rating: 8.6, reviews: 14
Country: United Kingdom
Servers: USA, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil
Panels: Vesta
Working: 16 years
Heficed.com is a hosting provider that offers specialized IP services and cloud infrastructure. Their platform is highly robust, although it may take some time to fully understand its functionality. The company places a strong emphasis on security, although there have been minor issues with SSL activation. However, their support team is professional, although the speed of their responses may vary.

One of the standout features of Heficed is their competitive pricing compared to other com.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Cloud 1 Linux DE-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$4.84
Cloud 1 Linux US-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$6.05
Cloud Windows 2 DE-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$29.04
Cloud Windows 2 US-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$33.88

Optimal Intel Xeon E-2146G3.5 GHz16 Gb6 pcs240 Gb$119
Best Value Intel Xeon E3-1270 v63.8 GHz16 Gb4 pcs240 Gb$129
Custom Solutions Intel Xeon E5-2643 v23.5 GHz98 Gb6 pcs-$579

Reviews on Heficed.com


Heficed distinguishes itself by providing specialized IP services and cloud infrastructure. Their platform is highly robust, although it requires some time to fully grasp its functionality. Despite their strong emphasis on security, I did encounter a.. Read more »
Heficed offers competitive pricing compared to other companies, and it is worth noting that your money is being put to good use. Their support team is responsive and efficient. The only issue is the lack of detailed documentation on hosting procedure.. Read more »
I have been utilizing Heficed as my hosting provider for my small website for some time now, and overall, I believe it is satisfactory. Their pricing plans offer good value for the cost and their interface is easy to navigate. Nevertheless, their cus.. Read more »
A client recently asked me to recommend a good hosting service, and I suggested Heficed.com. In my opinion, this hosting provider is highly reliable, offers better security and uptime compared to others. Many hostings charge more without delivering t.. Read more »
I am currently using a VPS service from this company and I must say their quality is impressive and their prices are excellent. They provide 24/7 support and their staff is highly professional. Whenever I have reached out for assistance, they have re.. Read more »
When I decided to switch from shared hosting to cloud hosting, I discovered Heficed, a well-known provider in the field. Their cloud hosting services were highly regarded, and their prices were significantly lower than other options. Initially, I enc.. Read more »
Heficed is an exceptionally unique hosting company that stands out in various ways. Their distinctiveness can be seen through their team members being openly displayed and their specialization in cloud hosting. Personally, when I made the switch from.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Heficed for a few years, and the main drawback I have experienced is frequent server downtime. This issue has been persistent most of the time. On the other hand, I find their user panel satisfactory, but their developer mod.. Read more »
After hearing about Heficed from a friend, I decided to investigate their services. However, I must admit that I am disappointed with hosting my website through them. It seems that their offerings are tailored more towards intermediate to advanced de.. Read more »
I work as a programmer and have been using Heficed.com for a while now. During this time, I have come across minor problems with the hosting service, such as an overrated UI panel that functions adequately but has a small glitch, making it challengin.. Read more »
I've had a negative experience with this company. Their own website is hardly functioning, which suggests they may not prioritize yours either. I strongly discourage anyone from using this company. However, it should be noted that their prices a.. Read more »
Heficed is the ideal option for those seeking an environmentally-friendly web hosting provider, with no unexpected fees. Their intuitive user interface and control panel, along with prompt live chat responses, make for a seamless experience. Addition.. Read more »
As a developer, I encountered a problem with the file transfer limit, but it was quickly resolved after seeking assistance. In contrast, with another hosting service, I had to interact with multiple support agents and spend hours before the issue was.. Read more »
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