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Country: USA
Servers: USA
Panels: Custom built
Working: 26 years
FatCow.com is a hosting company that stands out in the industry for its lower prices compared to other hosting companies. They offer a diverse range of services, including shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting. One of the advantages of using FatCow is the additional benefits they provide, such as Google ad credits and Yahoo/Bing vouchers. However, there are some concerns regarding their service.

One major concern is their support team, which is not dependable. The waiting time i.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

FatCow Plan----$4.08

FatCow Plan----$4.08

FatCow Plan----$4.08

Reviews on FatCow.com


Aieshah Shah
Fatcow offers lower prices compared to other hosting companies and also provides additional benefits like google ad credits and yahoo/bing vouchers. However, I have two main concerns regarding their service. Firstly, their support team is not depend.. Read more »
Ariel murphy
Although FatCow may not be as widely recognized, it should not be underestimated. Its prices are comparable to well-known hosting providers, but once users become familiar with the platform, it offers faster speed than competitors like GoDaddy. Despi.. Read more »
Dadson T
Once you become familiar with FatCow, it becomes difficult for beginners to consider any other option. This company stands out in the hosting industry due to its diverse range of services, including shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting, with.. Read more »
The only advantages of FatCow are their affordable starting prices and prompt customer support. However, a major drawback of FatCow is that although their support team responds quickly, their assistance is not very useful.
James Johnson
Fatcow primarily caters to novice website owners and stands out in the industry for its unique culture. I have been a customer since 2016 and have been pleased with the services I have received so far. Advantages: - Offers cost-effective short-term .. Read more »
Mirza Sisic
FatCow has a transparent and genuine pricing structure. They are an environmentally friendly hosting provider and offer a 30-day refund policy. Additionally, they provide various free web icons. However, their uptime is slightly below average. Their .. Read more »
Arnel Colar
There are multiple aspects of FatCow that I appreciate, and one of them is its consistent and dependable uptime. My website rarely experiences any downtime, and even when it does, it is usually resolved within a maximum of 30 minutes. Additionally, I.. Read more »
Anne Stezia
Let me begin by highlighting the positive aspects of FatCow before delving into the negatives. Firstly, their pricing is fair and they provide transparency by clearly stating the renewal rates alongside the sign-up price. They also offer unlimited sp.. Read more »