rating: 8.7, reviews: 22
Country: USA
Servers: USA, Canada, Netherlands, North America
Panels: cPanel
Working: 16 years
Testing: 30 days is an environmentally conscious web hosting provider that offers reliable and budget-friendly hosting services. With servers in various locations, they prioritize sustainability by using alternative wind and solar energy to power their network. They even contribute more power back to the grid.

Customers of GreenGeeks benefit from excellent load times and uptime, ensuring a fast and reliable website. They offer unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts, making it s.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Ecosite LitecPanel1 pcs-50 Gb$11.95
Ecosite ProcPanel---$16.95
Ecosite PremiumcPanel---$26.95

VPS 2GB Managed-2 Gb4 pcs50 Gb$39.95
VPS 4GB Managed-4 Gb4 pcs75 Gb$59.95
VPS 8GB Managed-8 Gb6 pcs150 Gb$109.95

Entry Intel Atom 330-2 Gb2 pcs500 Gb$169
Standard Xeon E3-12203.1 GHz4 Gb-1000 Gb$269
Elite Xeon E3-12303.2 GHz8 Gb-1000 Gb$319
Pro Xeon E5-26202 GHz16 Gb-1000 Gb$439

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I have been using Greengeeks for three years and I am extremely satisfied with their services. They excel in all the important aspects such as uptime speed, security, and customer support. The support team always goes above and beyond to help me with.. Read more »
I have been using GreenGeeks as my web hosting provider for more than a year. Their services have met my needs exceptionally well. They consistently provide fast and secure services with minimal security issues. Additionally, their uptime is impressi.. Read more »
For the last 8 months, I have been utilizing GreenGeeks as my hosting provider. Their assistance is beneficial, their cpanel, referred to as hpanel, is excellent for managing emails and backups, and their quick installation feature functions well, ex.. Read more »
I really love Greengeeks hosting and often recommend them to my clients. Their cpanel service is excellent. One feature that stands out is how quickly they install WordPress, usually taking only seconds to a minute, and it comes with a free SSL certi.. Read more »
I utilized the reseller account from greengeeks for over a year and hosted over 30 websites on this platform. In my experience, greengeeks stands out as one of the top hosting providers I have used. There are numerous advantages, starting with their .. Read more »
In my overall experience, GreenGeeks has been consistently reliable and satisfactory. Their pricing is excellent, offering great value for money. Additionally, their customer support is well-informed and willing to assist with various inquiries. Desp.. Read more »
Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. I opted for Greengeeks while creating a website for a client and I must say, it was an amazing experience. The performance, speed, and network reliability were outstanding. The client encountered some complicated .. Read more »
I have been using GreenGeeks for approximately three months and would like to express that if you are seeking a top-notch experience from this service, you will be disappointed. While their hosting services are not bad, they do not exceed expectation.. Read more »
I have been a Greengeeks customer for over two years and although there were some initial issues, their support team promptly resolved them. The support team is highly professional, and their servers are fast and secure. The uptime is excellent, and .. Read more »
For the past 14 months, I have been using GreenGeeks as my preferred hosting provider because they prioritize environmentally friendly hosting. Their fast speeds are a result of their high-quality hardware and advanced technology. I particularly appr.. Read more »
I am a fan of Green Geeks as a hosting company because they prioritize being environmentally friendly, which is not a common trait among hosting companies nowadays. I am impressed with their support, affordability, and the speed of their shared hosti.. Read more »
I find it amusing, but I have a strong preference for environmentally friendly hosting and services in general. After doing some research, I discovered GreenGeeks and instantly became enamored. Not only do they offer unlimited SSD space and bandwidth.. Read more »
GreenGeeks provides a complimentary domain for as long as the account is active, along with numerous additional perks. One notable advantage of GreenGeeks is their commitment to environmental sustainability. Therefore, for individuals who prioritize .. Read more »
If you are similar to me, you have a strong concern for the environment and feel responsible for caring for the Earth. GreenGeeks, like me, will definitely attract your interest! GreenGeeks relies on alternative wind and solar energy to completely po.. Read more »
I made the choice to move one of my websites from a specific host to GreenGeeks, and I am extremely pleased with that decision. A positive indication was that they did not charge me for the transfer. One aspect that I appreciate about this company i.. Read more »
My experience with GreenGeeks hosting provider was excellent. Despite initial confusion with their pricing, they provided numerous free features that were essential to me, such as website migration, unlimited disk space, a free domain, automatic back.. Read more »
I initially signed up for the cheapest $20/month plan and everything seemed great with the directories, FTP users, etc. However, the prices for all services suddenly went up by an additional $20/month. This seemed like a clear business strategy. I ha.. Read more »
I previously used greengeeks hosting for a client's website and found the services to be average. However, compared to justhost or bluehost at the time, Greengeeks was a better host. The support was timely and the communication was acceptable. T.. Read more »
The company, as indicated by its name, focuses on being environmentally friendly and has servers in various locations. They provide customers with free CDN, nightly backups, a 30-day money back guarantee, free domain and site migration, and offer pro.. Read more »
GreenGeeks provides hosting services at a budget-friendly price of $2.95 per month, ensuring both speed and dependability. Additionally, they prioritize environmental consciousness and sustainability. Their package includes unlimited bandwidth, stora.. Read more »
The reason why I continue to use GreenGeeks hosting services is because of their commitment to using 300% renewable energy, which sets them apart from other hosting companies and makes them the most environmentally friendly option available. Their ho.. Read more »
The main advantage of GreenGeeks is its environmentally friendly approach to web hosting. They also offer top-notch hardware and a selection of secure datacenters for a fast and dependable experience. However, the pricing can be somewhat deceptive, a.. Read more »