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Working: 12 years is a domain registrar platform that provides complimentary domain names for a duration of 12 months. They offer five distinct ccTDLs (.tk, .ga, .ml, .cf, and .gq), with most domains being free, except for certain premium ones. The website's domain management services function excellently, offering all the features of a paid registrar. The setup for domain hosting is speedy, making it ideal for small projects or clients that require a fast and no-cost domain. The website is easily nav.. Read more »

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They provide complimentary domain names which I utilize. They provide 5 distinct ccTDLs, with all domains being free, except for certain premium ones. Their domain registrar platform functions excellently and offers all the features of a paid registr.. Read more »
Freenom offers a free domain service, which I have consistently utilized when creating websites. However, the process of connecting the domain to hosting can be time-consuming and occasionally results in lengthy delays or even account suspension. The.. Read more »
I have utilized freenom domains for my affiliate marketing efforts. They provide free domains with extensions such as .tk, .ga, and .ml. However, I recently encountered technical problems when attempting to order a domain from them. Unfortunately, th.. Read more »
Any free domain is taken This is a fake scam... let's get out of here. I couldn't find out anything.
Whenever I require a fast and no-cost domain for a small project or client, I consistently turn to Freenom. They have proven to be highly dependable, offering a speedy setup for domain hosting and an easily navigable website for finding information. .. Read more »
Freenom is an exceptionally distinct hosting website that offers a remarkable feature of free domains. This is highly advantageous for individuals like me who wish to test before making a financial commitment. Although there are occasional issues wit.. Read more »
Freenom is a popular provider of free domain names, offering several options such as .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, and .gq. While they do provide domains for free for a year, I have personally experienced occasional unavailability of their domain management se.. Read more »
Freenom stands out as a distinct hosting platform that offers free hosting as long as your domain is still accessible. After exploring their website, I found it to be reliable, although certain aspects were a bit unclear. Additionally, they provide t.. Read more »
Do not register domains with this registrar! They are SCAMMERS! As soon as your domain becomes of any interest, YOU WILL LOSE IT 100%. First, they blocked one domain, I submitted a ticket and after a week, they simply took away all the domains! By th.. Read more »