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Working: 15 years is a hosting provider that offers VDS-Racing plans for website hosting. The reviews about this provider are quite mixed, with both positive and negative experiences being shared.

One reviewer mentioned that they have been hosting multiple websites with for over 5 months and have only experienced minor temporary issues. They found the ISP control panel and Billmanager to be convenient to use. The technical support was competent, although they now charge for their.. Read more »

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I have been actively using Russian VPS for my projects since 2010. The experience has been varied, and I usually had to move because something wasn't satisfactory. As a result, I switched several providers. Since 2018, I have been using VDS on f.. Read more »
Let me start by addressing the downsides. The VNC access to the virtual machine on the hosting platform has stopped working. Instead of fixing it, we spent a week communicating with customer support. My requests to connect with a technical specialist.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for a year now. It has impressed me with its customer support (always helping to solve any issues) and affordable prices.
I have recently started using the services of "FirstVDS," but my choice of this particular VDS provider was preceded by a lengthy and scrupulous period of gathering and analyzing information from various sources. One of the most significant.. Read more »
I can say that overall I am satisfied with using the services of this company. The server operates reliably, the website loading speed is acceptable, and the quality of service is high. The customer support is prompt and always ready to help and ans.. Read more »
I have been using the services of FirstVDS for six months now. It took me a long time to decide where to deploy my first server, but in the end, the tariff plans and prices at this hosting provider caught my attention. The website provides numerous i.. Read more »
I spent a lot of time thinking about which server to choose because I needed a reliable, fast, and affordable one. About six months ago (well, a little more actually), I started renting one. It booted up in just 4 minutes, no longer. The whole setup .. Read more »
A highly reliable and affordable service. The server was accessible throughout the entire operation and no issues were observed. We plan to migrate other servers to the same location.
Great hosting provider. I used to be with for a long time, but at some point, I had to migrate to a new hosting provider. Without much thought, I chose firstVDS because of their affordable price and good reviews. When I switched, I connected t.. Read more »
Hello. I have a small resource on this hosting (more about it below). About the service: I have been using this hosting for almost a year. I rent a VDS on the medium tariff plan (VDS-KVM-SSD-Start-9.0). The reliability of the server can be noted as .. Read more »
I use VDS and have been using it for over 7 years. Several of my clients are hosted on the server, mainly WordPress websites. Overall, everything runs smoothly. The technical support is prompt and efficient. The price for VDS is one of the lowest on .. Read more »
Very high quality and cost-effective. The technical support is fast, the servers are stable, and the service completely satisfies me. Thank you very much to the team!
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for over 17 years. This is where my first VDS server was hosted. I started with small projects and gradually moved on to a more powerful server. Ultimately, for the past 2 years, I have been usi.. Read more »
Hello! I have been using VDS from since June 25, 2020 - it's been 2.5 years already. This is the first hosting I ever started working with. Usually, the first attempt is not successful, but not this time. I am satisfied with this com.. Read more »
I have been using firstvds for over a year now. I chose their VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) solution instead of having my own physical server. The connectivity is excellent, the technical support is super responsive, and they consistently show care .. Read more »
It's been over three years since I switched to firstVDS. Honestly, I didn't even notice how time flew by, which means that everything with this hosting provider was good. Besides the quality of their services, which I am satisfied with, I a.. Read more »
I have been using the cloud servers of this company for 2-3 years now, and it has always been great. However, there was one time when I had issues with access because I forgot the server password. I contacted their support team and they resolved it i.. Read more »
Great service, especially the customer support (always helpful, provide guidance, and inform in advance about maintenance work). We have been collaborating for over a month, and there has only been one price increase during this entire time. Highly r.. Read more »
Recently, I came across a Halloween promotion where a hosting provider offered a 50% discount on hosting, free migration from another host, and one month of technical support. The offer was ending in less than 3 days, but as I was unable to make the .. Read more »
I have long "moved" from Hetzner to FirstVDS and have not regretted it at all. The server performance is stable, and the control panels (billing and VNC) are convenient and user-friendly. There are plenty of payment options available. They .. Read more »
I have been using firstvds for 2-3 years now. Based on my experience with this service, I can say that I have not had any problems during the entire time of use. The servers can be purchased very conveniently, and there are several payment options av.. Read more »
We have opted for the lowest tariff of preheating for our organization - it's affordable and excellent. Now, our organization can start accepting online orders. The support service is top-notch, and managing virtual machines is intuitive.
I have been using FirstVDS "VDS Forsage" hosting for over 3 months to host a Rust game server and I have not encountered any issues. Everything suits me perfectly.
Hosting attracts with very affordable rates and absolutely reasonable quality. The support team is excellent, consisting of knowledgeable individuals who will help with any issue and provide guidance if you encounter any difficulties. In terms of con.. Read more »
Hosting that surprises and brings positive emotions. It ranks high in numerous ratings and awards. Excellent support that always helps in a timely manner and understands your position. The interface is intuitively understandable, the most convenient .. Read more »
I really liked the hosting provider. Everything works quickly. The technical support team is helpful, even in silly situations they help you figure things out. I'm moving my second server here. The prices are great. And most importantly: you can.. Read more »
I have been using the services of FirstVDS for two years. I use it for deploying 1C servers. There haven't been any major disruptions during this time, and the support team responds promptly and professionally. The server configuration options a.. Read more »
Great service and reliability. Pleasant prices for VPS/VDS plans. I can definitely recommend them.
Good day! I want to inform everyone that I have been using this service for over 9 years! And I am REALLY glad that I got to know them! The customer support team is truly amazing, they go above and beyond to help you, not just within the rules, but w.. Read more »
Hello everyone! I have been using this website for a long time to rent various VPS/VDS servers. Everything is satisfactory, and if any difficulties arise, there is a very responsive and helpful support team! I highly recommend it!
A great virtual server for internet projects is VDS-KVM-Boost-8.0, which I have been using since January 2021. There is a wide range of tariffs available, and the control panel in the personal account is easy to understand. I rarely need to contact t.. Read more »
FirstVDs is clear and quick. They are always ready to help whenever there are any questions. I'm glad I found you. Keep up the same pace.
Hello everyone! Our website has been hosted on this platform for over 3 years now. All aspects, especially the technical support, are completely satisfactory. Our website is very small, and everything works perfectly for us. We highly recommend it!
We have been working with FirstVDS hosting for 3 years now. The server loading speed is excellent. The technical support is prompt and the price-quality ratio is good. The personal account and control panel are user-friendly. Convenient payment optio.. Read more »
I'm using FirstVDS VDS - everything suits me. I have been using FirstVDS services for almost 4 years. I have some resource-intensive Drupal websites hosted with them. Database performance is critical for this CMS, as it makes a lot of queries t.. Read more »
We have been using firstVDS services for almost half a year now. We switched from another hosting provider and have no regrets. I haven't noticed any interruptions during our time working with them, there is nothing to criticize. I highly recomm.. Read more »
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for some time now. It has proven itself to be reliable and of high quality. About 3 years ago, I was considering switching hosting providers and after a long search, I chose Firstvds. After a 3-.. Read more »
We moved to hosting in 2018 due to the need to host our website and forum in Russia, and we have never regretted it! It's one of the few hosting providers that supports our database. The prices are reasonable, everything works without any interr.. Read more »
I highly recommend FirstVDS because I have never regretted using their services in the past 3 years! They offer excellent website performance and outstanding support that is always ready to help. Thank you.
We have been closely collaborating with one of the top VDS providers for 8 years now, and I hope we will continue working together for just as long.
I have been a customer for over 8 years and I am generally very satisfied with the services provided. I usually use the affordable VDS tariffs and the prices are good, especially with the discounts for loyal customers. The technical support is compet.. Read more »
Hello! I have been working with this hosting provider for several years now, and I can confidently say that it is one of the best in the CIS region. The support team is very fast, responsive, and knowledgeable. They are always ready to help with any .. Read more »
We use dedicated servers from for our solutions. It has been smooth sailing for almost six months now. They also provide built-in protection against DDoS attacks. The price-to-quality ratio is quite satisfactory.
We use multiple servers on We are satisfied with all of them, although there may be occasional issues once a year, but nobody is perfect. We highly recommend their hosting services!
When choosing a server for my IT project, I mainly focused on good server performance and a reasonable price. After a couple of days of searching, my choice settled on FirstVDS. I have been using their rented server for a couple of months now, and I .. Read more »
Great hosting, no problems at all. The support team is excellent, they respond promptly and get things done. Highly recommend.
I recently switched from "MSK-HOST", which went bankrupt. I searched for a similar VDS hosting for a long time and finally found one. According to the documents, the company has been established for a long time. I highly recommend it!
Great hosting. Quality VPS. The performance speed is excellent. No downtime has been observed. I also want to highlight the high-quality support service. They respond quickly and help with any questions, even at the initial stage, if any kind of ques.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for many years and I highly recommend it to clients. I rarely have to contact customer support, so I don't even remember the reasons why I reached out to them. However, I do vividly remember that their cust.. Read more »
I have been cooperating with FirstVDS for almost a year now. There have been some issues, of course, but their responsive technical support has resolved everything in a matter of minutes (not even hours). I have migrated almost all of my clients with.. Read more »
I'm from Finland and I was amazed by this Russian hosting service called FirstVDS! I have never seen such fast support, they even respond lightning fast at night! Their services are very stable - YOU will like it!
Payment in 2 clicks, after switching to this server, the website started working wonders. The price surprised me. Customer support responds quickly. Overall, I highly recommend it.
I use FIRSTVDS for website development. I also recommend them to clients because I have been working with them for a long time and have never encountered any problems.
I highly do not recommend this service!!!! I purchased a VDS for OpenVPN (did not host any websites), installed it on Ubuntu 20, and after a few days, I received an email: "Hello, a complaint has been made about the activity of your VDS-KVM-SSD.. Read more »
A very good VDS hosting provider. I want to highlight the speed and quality of the support team's work, they are great! P.S. I hope the quality of their work doesn't deteriorate, as it usually happens when you leave a good review :)
Due to my profession as a web programmer, I have tried out quite a large number of hosting services (virtual, dedicated, cloud), each with its own pros and cons. Lately, I have been extremely satisfied with FirstVDS! The server speed is simply excell.. Read more »
We have been using this hosting service since we opened our first online store over 5 years ago. There are already multiple websites hosted on it. The main advantages are its user-friendly interface, ease of use, and reliability. A big thank you to t.. Read more »
I switched to this hosting from another one. It was recommended by a friend who is a programmer. The speed is very good. The customer service is excellent. Everything is simple and clear in the control panel. The price is a bit high, but quality and .. Read more »
I use FVDS to create servers for mini-applications on VKontakte. I switched to it after a failed experience with other hosting providers based on recommendations from friends. I am very pleased with the technical support. I have not encountered such .. Read more »
Out of approximately 35 rented virtual machines, only two pairs had occasional issues - they unexpectedly rebooted. The machines were transferred to another server and since then, there have been no problems for about six months.
I have been using the service since 2017 and have also connected my clients. But somehow I forgot about the payment, so when I visited my website, everything was gone, they simply deleted everything. I understand if I had only used the service for a .. Read more »
I have been using the services of "Perviy" since 2013. I am 62 years old, a PhD, and I work in the power industry. Our website is our livelihood, and our host, "Perviy", is the support for our livelihood. We have had many, many di.. Read more »
We have a large online store for LED lighting, with a selection of over 7,000 items. We sell both retail and wholesale, so we always need a reliable hosting provider. We ordered our first server from firstVDS for Bitrix on January 29, 2018, and have .. Read more »
I have been using their server for 5 months and have not encountered any negative moments. The cost is reasonable. I am using the "Boost" tariff, which is more than enough for all my tasks, but in case of insufficient resources, there is an.. Read more »
The review will come from the manager's perspective rather than the technician's, so I won't be able to provide detailed technical aspects, but I will briefly mention them. What did I like? When we switched to this hosting provider, t.. Read more »
We use VDS for storing external projects, everything is stable. The support team is responsive and efficient.
I use VDS service. Everything works very well, there have been no failures. I am particularly pleased with the amount of disk space for a small price. The technical support responds very quickly and the interface is convenient. I also really like tha.. Read more »
I personally use the VDS Boost tariff for gaming servers. I have no connection issues whatsoever. After moving from another hosting provider, my clients started reporting no lag issues related to connecting to the server. The support team is responsi.. Read more »
Dear colleagues, Please, do not repeat our mistakes! Do not associate yourselves with these idiots! It is impossible to imagine a worse hosting service! Websites are practically inaccessible every day! The email doesn't work, or the messages en.. Read more »
A very worthy VDS hosting provider. A few years ago, I switched from another hosting provider and have never regretted it. Outages are extremely rare, they always inform about technical works in advance and minimize their duration. The technical supp.. Read more »
Excellent, affordable virtual hosting with instant customer support available 24 hours a day. They help me and my servers with any complex tasks. Thank you so much for the best service. Highest quality services.
Great hosting, fast support. They will help you in any situation. I recommend it to everyone. The price is excellent!
I use this service to host my game server. I searched for a while to find a hosting service that was cheap yet reliable, and I finally found it: FirstVDS. This service provides VDS with the lowest price and good performance (the characteristics were .. Read more »
It all started with an idea for a private resource. At first, there were attempts to set it up on a hosting service from another provider, but the lack of flexibility and settings rendered the idea futile. Then came the stage of denial, as the price.. Read more »
I have been using VDS-KVM-NVMe-Ulet-8.0 for a couple of months now, and I switched from another hosting provider and have no regrets. I want to mention that it is important to carefully choose the server that suits your needs, as they have a wide sel.. Read more »
I have been using this VDS hosting for a very long time, probably 8 or 10 years. I have occasionally switched tariff plans when newer ones became better and more powerful while keeping the same price. Throughout all these years, I can count the numbe.. Read more »
I started using it because of the delicious prices, but everything there is delicious: the cabinet is convenient, the technical support is prompt. Whether through chat or tickets, they help promptly. I contacted support, for example, when I needed to.. Read more »
I have been using firstvds servers for over 10 years! The quality of their services has always been stable, and their support team resolves all issues in the shortest possible time. The server uptime is at its maximum! Thank you so much!
Good quality and prices. Adequate customer support! Everything is great and the hosting is satisfactory.
I have been using Firstvds for over 4 years now. Their pricing is in line with the times, offering the best deals for minimal money. They are cheaper than any other provider in the market. Their customer support is the best I have ever seen. I have .. Read more »
- Fast server performance - Affordable prices - Quick support response
I have been working with "First" for over 10 years (maybe even longer, I honestly can't remember). I've experienced various situations with my website, including attempts to steal it. I must say responsibly (I have a Ph.D. and rec.. Read more »
VDS offers attractive rates, making it much more cost-effective than virtual hosting.
I ordered a Windows VPS to run software there. The server constantly restarts, so I have to manually start the software. And in August, I left and forgot about this "issue", so the software didn't work for a whole month and I didn'.. Read more »
An excellent VDS hosting with a user-friendly control panel and responsive technical support. It is affordable and fast. I have been using this hosting for 3 months and have had no problems. I will definitely continue to use it for a long time as the.. Read more »
One of the best hosting providers in the Russian Internet. They haven't let me down in any aspect. Great prices and loyalty. Good hardware. Fast customer support. Highly recommended.
Do not ever deal with this company, especially if you have an SEO website, because the hosting will constantly go down, support takes hours to respond, prices are not cheap, and the control panel is just a standard ISP panel that can be found on any .. Read more »
I used to be hosted by a third-party provider for years and didn't want to switch to VDS because I didn't know how to set it up. A friend recommended this hosting provider to me, and I finally purchased this VDS with their help. I want to .. Read more »
I have been using it for almost 8 years. I have changed servers twice already, due to price reductions - I switched to more powerful tariffs at the same cost. The uptime is excellent, with many additional services, especially the backup disk. The tec.. Read more »
Excellent hosting with powerful hardware and low prices. Fast and efficient technical support.
For a beginner - it's absolutely unclear. They mislead with their prices - supposedly the cheapest tariff is 90 rubles, but nowhere does it say that you have to buy the ISP Manager license separately for 4 euros per month! I tried to Google how .. Read more »
I use firstvds VDS hosting. In 5 years, there hasn't been a single downtime issue caused by the host. Any questions or concerns were promptly addressed by their support team. The price and server parameters are mostly satisfactory for me. There .. Read more »
Everything is great, the most convenient hosting in terms of working with IP addresses. Excellent panel. Support at the highest level. It's a shame that reactions from supervisory authorities are handled unreasonably harshly.
I have been working with this hosting provider for six months, after switching from another one. It has been the perfect choice for me. The technical support has always been helpful, resolving any issues I have without fail. Additionally, my website .. Read more »
I highly recommend using the services of FirstVDS. When testing various hosting/VDS/VPS service providers, FirstVDS proved to be one of the best. They have excellent hardware, fast storage, and a great network for both incoming and outgoing traffic. .. Read more »
I have been using this amazing hosting service for many years, and my website has never been down for even a minute during all these years. I would like to give a special shoutout to their support team! It seems like I haven't even finished expl.. Read more »
Great price and support! They solve everything in a matter of moments and even go beyond the regulations to help. A fair price!
One of the most reliable hosting providers. They respond quickly. Easy to manage, user-friendly control panel. Periodically, there are some network issues. Other than that, uptime is reliable.
We have been using FirstVDS company's VDS server for over 6 years and have never had any issues with this service. The support team is always ready to assist. In terms of cost, it is the best hosting option, and considering the service, it may e.. Read more »
I had to switch from another service provider to FirstVDS, and I have no regrets. Besides the new pleasant perks that are available here, the most important thing I want to mention is the technical support. They respond quickly and are knowledgeable .. Read more »
After the incident with Ihor, I had to look for another hosting provider. Ended up here. Bought a virtual server. It took over an hour to set it up. Well, you never know, maybe the tech guys were busy. After two restarts, the network crashed. Turns o.. Read more »
I had my first experience with firstvds and server configuration, and initially, it was difficult for me to figure out where to make the necessary adjustments. I reached out to their technical support, and they responded promptly. They made all the n.. Read more »
We rent the "Turbo" tariff for the websites of our companies. The speed of code execution is the most pleasing aspect. It is perfect for those who need a quick response from the server for search engines. I can recommend it.
I have been a client of this hosting service for 7 years now. I have never had any issues with this hosting service. The quick responses from the support team are very pleasing. In early October, I had a problem with attaching a domain to my account .. Read more »
I was looking for affordable power. I found it. Great customer support, they understand the situation and are accommodating. Overall, it's manageable to work with. The control panel is not very user-friendly. It took a long time to set up the d.. Read more »
Thank you to Service, everything suits me, the speed is very high, the ping is not high, around 90ms. The technical support works around the clock, which is crucial. Server activation takes no more than 5 minutes. I have been using the VP.. Read more »
I use FirstVDS for testing new solutions. The main advantage for me is the ability to install my own Linux-based distributions, in addition to the standard list. In most cases, the well-configured KVM virtualization allows me to use all processor in.. Read more »
Very cheap virtual machines with all the consequences - very weak in terms of performance, the website starts to slow down for no reason, especially in the evenings, the technical support is very poor, and they don't want to refund the money in .. Read more »
Over a long period of time, a large number of hosting providers were tried. However, they had to be rejected for several reasons: - Prices were in foreign currency, which made it difficult to plan the budget accurately, as the cost constantly fluctu.. Read more »
I have been hosting my websites on FirstVDS for nearly 4 years now, and I have had no issues. I am on the Forsage 2.0 plan. I can't say that it is cheap, I would prefer it to be more affordable, but I am completely satisfied with the quality of .. Read more »
Once again, I am convinced that choosing firstvds as a partner has been the best decision in the last 2 years. I use virtual servers to host my clients, and during this time I have been able to try out many configurations, and I am always amazed by t.. Read more »
I have been hosting websites on a 1VDS since 2015 until December 2017. And then, towards the end of the year (it seems like their plan was on fire), they scared me by saying that my VDS was hacked and they blocked email sending. I paid for antivirus .. Read more »
We are using this hosting service based on the recommendation of the creators of our website template. During our time working with them, there have been no outages and the website performs very quickly. It's worth noting that their technical su.. Read more »
I really like hosting, I've already tried working with Beget and SprintHost (chosen based on ratings and reviews). Since I have no knowledge of settings at all, I needed to find someone who would do all the configurations for me. And I found the.. Read more »
Good evening! I wanted to share my experience with FirstVDS hosting. I switched to them about 5-6 years ago in search of good speed and stable performance. In the end, I got exactly what I wanted. There are rare outages, but the support team responds.. Read more »
I have been using the services of Firstvds for several years. It is ideal for web developers who host all their websites on one VDS. And if you buy ispmanager, the hosting will be very affordable compared to others. Recently, there have been no outag.. Read more »
Hello everyone! I have been using FirstVDS services for several years now. In my opinion, they offer one of the best prices on the market for VDS, with the advantage of having servers located in Russia and pricing in rubles. The speed of performance.. Read more »
I have been using the services of firstvds for almost 8 years. I host my clients' websites there (I'm a programmer). A dedicated server with all the associated expenses costs me around $10 per month. The speed is excellent, uptime is close .. Read more »
There are about 15 projects running on the host. Everything is satisfactory. The workload is not high. They are simple small websites. High loads have not been tested. There are no problems, we have been using it for 3 years already. It has never cra.. Read more »
I use FirstVDS VDS Atlantis to host websites for my company and my web studio's major clients. It is important for me to have 24/7 availability of resources because I have a billing system and clients pay around the clock. My services need to be.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for a long time. Out of all the Russian hostings I have used, this one is the best. Low prices, convenience, and acceptable technical support. There are downtimes, but we understand that this is not a fault-tolerant clu.. Read more »
I recently switched from a hosting provider where the prices for services were twice as high as here. The server loading speed at FirstVDS is several orders of magnitude faster. I searched for a similar VDS hosting for a long time, and finally found .. Read more »
During my two months of using this hosting service, the server has experienced three instances of downtime. The technical support is decent, which is a positive aspect of this hosting provider. However, I am currently in search of an alternative.
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for five years and everything was satisfactory, especially the technical support. However, in the last three months, the file system has crashed twice. In the first case, I was able to restore i.. Read more »
A very decent VDS hosting service. They allow you to create a custom tariff that suits the specific needs of your project. The personal account and virtual machine control panel are user-friendly, making it comfortable to work with. They offer conven.. Read more »
This is an absolute disaster, gentlemen. We received a notification that the node at the hosting service has crashed, resulting in the loss of all data. Please search for offline backups on your end. In total, we have about ten websites with no chanc.. Read more »
It regularly goes down three times a month. There are constantly issues with the network.
I recommend for their excellent and fast service, affordable prices, and technical capabilities. I chose them after comparing them with other VPS providers.
Hello! I have been using firstvds since 2014, and while there have been some issues, they were promptly resolved. After switching to the "Forsage" tariff plan, I haven't had any problems at all. I can now manage the server resources o.. Read more »
Great servers, Atlant is a fantastic solution for organizations! The support is responsive and fast!
Recently, VPS providers have been shutting down servers upon any request from a rights holder, giving only 12 hours to resolve the issue even after the workday is over. They do not verify the authenticity of the rights holder or the severity of the v.. Read more »
Although I have recently started using FirstVDS, my impressions of VDS hosting have been very positive. The technical support team responds quickly, and my website has not experienced any downtime unlike my previous hosting provider before switching .. Read more »
We have been using FIRST VDS services for almost a year now, and overall we are happy with everything. Their support team is responsive and helps us solve any issues that arise. The virtual server has been running smoothly for 209 days without any pr.. Read more »
I've been trying different hosting providers and servers for several years until I found firstvds. It fits my needs perfectly (I have many lightweight websites). I've been using it for 3 years already and have no intention of switching. I l.. Read more »
I used this service to host the server side of my course project. I spent a long time looking for a hosting service that was affordable yet reliable. In the end, I found FirstVDS. This service offers VDS with the lowest price - 90 rubles per month (t.. Read more »
I highly recommend this excellent hosting service. They provide high-quality work at an affordable price.
The majority of the unsolicited emails I receive, about 90%, originate from the websites affiliated with this particular provider. Unfortunately, the support team has been unresponsive, leaving me frustrated and dissatisfied. Consequently, I have no .. Read more »
I am currently using a hosting provider for my VDS-Racing plan. I have been hosting multiple websites with them for over 5 months and have only experienced minor temporary issues. The ISP control panel and Billmanager have been convenient to use. The.. Read more »
I am not aware of others' actions, but I personally have more than 10 clients who use this hosting service for 1-3 websites each. I can confidently say that I have not received any complaints from them. The only aspect I was not particularly fon.. Read more »
Firstvds provides extremely low-quality work and offers disgusting support service. Recently, they made an update to their billing system, causing users to no longer receive notifications about their account balance. Just yesterday, the server hostin.. Read more »
It's quite a frustrating situation. Initially, everything was fine, but now my website has been inaccessible for five days. Despite tech. support claiming there is no issue on their side, the domain and hosting are functioning properly, yet the .. Read more »
Great hosting. The tech support is very helpful and I highly recommend it.
The hosting service is exceptional. Despite reading negative reviews about server failures and frequent inaccessibility of websites, I have personally never experienced these issues. It makes me wonder who writes these reviews, perhaps competitors. M.. Read more »
I have been a client for a month now, renting a cloud server. They helped me transfer several websites, and their online technical support is simply superb. They quickly resolved any questions I had about setting up services. The ping has significant.. Read more »
I came to this hosting provider just over a year ago, and they lured me in with their prices :) They had a promotion for "VDS for 60 rubles", and I happened to need a test VDS at that time. Later on, I ordered a more powerful one for other .. Read more »
I receive 90% of SPAM from websites of this provider. The support is silent. Time to get rid of such scoundrels!
Firstvds is a hosting service with extremely poor performance and terrible customer support. A few weeks ago, they updated their billing system and users stopped receiving balance notifications. Until yesterday, the server that hosted several website.. Read more »
I have the VDS-Overclocking tariff on this hosting. I have been hosting several websites for over 5 months now. There haven't been any major issues, except for minor, short-term outages. The ISP and Billmanager control panels are convenient to u.. Read more »
I don't know about others, but I have already hosted more than 10 clients (with 1-3 websites) on this particular hosting. I can say one thing - I have never heard any complaints. The only thing that I didn't really like is the control panel.. Read more »
It's just a nightmare, there didn't seem to be any problems before, but now the website has been inaccessible for 5 days. The technical support said that there are no issues on their side, but the domain and hosting are working fine, it.. Read more »
Great hosting, I read reviews that servers are constantly down and websites are always unavailable. Luckily, I have never experienced such issues, although who knows who writes these reviews, maybe competitors. After all, the price is very low and mo.. Read more »