rating: 6.5, reviews: 17
Country: India
Servers: USA, Germany, France, India, Netherlands
Panels: cPanel
Flaunt7.com is a hosting company that offers excellent quality and reliable performance. Customers are extremely satisfied with the service, finding it dependable and speedy. The company provides excellent assistance and service at unbelievably affordable prices. However, there are some areas that could be improved, such as offering more plans. Some customers have experienced issues with their servers, including extended periods of downtime and unresponsiveness from the support team. This has le.. Read more »

Reviews on Flaunt7.com


Phạm Quang
Excellent quality. No issues. Reliable performance.
Manoj Mj
I am extremely satisfied with this hosting company. I spent a long time searching for a reliable provider and finally found it. Although there is room for improvement in terms of offering more plans, I am still very fond of it. It is an excellent pro.. Read more »
They are incredibly speedy and reliable, and their service is highly dependable.
Hoài Sơn
They offer excellent assistance and service at unbelievably affordable prices.
Manuel Angel
I am extremely satisfied with this hosting company. I spent months searching for a reliable provider, and I finally found it. While there are areas that could be enhanced, such as offering more plans, overall I am very happy with it. Currently, I hav.. Read more »
Ka Bin
I have relied on the server I have been using for a long time because it is dependable. I am grateful for its affordable cost, fast performance, helpful customer support, and the fact that it provides free hosting services.
I have been utilizing this server for nearly two years without any issues. However, currently, my server has been inactive for a period of five days and I have not received any response from the support team.
Maham Bano
The hosting service is certainly pleasant and affordable for those seeking budget-friendly options. The customer support team is extremely helpful.
Santiago Rodríguez
The flaunt7 service offers excellent service, providing us with top-quality servers that I currently use for my website. I highly recommend trying it out and discovering for yourself the benefits of their exceptional server.
Cemal Andıç
For the past week, Flaunt7 has been continuously shutting down my server. Although they claim it's due to a ddos attack, I believe it's unrelated. This has resulted in significant financial losses for me. Additionally, their technical suppo.. Read more »
Kirill Snovidov
I purchased Linuxoid 1G service and paid all the invoices. However, I discovered that the server cannot be accessed from any external network. I opened a support ticket but after three days, I still have not gained access to the service and the serve.. Read more »
Andrew Nielsen
For a duration of two weeks, my website has been inaccessible. The support ticket has been active for the same duration, yet there has been no response or acknowledgement received from them regarding the ticket, despite multiple reminders and subsequ.. Read more »
Rong Chan
This business is not trustworthy. I bought a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, but they sent me an E5-2620 v2 CPU which performs twice as poorly. I contacted them to request a replacement or refund, but they only asked me to wait and did not assist with replacing th.. Read more »
Juan Erick Beltran
This company is extremely terrible, as they took control of my data in order to demand a perfect review on hostadvice. They refused to return my website files despite my active plan, unless I gave them a 10/10 rating. Additionally, they charged an ex.. Read more »
Klaudia Shehi
I have received excellent assistance from Flaut, which is not only virus-free but also reasonably priced. It provides 1Gbps unmetered bandwidth. However, it does have a restriction on the amount of free backup it offers.
Avoid them. They are fraudulent individuals. Despite buying their product, they did not activate my account. They asked unnecessary questions like the purpose of using their hosting services, which is quite obvious as I intended to host a website. Th.. Read more »
Somya Keshav
I requested the cancellation of the service on March 3 and received confirmation from the provider. However, I mistakenly overlooked canceling the pre-authorized payment. As a result, they deducted $200 from my account on March 26 and are refusing to.. Read more »