rating: 9.6, reviews: 18
Country: Pakistan
Servers: USA, Pakistan
Panels: cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin
Testing: 30 days is a highly regarded hosting service in Pakistan that offers reliable and affordable hosting solutions. With top-notch support and impressive system performance, it is an ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking for a seamless hosting experience.

One of the standout features of is its exceptional customer support. The team of experts is readily available to assist users with any issues or questions they may have. They provide exceptional assistance and.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

BronzecPanel, DirectAdmin1 pcs-1 Gb$2.25
SilvercPanel, DirectAdmin1 pcs-5 Gb$2.67
GoldcPanel, DirectAdmin---$3.5

Host VPS-80 UnManaged-1 Gb4 pcs80 Gb$18
Windows VPS-20 Managed-1 Gb-20 Gb$23
Manage VPS-25-1 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$42
Manage VPS-50-1 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$48
Manage VPS-100-2 Gb2 pcs100 Gb$85

Intel i53.8 GHz16 Gb8 pcs300 Gb$142
Intel Xeon E3-1230v3.2 GHz16 Gb8 pcs1000 Gb$233
Intel Xeon E5-262 GHz32 Gb12 pcs4000 Gb$382
Intel Xeon E5-26202 GHz64 Gb12 pcs4000 Gb$466

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The support offered is top-notch and the system runs at an impressive pace. While there may be a short adjustment period when switching to, you'll receive exceptional assistance from experts who truly understand the topic. My website.. Read more »
I decided to transfer my three websites from a different service mainly because offers better prices. One notable feature is their helpful and efficient live chat support, which always helps me resolve any problems I come across. However,.. Read more »
Overall, my encounter with was favorable. It is a great place to find reasonably priced domains that are easy to use, surpassing many other domain registrars. The only drawback is that occasionally limits the choices for conne.. Read more »
I chose to use to host my startup website. I am highly impressed by their easy-to-use interface, although I did experience some slowdowns on my website a few times. However, their supportive team promptly addressed the issue. Additionally.. Read more »
In my opinion, is the best hosting service in Pakistan that I have come across. It is extremely user-friendly and offers excellent tailored packages. I have never experienced any website downtime, and my site operates seamlessly. I have n.. Read more »
I have been a customer of for a while now and have multiple servers and clients with them. Recently, I moved some email accounts from another provider to a server, which also hosts the corresponding website. The migration went.. Read more »
Imran provides reliable and affordable hosting services in Pakistan. Their customer support is prompt and knowledgeable, always ready to assist with any potential problems. Overall, I highly recommend to anyone seeking a trustworthy.. Read more »
I find the hosting service provided by to be very easy to use and it offers advanced features such as scheduling environment, Git integration, and automatic backups. It is an ideal hosting option for users in Pakistan as it offers unlimit.. Read more »
One of the key aspects of this hosting service is its easy-to-use interface. Creating a website on is a simple task, and the platform's user-friendly dashboard makes it effortless to handle website content and configurations. Moreove.. Read more »
This is an excellent website for individuals in Pakistan who are seeking affordable and suitable hosting services. The hosting packages are cost-effective and come with a user-friendly Cpanel and site tools, allowing users to easily manage and modify.. Read more »
If you are searching for hosting services in the Asia region that offer satisfactory specifications, a free domain name, user-friendly interface, and nominal support, then this option may suit your needs. The hosting services are of good quality and .. Read more »
I had the opportunity to utilize the services of Host Pakistan and I was thoroughly pleased with the excellent quality and support they provided. They offer their services at a remarkably affordable price and even provide a free domain. Their server .. Read more »
Initially, I decided to upgrade from a free to a paid blogging platform and chose this particular site based on a friend's recommendation. It was a positive experience for me as a beginner blogger because I didn't require extensive premium .. Read more »
I am eager to express my thoughts on this hosting service. Whenever someone asks for a recommendation for reasonably priced hosting, I always suggest They provide 24/7 live chat support and have excellent uptime. I have discovered it to .. Read more »
Arfan has been an excellent collaborator in the development of my business project's app. I have personally communicated with the web developer, and the overall experience has been quite pleasant and convenient.
Starting with can be a beneficial choice if you have a restricted budget. Opting for their basic package will provide you with unlimited emails and MySql databases. If you are in the process of learning and wish to conduct experiments, ho.. Read more »
I have only utilized the hosting service provided by Pakistan for a few occasions, catering to local clients who have limited financial resources. In my opinion, their service is satisfactory when considering the cost, but it may not be suitable for .. Read more »
Thank you for allowing to publish a lead. It is an excellent hosting service that provides 24/7 live chat support.