rating: 9, reviews: 14
Country: India
Servers: USA, India
Panels: cPanel
Working: 14 years is a reliable and affordable hosting provider that offers a range of hosting services suitable for various customers and websites, including WordPress, Joomla, and custom websites. One of the standout features of is its fast loading speed, which ensures that websites hosted on their platform perform well. Additionally, they provide SSL certification and prioritize high-level security, giving customers peace of mind.

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Plans and Pricing

SSD BasiccPanel1 pcs5 pcs-$0.58
SilverPlesk1 pcs--$0.6
SSD StandarcPanel3 pcs-2 Gb$1
SSD AdvancecPanel5 pcs-5 Gb$1.38

Personal Cloud SSD-2 Gb2 pcs-$11.98
VPS1 SSD-2 Gb2 pcs20 Gb$14.38
VPS2 SSD-4 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$23.98
VPS3 SSD-6 Gb3 pcs80 Gb$53.97
VPS4 SSD-8 Gb4 pcs120 Gb$74.36

Standard Intel E3-1220LV22.3 GHz4 Gb2 pcs1000 Gb$91.16
Business Intel E3-1265LV22.5 GHz4 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$119.95
Standard SSD Intel Xeon D-2141 I2.2 GHz16 Gb8 pcs500 Gb$163.74
Pro SSD Intel Xeon D-2141 I2.2 GHz28 Gb8 pcs1000 Gb$193.13

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