting and VPS services from the hosting provider mentioned. However, I consistently encountered issues with their support team failing to assist me. There were instances whe.. Read more »
This hosting service is highly recommended as it offers cost-effective plans and has better server speed compared to other servers used in Pakistan. The greatest feature is the 1-click installer, which is particularly beneficial for non-technical ind.. Read more »
Since 2019, I have been utilizing their hosting services which are affordably priced. The support team is highly cooperative and dedicated to resolving any issues efficiently. The loading speed has shown improvement over time. Additionally, I recentl.. Read more »
It has been over a week since my websites were completed, but I have not received any response from their customer support, even when I call. I am concerned that they may have ceased operations.
I believe that Hosterpk is a fraudulent company because I registered a domain name called "" 13 days ago, but the status is still pending. Furthermore, they are not responding to my inquiries. I am unsure of what actions I shoul.. Read more »
I have a client from Pakistan who wanted their website to be hosted within the country in order to have access to technical support. I suggested that they choose Hosting Plan III, which is priced at $27.56. The cost is quite affordable, but we have e.. Read more »
Hostterpk offers affordable hosting with good quality. The only reason I stopped using their hosting service is because they lack an automated payment system. However, their support team is excellent, and I will happily recommend their hosting to my .. Read more »
As a website developer and designer, having a strong and clear understanding of hosting is crucial for me. Working with, I have discovered that it is one of the best hosting providers available. I utilize their shared plans, which perfec.. Read more »
I selected the top web hosting service in Pakistan based on a friend's suggestion and it has proven to be an excellent choice. The service provided is of high quality.
My experience with hosterpk is a combination of positive and negative aspects. It is undeniable that they provide hosting packages at an affordable price, but their servers are outdated and the process of upgrading them is slow. This may result in co.. Read more »
HosterPK is a web hosting provider originating from Pakistan that provides affordable plans with satisfactory features. Individuals can begin their website for a maximum cost of $32 per year. It is most suitable for simple websites, but not recommend.. Read more »
I am satisfied with the quality of service from HosterPK. They offer a great website builder tool, the 1-click install feature functions well, and their customer support is available round the clock. Their pricing plans are also very budget-friendly,.. Read more »