rating: 7, reviews: 163
Country: USA
Servers: Spain, USA, Germany, India, Netherlands, Singapore, North America
Panels: cPanel, Plesk 12, Custom-built
Working: 25 years
Testing: 30 days is a web hosting and domain registration company that has received mixed reviews from customers. Some users have had negative experiences with the company, citing server outages, inadequate support, and unethical pricing practices. These customers advise against using GoDaddy and suggest considering alternative service providers.

However, there are also positive reviews of GoDaddy, with customers praising its user-friendly interface, affordability, speed, dependability, and .. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

EconomycPanel1 pcs10 pcs25 Gb$5.99
DeluxecPanel10 pcs25 pcs50 Gb$7.99
UltimatecPanel25 pcs50 pcs75 Gb$12.99
MaximumcPanel50 pcs100 pcs100 Gb$19.99

DS-32 HDD Self-managed3 GHz32 Gb4 pcs8000 Gb$169.99
DS-32 Self-managed3 GHz32 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$179.99
DS-64 Self-managed4.5 GHz64 Gb6 pcs1000 Gb$229.99
DS-128 Self-managed2.9 GHz128 Gb16 pcs2000 Gb$379.99

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I discovered that GoDaddy is extremely user-friendly and simple to set up. I utilized it alongside AWS Amplify, and the entire process was incredibly effortless. I highly recommend using it.
I have been using this platform for purchasing domains for ten years now, and it is one of my favorites. What sets it apart for me is that I can use it for both domain name purchases and hosting. It excels in terms of affordability, speed, dependabil.. Read more »
For the majority of my clients, I have relied on godaddy hosting. It is particularly well-suited for collaboration with developers. They offer round-the-clock support and have a helpful faq section. In my experience, I have never encountered any prob.. Read more »
As the owner of a digital company, I have observed that Godaddy has a strong presence in the market for their services, being particularly well-suited for individuals without technical expertise. However, as a web development firm, I personally do no.. Read more »
I heard a lot of positive feedback about GoDaddy and decided to choose them for my major project. As anticipated, their service was excellent, with an uptime of nearly 99% and great support. However, we later discovered that we were paying significan.. Read more »
As a developer, it is always a difficult task for me to advise my clients on which hosting provider they should choose. In the majority of cases, I suggest GoDaddy as they are well-regarded for their exceptional performance and support. Their prompt .. Read more »
I have been a customer of Godaddy since 2012 and have been extremely satisfied with their round-the-clock customer support. Additionally, their hosting performance and compatibility have always put me at ease. I have hosted over 100 websites with the.. Read more »
For the past 4-5 years, I have relied on GoDaddy for both domain registration and email hosting. I am extremely satisfied with their services, as their email hosting is both dependable and reasonably priced. Additionally, I have found their website b.. Read more »
I agree with every negative review expressed by other users. You won't find a more incompetent company. Their support is nonexistent, they take your money and provide nothing in return. They transferred our data to a different server without not.. Read more »
You idiots, why do you enable the damn auto-renewal without being asked? Stupid assholes, you took 500 hryvnias and now it's impossible to get them back!! Assholes.
Godaddy is one of the best hosting providers I have had experience with. Their pricing is affordable considering the quality of service they offer, and their customer support is fast and helpful. I have recommended godaddy to several clients and have.. Read more »
I had a negative experience using GoDaddy for hosting my php websites and python backend web apps. The only positive aspect of GoDaddy is its user interface, which is easy to use and offers comprehensive features like file uploading and SSH setup. Ho.. Read more »
I initially used GoDaddy when they first started after seeing one of their ads and signing up. However, my experience with them was short-lived. Recently, I had a client who also used GoDaddy and once again, I was not satisfied with their services. T.. Read more »
I utilized their hosting and domain services for a considerable period of time. Initially, their web hosting was highly dependable and efficient, but their customer support was consistently sluggish and ineffective in addressing my issues. Furthermor.. Read more »
I had to collaborate with this service provider for some clients. They heavily advertise, which is why it is common to come across clients who have hosting and domain plans with them. However, purchasing a plan from them can be quite tricky, and many.. Read more »
GoDaddy is a reliable choice for individuals and small businesses who want to establish an online presence. Their visual builder is easy to understand and use. The user interface of their content management system (CMS) is also straightforward, clean.. Read more »
I have several domains with GoDaddy, and some of my Clients have been using their services for a long time. I appreciate their user-friendly interface, which allows for quick and easy domain management, even for those with less experience. However, I.. Read more »
I am a fan of GoDaddy in every aspect. Their service is excellent and their technical support team responds promptly. I have been in the website building business since 2007 and have tried numerous hosting companies, possibly even over a hundred. The.. Read more »
I have been a customer of GoDaddy since 2009. Initially, their services were excellent, but over time, their quality has declined. The performance of their servers is not as good as it used to be, and their customer support is also lacking. It often .. Read more »
Godaddy is highly reputable and widely recognized as a reliable hosting company, owing to its fast and dependable network and exceptional customer support. One standout feature is their convenient "website transfer tool" which simplifies th.. Read more »
The service is absolutely terrible, with no direct or responsive communication. After 4 months, my website displayed an "ERROR 404" message. The purpose of the website is to showcase an artist's portfolio. They are extremely unreliable.. Read more »
I would not recommend this company as they do not offer good products or services. Their prices are very high and they constantly bombard you with discounts on their website, but once you sign up, their chat support is nonexistent. If you need help, .. Read more »
In terms of pricing, GoDaddy is competitive and provides good value for money. As a large company, their support service can vary in quality. Personally, I have had positive experiences with their support teams in relation to managed server hosting a.. Read more »
At first glance, GoDaddy's shared hosting plans may seem affordable, but they can catch you off guard with higher prices upon renewal. While they offer a traditional dashboard, occasionally it can be confusing and easy to click on unnecessary fe.. Read more »
I couldn't work with the registrar properly. The DNS record is not being added because of some error, and the support is only available through a Moscow city number, and even then, only in English. The support team is unresponsive. I have decide.. Read more »
GoDaddy was just average and I have discovered superior alternatives elsewhere.
I do not recommend GoDaddy hosting. Although they excel in domains, their hosting services have been consistently inadequate. Additionally, they tend to create an illusion that they are the sole hosting option, which is untrue. Their prices are high,.. Read more »
In spite of the satisfactory support they provide, I am not satisfied with this hosting service. Every website I have worked on that is hosted there experiences frequent and unpredictable disconnections and downtime. In my opinion, the cost is not ju.. Read more »
GoDaddy, the dominant player in the domain industry, offers exceptional speed. However, the cost of renewing a domain is significantly higher compared to the initial price. It provides reliable hosting services for all your needs, except for backups,.. Read more »
Avoid using GoDaddy for hosting services. While it may be inexpensive, it is generally unreliable. The customer support team is unhelpful as they often do not speak English and have long wait times, typically over an hour, for basic inquiries. They f.. Read more »
In terms of hosting providers for my businesses, GoDaddy stands out as the most affordable and dependable option. I consistently find the best prices for my web domain and have even received complimentary benefits. Their cPanel offers easy accessibil.. Read more »
GoDaddy is a reputable hosting company that offers a wide range of services. I find it particularly convenient to use GoDaddy as my primary platform for purchasing, selling, and managing domain names. The support process with GoDaddy is excellent. Th.. Read more »
I am currently using godaddy to host my fitness website. However, their prices are quite high, especially considering they charge separately for emails and SSL. Additionally, their support team is always busy, possibly due to a high number of custome.. Read more »
As a Php Developer, I highly regard GoDaddy as a top-notch hosting provider. Their customer service and support have greatly exceeded my expectations. Although there are certain features missing, such as backups and staging areas, their user-friendly.. Read more »
I am uncertain about the reason for my continuous return to GoDaddy for hosting services. Perhaps it is because they offer a comprehensive range of hosting solutions that cater to all my needs. Over the years, I have hosted multiple websites on their.. Read more »
Godaddy is a hosting provider that offers affordable prices, efficient 24/7 support, and reliable server performance. If you are in need of hosting services for your online business or require a server, I highly suggest considering Godaddy due to its.. Read more »
GoDaddy is well-known in the U.S. for its domain name services and has recently ventured into hosting plans. However, the transition to hosting may not have been a wise decision. The hosting flexibility offered by GoDaddy is limited compared to other.. Read more »
I strongly advise against using Godaddy hosting. I attempted multiple times to transfer my client's website from my test server to Godaddy hosting, but encountered significant difficulties throughout the process. Additionally, when I sought assi.. Read more »
I have been using GoDaddy as my website hosting provider for nearly two years and I am satisfied with its performance. My website rarely experiences downtime and the pages load quickly. Additionally, the affordable plans offered by GoDaddy fit well w.. Read more »
I have been a long-time user of GoDaddy for the past 12 years. While they used to be my preferred choice, they have been surpassed by newer hosting providers who offer cheaper plans and better service. In recent years, their customer service, whether.. Read more »
I have been a satisfied customer of Godaddy for the last 5 years and have found their services to be of high quality. The only issue I encounter is the pricing, as there are other domain providers offering significantly cheaper prices than what Godad.. Read more »
I strongly dislike GoDaddy because they claim to be affordable, but when you factor in the costs of additional features like SSL certificates and addon domains that are offered for free by other hosting providers, it actually becomes more expensive. .. Read more »
Godaddy offers attractive starting prices, but they significantly increase after the initial year. I have had minimal interaction with their support team, but they have been excellent whenever I have reached out to them. The speed may not be the high.. Read more »
The issue with Godaddy is that their pricing plans appear attractive initially, but only for the first year or term. Renewals are significantly more expensive. Furthermore, their support team charges for even the smallest tasks that can be done quick.. Read more »
GoDaddy has a wide range of services but lacks quality customer service for their products. Their dedicated servers are relatively slow to moderate in performance. Although the servers were stable, there were other issues present. One of the problems.. Read more »
Godaddy is the web hosting provider that nearly everyone has given a try, as it is the most widely used option. However, popularity does not necessarily equate to quality. Despite their affordable price plans and offering domains at the lowest prices.. Read more »
Around a year ago, I bought a package from and paid a significant amount for a 3-year advance subscription. However, I recently acquired a different company and decided to dissolve the company that I had initially purchased the web produc.. Read more »
GoDaddy is the most unsatisfactory hosting company I have ever encountered. Their support, hosting services, and dashboard are all extremely poor. I have been trying to seek assistance from their support for over an hour and have received no help. A .. Read more »
If someone were to ask me for the most secure hosting option, I would suggest Godaddy. However, if you desire additional features and the best user experience, you will need to pay a higher price. Unfortunately, I am not pleased with the support prov.. Read more »
I utilized GoDaddy to acquire domain names for my clients. Additionally, I have utilized GoDaddy as a hosting provider. They offer competitive prices, reliable uptime, and satisfactory support. Furthermore, I rely on GoDaddy's domain search tool.. Read more »
GoDaddy, a well-known domain registration and hosting company, is considered to be the worst web host I have encountered. The only positive aspect is their affordable pricing with the help of coupons, but you should be aware that the quality of their.. Read more »
Godaddy provides a wide range of hosting services and is also one of the largest domain registrars. However, they are not the most affordable hosting company and their domains are generally more expensive. This gives the impression that you are payin.. Read more »
I prefer to refer to GoDaddy as the hosting service that raises its prices annually. Shared hosting is suitable for a blog or basic website with a limited daily visitor count.
I decided to try out godaddy because I saw their brand everywhere and wanted to see what they were all about. I purchased their standard hosting with domain plan for a wordpress server and chose a Singaporean server as my default location. The basic .. Read more »
Despite the slightly lower price, I unfortunately discovered several negative aspects. The refund policy was unsatisfactory, as they insisted that I contact them via phone, and the support team provided no assistance.
Although purchasing domains from this service is a good choice, there are better hosting services available. The prices are incredibly affordable, however, their support team lacks value. Slow responses and ineffective communication can be time-consu.. Read more »
I established a web design agency using Godaddy for a monthly fee of 3.99. The only drawback I encountered was the slow assistance provided with this plan. Therefore, I advise opting for a Godaddy hosting plan that offers online assistance, such as t.. Read more »
I have been using GoDaddy as a customer for the past two years. I initially chose them for their well-known reputation in the hosting and domain industry. However, it's important to note that their fame is not the only reason I recommend them. G.. Read more »
I had high expectations for GoDaddy, considering it is the largest hosting provider and domain name registrar globally. I had a client who already had their hosting set up with GoDaddy, and I needed to make some website changes. The client shared the.. Read more »
This hosting service offers several positive aspects, such as a reliable admin interface, a user-friendly site builder (which is also free), and excellent customer support and community. Additionally, one can select between Windows and Linux platform.. Read more »
Support is only available over the phone and only on weekdays. The website is extremely slow, with WordPress pages taking 20 seconds to load. When I inquired about a refund, they responded by stating that their company policy does not allow for refun.. Read more »
GoDaddy provides a variety of hosting choices for users. Linux hosting is advantageous as it enables the setup of intricate redirects for owned domains and performs various additional tasks apart from website hosting. However, the Wordpress solution .. Read more »
The host is trustworthy and offers helpful support around the clock. The prices, especially with coupons, are quite affordable. The uptime and loading speed are excellent. They provide various packages suitable for everyone. I highly recommend them.
This Domain Hosting service is among the top options available, with reasonable prices for hosting packages. It is user-friendly and has a reliable UpTime. However, its main drawbacks are its slow speed and support. The support team takes a significa.. Read more »
I have a neighbor who recently established a travel and tour agency. Since I am tech-savvy, we decided to purchase a domain from Godaddy, as they offer affordable options and the buying process is straightforward. Additionally, I discovered that Goda.. Read more »
I have had an average experience with godaddy and have some suggestions. The pricing and quality are average. I suggest purchasing domains from them due to their significantly lower and affordable prices compared to other providers. However, the majo.. Read more »
I utilized their WP service for a small website with low traffic, and I was satisfied with the overall outcome. The service is user-friendly, and it's easy to access information on their knowledge base, which is also available in Italian. It pro.. Read more »
According to one of my users, GoDaddy is often likened to a platform specifically designed for barbershops. Whether it is good or bad depends on your specific needs. For barbershops or small businesses/non-professional web users, it is considered goo.. Read more »
GoDaddy is widely recognized in the field of web hosting. One important aspect to highlight is their customer support. The team is always available, 24/7, and they are known for their prompt responses. They are also very patient and willing to assist.. Read more »
Regrettably, my client made the decision to use GoDaddy for Plesk Windows hosting a month ago, and I have encountered numerous issues with their customer control panel and support department. The primary problem was that it took me five hours on thei.. Read more »
My experience with GoDaddy has been a mix of positive and negative. It is undeniable that GoDaddy remains the most well-known choice for website owners. The beginning of my experience with GoDaddy, when I registered my website's domain name, was.. Read more »
I will begin by discussing the negative aspects of Godaddy hosting. There are several things that I dislike about their hosting service: - Firstly, navigating through their control panel feels slow and the design is not user-friendly. - Implementin.. Read more »
I have had a great experience working with one of the top hosting providers. Their reliability, performance, affordable prices, and extensive options make them an excellent choice for developers and experts. However, if you are not very knowledgeable.. Read more »
I have utilized GoDaddy multiple times. While it may not be my preferred web hosting service, it is widely recognized. The main drawback I encounter with GoDaddy is its customer service. The time it takes to receive a response can fluctuate, and ther.. Read more »
I frequently utilize GoDaddy as a hosting platform for my clients' websites, and I often seek their feedback. It appears that GoDaddy is a reputable domain registrar, and their web services encompass various tools such as web hosting, web securi.. Read more »
I have been familiar with Godaddy on several occasions and thought I would give it a try. To be honest, their website is not very user-friendly, especially for beginners in the hosting industry. However, I must say that their prices are fair and you .. Read more »
Godaddy is a well-known provider that offers VPS plans. We utilized their inherited VPS plans for high traffic websites and found the speed to be satisfactory, similar to a dedicated server. The pricing was average, but it should be noted that the co.. Read more »
I would consider it a decent service, but not the top choice. I have received better advantages for a lower cost from other hosting services. Godaddy charges excessive fees for domain registration and renewal, which can be pricier than other options... Read more »
I had been a customer of Godaddy for almost ten years before I reached a point where I decided I couldn't continue anymore. The only positive aspect about them is that there's always a coupon available to make the initial year of hosting co.. Read more »
Almost everyone is familiar with Godaddy, the hosting service that has gained popularity through YouTube and influencers. They have made a significant effort to advertise and promote their services. While I appreciate their marketing strategy and the.. Read more »
I am not completely happy with their services. I am currently using the Webhosting Deluxe plan, but my websites frequently experience unexplained downtime. I suspect this is due to the fact that it is a shared hosting service and other websites may b.. Read more »
I have been a customer of this company for 2 years and I can confidently say that I am satisfied with their services. It is wonderful to have the option of purchasing domains at such excellent prices, and they offer a wide range of services to choose.. Read more »
I have frequently utilized Go Daddy for registering domains, but I have only utilized their hosting services for a small number of clients. Their prices are fair and you receive what you pay for. Additionally, if you are managing hosting for numerous.. Read more »
I create numerous websites for clients who opt for GoDaddy services. Although I appreciate their domain name registration services, I strongly dislike their hosting approach. It appears to be complicated and excessively expensive.
I have been using GoDaddy for almost four years and I am extremely happy with their affordable pricing, reliable service, and high quality. GoDaddy is an excellent choice for individuals in the web design and development industry as it allows you to.. Read more »
If you're willing to spend a bit more for increased security and dependability, this is an excellent option. The support team is always available to help through live support for any problems that may arise. The website functions exceptionally w.. Read more »
I used GoDaddy last year because they had .yoga domains available. I placed an order for multiple domains with different TLDs, but they added something different to my account than what I had selected. It took about a week to resolve this issue, but .. Read more »
I have to be honest, I am not a fan of GoDaddy. They might be okay for a cheap shared hosting service, but they are not impressive. Their customer support is inconsistent, sometimes helpful while other times neglectful of paying customers. Their man.. Read more »
In general, Godaddy is a good option as they offer extremely affordable rates for the first year. However, their new website design can be somewhat confusing. The most negative aspect of my experience with Godaddy is that I unintentionally added a do.. Read more »
You can access all the services offered by GoDaddy by simply logging in. They have a reliable live chat feature that provides immediate assistance if you encounter any problems. Although I personally haven't used their hosting service extensivel.. Read more »
As a Web Developer, my primary tool is GoDaddy. The platform is well-organized and offers numerous options for scaling up any website. Occasionally, the platform can feel overwhelming due to the abundance of choices, but their excellent Support line/.. Read more »
GoDaddy is a highly recommended hosting service that is user-friendly, making it accessible even for beginners like me. The round-the-clock customer support and user-friendly website made my experience hassle-free. I was able to find a suitable domai.. Read more »
Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who is unfamiliar with GoDaddy. Personally, I have always been a fan of their constant presence on social media and their memorable advertisements during the Superbowl. When it comes to hosting services, GoDaddy i.. Read more »
Opting for Godaddy was a truly excellent choice I have ever made. One of the aspects I appreciated about this hosting service is their constant security monitoring, ensuring protection against cyber criminals using DDoS attacks. Furthermore, my websi.. Read more »
I used to be a fan of GoDaddy and have purchased their services multiple times when I first started building websites. However, I must mention that I have been let down on more than one occasion. Generally, their customer support is satisfactory, and.. Read more »
I consider Godaddy to be a dependable website for registering domain names. Although I attempted to use their hosting services, I found their control panel difficult to navigate. However, aside from that, their website performs admirably. It is incon.. Read more »
Unless you manage to find a coupon, the prices for GoDaddy's products are excessively high, despite their excellent customer support. While it is relatively simple to locate a coupon, it is bothersome that they overcharge customers who do not ma.. Read more »
I have utilized the services of Godaddy and have conflicting opinions on this hosting provider. Initially, I experienced excellent server uptime and encountered no problems. However, they appear to be pricier compared to other hosting providers. Init.. Read more »
A major contender in the hosting industry, this company provides a fairly reliable service at extremely affordable rates. However, because of the high number of users, occasional delays in server response and customer support may occur. It is worth n.. Read more »
In my experience, Godaddy stands out as an exceptional hosting service. I am currently utilizing their basic plan, which includes a generous 100 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, this plan offers convenient one-click installations for.. Read more »
I have been a user of Godaddy for approximately six years. As a web developer, I rely on Godaddy for both my personal website and for many of my clients' websites. In my own experience, there are several advantages to using Godaddy. Firstly, it .. Read more »
I would like to share my thoughts on Godaddy. Despite the many negative reviews, I am personally satisfied with this provider. The prices for their services are excellent and cannot be disputed. I have purchased an additional 8 domains from them, inc.. Read more »
Initially, the control panel is inconvenient and frequently malfunctions. Additionally, the servers have inconsistent uptime and the speed of accessing files can vary significantly, occasionally taking several hours to download a 50 MB file. However,.. Read more »
I do not recommend it. If you use their builder for 5-7 thousand per year, you will receive a bill for 350 thousand after a month. They are speculators.
The support they provide is excellent. It may take some time to get connected, but the great thing is that they offer support in the customer's preferred language. The plans are affordable and the speed is satisfactory. In general, it is an aver.. Read more »
GoDaddy is a dependable company that offers domain and hosting services. I appreciate the reliability of their services; however, their pricing system is not always transparent. They may advertise one price for a service, but additional fees for othe.. Read more »
I have been a loyal customer of Godaddy for the past decade, primarily purchasing domains from them. They are the top choice for domain purchases in my opinion. However, I recently bought a managed WordPress hosting plan from them and noticed that th.. Read more »
Because many people who use GoDaddy for web hosting lack experience in web development, and because many of the readers of this review are experienced in web development, I will provide this review specifically for web developers who have clients usi.. Read more »
I have had a positive experience with using GoDaddy for purchasing and hosting a domain name. They are easy to use and affordable, and they also offer attractive discounts. However, I find their packages to be somewhat complicated to navigate, and th.. Read more »
I have always had a negative opinion of GoDaddy, probably because of their constant upselling and the fact that I am unsure if it's their name or their business practices that bother me. It's surprising that they have been in operation for .. Read more »
I am writing this review to discuss my experience with GoDaddy Linux web hosting. I have utilized both their older hosting services without CPanel and their newer CPanel-based hosting services, and I would like to share my opinions. It is widely kno.. Read more »
I predominantly utilize godaddy services to establish websites for my clients. Their reliable uptime and fast speeds leave a positive impression. However, this positive experience is overshadowed by the subpar support team and excessive upselling. Th.. Read more »
I have utilized GoDaddy for hosting the websites and emails of my clients, and overall, the experience was satisfactory. However, their billing and control panels could be more organized. The support was satisfactory, and in cases where the chat was .. Read more »
Godaddy is an extremely poor domain and hosting provider that operates in a manner similar to a scam. It is disheartening to witness companies behaving in this manner. There are numerous issues with Godaddy, but I will only mention a few. Firstly, th.. Read more »
I have had negative experiences with GoDaddy's hosting services due to their slow speed. However, I really appreciate their domain registration service, which I find to be efficient. In terms of DNS propagation, GoDaddy stands out as one of the .. Read more »
I really like that they offer unlimited disk space and a free domain, unlike Siteground. Additionally, their backend interface is now more streamlined and user-friendly, which is perfect for beginners. Their long-term pricing is also more affordable... Read more »
The price of $2.99 per month for decent response speed and stable uptime may seem appealing, but it actually only includes a basic plan with 100 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. They also offer a free domain name, website builder, and business .. Read more »
I have had a positive experience with the hosting provider I used for my website. The options for space and hosting are affordable, and the customer support is friendly. There was a minor issue with the web server once, but they quickly resolved it a.. Read more »
Auto Renew is inherently unauthorized. By default, all products and features have Auto Renew enabled, resulting in funds being deducted from your credit card without your knowledge. Removing your card details for future transactions is not easily acc.. Read more »
Advantages: - Starting a website is made simple and affordable with their low-cost hosting options - Offers advanced hosting services and additional products for website growth - Provides round-the-clock live support through chat and phone Disadvant.. Read more »
As a GoDaddy Pro services provider, I have utilized various products from GoDaddy for both personal and client projects. The managed WordPress hosting is highly commendable in terms of its affordability, as it functions smoothly without requiring com.. Read more »
GoDaddy provides satisfactory support and bandwidth speed. They also have a wide range of one-click installation options, making it convenient to get started. However, the basic plan does not include important features like SSL, backups, or site migr.. Read more »
This hosting provider is renowned and has been around for a long time. They have competitive prices and a wide range of plans to choose from. Additionally, they provide a website builder tool that allows even beginners to create websites easily throu.. Read more »
I do not recommend using GoDaddy. I have been a customer since 2016 and despite hearing positive things about them, my personal experience has been disappointing. I have encountered slow speed, a lack of 24/7 support, and frequent downtime. While GoD.. Read more »
Rare crap. The domain is gone. It was here and now it's not. No one is looking for it. The deceitful support on the phone promises to figure it out and call back. And there's nothing. No email, no tickets, nothing at all. This scam is just .. Read more »
I was satisfied with the service provided by This website has been in existence for a long time, enabling them to provide a high-quality product. When I first started creating my own websites, I was advised to use this hosting site. They.. Read more »
GoDaddy, a company that offers domain registration and hosting services, is known for its poor service and aggressive sales tactics. They prioritize selling everything to customers, regardless of their actual needs. Based on my personal encounters wi.. Read more »
GoDaddy has proven to be a highly dependable hosting provider for my website, even with their shared hosting options. I appreciate the convenience of their 1-click installations for various open source apps like WordPress and Joomla, which were previ.. Read more »
Godaddy, a well-known domain registrar and webhost, is not a service that I have personally been satisfied with. While they are a decent registrar, they are not the cheapest option and there are better deals available from other registrars. Additiona.. Read more »
GoDaddy, the leading domain registrar, also offers various hosting plans including Shared, WordPress, Cloud, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Servers. Their speed and overall uptime are impressive, and they provide 100Gb space, unmetered bandwidth, and a.. Read more »
I deeply regret choosing this hosting provider. There are numerous aspects that need improvement, ranging from the price to the security of their service. Renewals at this hosting provider are quite expensive. Even the support staff's service is.. Read more »
Godaddy is my top choice for hosting services due to their extensive range of options. They are considered pioneers in the hosting industry and provide a comprehensive range of features. The technical aspects of their hosting services are excellent, .. Read more »
GoDaddy is widely regarded as the top choice among web hosting providers. Although it may not be the fastest, it excels in terms of offering a comprehensive range of services and administration tools. GoDaddy has made significant efforts to simplify .. Read more »
I found Godaddy to be highly dependable and had no problems using their hosting service for my clients as an experienced web hosting developer. It is particularly suitable for small projects due to its affordable price. Additionally, Godaddy offers s.. Read more »
I do not recommend this company! They asked for payment for a domain, which was paid for last year, and this year the registrar deducted the money from the card without notifying me. What's particularly frustrating is that the domain renewal cos.. Read more »
Godaddy is the leading company in the hosting industry, offering a wide range of plans to cater to different needs. One feature that stands out is the Delegate access, which allows for secure and controlled access to technical support without disclos.. Read more »
I strongly advise against purchasing multiple domains from Godaddy. Last summer, I bought "Managed Wordpress Hosting" and an SSL certificate. However, when we started building the site, we couldn't understand why both the front and ba.. Read more »
The website has excellent speed and reliability. I chose to host my client's websites on GoDaddy, which provides an uptime of 99.97%. Additionally, the average speed is 389ms, which is quite impressive. The combination of strong uptime and fast .. Read more »
Advantages: - The installation of applications is quick and trouble-free. - The presence of an IP Blocker feature in the CPanel enhances website security. - The uptime percentage of Godaddy is commendable at 99%. Disadvantages: - Only certain contra.. Read more »
I had a disappointing experience with the hosting service. When I tried to use API in my solution, was unable to handle the high volume of incoming and outgoing requests. There were also significant security concerns, as the website was h.. Read more »
The host is average overall. I do recommend them for domain name registration, but not for web hosting. If you choose the most expensive plan, everything works quickly and there are additional server settings options. However, if you want to save mon.. Read more »
I have conflicting thoughts about this hosting provider. On one hand, they have a website that supports multiple languages, which may be important to certain clients. I cannot comment on their support as I only interacted with the English-speaking te.. Read more »
I'm not happy anymore. I registered a couple of months ago, thinking it was a great hosting service. I'm not familiar with this stuff, I didn't even know what an SSL certificate was. Other registrars give it for free, but here they wan.. Read more »
The technical support is useless and incompetent, as they only work over the phone. There are issues with setting up the workspace on the hosting platform.
I do not suggest using this host in comparison to others like hostmonster and hostgator. The Cpanel is quite perplexing, and even accessing it is not done through the typical URL. Most extra services come at a cost, including Perl. However, Godaddy i.. Read more »
They engage in theft of their clients' funds. A one-time payment is treated as a recurring subscription, resulting in money being deducted from the customer for renewal services that are not utilized. Receiving a refund is unattainable, and canc.. Read more »
I renewed my domain registration two months before it was set to expire and received confirmation letters indicating that the renewal was successful. However, on the last day, I received a message stating that I would own the domain the following day.. Read more »
I purchased hosting for a customer who wants to target a European audience. Consequently, there are no delays and the ping is within the normal range. Other than that, there is nothing noteworthy about it. It is simply regular, standard hosting.
I advise against using this hosting provider, particularly for Joomla. Although it has an appealing interface and a good reputation, this hosting service frequently experiences delays. During the summer, there were server issues that were the provide.. Read more »
The website is peculiar as it offers internet services but lacks the ability to communicate via email, restricting communication solely to phone calls. Despite using the service satisfactorily for three years, we encountered a problem when renewing o.. Read more »
I signed up my client's website with this hosting provider. The prices are reasonable, but the control panel system didn't appear to be user-friendly.
I've never seen such a disgusting customer support service. In Moscow, no one answers in Russian, in English, they put you on hold or promise to call you back, and that's it. There is no online support at all. It is impossible to resolve an.. Read more »
Terrible hosting. Firstly, there is only phone support, with roaming charges of course, no toll-free number. And even then, it is impossible to get through to them at all: "All operators are busy". There are no other ways to contact them - .. Read more »
Everything is fine.
I have been using the hosting service since 2007 alongside 1gb. I haven't switched solely because I'm too lazy to migrate everything. The customer support is currently very poor. It wasn't great before, but at least there were tickets .. Read more »
I'm not a master, there's nothing special on the website, something like a blog. But even in this situation, the website "hung" as soon as two admins logged in at the same time. When I asked a specialist to work on the visuals, fo.. Read more »
Blatant money theft from customers. A one-time payment is disguised as a subscription, and money is deducted from the client for services they do not use. It is impossible to get a refund and nearly impossible to unsubscribe once it has been set up. .. Read more »
Vladimir Nikolaevich Goncharov 22.11.2014 20:36 Two months before the domain registration for was set to expire, I placed an order and paid for a domain hold service with them. I received emails notifying me of certain changes regard.. Read more »
I strongly do not recommend it. Especially for Joomla. Yes, it may look nice and have a well-known hosting company. However, the performance is terrible, and they have been experiencing server issues this summer. Akeeba Backup officially disassociate.. Read more »
There is a strange website that provides internet services but lacks the option to communicate via email, only through phone calls. We have been using their service for 3 years and were very satisfied until they charged us an extra $50 for the automa.. Read more »
I purchased hosting for a client targeting the European audience. As a result, there are no slowdowns and the ping is normal. Other than that, I can't say anything special about it - it's just your typical hosting.
I registered the client's website on this hosting service. The prices are reasonable, but I found the control panel interface not very user-friendly.
I would not recommend using this host compared to others like Hostmonster and Hostgator. The cpanel is very confusing (even accessing it is not from the standard URL). Most additional services are paid (even Perl). However, it is probably the largest.. Read more »