rating: 9.9, reviews: 93
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia, USA, Germany
Panels: ISPManager, VMmanager, Vesta, Proxmox
Working: 15 years
Testing: 30 days
Handyhost.ru is an exceptional hosting service that stands out from its competitors in terms of efficiency, performance, and expertise. With a highly competent support system, they consistently provide prompt and competent assistance to their customers, ensuring that any issues are resolved effectively. This level of support gives a sense of security and trustworthiness, making them the best hosting service encountered by many users.

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Plans and Pricing

vHOST-0ISP Manager1 pcs1 pcs3 Gb$1.5
vHOST-1ISP Manager2 pcs2 pcs7 Gb$1.83
vHOST-5ISP Manager5 pcs5 pcs15 Gb$2.65
vHOST-10ISP Manager10 pcs10 pcs20 Gb$3.88
vHOST-25ISP Manager25 pcs25 pcs30 Gb$5.94

RU-KVM-1-1 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$3.01
RU-KVM-2-2 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$5.83
WIN-1-2 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$8.54
RU-KVM-3-3 Gb3 pcs60 Gb$8.58
RU-KVM-4-4 Gb3 pcs80 Gb$11.34

De E3-1275v53.6 GHz64 Gb4 pcs960 Gb$59.45
Fin i7-77003.6 GHz64 Gb4 pcs512 Gb$59.45
De AMD Ryzen 5 36003.6 GHz64 Gb6 pcs1024 Gb$75.66

Reviews on Handyhost.ru


Sergey Tamarovskiy
I have been using this hosting service for 2 years now, and I am completely satisfied!!! Before that, starting from 2004, I tried various paid and free hosting services, but when I found this one, I decided to stop searching.
I was impressed with the support. The situation was as follows - I was using a more expensive tariff than I needed. Not only did they easily switch me to a cheaper tariff, but they also explained everything and advised me on how to optimize my settin.. Read more »
Evgeniy Strelov
I used to host my websites on a different hosting provider. They are small websites related to my business. I create them myself, even though I am not a programmer. I try my best to understand everything. As a result, I have plenty of questions. I ha.. Read more »
Stanislav Mihaylov
I would like to highlight the hosting support in particular. They are always prompt and professional. They assist with technical issues that may not even fall under their responsibility. I highly recommend their hosting services to beginners, as the .. Read more »
Yuriy Medvedev
The support team operates professionally, quickly, and efficiently. They resolved the issue with the website's visibility on the internet and provided guidance on how to prevent it in the future. Thank you for resolving the problem.
Aleksey Lukyanenko
I have experimented with multiple hosting services, and what sets this one apart is their efficient support system, consistent performance, and evident expertise in their work. The support team consistently provides competent assistance, explaining a.. Read more »
Anna Sokolova
I have been utilizing the hosting services from 2017 until now (2023). Throughout this period, there have been no issues with the functioning of the websites. There was a moment when the site was hacked and had advertisements placed on it, but the te.. Read more »
Murad Omarov
I have recently begun utilizing this hosting service and, up until now, I am content with all aspects. The technical support is particularly impressive as they promptly respond and provide assistance.
Zhanna Aleksandrova
The hosting service is excellent! The technical support is outstanding, consisting of highly skilled professionals who respond quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend it to anyone.
Nadya Chepkasova
Good day! Thank you for the prompt support from specialist Semen!
Nadia Kirsanova
I have been using this hosting service for many years, and it satisfies me as a user. Everything is clear, accessible, and works well. But my biggest gratitude goes to the support team, they are simply amazing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. They are always available, respon.. Read more »
Arkadiy Kondratenko
I have been using handyhost.ru hosting for over two years. Previously, I was heavily reliant on reg.ru and managed 30 websites for various companies. The switch to handyhost was driven by their low prices. I have been pleasantly surprised by the qual.. Read more »
Nadia Kirsanova
I have been using this hosting service for a long time, and everything meets my needs as a user. The platform is user-friendly, efficient, and operates smoothly. However, my utmost gratitude goes to the exceptional support service. They are simply ou.. Read more »
Arkadiy Kondratenko
I have been utilizing the hosting services provided by handyhost.ru for over two years now. Previously, I was using reg.ru and managing 30 websites for different companies. I switched to handyhost due to their affordable pricing, and I am pleasantly .. Read more »
Vsevolod Kuznetsov
We were transferred from our old hosting provider (who ordered us to live long) - we were transferred correctly, everything works smoothly, and special thanks to the technical support team, they solve everything very quickly.
Vsevolod Kuznetsov
We were moved from the previous hosting provider, which had ceased functioning. The transfer was successfully completed and everything is functioning flawlessly. We are particularly grateful to the prompt technical support team for efficiently resolv.. Read more »
Svetlana Rodionova
I am very impressed with the hosting service. I have had experience with other hosts to compare it to, and everything is perfect for me. I am happy that we switched to Handyhost because it stands out from other hosts due to its top-rated technical su.. Read more »
Yevgeniy Vermut
I would like to express my gratitude to the Support Service for their efficient work. Surprisingly, my two websites were transferred to the hosting very swiftly, which was unexpected considering my previous experiences with other hosting support wher.. Read more »
Marina Sovalkova
Without any doubt, I can confidently state that this hosting service is the finest in Russia. The technical support team is composed of skilled and prompt individuals who have assisted me in resolving issues on multiple occasions.
Sergei Saveliev
I was in search of a new hosting option and decided to try HANDYHOST for one of my websites. I'm satisfied with their service so far, and I plan on transferring my other three sites to them as well. Not only is their price much lower, but the qu.. Read more »
Rustam Shigapov
We are extremely happy that we moved our site to HandyHost! The transfer process was done professionally, addressing even the smallest issues. The technical support team is efficient, composed, and highly skilled. After the transfer, we encountered o.. Read more »
Nikita Borodin
I want to emphasize the excellence of the technical support team. They have consistently proven their expertise by successfully resolving any issue I encountered. I am grateful for their assistance.
Dimitriy Rainbow
I switched from one top hosting service, and I'm as happy as can be! The customer support is amazing - they explain everything in a clear and simple way, without causing any stress, even when I make mistakes.
Artem Grushin
I would like to express my gratitude to the people working in this company! The technical support is outstanding! These guys are excellent, they do everything quickly and with high quality! They respond almost instantly! They always provide such deta.. Read more »
Anna Smirnova
Switching to reg.ru was like night and day. The technical support is incredibly prompt and knowledgeable - it's clear that the staff is genuinely interested in helping and ready to assist. Thank you!
Nadezhda Dutova
Great hosting, the best technical support! They help fix any flaws in website construction, always polite, prompt, and explain everything in a language that is easy to understand.
Evgeniy Kirillov
The best hosting! No other compares. I especially enjoy working with the support team. They assist with all inquiries.
Vyacheslav Vladimirovich
Excellent hosting. The best technical support. Response time - 2-3 minutes. Professionals at their craft. For comparison: at bluehost.com, conversations with customer support with subsequent resolution of simple issues took me at least an hour. And p.. Read more »
Roman Futman
I really like the hosting. The support team always provides prompt assistance.
Aleksandr Ustinov
I have been using HandyHost for all my domains for over 5 years. Here are the reasons: 1) Their technical support is incredibly responsive (I have never seen such quick response times from any other provider). 2) They offer reasonably priced domains.. Read more »
I manage my WordPress websites through HandyHost. There are two things about HandyHost that I really like: 1) The PRICES for registering .com and .ru domains and hosting are significantly lower than those of WordPress itself and other providers in Ru.. Read more »
Svetlana Alekseeva
Fast and efficient technical support is crucial for us. We greatly appreciate it and are satisfied with the service.
I have been using this convenient hosting for my website for several years now. The support is available 24/7 and they respond quickly to help, which is very pleasing. Thank you! And it is also affordable.
Pavel Borzenkov
Absolutely fantastic, I highly recommend it! The tech support is lightning fast, they respond instantly on chat and fulfill requests within minutes!
Maks Blinov
The guys from Handyhost support quickly and effectively helped me install a security certificate on my website. They explained and configured everything for me. And they fixed all my mistakes. Thank you so much!
Svetlana Tomilina
Handy has the best support out of all the hosting companies I know, and I've tried quite a few while looking for reliable hosting and adequate customer service. I've been working with Handy for over 3 years now, and I won't go anywhere.. Read more »
Vladimir Kulkov
I found HandyHost and I have not regretted it once! The support is prompt, the hosting is fast, and the management is convenient. 5 out of 5.
Svetlana Nechunaeva
I had a question about transferring my website to a different hosting provider, and I decided to go with Handyhost. And I have not regretted it. Whenever I encounter any issues, the technical support team responds quickly and resolves the problem wit.. Read more »
Svetlana Golovina
I would like to express my immense gratitude for the very prompt technical support. I needed to create a website and chose Handyhost as my hosting provider. I didn't regret it for a moment. I have very limited knowledge when it comes to understa.. Read more »
Nazario Davinche
I recently moved the project to this host. So far, it seems to be working fine. I'm satisfied with it. Let's see what happens next. Currently, I'm giving it a 5-star rating :) Hopefully, nothing will change.
Vitaliy Kolosov
The support team is excellent, the prices are affordable, and the contests are interesting))) Feel free to contact customer support at any time, they always provide prompt assistance.
I recently created a website on Handyhost hosting and I really like their technical support. They respond quickly and help with any issues I have with hosting, fixing my mistakes and assisting me with everything. Overall, the hosting is satisfying as.. Read more »
Edik Makarevich
The hosting is excellent! I recently purchased a website and the tech support team set it up and explained everything in great detail. They even taught me how to roll back the site if needed. It would take too long to explain everything, but these gu.. Read more »
I have been using the service for 6 months and I am very satisfied. The support team is always helpful and available to assist. They have helped me multiple times with solving issues on my website. I highly recommend it to everyone!
Ivan Novikov
I switched to this hosting after a series of horrible hostings, and I'm writing this review as a contrast: The support team is incredibly responsive and ready to provide consultation and real help in all matters. + They react quickly + They sol.. Read more »
Natalya Zhdanova
The technical support responds promptly. The friendly team solves almost all problems without exception. I highly recommend them.
Everything is in perfect order. The interface is user-friendly, the customer support is efficient, and the pricing plans are affordable.
Sergey Sadov
A huge thank you to the guys for their help and support. They solve all issues promptly!
Overall, my tariff is not the coolest, but it's sufficient for me to start with! Especially as someone who doesn't understand much about these things, everything is quite adequate. But the coolest thing is the support - it works constantly .. Read more »
Like everyone else, I was searching for a website and builder for my domain. I was too lazy to delve into all the details. However, the builder was easy to understand, and there was a video course adapted within the builder itself. In just one day, I.. Read more »
Aleksey Timofeev
The support is simply top-notch. These guys know what they're doing. The databases crashed and within 15 minutes all my websites were back up. I recently switched to them and couldn't be happier! Thank you!
Vyacheslav Vahrushev
I have been using the service of Hаndyhost.ru for 1 year already! I would like to highlight the affordable prices and the quality of the provided services! Most importantly, I would like to emphasize that the support team works very quickly!
Gennadiy Kolesov
I transferred my websites to this hosting from another hosting where I stayed for almost 10 years. To my delight, the technical support at HANDYHOST.RU turned out to be friendly and patient as well. They helped with transferring the websites and gett.. Read more »
I've been contemplating whether or not to switch to this hosting provider completely. Now, I'm glad I did. The support team is superb, they explain everything in detail and always provide assistance. I've tried many hosting providers o.. Read more »
I have been using the service Hаndyhost.ru for 2 years now! I would like to mention the affordable prices and the quality of the services provided! Most importantly, I would like to emphasize that the customer support works very quickly! They never r.. Read more »
Vladimir Taverin
I started using HANDYHOST for the first time in 2014. As we approach the year 2020, I can confidently say that in the past five years, I have not encountered a single problem with this hosting service! As a web developer, I have installed over 500 di.. Read more »
Aleksey Morohovets
For me, the main indicator of hosting quality is when you forget about the provider as if it doesn't exist (no need to call or write to fix anything). I've been using handyhost.ru for quite a while now and only remember them when I receive .. Read more »
Oleg Starshinov
I have been using this hosting service since November 2016. They transferred my website quickly and free of charge. The support team is highly responsive and helpful in resolving any issues. The speed and reliability are excellent, and I haven't.. Read more »
Svetlana Azeva
We switched to this hosting on the recommendation of our IT specialist, and we haven't regretted it once! Our two websites were transferred without any issues, everything is working smoothly, and the payment process is convenient. Over the cours.. Read more »
Aleksey Krasnov
handyhost.ru is an excellent web hosting service! The prices are reasonable, and the customer support is top-notch. They assist with everything you need. If you're a beginner, then this is the place for you!
Stanislav Vasilev
Great service! They have helped me out many times. Even though I live in Kazakhstan, I only use their hosting. Highly recommend.
I switched from an expensive VPS hosting with WordPress websites to HandyHosting. The price for the same quality of speed, reliability, and support has decreased by 10 times! The support is excellent.
The support team works very efficiently and provides high-quality assistance. I mistakenly transferred the domain incorrectly to WordPress, but the support team was able to restore everything I had done and make the necessary adjustments in real-time.. Read more »
Andrey Frolov
Hello everyone! Tech Support: The first thing I want to say is about Tech Support, because when I reach out to them, my soul just rejoices! They always help with any questions, not just related to hosting! They are knowledgeable and reasonable people.. Read more »
Aleksey Sobolenko
I paid for hosting and bought a domain. When I contacted customer support, they replaced the test domain with the purchased one within a minute. I am very satisfied so far.
Dmitriy Chaplinskiy
The technical support is just amazing, guys!!! I didn't expect anything like this, honestly! They respond within seconds, helped me update the domain name and connect the SSL certificate within a minute or two! I couldn't have done it mysel.. Read more »
The best hosting, seriously! I ran away in horror from two more popular hosts, mainly because of their customer support. Both had a ton of issues and had clueless and indifferent girls working there who couldn't solve anything. They wouldn'.. Read more »
Aleksey Ovchinnikov
I have worked with several hosting providers, and in my opinion, Handyhost is the best. I have never seen better customer support. These guys are simply amazing!
Enver Kasymov
Excellent hosting, very responsive support. The first time I have seen such a good attitude. Highly recommended!
Tatyana Rodionovskaja
I have been using this hosting service for the second year. At the time of writing this review, I have been running my websites on the internet for 9 years and have tried many different hosting providers. The quality of services provided by Handyhost.. Read more »
I couldn't help but write a review about Handyhost hosting. As an administrator and webmaster, I recommend this hosting to all clients. We have been using it for over 5 years. We hosted websites on both Joomla! and WordPress. We are satisfied wi.. Read more »
Pavel Plotnikov
I used to use different hosting services before, and each one had its own problems. It was really frustrating. I started trying different hosting options for my clients until I found HandyHost. Thanks to the guys for their amazing support. The servi.. Read more »
Maksim Skuratov
Hosting is great in every way: support, prices, and the quality of the services provided. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the technical support team. As a beginner webmaster, I make a lot of mistakes and often don't understand things, .. Read more »
Igor Grak
Fast and reliable hosting. I want to express my gratitude to the technical support team at HandyHost - Roman, Anton, Sergey, Ruslan, and other specialists. They are very knowledgeable, polite, and always ready to help at any time of the day, even on .. Read more »
Roman Kechin
Great hosting! I have had no issues with it for many years! Highly recommended.
Larisa Kuzmitskaya
I have a website that I created at the request of acquaintances for children's fairy tales, skazkikisuli.ru. I don't have any income from the website. Until 2013, I used a different hosting provider, but then that company merged and new man.. Read more »
Andrey Savelev
The hosting is really fast and powerful, it handles multiple WordPress portals effortlessly without any issues. There is the possibility of fine-tuning even virtual hosting. The option to choose PHP individually for each website. I have only contacte.. Read more »
Maxim Titov
I have been familiar with hosting for several years, and I would like to highlight the positive aspects: - The price is reasonable, and when paying for a year upfront, it becomes very attractive. - It is possible to test the hosting for a month and s.. Read more »
Tatyana Zhukova
I have been using HandyHost hosting for my website newsroyal.ru for the past year and I have never regretted switching from Reg.ru. Firstly, there was a free trial period of 1 month during which I could test it out. Secondly, the price is very attrac.. Read more »
Evgeniy Netseplyaev
I have been working with them for two years. They always provide quality support and resolve any issues promptly. Although there were some problems with website availability in the first year of work, everything has been fine recently. I want to expr.. Read more »
Sergey Milevich
This hosting service is absolutely fantastic, offering reliable and high-quality hosting with incredibly attractive pricing. The technical support team is available 24/7 and is exceptionally competent, responsive, and friendly - they surpass all expe.. Read more »
Mariya Kurtaeva
The website was built on Bitrix and then moved to Handyhost from another provider. The team set everything up perfectly, and it's working wonderfully! I didn't even think it would be this easy and straightforward to collaborate with Handyho.. Read more »
Dmitriy Zheltov
I have a small web design studio and I have been working with HandyHost for quite some time now. The hosting service completely meets my expectations and I am 100% confident that it would be a great fit for beginners as well as freelancers. The custo.. Read more »
Aleksey Konovalov
I have tried a lot of hosting providers and accidentally settled on Handyhost. I tested their hosting and eventually switched to VDS/VPS. The support team responds quickly and provides specific answers to the questions asked. I haven't noticed a.. Read more »
The VPS operates smoothly and websites run consistently and very fast. The technical support is excellent, always available online and ready to assist either with advice or action - any issues are resolved in just 10 minutes! These guys are professio.. Read more »
Roman Yakshenev
Handyhost is an excellent hosting service, among the many I have tried. But Handyhost is simply outstanding in every aspect.
A pretty decent hosting provider. Unfortunately, I didn't test it for long, but I was able to understand three main things that influenced my rating: 1. Stability - 4; 2. Performance - 4 (solid); 3. Technical support - 5. The support team genu.. Read more »
I got a server for accounting purposes that works flawlessly without any delays. In case of equipment wear and tear (which I have been using for a long time), the replacement process is quick. I am satisfied with everything; the quality is excellent.
Payment is convenient as almost all payment methods are available. I purchased a Forex server from them, paid by transfer, and have been using it ever since. I have not encountered any issues with its functionality. It's even strange that their .. Read more »
It is not in vain that the website mentions about European quality. I have already confirmed this on the very first day of work. Convenient data management, reasonable price. I like everything. If you need truly high-quality hosting, confidently turn.. Read more »
I have been using their services for about 3 years now, and I haven't encountered any major issues with the website's functionality (although there were a few instances when the site was temporarily unavailable). I have only reached out to .. Read more »
Oleg Matveev
I would like to write a review about the hosting service handyhost.ru. I have been using it for over 4 months for my organization's website. Everything works smoothly and without any issues. The support team is very responsive and always ready t.. Read more »
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