rating: 9.2, reviews: 192
Country: USA
Servers: USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore
Panels: cPanel, ISPmanager, DirectAdmin, Plesk
Working: 12 years
Testing: 7 days is an outstanding hosting service that has garnered high praise from its users. Customers have reported being satisfied with the service and support provided by Fozzy. One reviewer mentioned receiving a promotional code that offered a delightful 10% price reduction, highlighting the competitive prices offered by Fozzy.

Users have described Fozzy as a hosting service that people rarely leave. Many have been utilizing their services for several years and have found them to be re.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

STATIC SITEDirectAdmin1 pcs-2 Gb$3
ASP.NET FAST WEBSITEPlesk1 pcs1 pcs7 Gb$4.97
FAST WEBSITEcPanel, ISP Man1 pcs1 pcs7 Gb$4.97
5 Fast WebsitescPanel, ISP Man5 pcs5 pcs10 Gb$6.22
ASP.NET 5 FAST WEBSITESPlesk5 pcs5 pcs10 Gb$6.22

FAST FOREX VPS-1 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$0
Windows VPS 30 GB SSD NL-1 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$0
2 GB RAM Clean system-2 Gb2 pcs45 Gb$7.5
2 GB RAM CentOS + ISPmanager Lite-4 Gb4 pcs90 Gb$14.99
Windows VPS 30 GB HDD NL-1 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$29.99

Minecraft. Iron5 GHz2 Gb1 pcs8 Gb$7.98
ARK: Survival Evolved. Dodo5 GHz2 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$10.98
Arma 3. Charlie5 GHz2 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$12.98
Dell PowerEdge R2203.3 GHz32 Gb4 pcs2000 Gb$105

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I have been using this hosting provider for about 2 years. It was satisfactory for its price of $2.5/month. However, last month they increased the price to $15/month, claiming that everything has become more expensive for them. It seems like a local .. Read more »
I barely escaped from them! The worst experience I've had with hosting providers! I do not recommend them to anyone! Websites were down for days, while the support team claimed they were working! And then it turned out that there was something w.. Read more »
It used to be a great hosting. I used it for several years and everything was fine. But then they first banned Russians from the affiliate program, well, I didn't really care, but still had a bitter feeling about it. I left them for some reaso.. Read more »
It seems that Foxy hosting will no longer operate in Russia, or so it seems to me. They warned everyone that they are kicking users out, but you can stay if you access their hosting through a VPN and pay at least 500 communist rubles, but in dollars... Read more »
I have been a long-time user of Fozzy hosting. However, lately, I have been constantly facing issues. Today, another problem arose. In February 2022, I signed up for a program that offered free hosting for website developers with the condition of pla.. Read more »
I have just started working with Fozzy and so far, my experience has been unsuccessful. Their technical support is only available through email (they have even disabled the chat with technical support on their website). They have been unable to solve.. Read more »
I have been using this service for a long time. Everything is satisfactory, and the support is top-notch! I was given a promo code that gives a 10% discount, and I'm happy about it!
The guys quickly solved my non-standard task. They went where regular hosting providers don't dig into the website code... made some adjustments, and everything started working. Thanks a lot to the Fozzy Team!
I have been using the service for quite a while now and transferred all my domains to Fozzy. The prices are reasonable, and the technical support is top-notch - they quickly solve any non-standard requests. Highly recommended!
Access to the database from external sources is blocked on the paid hosting. I paid for a year and then struggled with the lack of connection to the database. The support team revealed that access to the database is blocked for "security" p.. Read more »
The best support available. They respond at any time of the day. I have been working with Fozzy for 4 years. My clients don't leave this hosting service because they also notice that the website works much faster. As a specialist, I have tried m.. Read more »
I started using the hosting service by accident, as I was looking for fairly cheap web hosting plans with free SSL. I also decided to take advantage of the promotions for a free domain. Essentially, I solved two problems in one resource. The first l.. Read more »
This is my first time purchasing a domain, and I am grateful for the assistance provided by the knowledgeable individual.
The best hosting, the best support, fast, responsive, and the support is just top-notch, as if the website has its own system administrator who can disable plugins and update CMS.
I highly recommend them with great pleasure. They respond quickly, work 24/7, and solve problems in lightning speed. A special thanks to technical specialist Georgy Burov.
This is probably the best hosting in the Russian segment. It has a referral system with a profitable percentage, excellent support, and a convenient personal account.
Amazing hosting, the best I have ever come across, works flawlessly. The server has never crashed. The customer support is simply superb. And the hosting works perfectly "all the time"! You won't find anything like this anywhere else!
Excellent and prompt technical support! Thank you! ? No other issues as well.
We chose Fozzy based on the recommendation of our close Israeli friends, and we have not regretted it for a second. We have two online stores on Fozzy (Europe and the USA) and the company's website, and it is crucial for us that everything is pe.. Read more »
I am extremely grateful to all the hosting staff for their assistance in resolving issues with my website. They were timely, polite, and professional. It's been 5 years since I've been with this excellent hosting service. Guys, thank you so.. Read more »
I have been using the services of this hosting for 8 years and have had no complaints during this time. The website loading speed is quite high, the support team is professional and fast, and the prices for the services are reasonable. However, I hav.. Read more »
The support team explains everything clearly and competently. The admin panel interface is user-friendly. Therefore, I highly recommend this company.
Excellent hosting with great support. I've been with you for 6-7 years now, guys - only positive emotions from your work. I recommend it to all my friends.
Attention please! The website can be blocked simply because of a complaint about the presence of prohibited content on it, as in our case - the logo of Spartak Moscow football club. The website was blocked within a day without providing any evidence... Read more »
We are very grateful to the experienced specialists who helped us connect our page to Yandex Webmaster. Thank you so much!
We have been using the FOZZY service for many years. We have transferred all our websites to it. Everything works like clockwork. I'm not ready to discuss the technical parameters of hosting - I don't understand it. But the support is just .. Read more »
I have been a client for 5 years and I have never had the desire to change hosting providers. The support service is excellent, well done! I have questions about the administration functionality of my hosting, but that is something that almost all ho.. Read more »
Friends, I want to leave a review about FOZZY hosting! (spoiler: it's the best service) Truth be told, I initially tried to be friends with GoDaddy hosting, but it was short-lived. After 6 hours of correspondence with their support team and rec.. Read more »
I have been using hosting for a long time and have never had any issues. However, this month I encountered an error with installing the certificate. The customer support team responded promptly and resolved the issue, ensuring that everything is now .. Read more »
The hosting itself is very good, but if there are any questions or problems with the Roskomnadzor (RKN), they will simply block your website without attempting to resolve the issue.
I asked for an honest review myself. So, influenced by the advertisement, I paid for a year upfront. And just a day later, I received a warning about high processor load. I sent them a screenshot of the load graph of my website from another hosting p.. Read more »
I have just started working with this hosting company, but I already understand that these guys professionally and promptly resolve issues. I hope that in the future, they will confirm their high level of service with their actions. I wish them succe.. Read more »
One of the best hosting providers! The best and prompt technical support!
The technical support team is efficient and responds quickly. If you initially didn't plan the amount of databases and disk space you need properly and selected only one database with 7 GB, you may encounter difficulties in increasing disk space.. Read more »
After placing the service order, I had to jump through hoops just to get the server running with any operating system. The technical support responded to the ticket after 4 hours, but by that time, I had already fixed everything myself.
I have been working with Fozzy for several years now, and although there have been a few significant speed issues due to maintenance or temporary equipment problems on their side, everything has been resolved very quickly. I want to highlight that Fo.. Read more »
The support is terrible - nothing can be found. To install lets' encrypt, you have to contact the technical support - it's just absurd. Meanwhile, the response time on the ticketing system, as they claim, is "we are rushing to help you.. Read more »
Damn it. I got banned for criticizing in the chat. Support is not responding now. The encoding on the VPS seems to be broken. Everything is messed up. Damn it, what the hell!
The guys work quickly. The same can be said about the servers in general. So far, I am quite satisfied with the services.
Awesome! Competent! Fast! For six years now, I've been interacting with the support team at Fozzy, and every (EVERY!!!) time, the guys impress me with their professionalism! They're just great! Thank you for your hard work and willingness t.. Read more »
The hosting works reliably, there have been no security issues. The technical support is top-notch! I can definitely recommend it.
I loved everything! This is the best provider I have ever dealt with. The support team is ready to solve even the most difficult task at any time of the day, any day of the week. I definitely recommend it!
Great hosting! I have been using it for about 10 years, changed several types of activities, but the hosting remains the same. Everything is satisfactory, especially the technical support, which works quickly and solves issues that it shouldn't .. Read more »
I haven't been using the hosting for long. So far, I am satisfied with everything.
We have been using Fozzy for a year now. The website doesn't slow down on it, and the technical support responds instantly, resolving any issues within an hour at most. The prices of their VPS service are reasonable, and they have a convenient c.. Read more »
I switched to them back in 2012 when my other hosting provider started charging extra for CPU usage. I chose the cheapest tariff here, and over time, my traffic grew significantly (up to around 5k). I never had any similar problems though. However, a.. Read more »
Great hosting! I have my first experience connecting a website and a database to the hosting, and everything is convenient and clear right from the start.
The women's clothing store has been operating since 2012 and moved to Fozzy in July 2018 based on recommendations (previously tried many others, but it wouldn't be appropriate to list them all here). However, there hasn'.. Read more »
In short, Fozzy is a hosting service that people rarely leave. I have been using their services since 2014 and am very satisfied. Having used hosting services since 2006, I can compare Fozzy to others. Fozzy provides ample resources, even on lower-ti.. Read more »
In short, Fozzy is a hosting provider that you won't need to switch from :). I've been using it since 2014 and I'm completely satisfied. And I've been using hosting services since 2006, so I have something to compare it to. Fozzy.. Read more »
I have been using this service for a couple of years, and everything is at the highest level. The most enjoyable part is that they always offer low prices for domains and hosting, as well as the best support in this field! I highly recommend it!
Thank you, Fozzy! Everything is great.
Thank you for your help once again! It's very convenient to work with you. The loading speed is excellent.
The employees always respond to questions quickly, solve all problems. Everything is explained clearly, professionally, and politely.
In my opinion, it is the best hosting. The customer support is excellent.
The technical support is excellent, they respond quickly and resolve any issues that arise. The server's performance speed is superb.
Professional and fast technical support is, in my opinion, the first advantage of Fozzy. I am very grateful to them for that. For those who want to receive quick answers and qualified technical assistance, I highly recommend Fozzy. They offer a wide .. Read more »
Special thanks to the technical support team. They will assist even a child, maintaining kindness and a positive attitude.
The team of wizards! They work quickly, efficiently, and politely. I made a good choice, and I will recommend them to everyone!
The technical support took a very long time, it took almost a day on a weekday to resolve the issue with upgrading the tariff (for a fee). During all this time, the project was idle, while on another hosting it would have taken 1-2 hours. While waiti.. Read more »
The constructor is quite easy to use, with active support that can be fast or may require some reasonable waiting time depending on the time of day. It is too early to speak about reliability, unfortunately, live chat is only available for organizati.. Read more »
I have been using your services for the third year now and I am very satisfied. I especially love the technical support as they always provide assistance.
The slowest and worst tech support I have ever encountered! They are always busy and there's always a "growing number of inquiries"! If the number of inquiries is increasing every day, maybe they should hire more technical staff?
I would like to endorse Fozzy hosting for how they support me! Their customer support is top-notch, no deep knowledge is required to set up the hosting and other settings according to your needs, they will do it all for you! A huge thanks to Fozzy ho.. Read more »
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for many years. In addition, all of my clients for whom I have built websites also use it. And in all these years, I have not had a single complaint or issue. The hosting is truly fast, the cont.. Read more »
The best hosting provider in terms of price and quality! The most outstanding customer support in the entire history of the internet and hosting providers! We offer top-notch services for servers, hosting, domains, resources, website builders, and mu.. Read more »
High quality, fast, reliable. Very satisfied!
Fozzy is an excellent hosting company that offers competitive prices and impressive technical resources. They provide exceptional support, and I would like to express my gratitude to Artur Reshetnikov, the support agent who significantly helped me an.. Read more »
Oh my god! The best support ever. Nowhere else can you find such a service! They will advise, inform, and even help you do things that you can't do yourself due to lack of knowledge. It's just amazing.
Thank you! You are always on top of things! I really appreciate the work of the support team, they always provide assistance. Thank you for your human approach!
I would like to express my immense gratitude to George Guk, an employee at FOZZY. You are the best! It's a pleasure working with the company, thanks to your exceptional technical support.
I have been using it for a year now. I really like the fast support, convenient option to easily add necessary additions to hosting for an extra fee, and of course, the prices. Among all the hostings I've tried, Fozzy pleases me the most. Honest.. Read more »
Great hosting, the tech support is always helpful. I recommend giving it a try.
My websites have been offline for over a day because of Fozzy hosting. This is unacceptable! I often complain to them about the unavailability of my service due to unknown excesses, even though the websites are practically static. Before, it would go.. Read more »
Great service! Great support! When you first dive into the topic, there are a lot of misunderstandings and inconsistencies in the information from different sources. The support team acted promptly! Even for a newbie like me in website structure and .. Read more »
The support is excellent. They quickly solve any issues that arise. But generally, there aren't that many problems.
Great job, professional technical support! Sincerely, Roman Milchenko.
I highly recommend, and will continue to recommend. I have been with them for several years, so I know what I'm talking about. The only thing that could probably be useful to improve is the resolution of complex issues through online chat, as t.. Read more »
I highly recommend this hosting service as it works flawlessly. The support team is fast and responsive, and they have helped me promptly resolve any issues that have come up.
The best hosting provider. Whether it's connecting a certificate or setting up a domain, everything is done with excellent quality and most importantly, quickly! I highly recommend it.
When I switched to FOZZY.COM, the guys there were really helpful. I promised that I wouldn't forget, and even during a period when I couldn't reach an agreement with the support team to resolve certain issues, I still stayed with them. Now .. Read more »
I live in the USA and have been using the services of Go Daddy up until now. Fozzy, in my opinion, is light-years ahead, so to speak. This especially applies to their customer service as well as technical support. Without a doubt, next time I will on.. Read more »
I have experience using various hosting providers, both foreign and domestic. I can confidently recommend Fozzy for their excellent customer support without any additional charges. The team always responds promptly, provides relevant assistance, and .. Read more »
Thanks guys! You helped me quickly with the update. I'm grateful.
Very efficient support team, they solve all issues and keep up with the times - for example, there is a litespeed server.
A huge thank you to the operator Anton Yakushev. He promptly helped me solve my issue. He explained everything in a simple and organized manner. The problem was resolved quickly, and I didn't have to wait long for a response to my ticket. I was .. Read more »
The guys work very professionally; quickly and efficiently. I moved to them from another hosting with broken databases - they helped fix everything; I've been using their services for over 2 years. Well done, keep it up!
The website goes down 1-2 times a month, along with the control panel, they just don't work. The technical support responds slowly, so I usually write to the consultant, but I have to log out of my account to do that. I can't believe it get.. Read more »
The best service and support, guys always help to solve any technical issue.
I have been using Fozzy hosting for about 3 years now. I took hosting for a gaming forum, and during this time, everything has always been stable and working well. The technical support team responds very quickly and provides clear and precise answer.. Read more »
I really love Fozzy hosting and I only buy domains here. It's an excellent service with everything top-notch, an intuitive interface, responsive customer support, overall, everything is great. I highly recommend it!
I encountered an issue with activating the SSL certificate during the website creation process, so I reached out to the support team. The employee promptly and effectively resolved the problem. Thank you so much!
I have been using Fozzy for 5 years now and currently have 6 websites hosted on their platform. The support is always very fast, with multiple ways to contact them, and they quickly resolve any issues. But the most important thing for me is that I�.. Read more »
The support is just terrible! After several hours of correspondence, the website still doesn't work. The support's response was "There was a DDOS attack, we switched you to another IP, wait for 6-12 hours." After 12 hours, the web.. Read more »
Terrible. The worst hosting I've ever dealt with. Compared to other hosts, it has the worst uptime. But the most important thing for me is that they blocked my website and are demanding payment for unlocking access through their paid Anti-DDoS s.. Read more »
Fozzy is the best! Their customer support is incredibly responsive and always available. The staff members are highly competent and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.
There haven't been any issues in the past 2 years. The support team is simply amazing, responding quickly and efficiently. I can't understand how they manage to do this with such low prices.
This hosting service is excellent, fast, and always provides quick support that is able to promptly resolve any issues.
The best customer support I have ever encountered anywhere - prompt, empathetic, and incredibly patient when dealing with novices like myself!
Once it was the best hosting and the best customer support. I had 5 websites on Fozzy, but nearly a year ago I left them because during a virus attack, when all the websites went down and weren't functioning, they treated me indifferently. The c.. Read more »
I have been using it for a long time. The customer support team is quite responsive when it comes to addressing errors or technical queries. During the New Year holidays, they respond with a delay of 10-20 minutes, which is a good indicator.
Very reliable customer support! They always respond quickly and efficiently. And they always provide helpful assistance. I highly recommend them because prompt customer support from service providers is surprisingly rare these days!
I have been working with this hosting provider for about five years now. I am satisfied with everything, especially the prices and support. I am a webmaster of average technical proficiency, and sometimes I have quite amateurish questions. However, t.. Read more »
Great support! This is the most important thing for us, "Newbies", together with you we grow and develop. Technically, everything is possible, the main thing is client orientation, and you have it superbly. Thank you!
Listen, it's hard to give a rating. Right now, I would give it a 4-. During active hours, everything seems to be working more or less. But during non-active hours, fxmonitor keeps bombarding me with notifications that one of the terminals is not.. Read more »
Great hosting with excellent customer support. It lives up to all expectations.
I have been using this hosting for a long time, and when it first appeared, I immediately saw it as a top hosting service. Now it's getting even better, which I didn't think was possible, I thought it had already reached its peak. The speed.. Read more »
I am very satisfied! The team works quickly and accurately. Before translating the website, the optimization analysis showed a score within 70. After the translation, it reached 100. Excellent! It's exactly what I was looking for.
This is the best tech support you could dream of. Fast, clear, and understandable. I have been working with Fozzy for just over a year and have never experienced any glitches or downtime. The website is lightning fast. The prices are absolutely reaso.. Read more »
I am very satisfied, they always respond quickly and help me understand many questions.
Great hosting. The price-quality ratio is simply perfect. Specialists respond to all inquiries quickly and efficiently. Special bonuses are offered to loyal customers.
Hello everyone! We have been working with for about 2 years now, and I must say, it has been a great experience. They have a user-friendly interface, responsive customer support, and their prices are lower compared to other hosting provide.. Read more »
Great hosting for launching new startups. It deploys quickly and registers domains promptly. The price is really affordable. The customer support is what impresses me the most. They once saved us from a DDoS attack. The server speed could be slight.. Read more »
Thank you so much! Thank you for the good and friendly attitude towards customers, thank you for the quick response and fast problem solving. Best regards, Boris.
I use and recommend it. The prices are reasonable, the speed is excellent, and the customer support is fantastic! I like everything about it.
If you are new to web hosting or seeking to switch to a better provider, you have found the right solution. Fozzy offers exceptional support and guarantees high availability.
Simply put, Fozzy hosting is outstanding. As a free user with a sub-domain, I believe they offer the best hosting service I have experienced, and I have been with them for quite some time. They promptly resolve issues and respond quickly to inquiries.. Read more »
All the good things I have heard about Fozzy have proven to be accurate. I highly endorse them. This host is without a doubt the best provider I have ever encountered, as he exceeded his responsibilities to make sure I was completely satisfied. The a.. Read more »
On 08.08.20, we started migrating to new servers and completely crashed the website (even though we said before that we wouldn't notice anything and everything would be fine). I'm here calculating the losses and selecting database backups f.. Read more »
Everything was fine at first with no problems, all the websites were working, and the customer support was responsive and helpful. But suddenly, on an unpleasant day, all the websites started showing a 509 error, which means the traffic limit has bee.. Read more »
I appreciate the fact that Fozzy offers SSD storage in their hosting plans and utilizes Litespeed Webserver for enhanced speed. Their VPS package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring a risk-free testing experience. However, it's im.. Read more »
Fozzy servers, as a SSD hosting provider, impress me greatly with their exceptional speed, reliability, and efficient support. The customer service is not only friendly but consistently excellent. Whenever I needed adjustments to my account, such as .. Read more »
I have found that Fozzy is promptly responsive to my support tickets and continuously offers innovative new services and additional features. As a result, I am a loyal customer. I have been hosting my website with them for 8 months and it has been co.. Read more »
This web host is described as being excellent in terms of speed, extremely reliable, and supported by a great team. It is also offered at an affordable price. This web host is suitable for all users, particularly those who are new to hosting websites.. Read more »
Outstanding technical support service! I have been using the services of one hosting provider for seven years, where several of my websites are hosted, but I think I will move everything here. I have never encountered such high-quality service before.. Read more »
Luis offers a user-friendly Cpanel, exceptional assistance, and expert guidance. While there may be cheaper hosting options available, none can match the level of support provided by
Edelvis provided me with a high-speed VPN, and their technical support and customer service are highly efficient, responding promptly. I have successfully installed a PHP list, which operates swiftly and includes a convenient weekly bell command. I.. Read more »
In terms of price: Very strange policy, paid 3200 RUB for one package, then upgraded and later decided to buy another package of similar services (only with a different panel) for 2149 RUB. I still don't understand why I overpaid the first time .. Read more »
This is simply a 10 out of 10. I haven't seen better hosting. It works flawlessly. It's fast. But the most important thing is the support! I kindly request the management to reward employee Liliya Lakhuta - she's a miracle worker, she .. Read more »
james is the ideal option if you are in search of reliable and efficient Windows and Linux VPS hosting that is fast. Personally, I have had a wonderful experience with Fozzy as I currently have a couple of VPS machines running on their platform. .. Read more »
The best hosting I have ever used in my entire career! The support team is the best I know! They work 24/7, respond very quickly, and fix the problem, even for amateurs like me who can't explain the issue properly. They deserve endless praise. T.. Read more »
Jasmine is excellent, offering outstanding customer support that is available at all times, including weekends and nights. Their 24/7 availability allows me to communicate with a real person even if it's 2AM and I need assistance with a projec.. Read more »
We have been hosting clients for just over a year and we are very satisfied with: 1) The price; 2) The quality; 3) The support. Just recently, they resolved an issue with our SSL certificate without us having to intervene. It was a complete delight,.. Read more »
Very high-quality and fast hosting! Fast and stable support, the guys always give advice and help if you don't know something! Prices are also reasonable for me personally! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, 5 STARS!!!
The best support on the entire internet. All questions are resolved within 5-30 minutes, even at 4 am. The coolest support on the web ever!!! No issues with hosting and domains either. I recommend it to everyone!!! Literally everyone. Zero problems, .. Read more »
After experiencing disappointment with a previous hosting service, I made the decision to select Fozzy. Fortunately, I did not encounter the same dissatisfaction. As a small business owner, setting up our new website with my partner was effortless an.. Read more »
Fozzy is an outstanding hosting provider that I have had the pleasure of using. They offer affordable pricing, speedy servers, top-notch website security, and zero instances of downtime. Their customer support is available via Skype, although occasio.. Read more »
I was suggested by a friend to give Fozzy a try for shared hosting. During the past 6 months of using their services, I have been pleased with the speed of my website and the extremely helpful customer support they provide. Although I haven't en.. Read more »
The technical support will solve any problem quickly. Moreover, there are no server-side issues (it is always accessible and does not lag), so you only deal with your own problems - they will help you fix a file, choose an icon, set up redirects, att.. Read more »
After receiving positive feedback from my friends who use fozzy, I decided to give them a try. I am pleased with my decision as they offer fast speed and affordable pricing, especially for their long term plans. The support provided is excellent and .. Read more »
There are no disadvantages and there won't be any because they are experts. Usually, I create websites on free hosting, but recently I encountered this amazing service and was pleasantly surprised. The prices are reasonable, the administration i.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for almost 2 years. Overall, I am satisfied with it. There are some minor issues from time to time, but the support team always manages to resolve them.
A year ago, he was still working more or less fine, but currently the websites are stable only once a month, for about 30-60 minutes. You have to write in the chat (since the personal account doesn't work either) and they respond saying they are.. Read more »
Over the course of several years, I have tried out numerous hosting providers, but I finally settled on Fozzy. After transferring a couple of websites to their platform, they immediately started to see growth and an increase in traffic. Even on their.. Read more »
Remi's is a highly advanced hosting provider that I have been using for several months. My experience with has been extremely positive, as they offer exceptional compensation and support in case of any damages. However, their overall ave.. Read more »
If you are in search of a VPS, Fozzy is the top choice. There is no need to search elsewhere as their servers are highly dependable and have excellent speed. They are especially beneficial for startups and medium-sized companies. Their support is pro.. Read more »
Outstanding and exceptional assistance is provided by the support experts. They have extensive knowledge and are always available. Despite my lack of expertise in computers, they explain everything in a friendly, enjoyable, and helpful manner. Highly.. Read more »
Fozzy is a trustworthy and competent hosting provider that offers great value for the money and exceptional customer assistance. The setup process is straightforward and everything has been functioning perfectly until now. I initiated the service on .. Read more »
I seem to be satisfied with the "Shared 5 Fast Sites" offer. The only issue is that the support has been lacking recently. Sometimes they help right away, but other times they just redirect me to freelance forums! I'm leaving simply be.. Read more »
The interface is absolutely amazing, the prices for domain registration are fabulous, and I was literally in tears of happiness with their support! :) In just one day of using their service, I have become a brand advocate! :)
The service provided was very poor. I received a letter from the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (RKN) about the removal of a page, and it was promptly deleted. However, the administration of F.. Read more »
I have been using the services of this company for a long time, but everything comes to an end. Previously, they had such a great feature on their website - you enter a domain, click "check", and immediately see in which domain zones the do.. Read more »
The hosting was stable until March 12th... Then there were problems with accessing the admin panel, which were fixed within a day. We also noticed brief outages of several domains. It wasn't a DDoS attack, as the IP addresses were different, and.. Read more »
I have been familiar with this hosting for over 2 years. Everything is great. The prices, range of services, but I am still impressed with the technical support. They always help quickly with any questions. There hasn't been a single issue that .. Read more »
I highly recommend this hosting service. As someone who is not tech-savvy, the customer support has been extremely helpful to me. The knowledgeable and patient specialists are always polite and provide detailed instructions. Thank you for your great .. Read more »
After debugging the website, it was decided to look for a reliable and, importantly, affordable host in all aspects. There was experience working with different hosts such as MacHost, Reg.Ru, and Beget.Ru. Therefore, I wanted to try something differe.. Read more »
Pros: - Good technical support. They respond quickly and fix errors promptly. - Excellent speed. Websites hosted on Fozzy perform faster compared to other hosting providers (we had something to compare with). - Intuitive interface of the control pane.. Read more »
I have been developing websites for over 10 years and during this time I have tried a considerable number of hosting providers in the CIS. Currently, Fozzy is among the top three companies that I recommend to my clients for hosting their websites. Pe.. Read more »
Fozzy hosting, a truly high-quality provider! My website has been with them for 8 years, two of which I have been using Fozzy hosting. It is fast as advertised, with a reasonable price and a very convenient cPanel. In short, it is a reliable and fast.. Read more »
As my friend would say, "super, cuties"! And it's true. The support team is really responsive and helpful (24/7), they fix websites (small issues), the user interface is convenient, the services are easy to understand (cheaper than mar.. Read more »
Pros: + Fast servers, very fast, suitable for projects of different complexity levels. + Convenient familiar control panel for virtual hosting. + Quick response from technical support (they will definitely respond within an hour). + Willing to cooper.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for 3 years already. The website is ALWAYS available and loads quickly. The customer support is simply amazing. They respond to any questions at ANY TIME! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this hosting.
I feel so grateful and don't know how to express it. After the terrible hosting experience we had, they are like a balm to my soul. I sat on the steps and cried. They transferred the website, enabled compression and caching. Then they changed th.. Read more »
From 2013 to 2017, it was the perfect hosting service. I recommended it to everyone and migrated all my clients to it. But since 2018, it feels like it has been replaced by a different company. - TERRIBLE TECHNICAL SUPPORT. They can't solve iss.. Read more »
I would rate the support as 5+++++. I highly recommend it especially for beginners, as it is a crucial aspect for us. You won't get stuck at any stage because they will help, guide, support, and most importantly, do it promptly. I believe profes.. Read more »
I was pleasantly surprised by the VPS on Fozzy right from the start. Prior to this, I had been using a dedicated server for 4 years. In an effort to save money, I decided to switch to VPS. After reading reviews, I chose Fozzy (Russia) and another opt.. Read more »
I was just lucky to come across this hosting service. I was searching among different host ratings to find the one that suits me, and I settled on Fozzy. The customer support is simply amazing, guys, don't even hesitate, this hosting service is .. Read more »
Excellent hosting with competitive prices. The technical support is top-notch as they patiently addressed all of my inquiries. The hosting's speed performance is impressive.
Great host and support +++ 6 years of experience - EVERYTHING IS EXCELLENT.
I have been using this hosting service for a year now, and it's been great for my websites. The benefits include fast data access, the ability to choose the server location, and quick response from their support team. This hosting provider is al.. Read more »
An excellent example of high-quality and reliable hosting. The customer support is remarkable, responding quite quickly and resolving all issues within one business day. There are never any problems with website access. It is the perfect choice for 1.. Read more »
Amazing high-quality hosting. Top-notch services at reasonable prices. I especially want to mention the customer support team, they are exceptional. They are always ready to help and solve any problem within 10 minutes, regardless of the time of day... Read more »
I am very satisfied with the hosting! I have been using it for about a year and have never had any complaints. The website loads quickly, much faster than on my old host (which was coopertino), and there have never been any breakdowns. Whenever I hav.. Read more »
We have made website migration from another hosting absolutely free of charge. It was done quickly and efficiently. We explained everything in detail and provided clear instructions. Since I am not particularly knowledgeable in these matters, this se.. Read more »
The best hosting! There is something to compare it to. I log into Cpanel and am happy because it has everything I need to work with my website. The loading speed of the websites is always stable, without any delays or glitches. The competent and fast.. Read more »
As the founder of a company providing professional services in the field of business development and management, I can confidently say that with the help of Fozzy, you will receive all the necessary technical portfolio and the best technical support... Read more »
I have 26 domains. I am transferring all my domains to your company because I haven't seen a better company in the past 12 years. A big, huge THANK YOU for the urgent help! Your team evokes feelings of deep respect in me and makes me want to wor.. Read more »
I would like to express my immense gratitude to Fozzy company. I would also like to extend a special thank you to their technical support specialist, Anton Nosich, for quickly resolving my issue and assisting with the domain transfer. I am truly grat.. Read more »
Thank you very much to the Fozzy tech team. They are professionals. I have reached out to them several times and always received professional assistance. They are always available and ready to help in a professional manner. They are fast, knowledgeab.. Read more »
Fozzy is the best hosting provider. I have been working with them for two years now. I create custom websites and have never regretted my choice. I used to use Gino, Agava, and Ava in the past, but Fozzy's support team is outstanding. They even .. Read more »
As an honest person, I can confidently say that Fozzy is great at promptly solving problems (when they arise) and their support is highly competent. The price is not the cheapest, I would rate it as a 4+, but the speed is really good. I can't sa.. Read more »
Excellent hosting, it is as fast as some other VPSs. The uptime is close to 100%. The support team is very responsive and quick to reply. I have been hosting my own website there for over 2 years, as well as 2 friends on separate accounts, and I have.. Read more »
I won't try to prove anything to anyone. Five of my websites have been running on this hosting for two years. I am extremely grateful! Thank you for such great services!
I don't know how things are with PHP hosting and ASP.NET, but it's a complete disaster. The technical support is slow, and it took me a very long time to prove that there was an issue (5 days). In the end, they couldn't enable the stan.. Read more »
Ha-ha-ha! Read the reviews, thought about whether to post there. Then a dialogue with support: - Hello! Can you tell me if your hosting supports ASP.NET MVC Core? - Hello! Please create a ticket with your question through your personal account at acc.. Read more »
Great hosting! The first provider that doesn't deceive its clients! The website loading speed has improved significantly! And all of this for just 299 rubles! I highly recommend it to everyone.
I have been wandering through different companies for a while, but I ended up with Fozzi because these guys are really great. They always help and guide me. Everything runs smoothly like clockwork.
Excellent hosting. I moved all my websites there. The support is top-notch, they respond at any time of day or night, they solve issues quickly and are always friendly, never rude. I recommend it to everyone. I rarely leave reviews, but couldn't.. Read more »
The best hosting provider in Russia! The support is instant and highly professional. These guys go above and beyond their duty. I was truly happy to switch from iPage to Fozzy.
The best hosting - fortunately, there is something to compare with. The website's page loading speed has increased after moving to Fozzy. The technical support is excellent - compared to competitors, their "experts" don't even com.. Read more »
Undoubtedly the best hosting out of all the ones we have worked with in the past 7 years. The price of their services is very reasonable, the performance is excellent, and the level of customer service provided by the managers is top-notch. Customer .. Read more »
I am very satisfied with the hosting. The price is pleasing, the website is lightning-fast. The technical support is superb. They solve complex issues promptly and efficiently!