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Country: Ukraine
Working: 21 years is a hosting service provider that has been operating since 2010. They have grown and improved over the years, establishing their own data center and developing multiple hosting plans. Despite some negative reviews, there are also positive experiences shared by customers.

One of the main concerns raised by reviewers is the misleading information provided on the website. The PHP limit mentioned on the site is revealed to be five times lower during the ordering process. Th.. Read more »

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Hosting intends to give a rating based on their own criteria rather than those mentioned here. Consequently, they have given a conditional rating that reflects the reality, but they strongly advise against using this hosting service. The first misle.. Read more »
I have collaborated with them for more than 11 years. Throughout this duration, the company has experienced growth and improvement, establishing its own data center and developing multiple plans. I highly suggest working with them!
We have been providing hosting services for a considerable period, starting from 2010. Throughout this time, we have successfully transitioned to a new server. Our websites have remained functional without any significant interruptions. In the past .. Read more »
I have been utilizing this hosting service for eight years now. There are likely only a few options that offer a similar price-to-quality ratio in UA-IX. I am extremely content with it, and we are continuing to collaborate.
I have been utilizing their hosting service since late 2019 and have had a positive experience. I ordered hosting for a year and as a result, received a free domain. The support team has been helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. However, it is also e.. Read more »
To begin with, the name is deceiving as there is no actual free service available. Furthermore, it is not even the most affordable option. The control panel is quite complex, making it difficult to navigate without assistance from technical support. .. Read more »
While the reliability may not be excellent, considering the price and quality relationship, it is still a favorable option.
The control panel is difficult to use and the FAQs provided are of poor quality. The file manager requires all operations to be performed through the browser, which is inconvenient and does not guarantee that files will be unpacked correctly. When I .. Read more »
For a duration of six months, my website was hosted on this platform without encountering any major server issues. There was only a slight delay of approximately 5 minutes at one point. I didn't extensively familiarize myself with the control pa.. Read more »
The hosting service is satisfactory with prompt technical support and a fair balance between price and quality.
I have been using this hosting for three years now. In the first two years, there were numerous issues with delays and unexpected disconnections. However, these problems were typically resolved within an hour, although it was an unpleasant experience.. Read more »
A few of my websites are hosted on their virtual servers. I must admit, they are not the worst hosting provider, but they are far from being perfect. They handle site issues unprofessionally. They lack appreciation for their customers. When requestin.. Read more »
The hosting service is highly commendable, thanks to its skilled and affordable professionals. I would like to emphasize the advantageous email anti-virus feature provided by dr.web, which allows for flexible configuration, and the ample storage spac.. Read more »
I have been utilizing the services of this hosting company for a duration of 2 years. I am satisfied with the efficiency of the servers' performance as my website experienced only one instance of downtime throughout this entire period, lasting a.. Read more »
I have been utilizing their services for a span of 4 years. Throughout this time, I have not experienced any website outages or decreased speed, and the need for technical upkeep is very minimal. The support team is consistently responsive, regardles.. Read more »
I have been using this website for hosting purposes for a duration of 6 years. I am highly satisfied with the dependable customer support and the quick downloading speed of my online store. The control panel efficiently helps me tackle various minor .. Read more »