rating: 9.7, reviews: 431
Servers: Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland
Panels: cPanel, HestiaCP, aaPanel, BrainyCP, ISPmanager
Working: 17 years
Testing: 7 days is an exceptional hosting provider that offers reliable and stable storage for web projects. With a user-friendly control panel interface, even beginners can easily manage their hosting. One of the standout features of Fornex is the significant improvement in website loading speed upon switching to their services.

The technical support team at Fornex deserves special recognition for their quick and knowledgeable responses, which efficiently resolve any issues that arise. They.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Web-25cPanel25 pcs-20 Gb$5.38
Web-50cPanel50 pcs-35 Gb$8.6
Web-75cPanel75 pcs-50 Gb$11.83
Web-100cPanel100 pcs-65 Gb$15.05

Cloud NVMe 1-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$7.53
Cloud NVMe 2-2 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$12.9
Cloud NVMe 4-4 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$25.81
Cloud NVMe 8-8 Gb4 pcs120 Gb$64.52
Custom configuration-6 Gb4 pcs160 Gb$94.09

Intel Xeon E5-2620v22.1 GHz48 Gb6 pcs2000 Gb$123.66
Intel Xeon Silver 42102.2 GHz32 Gb10 pcs480 Gb$246.24
Intel Xeon Silver 4210R2.4 GHz64 Gb10 pcs1920 Gb$289.25

Reviews on


I have been using it for over a year and I am VERY satisfied. Everything works well and there have been no service interruptions. I have rented both VPS and dedicated servers. The support I received was very prompt and they made the necessary configu.. Read more »
Eduard Gnatiuc
I am extremely happy with my decision to choose Fornex as my hosting provider. They have far exceeded my expectations by providing reliable and stable storage for my web project. The user-friendly control panel interface makes managing hosting a bree.. Read more »
Sergey Durasov
Great job! No imposition! Quick help in solving amateur questions. I am satisfied with everything, let's continue working!
Habib Omarov
I have been using VPN from Fornex for a long time, and it is one of the most stable ones. I chose the Netherlands as my location, and I have never encountered any issues so far.
Ilya Kiselev
Everything is fast and clear. VPS works flawlessly. VPN doesn't leak!
I highly recommend this service as it has been reliable for me for over two years. I have only needed to contact customer support once, and any issues were swiftly resolved. They prioritize maintaining a high-quality service and I believe it is suita.. Read more »
Erkin Turusov
Fornex is a great solution for those who are looking for reliable hosting! They work flawlessly, ensuring that your website is always accessible. Navigating their control panel is a breeze, even for those who aren't tech-savvy. And if any issues.. Read more »
Great service! The prices and quality of the provided services are top-notch! I have been using the service for over a year, so I can confidently recommend it!
Almaz Ahmetshin offers a great balance between price and quality. I have been using their services for a year now and have never encountered any issues. The website is easy to navigate. The customer support team is experienced and always ready to answer a.. Read more »
Anna Bubenets
I really like the hosting from Since I signed up, it has been a good experience. I must mention the reliability and performance of their servers. My Telegram bot works quickly and I have hardly experienced any downtime. The customer supp.. Read more »
Alexander Korvus
The hosting service is exceptional! The efficiency of the work and the expertise of the technical support team greatly assist in project management. There are various choices for system installation. You can either opt for a control panel or set up t.. Read more »
Andrew M-O
The standout feature of this hosting service is their highly responsive and incredibly fast technical support. You guys are truly impressive!
I have been using this hosting service for approximately three years and have only had positive experiences. The Data Centers consistently function reliably and I have never encountered any issues with site availability or VDS. I am satisfied with th.. Read more »
Alex Lenvoi
I have been a loyal user of this hosting service for a considerable period of time, consistently returning to it. The stability and reliability of my websites on their platform are consistently high, which is crucial for the satisfaction of my client.. Read more »
I have been using Fornex for over a year and it has only left a positive impression. Reliability: The virtual servers have always been accessible and stable. Performance: The VPS showed excellent performance. My website loaded quickly and it handle.. Read more »
I am extremely grateful for your excellent services for the past six months. It has been working perfectly and I consider it the best services I have ever experienced.
Denis Kopyl
At first, I was drawn to this hosting service primarily because of its affordable test period lasting a few days, during which they provided built-in monitoring tools for CPU, RAM, and more. However, I now realize that most hosts offer these basic mo.. Read more »
Aleksandr Kutikov
We rent VPS, VPN, and purchase DNS names through this hosting provider. We haven't had any issues in the past 3 years. The support team is really responsive and provides helpful advice. Our interactions with the technical support have been great.. Read more »
Maksim Kuryavskiy
I've been using this great service for a long time and I'm ready to say that everything is fine with the hosting here.
Maksim Orlovskiy
Greetings to all. I have been using this hosting provider for over a year now and have no intentions of switching. I currently have three websites hosted here, out of a total of six. This hoster offers the greatest value for the price. I would like t.. Read more »
I used to have my own dedicated server, but I grew tired of the constant upkeep. I discovered FORNEX hosting through a rating and learned that the conditions it offers are more advantageous than maintaining a server on my own. It relieves me of the h.. Read more »
For the past six months, I have been utilizing Fornex hosting to lease a VPN server, and I am extremely satisfied with their service. Fornex consistently surpasses my expectations in terms of performance and customer support. The VPN server I have r.. Read more »
Artem Zimin
I highly suggest considering Fornex hosting services as they have a very user-friendly website, making it effortless to navigate and find hosting plans that suit your needs. The servers they provide offer outstanding performance and uptime, ensuring .. Read more »
Vladyslav Lisov
I have been using this hosting for over a year and have noticed the following advantages of this hosting: Fast website loading speed Adequate and fast technical support Convenient and user-friendly interface Extensive knowledge base that is very use.. Read more »
Aleksey Pechenikin
Great hosting! I am very pleased to use Fornex VPS. Their support deserves special mention - they always respond within 15 minutes, which is a big plus for me. It creates a sense of care for the customer and confidence that any questions will be res.. Read more »
Aleksey Pechenikin
I am extremely pleased with the hosting services provided by Fornex. Their support team is especially noteworthy, as they consistently respond to inquiries within 15 minutes, which gives me confidence that any issues will be quickly addressed. Furthe.. Read more »
Aleksey Komlev
I have been utilizing fornex hosting for a period of more than one year, and it has proven to be highly beneficial for my various websites. I have a total of more than 10 websites, which consist of WordPress projects as well as small landing pages. T.. Read more »
Vasil Bakirov
Great support. Special thanks to Egor S. He quickly and effectively resolved our problem. Keep up the good work!
Andrew Jsenko
I have been using hosting for over 3 years. The prices are amazing, there is a variety of server locations, and the uptime is high. They also have a fantastic VPN that works incredibly fast and without any interruptions. If you are looking for a reli.. Read more »
Kseniya Kharlanova
Hello, I have been using Fornex VPN for a few months now and I am extremely satisfied with the service and convenience it provides. Living in Russia, it has become essential to have a reliable VPN service due to the frequent blocking of popular apps.. Read more »
Maksim Chukanov
Nice service with competent technical support and reasonable pricing.
Aleksandr Safaryan
I really enjoy using this service. I utilize it for VPN and I am very satisfied.
Maksim Bubnovskiy
Hosting with reliable support and flexible payment terms. I purchased VPC and forgot about it. That's exactly what I expect from a hosting service. The support team is patient and responds quickly. It's been smooth sailing for the second ye.. Read more »
Viktor Gladkov
I have been a satisfied customer of for several months now and I can confidently say that their VPN service is exceptional. In the past, I have used services from various VPN providers, but has truly exceeded all my expectations.. Read more »
Viktor Gladkov
I have been a happy customer of for a few months now, and I can confidently say that their VPN service is excellent. I have used different VPN providers before, but has exceeded all my expectations. First and foremost, their ne.. Read more »
I want to share my experience with fornex hosting. I have been using their services since 2012. Firstly, the customer support at fornex hosting is excellent. The hosting team is always available to assist and answer any queries. They are quick to re.. Read more »
Vasilii Zakharov
This hosting service is definitely good, and when you take the price into account, it becomes excellent. I have reached out to their support team a few times for technical problems (not related to the server), and they have always provided relevant a.. Read more »
Vladislav Zakrzhevskii
Impressive hosting service, featuring a user-friendly interface, robust servers that prevent excessive CPU usage, and a responsive support team always available to assist. The hosting efficiently utilizes CPU resources, reducing the duration in which.. Read more »
Vahé Yengibaryan
I have been collaborating with this hosting provider for an extended period, and I would like to acknowledge the exceptional support they provide. They consistently offer prompt assistance whenever I require it. Overall, the performance is excellent,.. Read more »
Alex Dyuzhev
This VPN and server service is highly commendable, as it has greatly assisted with establishing connections and promptly responding to inquiries within a minute. Moreover, it offers one of the most budget-friendly options available in the market, and.. Read more »
Kirill Kulakov
I really like this hosting service. The user interface design is convenient and straightforward. The technical support team is prompt and helpful, they immediately assist with any issues.
The hosting is excellent. The technical support is top-notch. Reliable.
Kirill Kulbatskiy
I have been utilizing Fornex VPS for approximately two years and have encountered only a few problems, all of which were promptly resolved. I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional level of support provided for my affordable VPS, and therefore, .. Read more »
Albert Varfalameev
I initially chose this service for VPN usage. Afterwards, I decided to also try their hosting (the price was appealing) and I was not disappointed! Yes, there were some aspects of the setup that required some learning, and I got a bit confused with t.. Read more »
One of the fastest and most convenient hosting platforms I have ever worked with. The presence of various data centers in different countries is another undeniable advantage of this hosting platform.
Nikolai Zaicev
Support responds within 5 minutes with a solution to the problem. Hosting is affordable. The quality is top-notch.
Stas Zbarazskiy
I am pleased to share my positive review about the hosting provider Fornex. I have had experience using their services and I was impressed by their professionalism and the quality of their services. Firstly, Fornex has a reliable infrastructure and .. Read more »
The service is excellent. I have been using VPS for half a year without encountering any problems. I also tried their VPN recently, and it performs very quickly.
Oskar Erlov
I have been utilizing this hosting service for over a year, and throughout this period, the provider has consistently impressed me with their exceptional performance. The service is extremely stable, and their technical support team responds promptly.. Read more »
Konstantin Meshcheryakov
The service provided is of excellent quality. It is free from any technical issues, payments are processed quickly, and the cost is reasonable. I highly recommend it.
Andrey Kukareko
Convenient VPS. 24x7 stability. Paying in rubles is a killer feature in modern conditions. The option to choose a country is available. User-friendly control panel.
Great hosting options available for both beginners and businesses. The user interface is quick and impressive, and there are regular updates to tools and documentation.
Aleksey Dorogokupets
I am using a VPS service and it works great. I had some issues with the database, but the technical support was able to help me find the cause without any problems. However, I had to fix it myself. Overall, the technical support is excellent. Keep up.. Read more »
Samuel Avarsky
In my experience, is the top hosting service I have used so far. When compared to other similar services, I highly recommend because their servers are always available and their technical support is always ready to help in any s.. Read more »
Mike Boar
I have been using Fornex hosting provider for my VPS/VPN server for several months now and my experience has been nothing but positive. I have tried many options, but ultimately decided to stick with Fornex for their services. Price, speed, and relia.. Read more »
I fell for the rating and reviews and struggled with this hosting provider for six months. The technical support is absolutely useless when it comes to my issues. They don't solve the problem, they just overwhelm you with endless excuses. In my .. Read more »
Mike Boar
I have been utilizing Fornex as my hosting provider for my VPS/VPN server for a few months now, and my experience has been exceptionally positive. I evaluated various options but ultimately chose Fornex due to their competitive pricing, fast speed, a.. Read more »
Alexander Oleynik
I use their VPN with a shared IP and keep it on all the time. I haven't experienced any critical issues with it, just a few minor glitches occasionally, but they were quickly resolved without needing to contact support. There was one instance wh.. Read more »
Dmitriy Pohilko
I am using a VPS service and everything works perfectly. I have nothing to complain about.
Reynkhard Izengrimm
I have been utilizing the service for approximately one year and have not encountered any issues during this entire duration. The support service functions effectively.
Eugene Gruby
I recently signed up for XYZ hosting, and so far my experience has been excellent. The registration process was quick and easy, and the prices are very reasonable compared to other hosting services I've used in the past. The control panel is ve.. Read more »
Dima Knyazev
Great service. I have been using it for about a year. They offer German VPS with a custom VPN configuration. Additionally, I have connected my personal website for educational purposes. Affordable and high-quality!
Eugene Gruby
I recently joined XYZ hosting, and my experience so far has been excellent. Registering was effortless and fast, and the pricing is quite reasonable when compared to other hosting services I've utilized before. The control panel is extremely us.. Read more »
Alf Klim
The website migration from another hosting provider was conducted swiftly and professionally. The interface is user-friendly, and everything functions smoothly without any disruptions. It is particularly pleasing that they offer servers both in Russi.. Read more »
Elena Telegina
In April 2021, I switched to as my hosting provider. Before that, I had been using for four years, and before that, I used for six years. I can confirm that my experi.. Read more »
Vasiliy Medvedev
The host went above and beyond what I expected! The support was extremely efficient and professional, and the interface was user-friendly. All the features worked flawlessly and I never encountered any issues. The presence of servers in both Russia a.. Read more »
Ulyana Fomina
Great website with very prompt support that is always willing to help. The interface is user-friendly and everything is convenient. Haven't seen anything better yet.
Artom Konkin
As a .Net Core C# developer, I believe that acquiring a VPS server for my projects is an excellent choice. Currently, I am utilizing it to purchase and evaluate viral servers for testing purposes. Through personal analysis, I have found that the spee.. Read more »
Excellent hosting with a variety of international servers to choose from. The price and quality are satisfactory!
Pavel Kartavenko
fornex offers an exceptional service for establishing a personal VPS server, with affordable rates and top-notch customer support.
Andrey K
I am currently using only a VPN, and I am very pleased with the speed. The cost is affordable, and there are ready-made profiles for different devices, which makes setup very easy. There is also the option to choose a longer period of usage at a disc.. Read more »
Dmitriy Kydmon
I found the best VPS server at an affordable price with an incredible speed!
Vitalii Opara
I am very pleased with the hosting service! One of the standout aspects for me is the user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and navigate, making it simple to set up and manage my website. The hosting service has also been very responsive in prov.. Read more »
Aleksey Nikkel
I was looking for an affordable hosting service for my cryptocurrency exchange bot, and I settled on this one because of its low price, only 7 euros. Before this, I was paying 2500 rubles for another hosting service. The bot has been working since M.. Read more »
Alex Fabler
The hosting service is excellent, with reliable technical support. It was crucial for me to find a European option to host my websites as an author. The client panel's navigation is simple and user-friendly. There are no hidden charges, and the.. Read more »
Kostya Zakharov
For the past year, I have been utilizing VPS servers. These servers have operated consistently and flawlessly, and their pricing is extremely competitive within the hosting industry. Moreover, I am extremely satisfied with the customer support, as th.. Read more »
Ilya Kochetkov
I highly recommend using this hosting service for my VPS station as I have encountered no issues whatsoever. There have been no instances of downtime, and the pricing is reasonable.
Vladimir Bogdanovskiy
After two decades of working in the IT industry, I have come across many hosting providers, but none as excellent as Fornex. What sets them apart is their wide range of server locations in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukra.. Read more »
Alexey Fedin
I find this website to be a perfect fit for my needs. The navigation is simple, and the functions are clearly defined. I have no intentions of switching to another platform anytime soon as everything is to my satisfaction.
Sergey Chubchenko
We began utilizing fornex approximately 8 months ago and it has been operating flawlessly. We receive prompt responses for the majority of our inquiries, and the system is consistently stable. The internal hosting panel is capable of handling most ta.. Read more »
I have been flying for six months now and haven't encountered any problems. I am particularly pleased with the VPN service - it is the most affordable offer on the market and allows payment with a Russian card, which was a strong argument in the.. Read more »
Marat Salimov
I have been working with this company for over 6 years and they have been doing a great job. Everything suits me well. The support team, in most cases, resolves the tasks promptly and on time. I highly recommend them.
Alexander Bulaev
I employ VPN services for both work-related tasks and gaming purposes on both my computer and mobile devices. It offers a cost-effective solution with strong reliability.
Excellent website hosting, no complaints have been found throughout our collaboration. Instant responsiveness from technical support and resolution of issues, including those that were not always correct on our part. Currently, it is the most reasona.. Read more »
Max Kiselyov
I have been using hosting for several months and I am extremely happy with their service. The website has consistently had a high uptime and I have never encountered any major problems or downtime. Their customer support team is also very .. Read more »
Pavel Kovalchuk
I highly recommend this VPN service as it provides excellent performance with decent speed and high uptime.
Dmitry Grigoriev
I believe that this hosting service is excellent. I utilize fornex to establish virtual machines and deploy test containers with applications. The uptime is consistently at 100%, and the admin tools are highly user-friendly. Accessing the terminal an.. Read more »
Yura Pashkov
I use VPN in Europe and I am very satisfied with it. The price-to-quality ratio is excellent. I had some issues with the extension in Google Chrome and accessing a couple of resources, but the support team promptly resolved everything. I highly recom.. Read more »
Vladimir Kreyson
I have been using this hosting for over six months and have never encountered any issues. They offer a wide range of configurations, relatively low prices, and servers located in various geographical locations. If any questions arise, their technical.. Read more »
Andrey Smolyanov
I have been using this hosting for about six months now, and it's been great! I love the convenience of the control panel, it's easy to set up domains and manage them. The price is also reasonable! I haven't had to use customer support.. Read more »
I really like this service for its low prices, fast and reliable support. They also have a Telegram notification system and their own personal API. I've been using it for six months and haven't encountered any technical issues. The VPS only.. Read more »
Slavik Chub
Hello! I have been using the service for almost a year now. The main advantages are the price and the quality of the services.
Arturs Romanovs
This service is really great! It's easy to set up, and when I contacted customer support, they helped me understand my situation. I highly recommend it.
I really enjoyed using this affordable service because of its efficient and helpful customer support. Additionally, they provide a telegram notification system and their own unique API. I have been using it for half a year without encountering any te.. Read more »
Slavik Chub
Hi there! I've been utilizing the service provided by for nearly twelve months. The major benefits I've experienced are the affordable cost and the excellent quality of the services.
Arturs Romanovs
The service is impressive, simple to set up, and when I reached out to customer support, they provided assistance in resolving my issue. I highly recommend it.
Aleksandr Golikov
Everything is reasonably priced, stable, and hassle-free. I highly recommend this service.
Aleksandr Stihin
Excellent and fast hosting with a user-friendly control panel. Fully meets modern requirements. Fast and high-quality support, staffed by professional specialists. Any questions, if any, are resolved promptly. Reasonable pricing policy.
Alexander Golikov
I strongly suggest using this service as it offers affordable, consistent, and trouble-free options.
Alexander Stikhin
The hosting service is exceptional and efficient, offering a user-friendly interface. It fully satisfies contemporary needs and provides prompt and reliable support from skilled experts. Any problems that arise are quickly resolved. The pricing is re.. Read more »
Emir Aizhigitov
The hosting service is outstanding, with quick technical assistance. I made the decision to choose this provider in 2021 and have been completely satisfied. I highly recommend it to everyone. The prices are reasonable, the management is convenient, a.. Read more »
Evgeniy Dmitrievich
I came across this hosting service for the first time last year. I was looking for a new hosting service that was affordable and, of course, reliable. I made the right choice and have been extremely satisfied with the performance of this hosting serv.. Read more »
Sergii Chukhrai
The best hosting!!! I have been working with them for many years. No complaints. Everything works smoothly. The best support!!! I recommend to everyone!
Arevshat Ghiasyan
Great uptime. Real fast hosting. Excellent customer service and reasonable prices. Guess who's the best hosting provider.
Sergii Chukhrai
The hosting service is the best! I have been using it for a long time and have no complaints. Everything runs smoothly without any issues. The support provided is outstanding. I highly recommend it to everyone!
Arevshat Ghiasyan
The hosting service has excellent uptime and fast performance. The quality of service is great, and the prices are reasonable. Try to guess which hosting service is the best.
Dmitry Kurishov
I have spent a significant amount of time selecting a hosting service for my project, and I have made a choice that I am extremely content with. This hosting provider has proven to be dependable and trustworthy.
Surprisingly, the support team is very responsive, even when I set the priority of my inquiry to "low". I have hosted various projects - from company websites and blogs to online stores. So far, I am satisfied with everything. And compared .. Read more »
Aleksandr Mezen
We have been using it for over a year. The "PRO" tariff. Absolutely no complaints about the server performance in Switzerland - the response is instant, no downtime at all, none whatsoever, even though our websites are quite popular and loa.. Read more »
Maxim Khotko
After transferring to another server, which they initiated themselves, the website is working inconsistently. SSL is lagging and the admin panel keeps crashing. There are no issues with the file system and the template is an official purchased one, s.. Read more »
Great website. I have been using VPN for many months with no issues. Payment is easy and fast.
Hello! I have been using VPN for 6 months in the Pskov region. Payment can be made with any card and the tariff is satisfactory. The connection is almost instant, and it is also possible to quickly switch between countries. The internet speed is exce.. Read more »
Hi there! I have been utilizing a VPN service in the Pskov region for half a year now. It allows payment through any card and the pricing plan is suitable for me. The connection is established almost instantly, and switching between countries is also.. Read more »
Andrey Glukhov
Great hosting, decided to give it a try among many options, and ended up sticking with it. Great prices, good support. Highly recommended.
Konstantin Karlov
I am extremely satisfied with Host as they provide a fair service at a reasonable price and are highly interactive.
I have been using the best VPN service for half a year now. The website is user-friendly, and the price is reasonable.
A good hosting service with affordable prices. The support team promptly resolves all queries.
I have been utilizing the top-notch VPN service for six months now. The website is user-friendly and the cost is affordable.
Vlad Kutyacov
I tried this excellent hosting and decided to stick with it. The prices are reasonable and the support is great.
Aleksey Leontev
An ideal VPN service. Affordable prices, stable service performance. I've been using it for about a year and still haven't experienced any issues with connection or speed.
Max Tereshko
Excellent hosting and services, works flawlessly, customer support is always available and promptly assists in resolving any issues, highly recommend!
Alexey Leontiev
The VPN service is excellent. It is affordable and operates reliably. I have been using it for approximately a year and have not encountered any issues with connectivity or speed.
Max Tereshko
The hosting and services provided are exceptional, functioning smoothly without any issues. The support service is consistently attentive and promptly assists in resolving any problems. I highly recommend it!
Vladimir Masibuta
I have been utilizing this service for one year now and have experienced seamless functionality. The setup process was effortless, and I am able to use it on my phone as well as two computers. I have recommended it to numerous individuals, and all ha.. Read more »
Ivan Slavov
Excellent service and competitive prices make Fornex an ideal option for anyone in need of a reliable VPS.
Roman Astrakhantsev
The VPS provider is excellent. I have never encountered any problems with performance. The server's stability is highly impressive. I created a website and left it running for an entire year without any issues. It is definitely among the best op.. Read more »
Eduard Sibiryakov
I have been renting a VPS from for over six months now. I can't name a single reason for dissatisfaction. I am using the cheapest tariff, but the connection quality, ping, and speed are simply superb. I highly recommend it. For those .. Read more »
I have been utilizing this hosting service for several years and I am extremely content with it because of its reliability and quality. The pricing is reasonable and it offers valuable online assistance. Therefore, I highly suggest this hosting servi.. Read more »
Maks Makarov
I have been creating websites for various industries for over 10 years and have tried numerous hosting providers during that time. Currently, the best in terms of service and price is fornex. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Max Makarov
I have been designing websites for different industries for over a decade, and throughout that time, I have experimented with multiple hosting providers. Currently, I find fornex to be the top choice in terms of both quality and affordability. I high.. Read more »
Maksim Gulyaev
Great service, no issues with speed or stability. The website has a simple and user-friendly interface. I can confidently recommend it.
Aleksandr Markov
I have been using VPN and proxies for almost a year now and have not encountered any issues.
Anastasia Azarushkina
I struggled to find a VPN server that offered a good balance of price and quality, until I discovered FORNEX. It stands out as the top choice, with its affordable rates, wide range of country options, and convenient payment methods. I have been using.. Read more »
Andrei Bartash
I would like to begin by discussing the Fornex. A few years ago, I was involved in a project that relied on the Fornex platform. The Account section of Fornex offers excellent and easy navigation. I purchased their hosting service and used it for nea.. Read more »
Malik Saidov
I have found the greatest service available. It offers a reliable connection, fast speed, and most significantly, the capability to connect on seven devices. I utilize both shared and dedicated IP addresses.
Vladyslav Khismatulin
I'm grateful that I came across that service. The support is excellent, as they promptly resolve any problems just like SpaceX. The servers are reliable too, as I've never encountered any issues with them. I hope you guys continue to excel .. Read more »
Kostiantyn Taranukha
I have recently started learning FRONT-END development. I spent a long time searching for reliable hosting services and I can confidently recommend FORNEX. I have tried two Polish hosting services and two from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent St.. Read more »
Vladimir Solovev
Hello everyone! I am extremely satisfied with my experience with this hosting provider, as it is my first one. The support team is very prompt and always available to assist within 10 minutes. Additionally, if you accidentally damage your server, the.. Read more »
Alexey Zubrilov
I have been utilizing FORNEX VPS for a duration of 8 months and I am entirely content with the service. The support provided is exceptional and the user interface is user-friendly. All operations function consistently without issues. I highly recomme.. Read more »
Great service. I have been using their VPS for 7 months. Prices are fixed, tariffs don't increase. They offer some of the cheapest VPS options abroad in the Russian market. The technical support always provides detailed answers to all questions... Read more »
John Pihel
I have been designing websites online for a long time, and Fornex has been a delightful revelation. Even at 2am, I can receive immediate assistance with hosting administration. The servers perform exceptionally well. I am extremely pleased with my di.. Read more »
Rustem Habirov
Excellent hosting. Lightning-fast technical support. Reasonable prices.
Azat Davletov
I have been using this hosting service since 2016. It provides excellent service, fast support, and great pricing.
One of the most exceptional hosts I have collaborated with. Their responsiveness and efficient support are remarkable.
Maksim Averkin
I have been a happy Fornex user for 6 months now - renting a VPS server in Germany. As a beginner, I was able to quickly understand all the features here without any external help. In addition to the high-quality and user-friendly interface, I was sa.. Read more »
I have been utilizing an outstanding hosting service for over half a year now. It remains consistent, offers fast speeds, and the technical support team is quick to respond. I highly recommend this exceptional service.
Magomed Makaev
This resource is very convenient, with a highly user-friendly interface and a convenient notification system without spam.
Denis Aytov
This website is excellent and provides VPN services. Everything works perfectly.
Octavian Slutu
I have been using FORNEX services for 1 year already! I am satisfied with the responsiveness of the support team whenever I needed it! I recommend hosting your websites on this hosting provider!
Octavian Slutu
I have been utilizing FORNEX services for a whole year now and I am content with the prompt assistance provided by their customer support. I highly recommend hosting your websites on this platform.
Maxim Kochetkov
I rent 2 VPS in Germany and Russia. I have set up 2 VPNs and Docker. Everything works great. I am pleased that I can pay for the services with Russian bank cards and international cards! The multilingual support is excellent, including support in R.. Read more »
Sergiy Korzhov
Great service! I have been using it for over a year now. In the beginning, when I had minimal knowledge of how to set up a server, I still decided to order a virtual one. There were some issues with the setup due to my lack of knowledge, but the supp.. Read more »
Sergey Korzhov
The service is excellent! I have been using it for more than a year. Even though I had limited knowledge in setting up the server at the beginning, I still opted for a virtual one. There were some difficulties due to my lack of understanding, but the.. Read more »
Elena Hvostova
I recently started using this hosting service and I am very satisfied with it. I am pleased with the option to choose server locations and the pricing is reasonable. The support team is quick to respond and they are very polite. They explain everythi.. Read more »
Andrey Fomin
I have been using a VPN service for several months now. I am happy with the variety of countries available, and it was important for me to have Germany on the list since I use Spotify while in Russia. The speed of the VPN for such a price is simply a.. Read more »
Vladislav Nevzorov
Hello everyone! I have been using this hosting service for several years now, and it has been a reliable platform for hosting my websites, virtual server, and VPN. It operates smoothly without any downtime issues throughout the entire period of my us.. Read more »
Vasiliy Prokofev
Hi there! About six months ago, I was in need of a VPN service. The reason for this was that I was mining cryptocurrency on ethermine, but unfortunately, they stopped supporting mining in Russia. Therefore, I needed a VPN that was affordable and reli.. Read more »
Alina Mindybaeva
I am using VPS and VPN services. I can highly recommend them for their affordable price, excellent quality, and fast customer support. I hope for a long-term collaboration.
Alina Mindybaeva
I utilize VPS and VPN services and can confidently endorse them due to their affordable rates, exceptional performance, and prompt assistance provided by their technical support team. I anticipate establishing a lasting partnership.
vasilyev kirill
Fornex is the most convenient service. I want to thank them for the best interface. The speed of service connection deserves respect. I express my gratitude to the entire staff.
Stanislav Trushkin
It always works consistently, there are no issues at all, it is affordable, and has acceptable speed. In short, it is highly recommended.
vasilyev kirill
Fornex is the most user-friendly service. I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent interface. The promptness in activating the service is commendable. I am grateful to all the staff members.
Valeriy Syrovatskiy
I have been using Fornex Hosting services for a week now, and although it hasn't been long, I compared several hosting providers and chose Fornex Hosting. The most important factor for me when choosing a service provider was good customer suppor.. Read more »
I have been using Fornex for over a year, and during this challenging time, they are one of the few who have not raised prices and continue to work steadily! The control panel is user-friendly. Previously, I mainly used hosting, but recently I neede.. Read more »
I have been using Fornex for over a year now, and during this challenging period, they are one of the few companies that have not increased their prices and are still operating smoothly. The control panel is designed in a user-friendly manner. Previ.. Read more »
Vyacheslav Tukmachev
Fast, reliable, and stable service for both VPN and hosting. Attractive prices. Multiple payment methods available. Special mention deserves the prompt feedback from the support team.
Orhan Kerimov
Their technical support is top-notch, and their rates are affordable. Hosting issues never arise, so I highly recommend them.
Vyacheslav Tukmachev
The service for VPN and hosting is rapid, dependable, and secure. The prices are appealing, and there are numerous payment options available. Additionally, the prompt response from the support team is commendable.
Elchin Mahmudlu
It's great that our website is hosted on servers in different European countries since our target audience is in Europe, even though we live in Russia. Thanks to these servers, we have excellent speed. The website has clean code, which is someth.. Read more »
Elchin Mahmudlu
The fact that the hosting has servers in various European countries is highly beneficial for us. Although our website targets Europe, we reside in Russia, so the servers contribute to excellent speed. The website employs clean code. I appreciate the .. Read more »
Sergey Dolmatov
понятно и легко настраивается. К тому же, цены на тарифы fornex очень конкурентные, что делает его отличным выбором для всех типов пользователей. Я полностью доволен своим выбором и рекомендую fornex всем, кто ищет надежный и профессиональный хостинг.. Read more »
Yuriy Garden
I want to share my experience of dealing with technical support and server endurance. Server: I can briefly describe it because in six months I have never had any problems, everything was running smoothly. Besides, it's hard to find 6GB RAM for.. Read more »
Kirill Luchikov
It is used as a layer for integration between multiple services. It has never encountered any availability issues with the platform and its servers. The support service responds quite quickly and shows interest in the problem by offering alternative .. Read more »
Vasiliy Poberezhniy
Hello. I moved to this hosting just a year ago. Fornex provides enough space for websites, the price is reasonable, and you can choose the server that suits you best. A BIG plus is that the tech support works very quickly, they help and explain thing.. Read more »
Kirill Luchikov
This platform serves as a bridge between multiple services and I have always found it reliable with no issues regarding its availability or server performance. The support team is prompt in their responses and actively seeks to provide alternative so.. Read more »
Vasiliy Poberezhniy
Hi there. I switched to this hosting service only a year ago. Fornex provides ample website storage space at a fair price, allowing you to select the most suitable server for your needs. One major advantage is their speedy and helpful customer suppor.. Read more »
Sergei Kudrin
Hello. I have been using Fornex hosting for six months. I was looking for a hosting with servers in Europe and the US with Russian language support. I chose Fornex: the price for the Start plan is 3 euros. I got the opportunity to host up to 150 doma.. Read more »
Maksim Fadeev
I highly recommend this service for renting VPS/VDS servers. I have been using their services for just over six months and have had no complaints. An added bonus is that they accept payments from Russian cards, which is very important in our time.
Sergei Kudrin
Hi there. I have been using Fornex services for six months now. I was in search of a hosting service that had servers in Europe and the USA and offered support in Russian. That's when I decided to go with Fornex. Their Start plan is priced at 3 .. Read more »
Maxim Fadeev
I suggest using this service to rent VPS\VDS servers. I have been utilizing their services for a short period of six months and I am completely satisfied. What benefits me greatly is the option to make payments using Russian credit cards.
Mihail Costin
My first encounter with Fornex happened over 5 years ago, and ever since then, I have been happy and very satisfied with the services they provide. I also want to mention their support and ticketing system - the Fornex team always finds a solution to.. Read more »
Mihail Costin
I became familiar with Fornex over 5 years ago and have been consistently pleased and satisfied with the services they offer. Their support and ticket system is noteworthy, as the Fornex team consistently resolves issues promptly and effectively.
Vladislav Zvonko
This is a fantastic service that I use for personal purposes for VPN and hosting. I also assist organizations with servers and hosting. Everything works smoothly and quickly. Thank you for years of quality!
Dmitriy Alpatov
The website navigation is convenient and finding the hosting tariffs is very easy - the link to them immediately catches the eye. It is worth noting that the host has detailed what services are included in each tariff plan. I have been using their se.. Read more »
Vladislav Zvonko
The service is excellent, and I utilize it for personal reasons like VPN and hosting. Additionally, I assist organizations with their servers and hosting needs. The performance is reliable and efficient. I am grateful for the consistent high quality .. Read more »
Dmitry Alpatov
The website's navigation is user-friendly, making it simple to locate the hosting rates as the link is easily noticeable. It is worth mentioning that the hoster provides a comprehensive description of the services included in each pricing plan. .. Read more »
Andrey Glushkov
Fast website hosting. I have been using it for over 2 years. The customer support team responds quickly and competently. I haven't had any issues. I highly recommend using it.
Andrey Glushkov
The website has fast and reliable hosting services that I have been utilizing for over two years. The support team is highly responsive and knowledgeable, always addressing any concerns promptly. I have not encountered any issues during my usage, and.. Read more »
I am utilizing the services of fornex. I have successfully installed wireguard and it is functioning properly. The connection speed is excellent, and the monthly payment is only 2.5 euros. I strongly recommend using it!
Vasiliy Poberezhnyy
Hello. I moved to this hosting just over half a year ago. Fornex provides enough space for websites, the price is reasonable, and you can choose the server that suits you best. A BIG plus is that their customer support is very fast, helpful, and expl.. Read more »
Yaroslav Yurevich
Convenient hosting. Easy to use. Payment methods and price are very pleasing to me. I have had no complaints during the long period of use (about six months). Greetings to the developers!
Hosting that is easy to navigate and understand. It is user-friendly and offers convenient payment options. The price is affordable and satisfactory for me. I have not encountered any problems during the six months that I have been using it. I would .. Read more »
Aleksey Rodnikov
The hosting is good, the support is stable, responds quickly, and is adequate in 90% of cases, but understanding was not immediately found. Price, yes, there are some questions, it has increased since the beginning of the year... which didn't bo.. Read more »
Alexey Rodnikov
The hosting service is reliable and offers stable support in most cases, with quick response times. However, there was initially a lack of mutual understanding. Although the price has increased since the beginning of the year, it didn't bother m.. Read more »
Dmitriy Izosimov
I am satisfied with the excellent service I received when I purchased two VPS for my personal needs, specifically for my Telegram bot and pet project. Everything runs smoothly and quickly, and the price is reasonable.
Jenya Metelsky
A couple of years ago, I started working with these guys. At that time, everything suited me. I think that even now, this service is perfect for my projects. Thank you.
Dmitry Izosimov
The service is satisfactory; I bought two VPS for my personal requirements, and everything operates swiftly at a fair price.
Great hosting at a reasonable price. Excellent support that solves any issues within minutes.
Maksim Holovenkin
Excellent hosting with a wide range of plans. I was choosing among many hosting companies for migration and I am glad I turned to fornex. The technical support is very fast and helps to solve any issues in the shortest possible time. One of my client.. Read more »
Maksim Holovenkin
Fornex offers excellent hosting options with a variety of packages available. Among several hosting companies, I opted for Fornex for transferring my hosting account and I am extremely satisfied with my decision. The technical support team is highly .. Read more »
Vladimir Shonin
Thank you guys for the excellent job. You are always the best! You helped us transfer our online store to a new account and set it up in a short period of time. It took only 2 hours. You are the BEST!
Slava Danchenko
This service is really great, I mostly use it for purchasing a VPN. It's always reliable and stable. The price is more than reasonable, so I highly recommend it!
Andrey Karateev
I do not recommend this VPN service to anyone. The cost is low, but you get nothing in return. You can only use it on one device, and to change the country, you have to go to their website, switch it there, download a profile with the settings, and t.. Read more »
Alexander Lapshin
I was searching for a VPS provider to set up a VPN server and came across FORNEX. Their support team helped me configure my VPS servers and opened the necessary ports for OpenVPN to work. I initially had an issue with speed on the first day, but the.. Read more »
Alexander Lapshin
I was in search of a VPS provider to establish a VPN server and came across FORNEX. Their assistance aided me in setting up VPS servers and ensuring the necessary ports were accessible for OpenVPN. Initially, I experienced sluggish speed on the firs.. Read more »
Vladimir Lyubimov
I chose this hosting for its high speed, reliability, affordable price for the necessary tariff plan, and a convenient and user-friendly interface. A pleasant surprise was the very competent and prompt technical support, which helped me implement com.. Read more »
Elnar Musayev
I have been using Fornex company's services for 4 years. The company has been used by others before me as well. It is an excellent company with always responsive employees. There has never been a case where they did not help our company. I am gr.. Read more »
Ilian Georgiev
I have been a customer of Fornex for several years, investing over 300 euros in orders. I have always paid on time and maintained a trustworthy relationship with the company. However, issues arose when my personal website was unjustly blacklisted by .. Read more »
Pavel Pavlov
I chose this company from the catalog. After purchasing, I used the "Migration Assistance" service. They immediately sent me a link to read what was required. I read it and provided all the necessary information. In the end, t.. Read more »
Andrey Mashchenko
Great hosting with affordable prices. The support team is responsive!
Oleg Chumak
This is my first time using this hosting service, and I must say I am impressed with their technical support. After uploading my website, I encountered some issues with text display, but they were able to help me resolve it quickly. I have not experi.. Read more »
Denis Polunosik
Fornex is an excellent hosting service with incredibly fast support response times (around 5 minutes). They have a great track record of uninterrupted operation. Before using Fornex, I had tried various hosting providers, but all of them had their dr.. Read more »
Denis Polunosik
Fornex provides excellent hosting services with quick support, typically responding within 5 minutes. Unlike other hostings I have used in the past, Fornex offers reliable uptime and high-quality technical support, including support for US servers. O.. Read more »
Anton Rayskiy
The best VPN currently available. It smoothly handles the entire home network without any slowdowns or crashes. The support team promptly resolves any issues in real-time. I highly recommend it!
Vitaliy Yatsenko
The support team of positive guys solves the issues very quickly. I am very satisfied and happy with the collaboration.
Maksim Melvilskiy
I am very satisfied with the excellent hosting and outstanding technical support. Overall, I am extremely happy with everything. I will continue to use your services in the future :)
Maxim Melvilsky
The hosting service is fantastic and has top-notch technical support. I am completely happy with everything, and I intend to continue using your services in the future :)
Nikita Grebnov
I definitely recommend this host. After doing some research and reading a few portals, I chose Fornex web hosting. It has a good price and is easy to set up. The support is helpful when they can be, and they understand the problem. When I had a ques.. Read more »
Nikita Grebnov
I highly recommend this hosting service without a doubt. After conducting thorough research and exploring various websites, I decided to go with Fornex. They offer a competitive price and a straightforward setup process. The support team is also very.. Read more »
Aleksandr Grimashevich
I want to warn everyone considering this hosting provider, do NOT even think about hosting with Fornex!!! Let me explain in more detail below. I have been working with websites for many years and have tried numerous hosting providers. I have had exp.. Read more »
The hosting service meets all my requirements. They helped me with migrating from another hosting provider, and I can see that the websites here are super fast. I chose the Cloud NVMe 2 plan, and I had no issues with payment. Everything is excellent.
The hosting service fulfills all of my needs and they assisted me in transferring from another hosting provider. I have noticed that the websites load quickly on this hosting platform. Specifically, I chose the Cloud NVMe 2 hosting plan and encounter.. Read more »
Christian Joniev
I was impressed with the reliable performance of the system, especially the speed of the VPS. The technical support was fast and efficient, as they resolved any issues within 15 minutes. Additionally, I was pleased with the ability to quickly reinsta.. Read more »
Christian Joniev
I was impressed by Fornex's dependable operating system, particularly the fast speed of their VPS. Their technical support was quick and effective, as they resolved technical issues within 15 minutes. Additionally, I was satisfied with their cap.. Read more »
Maksim Dupley
The hosting provider is good. I bought a VPN for 3 months in Germany and it works. Sometimes there are minor interruptions in the connection, but they are short and last a maximum of 30 minutes. There is a wide selection of hosting servers available.. Read more »
Maxim Dupley
The hosting provider is reliable and satisfactory. I purchased a VPN service for a three-month period in Germany and it functions properly. Occasionally, there may be brief interruptions in the connection, but they are not significant, lasting at mos.. Read more »
Vladimir Troyan
Great tech support! They helped me with a domain transfer issue and patiently waited while I fixed the records with the registrar. The hosting quality is top-notch! I'm using the START plan for small online stores. The speed is excellent.
Vladimir Troyan
The support service was exceptional; they assisted me with transferring my domain and patiently waited while I resolved issues with my registrar. The hosting quality is outstanding! I am currently utilizing the START plan for my small online stores, .. Read more »
Hello! I would like to tell you about the hosting service I use for my website. It has been a year since I moved to Russia, and I had been having trouble finding a good hosting provider for a long time. For me, price and quality were both important f.. Read more »
Hey there. I wanted to share my experience with the hosting service I use for my website. It took me quite a while to find the right hosting after moving to Russia a year ago. Price and quality were both crucial factors for me. After going through se.. Read more »
Olga Mashkova
Affordable and easy to understand, even for beginners. The website is user-friendly, and there have been no issues with customer support or payment.
Olga Mashkova
The website is affordable and user-friendly, making it easily accessible even for inexperienced users. Up until now, there have been no issues with the website's availability, technical support, or payment processes.
Dovran Saparov
I used hosting from another company for several years. I was satisfied with the hosting itself because the control panel and all the tools were top-notch. However, now you understand that the tools have become less important. Now, price and convenie.. Read more »
Dovran Saparov
I have been using services from a different hosting company for a long time. I was happy with their hosting because the control panel and tools were of high quality. However, recently, the importance of price and convenience has surpassed the importa.. Read more »
This service is highly reliable and stable. It offers convenient administration tools. I highly recommend this service!
Really pleasant prices, stable work. Throughout my time using the hosting, I've only had to interact with the technical support a few times - they are super reasonable guys who quickly resolved any issues I had. I haven't had any difficulti.. Read more »
Vladimir Popov
I have not received a confirmation email for registration, which was sent to my iCloud address. Therefore, I am unable to request the service.
Vadym Lynnyk
Good and fast hosting is provided in different countries, with easy registration, excellent and speedy support, and all at very affordable prices... The website has user-friendly navigation and an easy-to-use administration panel. The support team is.. Read more »
Vadym Lynnyk
There are excellent and efficient hosting services available in various countries, with simple registration and reasonable prices. The website has user-friendly navigation and an easy-to-use administrative panel. The support team is prompt and effici.. Read more »
Aleksandr Yurev
In addition to the uninterrupted operation of all declared services, I would like to specifically mention the competent and caring technical support. If there is a problem, colleagues are ready to help with finding a prompt solution for ASAP tasks a.. Read more »
Andrey Odintsov
I have been using this service for a year now. I bought a VPN subscription and I must say that the prices are very reasonable and the quality is top-notch. They quickly resolve any issues that rarely arise. These guys are awesome!
I have been working with this hosting for about a year. There are three websites hosted on it. I haven't noticed any negative aspects or experienced any issues. The support team is fast and responsive, which is important to me. The price is also.. Read more »
Aleksey Devyatov
I have been using this hosting service for 8 years. They have Russian-speaking support and they respond very quickly. The support team consists of many professionals who are often willing to help, even when the issue is clearly the client's faul.. Read more »
Oleh Shedlovskyi
It works well. If something needs to be resolved, they always help and quickly.
I have been working with this hosting company for many years. While others were spending all their money on advertising, these guys were investing in support and ensuring stable operation. Many reputable resources are hosted on this platform, which m.. Read more »
Filinov Nikolay
Good service, reasonable price, loyal policies/flexibility, and a knowledgeable approach to collaboration in different countries, including payment, the quality is quite normal. I created a virtual machine for VPN and haven't noticed any issues .. Read more »
Akram Hosen
I started using the services of this provider on the recommendation of a friend. And so far, I have no regrets. The quality is satisfactory.
Anton Berdo
Everything is very transparent and convenient in terms of payment and using the control panel. I have been using it for about 5 years and plan to continue using it in the future.
Akram Hosen
Based on my friend's recommendation, I began using this provider's services, and I have not been disappointed thus far. I am content with the level of quality provided.
Andrey Cherkashin
I have been using this hosting service for various personal needs for many years and have never regretted it. They are very loyal to their customers. Until recently, there was no automatic payment function in the control panel, and I often forgot to.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for several years and have never had any problems or complaints. Everything works quickly and efficiently. The functionality fully satisfies my needs. I couldn't find a better price for my hosting requireme.. Read more »
Wepa Saparov
I have been using the service for a long time and have been very satisfied. Recently, access to the service was blocked, but the support team went out of their way to restore access for me as a long-time customer, and I am very grateful for that!
Roman Garin
I have never encountered such a terrible service and disrespectful attitude towards customers. Instead of a welcoming email, they sent a ticket and a threat that all websites will be blocked if complaints are received. Moreover, the websites in quest.. Read more »
Sergey Shpak
The technical support operates efficiently and promptly. I have been using their services for over 3 years now and their employees are performing at a top-notch level.
After the update, the speed of technical support and the quality of assistance are simply soothing for the soul.
Yuriy Grebenik
I am a web studio manager. I have been working with fornex for several years now. Currently, it is the best hosting I have ever worked with. First-class and fast technical support is the best thing that can happen in hosting.
Sergey Simonov
First of all, I would like to highlight the excellent work of the support team: even when my request had a low priority, the staff members responded within ten minutes. The website also has convenient navigation and low cost. Overall, I highly recomm.. Read more »
Anastasiya Sechina
This hosting was recommended by acquaintances who are web designers. We have been using it for a couple of years - hosting, domain. I'm not very knowledgeable about technical details, but everything suits me, there have been no failures. What is.. Read more »
Bogdan Shelelo
As a programmer specializing in website development, the quality of hosting, reliability, and speed are crucial to me. And the price is just fantastic. I highly recommend Fornex hosting company! The support is excellent. They are simply the best of t.. Read more »
Aleksandr Tertychnyy
Convenient! Comfortable! Accessible!
Ruslan Vinnitsky
I am testing the website on this hosting. I encountered some difficulties with the installation, but the team skillfully and quickly resolved the issue. The technical support is competent and responds promptly to tickets (in comparison to other hosti.. Read more »
Aleksandr Mindlin
In my opinion, the main advantage is the tech support, which responds quickly, appropriately, politely, and always to the point. I had a complicated situation with malicious content on my website (most likely a virus). They really helped me resolve t.. Read more »
Alexander Mindlin
In my view, the biggest benefit is the prompt and efficient technical support that is always helpful, polite, and focused on resolving issues. I had a challenging experience with harmful content on my website, possibly a virus, and they truly assiste.. Read more »
Andrey Niskov
Responsive technical support, they promptly respond to questions and assist with script installations. Highly recommended.
Yuriy Tereschenko
After trying out various types of hosting services, from international ones to very local ones, by the will of Cthulhu, I discovered Fornex and have not regretted it. The uptime and speed are top-notch, comparable to international standards, while th.. Read more »
Ivan Bukarev
Convenient interface. Fast technical support. Reasonable prices. The speed of operation on this hosting is fast. I have been using this hosting for several years. Reliable service for your projects. I recommend it.
Vitalik Bulavin
Great hosting, everything is clear, the admin panel is visually pleasing. The technical support responds quickly to any questions and helps achieve the desired result. I am pleasantly surprised by the work of the hosting. I recommend it to everyone!!.. Read more »
Andrii Gontsa
Good day! Today I registered on this VPS rental website, everything went smoothly, and the login details for my personal account were conveniently provided. I was able to access the server without any issues, so far everything is great! Thank you for.. Read more »
Kirill Korobkin
Great hosting, pleasant and friendly support. I had no idea how any of this worked at all. But the Fornex support set everything up for me, showed me where and when to click, and answered all the questions of a "typical user" who doesn'.. Read more »
Yurii Cherniyevskii
I'm completely satisfied! I haven't had any problems! The customer support is top-notch! The price and quality are a perfect match! I've worked with many hosting companies, but I've settled on FORNEX. It has everything that an adm.. Read more »
Anton Ovdin
The hosting is excellent. I have hosted the client's website on it, and everything is functioning perfectly without any glitches. The directory contains over 11,000 pages.
Anton Kolotygin
Great hosting. I chose this hosting based on a recommendation and I have not regretted it once. During registration, you have the option to choose the location region. The rates are very reasonable. Domain, hosting, SSL certificates - everything i.. Read more »
Andrey Zolotarev
Excellent service, we have no complaints whatsoever! It works consistently and the support team responds promptly without any delays or reminders!
Vyacheslav Stepko
I have been using a VPS for about six months now and I'm quite satisfied with it. The unlimited traffic is a great feature that I appreciate. I haven't experienced any outages so far, which is a big plus. There are many convenient services .. Read more »
Alexander Pavlov
The support provided is insufficient. The Wordpress version is outdated, and it is currently running on php 7.3. I recently decided to experiment with this hosting, but I strongly advise against it. The support is nonexistent, and the reliability can.. Read more »
Roman Kirichenko
I have been employed at Fornex for one year now, and I am completely content with everything. The support team is extremely reliable. I plan to continue utilizing Fornex's services.
Irina Kozlova
I have been using FORNEX services for over 1.5 years. I am satisfied and plan to purchase another domain and continue working with them. There have been no downtime issues with my website during this time. Whenever I had questions, they responded qui.. Read more »
Aleksandr Pavlov
The feedback was not processed. Wordpress is not updated, PHP version is 7.3. I decided to simply give this hosting a try. I do NOT recommend it. Support is non-existent, reliability is uncertain, speed is good, and the price is low.
Roman Kirichenko
I have been working for a year and I am completely satisfied! The support works like clockwork! I will continue working with you.
Irina Kozlova
I have been utilizing the services of FORNEX for over a year and a half. I am content with the quality of their services and intend to purchase another domain to continue working with them. Throughout this time, there have been no issues with the fun.. Read more »
Agris Ukstiņš
I am satisfied with this service. The prices are reasonable and the technical support is good. I use a VPS and I am considering getting a separate server.
Sergei Nescheretsky
I have been using this European hosting service for two years now, and I am extremely happy with it. The speed and support provided are excellent, especially considering the affordable price. In comparison, Latvian hosting services of similar quality.. Read more »
Sergey Nescheretskiy
Good European hosting for a reasonable price. I have been using it for 2 years. The speed and support are all pleasing. Latvian hosting services of the same kind are 2-3 times more expensive.
Emil Sitdikov
Great hosting. Affordable prices. Fast support. I have been using it for a year and plan to continue. Highly recommend!
Karisha Sergeeva
I have been using their services for 3 years and plan to continue working with them in the future! Their technical support is available 24/7 and responds promptly. They help with everything, provide clear explanations and instructions. The price for .. Read more »
Mariya Mezhetskaya
I have been using this hosting for the second year and I recommend it to my clients. During my work, I have seen many different hosting providers among my clients, and what sets Fornex apart is: 1) Convenient personal account panel. It is intuitive a.. Read more »
Artem Lapin
I chose Fornex as my first companion in the world of website creation and maintenance, and it seems like I'll be sticking with them forever! They offer affordable plans and provide prompt support for any, even the silliest, question. They are al.. Read more »
Aleksandr Shurpo
Hello everyone! I've been using Fornex for about two years now, and I haven't found a better hosting provider yet. The personal account functionality is very convenient. When purchasing VDS, there is even monitoring available. Before reinst.. Read more »
Vasiliy Vasilenko
I have created a website for my client on hosting. I am pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of their technical support - they solve issues quickly and efficiently! The speed of the hosting service is also very satisfying. I am satisfied.. Read more »
Vladimir Pokhodun
Great hosting, the support team quickly solves problems, and the prices are quite affordable! Highly recommend!
Yana Burkova
I have been using Fornex services for six months now, and I am very satisfied with the quality of the services provided. The website is user-friendly, the registration process is simple and fast, and the control panel is intuitive and easy to use. Th.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for a long time. Yesterday, I received a complaint about one of my websites, which only had a login form. My dedicated hosting was immediately blocked, and they demanded verification, such as selfies with ticket.. Read more »
Pavel Gryaznov
We used Hosting for the operation of chat-bots and we are generally satisfied with its quality. There were some difficulties with running scripts, but those were more likely PHP errors rather than issues with the hosting itself. The price is very aff.. Read more »
Aleksandr Dementev
I am satisfied with the hosting services. I appreciate the affordable prices, fast speed, and competence of the support team.
Tahirka Ivanov
I am very satisfied with the service! Reasonable prices plus a free domain when ordering hosting, good internet connection and fast performance. The quick response time is also a great advantage, which is not common everywhere.
Vasil Belinets
I have been searching for a reliable hosting service that works without any interruptions or errors 24/7. I have been hopping from one host to another until finally finding what I was looking for. I have been using this hosting service for a short ti.. Read more »
Roman Tyniv
I really liked this hosting service. Especially the fact that for a fairly low price, you can buy hosting with an unlimited number of websites (of course, small ones). The website management system is very convenient, it's easy to create backups.. Read more »
Excellent and user-friendly hosting. I would even say it's one of the best. Even a beginner can figure it out. If there are any issues, they are immediately resolved. The tech support responds instantly. I definitely recommend it!
Viktor Semenov
We have been working with Fornex for five years now - we have ordered both VPS and VDS, and recently we also ordered a VPN. Each time, everything has been fast, easy, and clear. I can't say anything about the prices, but they were noticeably rea.. Read more »
Evgen Radko
TP has been solving all of my problems quickly and efficiently for the past 3 years. I highly recommend them to all my colleagues!!! Thank you so much for the high-quality service!
Aleksey Doronenko
We use this company for hosting our website. They have reasonable prices and provide excellent support. We highly recommend them.
Aleksey Kuzmin
Great hosting. The technical support responds within a few minutes, even late at night. The prices also don't raise any questions.
Dmitriy Nikiforov
Good and reliable hosting. The technical support works very quickly and efficiently. There are no failures. The prices are affordable. Moreover, there are different hosting plans available, so you can choose the one that suits you best.
Sergey Leshukov
Excellent technical support, solves all issues in the shortest possible time! Everything else is fine.
Roman Pyrkin
This is the best service for hosting a website on a server. I used to use a different service from Belarus, and there is simply no comparison. Especially the guys from the technical support, that's what surprised me the most. Instant responses a.. Read more »
Evgeniy Nikitin
I have several projects running on it, it's an excellent and affordable service!
Vyacheslav Sharov
I recently learned about a service on YouTube. There was a programmer praising Fornex. The speed, reliability, and adequate technical support, the works... Despite my doubts, I decided to give it a try. After six months of using it, I am delighted! A.. Read more »
Alex Zavalii
I have been using Fornex for about two years. I have no complaints, everything works great, and the support team is always responsive. The prices are simply fantastic. I have no regrets about our collaboration with Fornex.
Dima Karchmit
There are 5 projects on this hosting. What attracted me was the low cost and the ease and speed of setting up the machine. I once forgot to allow SSH access in the firewall, created a ticket, and within 20 minutes, I resolved my issue through custome.. Read more »
Aleksandr Pogrebnoy
Excellent hosting, profitable rates, and a highly professional technical support team that responds instantly. As for the advantages, I can note that servers are available in different countries, but I recommend renting in Germany specifically. Overa.. Read more »
I will start with the most important thing for me personally - the prices. Fornex offers the most competitive rates among all the hosting providers I have seen so far. I am very pleased with the opportunity to have a trial period for each of the hos.. Read more »
Nikita Pogorelov
Great hosting, responsive support, not a single problem in a year of use!
Anatoliy Kozharskiy
Great service. I found exactly what I was looking for. It was recommended to me by my more experienced colleagues. There is a large number of tariffs available. Some of them can be tested for free for a few days. The website has a very convenient an.. Read more »
Anton Hikas
I really liked it. The admin panel is convenient. Servers can be deployed quickly. It's possible to choose Ubuntu 20.04.
Alexey Marushchak
Amazing hosting! The support is excellent and responsive round the clock, and the SSD is incredibly fast for my websites, be it OpenCart or Wordpress, it's hassle-free. The pricing is fair, and the user interface is user-friendly and convenient... Read more »
Yana Han
I tested their hosting for 7 days and did not notice any failures, everything worked like clockwork. I decided to take it for a year and naturally had some questions, so I reached out to their support. Surprisingly (considering I set a non-urgent pri.. Read more »
Vladislav Fedin
The personal account has a user-friendly and convenient interface, excellent options for managing your own website, and fast virtual hosting. I also appreciate the reasonable price, which perfectly matches the service. I absolutely recommend it.
I registered a domain and rented hosting. It was very affordable, and most importantly, the support team is always available and responds very quickly. They only close tickets after completely resolving the issue. The support team consists of real pr.. Read more »
Stanislav Reva
Half a year of work, everything is going smoothly The functionality promised on the tariff is fully operational Tech support responds obscenely quickly.
Miklós Oláh
Registering a domain in the .site zone took less than 5 minutes. I decided to continue using their services after 2 years of using another hosting provider because I needed a company with a central office in Spain. I have no complaints, there have ne.. Read more »
I regularly use the VPN service from Fornex - no complaints, it works fast and reliably. The support team is also very responsive. Thank you.
Denis Tatarskikh
In July 2020, an accident occurred. The car died. Me: - When will it be restored? Support: - Unfortunately, there is nothing to restore. We did offer you to move... Me: Were there any backups? S: No. Me: If you knew about the risks, why weren't .. Read more »
Rus Ismatullaev
I have been using this hosting for several years. Many of my clients' projects are hosted on different accounts on Fornex. Overall, I am satisfied with the performance and the promptness of technical support. I can easily communicate with them a.. Read more »
Great hosting! The technical support is especially superb. They resolve all issues quickly. For newcomers, it is a big advantage as they will assist you if you mess up somewhere!
Great hosting. I have been using it for over 2 years and haven't had any issues. The support team provided prompt assistance with domain connection questions. There are ready-made templates for different tasks. Everything is user-friendly! I hig.. Read more »
This is the best tech support I have ever encountered in my life! And so that this comment is not considered paid, I will write in "Russian". To the tech support employee who launched my long-awaited, flawed website in just half an hour at .. Read more »
Oleg Trusyuk
I have been using this hosting service since November 2019. The price initially caught my attention, plus they gave me a free domain name as a bonus. In terms of performance, the hosting has proven to be reliable, despite the short period of time. A .. Read more »
I am a beginner webmaster, and I currently have my third hosting provider (Beget, Hostland, and Fornex). I needed to create a website in Germany, so I chose Fornex based on its price. €8.64 for the first year is very budget-friendly (for one web.. Read more »
Petr Eliseev
The navigation is very user-friendly, and the prices are very good! The customer support team responds quickly and provides assistance. Thank you!
Ruslan Zhamaletdinov
The technical support is excellent, and most importantly, very fast. I reached out with an issue regarding website launch. I submitted a ticket, and received a response within 5 minutes. They closed the ticket within 10 minutes! Thank you for your at.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for over six months! Compared to, the support here is lightning-fast! The reason I love this hosting is because they respond very quickly and their prices are very low! We will definitely continue to collaborate .. Read more »
Oleg Volya
I have been hosting websites with them since 08.01.2012. As mentioned before, the price is reasonable and the support is responsive. They even took the time to understand and explain to me, a novice, what I was doing wrong. Well, if that's the c.. Read more »
Serhii Satanivskyi
I have been using this hosting for over 4 years and I am satisfied with it. The 24/7 technical support is particularly attentive. The navigation is convenient and intuitive. And perhaps the most important criterion is the price. I would recommend it .. Read more »
Natalya Shiganova
Many thanks to the support of the hosting company They have helped me so many times! They never refuse to assist. I have something to compare it with, for example, I used to work with a well-known top hosting company, they may be.. Read more »
Sergey Kuznetsov
I highly recommend them. I have been working with them for about three years. They provide the fastest tech support, available 24/7! The average response time is around two minutes. They assist with migrations and diagnose any issues related to their.. Read more »
Vladimir Protsenko
I have been using Fornex services since 2012. I have no complaints, on the contrary, I highly recommend this hosting provider to friends and clients. Their services cater to every need, from traditional virtual hosting to dedicated servers, and the p.. Read more »
Konstantin Kamenschikov
The hosting has excellent technical support, the team responds quickly. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. It has a rich set of features. Highly recommended!
Good hosting, good prices, plus protection against DDoS attacks. Occasionally there are technical issues on the server, but it is very rare. I suppose it's the same on regular shared hosting everywhere. And here, there is the added benefit of go.. Read more »
Valeriy Muhortyh
They have excellently managed all the websites that existed before. The speed of both the service and support is top-notch - they respond very quickly, even if you ask a non-urgent question, and the websites run smoothly when optimized from their end.. Read more »
Constantin Maximov
Super instant support! The support staff is always courteous and ready to help if there are any incorrect settings on the servers. They can also identify errors through logs and assist in fixing them all. The service is excellent! Well done!
Kirill Grigorev
Great hosting. I've tried many hosting services, and out of all the ones I've tried, this one has been the most stable and trouble-free in my experience.
Mikola Bobritskiy
Before Fornex, I used three hosting providers, but it has been about five years since I switched to them due to their comparatively affordable price, convenient Russian-language interface both in the hosting itself and in the file manager on the host.. Read more »
Andrey Bykov
The best support! I've tried a bunch of hosting services and this one has been a delight! They are easy to communicate with.
Yuriy Pilipchuk
Great hosting! There were no issues with transferring Joomla websites. However, I encountered difficulties with an Osclass website. The support team quickly responded and solved all the problems (mine) within 10 minutes. Thank you so much! Once again.. Read more »
Vanya Borisov-Pyastkin
Thank you for the quick setup of the website. All my issues have been resolved. I am quite happy with the hosting. I recommend it.
Sergey Hatko
The best price for hosting that I have come across with such service and reliability. I constantly recommend it to my clients - no complaints. One thing worth mentioning is the most user-friendly hosting menu. Typically, in inexpensive hosting, navi.. Read more »
Great hosting. The tech support is responsive. The performance speed is also good. Highly recommended.
Maksim Telegin
I was searching for hosting for my project and personal use, so that I wouldn't have to buy static content, which is much more expensive than getting a whole hosting package here. For 1 euro, I get a very good hosting service with support for Py.. Read more »
Valentina Galanina
The best hosting I've ever encountered, prompt technical support, fast hosting, I really like this service, I recommend them to everyone!
Igor Kovalchuk
I have been using this fantastic hosting service for several years now for VPN services and backup storage. I highly recommend them.
I have been working with this company for about 5 years now. I am satisfied with everything - great prices and fast support. They are always ready to help and provide guidance with setting up even the things that you are supposed to do on your own. I.. Read more »
Igor Buhteev
As a developer, I have multiple websites, and most of them have been transferred to fornex hosting. The support is excellent - they quickly and effectively resolve any questions or issues that arise. I do have a question about the speed of the websit.. Read more »
Irina Sergienko
I found Fornex hosting based on a recommendation from a YouTuber, as I was looking for a convenient and affordable hosting service. As I am not a programmer, the user-friendly interface of the platform was very helpful for me. The fact that they have.. Read more »
Alexander Shaikevich
Great support. They respond quickly and professionally. The management system is easy to understand and operates smoothly. I recommend it to everyone.
Sergey Fedorov
Excellent hosting for any "heavy projects". With reasonable cost per GB. Support is also without "managers" on the first line - engineers respond to tickets immediately.
Aleksandr Kozlov
Great hosting. The most important thing is the excellent technical support. They will help with any problem at any time. Prices are great. Highly recommended to everyone!
Vyacheslav Romanov
I used a hosting service last year, and they blocked me for violating their rules. What was nice though, is that they provided a backup without any issues within 5 minutes and offered options on how to host such content without breaking the rules.
Artem Karetnikov
Great hosting company. I haven't been using it for long, but I have no complaints and many people speak highly of it. The price is reasonable because we pay for quality and good equipment. Security is a top priority!
Vladyslav Malko
Fornex is one of the best hosting providers on the market. I have tried over 20 and still ended up choosing Fornex. Their technical support responds almost instantly. Any issues that arise for the client are resolved within minutes. I highly recommen.. Read more »
Dmitriy Sokolov
I have been using this hosting service for over six months and it has been fantastic. The price is great and the tech support is incredibly fast. I had to set up nodejs and they helped me understand and configure the server. The quality is top-notch,.. Read more »
Oleksiy Kusch
If you don't want to waste your time and money, don't use this service. They block websites without warning and work faster than Roskomnadzor.
Viktor Chistyakov
I have been using this hosting for about six months now. I am really satisfied with it, it works perfectly, and the price-to-quality ratio is excellent. My website is still on another hosting, I just can't find the time to transfer it. I use VPS.. Read more »
Evgeniy Raschupkin
The high speed and professionalism of the technical support are impressive. They help quickly resolve any issues, configure something, or place something. I highly recommend them.
Dmitriy Vysotskiy
I have been using Fornex services for over two years and I am completely satisfied. The website's usability is very convenient, they offer highly competitive prices for all their services, and the quality of the services provided is top-notch! I.. Read more »
Yuriy Klimenko
1) The interface is very user-friendly. 2) The support operates at a very high speed.
Vladimir Erofeev
Before using, I have only used 2 other hosting providers and fornex is definitely the best. 1. Very powerful servers and affordable, all tariff plans have powerful hardware and plenty of memory for the same price. 2. The virtual tariffs c.. Read more »
Maks Ivanov
The hosting platform has a highly convenient interface. The support team consists of friendly individuals who are always ready to help and resolve any issues you may encounter. The prices are very pleasing, especially when considering the discounts a.. Read more »
Oleg Popovsky
My websites are targeted at Western Europe, so after a sad experience with one of the foreign hosting providers, I took a long and careful time to choose a new one. In the end, I settled on Fornex, and I have never regretted it! The ping is good both.. Read more »
Andrey Sakara
In my opinion, this is one of the best hosting websites on the market! The website is very user-friendly and intuitive, making it very enticing. The support team is incredibly friendly and polite, always ready to help, even with issues unrelated to t.. Read more »
The website has been online since 2012. Everything is stable without any excessive issues. Being a complete beginner, I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy, professionalism, and speed in handling my inquiries. Overall, I am extremely satisfied.
The technical support here is simply one of the best I have ever seen. The professionals ask precise guiding questions, provide additional information that I, as a novice, couldn't obtain, but which helps me consider the reasons behind various i.. Read more »
Sveta Korinkova
A good, reliable, and affordable hosting service. What's most interesting is that it is abuse resistant, which is very important in Russia, especially when using materials that are not always allowed. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Nikolay Zacarov
I've tried several hosting providers. About six months ago, I switched to Fornex and haven't had a single issue since then. My website is always accessible and runs smoothly. I'm very pleased with the quick response from their customer.. Read more »
Daulet Turgaliev
This hosting is really cool. I've been using it for about a year, and I have no complaints. The website has never gone down. It has the perfect balance of price and quality. I highly recommend it. It's the best hosting I have ever used.
Alina Gafurova
I have been using this hosting service for several months now! There hasn't been a single outage during this time. It is convenient and affordable to use. The customer support is always available, which is very important! Overall, I am very sati.. Read more »
Dmitriy Glavchev
The hosting is very good, and perhaps its main advantage is the availability of up-to-date versions of PHP 7 and 5 + all the necessary modules. I was also pleasantly surprised by the 24/7 technical support, which responds very quickly. Additionally, .. Read more »
Anton Izmestev
I was notified that the server would only be back up in 2 hours after it broke down. And that's only because I informed them. Let me explain, guys, I'm going to change the server's IP to another one that I rent from them (fortunately, .. Read more »
Maksim Myrsin
I bought a VPS from Fornex a week ago, and I have already had 3 issues resolved (none of which were related to the quality of the services). The support team works really quickly, sometimes it feels like I can even delegate a part of my work to them,.. Read more »
I have been using their FTP for backups for a long time, and it works great - it's fast and has no lags. The price is a bit average, you can find cheaper options, but considering the high level of support, you understand that this money goes tow.. Read more »
Andrey Lis
I have tried out many hosting providers, but I have settled on Fornex and quietly transfer my clients here. I have never had any issues, and if there were any questions, the customer support always resolved them quickly. This is probably the most imp.. Read more »
Couldn't use it as a hosting. I was looking for an abuse-resistant hosting in the Netherlands (to avoid patent scammers) and since I had already used other services from Fornex, I asked about this possibility. But, unfortunately, they replied th.. Read more »
Oleksiy Shama
I have been using this hosting for only a few days, but the difference compared to the previous one pleasantly surprised me. I would like to specifically mention the excellent work of the support team!
Arnel Colar
If you need VPS hosting, this is the best option. They have exceptionally reliable uptime of 99.99%, which I can confidently confirm. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will appreciate the numerous features offered in their plans. However, .. Read more »
Maksim Rubinov
Great hosting. And simply wonderful support. The response time to any issue is just a matter of minutes. It seems to me that the support team goes above and beyond their duty. I will gladly continue working with this hosting provider. I said goodbye .. Read more »
This is probably the best hosting I have ever tried. I have been using it since 2013, and they have always been able to solve any problem I had. The support team actually provides support, rather than just giving generic responses.
Natali Nikolaeva
I've been using this hosting for about six months. The customer support is excellent - the best I've ever seen in my life. The server performance is stable. I highly recommend it!
Andrey Kasatov
Great hosting provider, no interruptions in service. Responsive tech support that even helps with unexpected technical issues, making it very convenient for beginner webmasters. I have been working with them for several years now.
Andrey Malygin
I have been using various services from fornex for several years now. Initially, it was just hosting, but then I switched to renting a VPS, and recently I have also been purchasing VPN services. I am very pleased with the quality of the service, the .. Read more »
I have been using Fornex VPN for a long time now. The speed is excellent for a VPN, and there are no interruptions or disconnections. It's a great service. I highly recommend it.
Aleksey Mishurovskiy
I transferred my store from Zomro to Fornex. Zomro had an inadequate support team, but here it's the opposite. The customer service is always helpful and provides guidance, and there is the option to change tariffs. The only thing I don't l.. Read more »
I have been using it for over six months. There hasn't been a single problem during this time. The support team is always quick to respond and help. In addition, the interface is pleasant.
One of the best providers offering hosting services. From website design and control panel to server speed and capabilities. Highly recommended!
Vitaliy Mareev
I have tried many different hosting services, both cheap virtual hosting and hosting with my own server in a rack, so I have something to compare. If all the hosting parameters are simply good, then the support service is beyond amazing. At any time .. Read more »
Dmitriy Yakovenko
If not the best, then definitely one of the best hosting providers. Everything is pleasing: the range of services and features, flexibility, of course the price, and especially the speed and quality of support. I use their hosting, VPS, and VPN. Sati.. Read more »
Aleksey Kuznetsov
I have been using this hosting service since 2014, and I really like it! I have never experienced any downtime, and it works like a charm for a 13 euro tariff (which covers three of my websites). One time, I forgot to pay the monthly fee, and it had .. Read more »
Everything works very quickly and clearly. Special thanks to the developers for a simple and clear interface, without sacrificing functionality. I really like it! I highly recommend it!
Only the benefits. Everything works quickly and easily, VPN is set up quickly (including for Telegram). The cost is very pleasing to someone in a financial crisis - just paid for VPN for a year - 1200₽+. Technical support delves into all the nuances .. Read more »
Ivan Dvorkovoy
I have been using fornex services since 2014 and you know what, I am satisfied. Honestly, without exaggeration, I am really satisfied! The speed of operation, even on the cheapest tariffs, is very high. The technical support responds quickly, thoroug.. Read more »
Maksim Doronin
Firstly, I would like to mention the excellent support they provide. I have never encountered such a level of responsiveness before. They answer all questions very quickly, even if the question is of low priority. They also assist with settings and c.. Read more »
Great service. I have been storing all my projects on it for two years now and I recommend it to everyone who contacts me about websites. I haven't had a single complaint. The tariffs are affordable, the quality is high, and the control panel fu.. Read more »
Vasiliy Smogley
I switched to Fornex from Beget because Beget was running out of memory and resources on the highest hosting tariff, and it wasn't reasonable to upgrade to VIP. I had an account with Fornex since 2013, where I used a VPS. The guys at Fornex help.. Read more »
Great support, the website is convenient and intuitive. Highly recommend.
Great hosting! Top-notch customer support. Thanks to them.
Roman Stepanov
In short, the best of all that I have worked with over the years. I was particularly impressed by the customer support and the cost... no comments there. Everything else has been consistently good... I have not encountered any issues with availabilit.. Read more »
Valeriy Zhuravlev
Good hosting, support responds instantly.
I have been working with them for over 5-6 years and have not found better quality!
Yuriy Avanesov
I have been working with Fornex for several years, probably for 4 years exactly. And maybe even longer. I really like that the websites work fast and are not cached as much as on other hosting platforms. The prices are quite reasonable, and the cont.. Read more »
Maksim Hryaschev
We have been working with Fornex for the past 8 years. One of the standout features of the company is their top-notch support. Thanks to Fornex, we were able to address the problem of rapid growth when we didn't yet have in-house developers but.. Read more »
Azat Davletov
I have been using this hosting service for 4 years. The technical support is very knowledgeable and responsive.
Mihail Afanasev
I have been hosting my website and PHP services for my gaming projects on this hosting provider for four years. Throughout this time, I have had no complaints, and any minor issues are always resolved quickly. In the near future, I am likely to choos.. Read more »
Tanya Maksimova
The technical support promptly responds to inquiries and quickly resolves issues.
Uri Mosk
Hello there! I wanted to recommend Fornex as an excellent hosting provider for business websites. My partner and I have been using their services and we have been extremely impressed with their support team. They always respond to our queries within .. Read more »
Alpamys Batkalov
Great guys. I've been working with them for four years now. Servers in Germany. And cheaper than many others. They have a ticketing system. They respond quickly. Literally within 3 minutes. I couldn't solve the email problem on my own for 2.. Read more »
Roman Naddaka
The best customer support in the world that I have encountered in the last 10 years! Recently, I have interacted with several services and I am simply amazed at how poorly they can treat their clients. I was already impressed by FORNEX's profess.. Read more »
I have been utilizing the VPS services of this company for numerous years and I am extremely happy with everything. The pricing is exceptional and the support provided is unparalleled. They promptly respond to inquiries, provide comprehensive answers.. Read more »
Egor Povzhik
The hosting service is excellent, providing reliable support. They go above and beyond to assist with tasks on my website that are often overlooked by other hosting providers. I encourage them to continue their efforts.
Evgeniy Gultyaev
The hosting service is reliable and affordable. The cost is highly reasonable. Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn back up to 35% of the purchase amount through Letitshops. I have been a loyal customer of this company for a long time.
Vitaliy Yushchenko
I encountered strange problems with a delayed response, to the extent that it took 20 seconds for the js file to reach the client, which felt like an eternity. Politeness only resulted in being transferred from one tech support specialist to another .. Read more »
Evgen Romanov
We purchased a regular setup of their server. They assured us that it would be delivered within a timeframe of 1 day to 2 weeks, although all other competitors deliver servers within one business day at the latest. Unfortunately, the server was never.. Read more »
I have found a hosting service called Fornex that provides 100% access to web resources at any time and high-quality hosting at an affordable price. This is the third hosting service I have tried, and I appreciate that Fornex offers relatively inexpe.. Read more »
Ahmed Novresli
I had to look up the price, but the customer support is mediocre. In the evenings, it's impossible to get help as they postpone resolving issues until the next day when only the duty watchman is available. There are a few static pages on the ser.. Read more »
Andrey Koba
I will provide a review for this hosting company, as promised. Initially, I selected a price plan and the support team graciously transferred me to a VPS at no extra cost. However, I encountered issues with slow CPU loading and frequent site downtime.. Read more »
Misha Circle
I am currently considering changing to this hosting service. I plan to test it and provide you with my feedback.
Vitaliy Yaschikov
I have used this hosting provider for a duration of two months and, for the most part, it functions well. On a few occasions, I have had to reach out to their support team and they have promptly provided assistance. The hosting service is reliable as.. Read more »
I have been working with Fornex for over 3 years and I am completely satisfied. It always operates reliably (there have been no interruptions in accessing websites). The customer support is always online and they help to resolve any issue.
As promised, I would like to share my experience with this hosting service. They moved me to a VPS for free, after I had selected a plan. However, I encountered some issues with excessive CPU usage, which caused my website to be unavailable for 5 min.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for 2 months now and overall I'm satisfied. I had to contact their support a couple of times and they responded quickly. The hosting is stable and my websites have not crashed yet. The location of their data center.. Read more »
Great hosting. Excellent price. You can also get cashback of up to 35% on your purchase through Letishops. I've been working with this company for many years now.
Hosting is a 100% opportunity to access a website at any time, and quality hosting is a combination of the aforementioned plus the ability to have convenient and high-quality technical support at an affordable price. I have personally experienced al.. Read more »
I have been using the company's services for several years (VPS) and everything is top-notch! The pricing policy is completely satisfactory. The support team is beyond praise! They respond quickly, answer questions exhaustively, and always help .. Read more »
Great hosting. Friendly support. They help me with my platform in ways that other hosts ignore. Keep it up, guys.