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Servers: Kazakhstan
Working: 15 years
Gohost.kz is a hosting provider that has been in operation for several years, offering services such as PHP, MySQL, and Virtual Hosting. However, some recent reviews from customers highlight certain issues they have encountered while using this provider.

One customer mentioned that their website's pages have been slow to load, particularly on weekends, and they frequently received the error message "Too many connections." This customer also shared their frustration with the provider's i.. Read more »

Reviews on gohost.kz


Nikita Trofimov
I have been using a VDS server on gohost.kz for a year now. I was pleasantly surprised by gohost's lightning-fast support on Telegram. Since I am not a networking expert, the support team has been a great help to me and they are the reason I con.. Read more »
Emre Karbanak
Responsive staff! The technical support is always available, which is undoubtedly pleasing. Thank you for the reliable service and prompt feedback.
Denis Sevastyanov
Great hosting! Excellent and fast support, they help solve any problem. Very responsive employees. I recommend it to everyone! Excellent employee Kanat.
I have been using it for 4 months, and everything is great. The support team is always available, as I had some issues with my device, and they quickly resolved all the problems through the Eni Desk. Thank you for your assistance, I highly recommend .. Read more »
Nikolay Melnik
Everything is great. I have been using it for a month. The support team responds quickly if there is any issue. The website works perfectly.
Gulshat Urikbaeva
Great hosting service! The technical support is amazing - they respond in practically 5 minutes, if not faster. Even late at night! They are patient with beginners. They will explain everything, show you how to do it, and provide links for learning. .. Read more »
Sergey Ahmetshin
I give a perfect 10 out of 10 for the speed and competence of the support. Respect and best wishes for further development.
Pavel Okar
If you are looking for a reliable platform for your tasks, then you are in the right place. Special thanks to the technical support team. These guys fully immerse themselves in your question to achieve the best result. Reliable. Accessible. Flawless.
The technical support is absolutely fantastic, they respond instantly and help with any issue. The prices are cheap and affordable for all users. The affiliate program is a whopping 25%, which is hard to find these days. I really enjoyed the hosting .. Read more »
Georgiy Lisovskiy
Great hosting service. Reasonable prices, fast service - all payments are processed within five minutes. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a vast information base that includes various guides and tips. I would like to highlight .. Read more »
Danilo Nedvetskiy
The support is superb, they restored the website from another hosting at midnight. Always available online, they respond quickly and, most importantly, they quickly do things that my developer should be doing. In my 10 years of working with websit.. Read more »
Sayat Kazbek
The best hosting and VPS VDS servers. The tech support is superb! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Ayganym Maleeva
This is a great hosting service. We switched to them from another hosting provider in Kazakhstan. Initially, it seemed like their team was small. This was evident in how quickly their support team responded and how they helped us. It was clear that t.. Read more »
Dima Stativka
Super hosting and superb tech support that will always help solve any problems, including technical tasks, day and night. Thank you, highly recommend!
Vladimir Banschikov
The service and support provided are top-notch! I was pleasantly surprised by the service. I will definitely recommend this service to everyone, whether they need it or not.
Vlagyiszláv Trubeckoj
I have been a customer for a short time, so I am currently evaluating the technical parameters based solely on my impression. I interacted with the technical support team during the hosting selection process and later during the website deployment. I.. Read more »
Vladimir Timokhanov
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the technical support department employees, Andrei and Valentin, as well as the entire team and management of Gohost. Thank you for your attentive, prompt, professional, competent, and polite attitude towa.. Read more »
Ruslan Ignatev
Today I got a server and it's working great, exactly what I needed for my requirements. Special thanks to the operator Valentin, he explained everything clearly and quickly regarding the optimal way to connect, he's amazing, top-notch suppo.. Read more »
Maksim Busel
Great service! I contacted them about VPS and immediately received assistance to set up everything I needed. They quickly and efficiently completed all the necessary tasks. The support team resolved all my inquiries. The speed and overall performance.. Read more »
Svetlana Gamzaeva
I was impressed by the support provided by this hosting service. As a webmaster, it is crucial for me. No matter what problem I encounter, the support team is always there to help. They either resolve the issue themselves or provide a link to a page .. Read more »
Anatoliy Shevchik
They were very helpful with setting up the SSL certificate.
The best web registrar I've ever encountered. The technical support is prompt, resolves issues efficiently and flawlessly! I highly recommend using this website!
Vladimir Lopaev
We have been collaborating with this hosting provider for several projects for a long time. They have excellent technical support, resolving issues quickly and efficiently. But the most important thing is their individual approach - they don't t.. Read more »
Alexander Gerassimenko
I have been hosting websites for various companies on my hosting platform for the third time now, and everything is going great so far. They respond to inquiries promptly and the navigation is intuitive. Throughout the years, I have only encountered .. Read more »
Anton Chopko
I was pleasantly surprised by the instant support provided via Telegram. I specifically searched for web hosting in Kazakhstan with the option to pay with webmoney, and it was a perfect match. I would like to wish the guys to continue developing in t.. Read more »
Talgat Zakiryanov
Great hosting, polite staff, responsive support - I have been using their service for 2 years. I want to wish them success, respect to you for taking care of the customer, the support team brings positivity even in difficult situations - this is what.. Read more »
Filipp Aleksandrovich
Good day. Let's get straight to the point. We have been working with gohost for about a year now, and everything is excellent. You won't find better customer support anywhere else. They are available 24/7, responsive, and professional. The .. Read more »
Shuhrat N.
Due to the mandatory transition to Kazakhstani hosting, there was a need to find a reliable hosting provider on the Kaznet. We decided to go with the guys from gohost.kz. We took a VPS during the trial period and slowly started migrating our projects.. Read more »
Anna Belova
I am very pleased with the excellent hosting service, especially the helpful technical support team who even assisted me with server configuration. The user-friendly control panel is easy to navigate, even for beginners, and there are plenty of payme.. Read more »
Adam Kosman
I had been searching for good servers specifically in Kazakhstan for a long time and stumbled upon gohost.kz. At first, I had some doubts, so I decided to take a trial period. It didn't even take a day for me to realize that the server was handl.. Read more »
We are forced to transfer our clients' websites from Russian servers to VDS servers in Kazakhstan. We liked the hosting because they have real customer support. From the first minutes of communication with their support team, it is clear that th.. Read more »
Dmitriy Pryanikov
The only hosting provider where the customer support actually solves issues. I know what I'm talking about, I've tried all the data centers in Kazakhstan. While they were resolving my problem, I was using their service for free. I'm ve.. Read more »
Zhumabek Әuelbek
Thank you very much! The hosting is fast and the support team is helpful. It is also a reliable hosting. The price is reasonable as well. Thank you so much! Keep it up gohost.kz!
Almira Zhumabekova
Thank you very much!!! They provide very fast and professional service!!!
I recently started using this hosting service, and one thing that pleasantly surprised me is that their support team is always available and tries to solve any requests until the end. We communicated through an online chat with a person on the other .. Read more »
Ruslan Bisenov
The best hosting service available today with an advanced panel that is user-friendly for both beginners and experienced users. And the best technical support available 24/7!
Anna Bogdanova
I have been working with this provider for two years, using PHP, MySQL, and Virtual Hosting. However, recently the website's pages have been slow to load, especially on weekends, and the message "Too many connections" keeps appearing. .. Read more »
Denis Yurin
The hosting company is a typical one. I changed to them from Altynhost and have been utilizing their services since 2011. Although the cost is slightly expensive, the exceptional technical support compensates for it entirely.
Eduardo Contreras
The hosting service is outstanding. I have personally never experienced the issues mentioned in the review. The support team is responsive and accommodating, even helping with payment problems by allowing payment postponement if necessary. Several of.. Read more »
I switched to this hosting after "Altynhost" in 2011. The price is definitely higher, but the quality of customer support fully compensates for this inconvenience.
Great hosting. I have never experienced any of the problems mentioned in the review above, and the support team responds promptly and is accommodating, allowing for payment extensions. Many of my acquaintances use their services and they recommended .. Read more »
I have been working with this provider for two years using Virtual hosting PHP MySQL, but recently, especially on weekends, the website pages have started taking a long time to load. I would see a message saying "Too many connections." I co.. Read more »