rating: 8.4, reviews: 16
Country: United Kingdom
Servers: Spain, USA, Germany, United Kingdom
Panels: Custom-built, Plesk
Working: 26 years
Testing: 30 days is a reliable web hosting provider in the UK that has been offering hosting services for two decades. Their prices are highly competitive, making them an attractive option for customers. They provide optimized Wordpress hosting, which includes a complimentary SSL certificate and a domain name registration for one year, even for .com domains. The user interface of their website is well-designed, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.

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Plans and Pricing

StartCustom-built1 pcs15 pcs100 Gb$6.33
GrowCustom-built3 pcs45 pcs250 Gb$8.86
ScaleCustom-built10 pcs150 pcs350 Gb$15.19
ProCustom-built100 pcs1500 pcs500 Gb$22.78

VPS XS-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$1.27
Cloud Server XS-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$6.33

AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 36003.6 GHz32 Gb6 pcs2000 Gb$63.29
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v63.5 GHz16 Gb4 pcs960 Gb$101.27
Intel E3-1230 V63.5 GHz16 Gb4 pcs960 Gb$156.95
Storage 1 AMD Ryzen 5 36003.6 GHz32 Gb6 pcs960 Gb$164.56

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I had the opportunity to host a client's business website with Fasthosts, and ever since, I have been impressed by its exceptional performance and excellent technical experience. The prices are highly competitive and offer great value for money,.. Read more »
I have previously used fasthost for one of my freelance clients' websites, specifically for their wordpress hosting service. I utilized it to create a professional online pet shop website with ecommerce capabilities. Thus far, the hosting server.. Read more »
We used Fasthosts hosting for our e-commerce website, but we realized that the package we chose was too slow in loading the pages due to the large number of pages. We migrated to a dedicated VPS, and that solved all our problems. If you need power, y.. Read more »
Fasthosts is a great solution for large-scale hosting. It worked a bit slow with Magento, but it easily and without any problems handled Wordpress and Opencart. The problem lied in their support, which was not as fast as some smaller hosts, which wa.. Read more »
I used Fast Hosts when I worked at a large company. At first, I was a bit unsure about them, but it turned out they have excellent technical support and convenient account management. Honestly, I was impressed by the site's reliability and fast .. Read more »
I have been using FastHosts for many years, and they have greatly improved. Their prices are competitive, and their website and control panel have become much easier to use. Their support is very helpful and assists in resolving any issues - I needed.. Read more »
I found fasthosts to be a great option for hosting in large quantities. I used fasthosts for my Wordpress, Opencart, and Magento sites. While Magento was a bit slow, fasthosts had no trouble handling Opencart and Wordpress. One drawback I encountered.. Read more »
We decided to use fasthosts as our hosting provider for our ecommerce website. However, as we added more pages, we noticed that the shared hosting package we chose caused the pages to load slowly. To address this issue, we switched to a dedicated vir.. Read more »
I had the opportunity to use Fast Hosts when I worked for a larger company in the past, and initially I had some doubts. However, the technical support and account management provided by Fast Hosts exceeded my expectations. I was highly impressed, an.. Read more »
This is the most expensive hosting provider I have used for setting up websites for my clients. If you want to manage panels yourself, they are not suitable for you (I tried using SSH and FTP with them). It is suitable for those who are inexperienced.. Read more »
I have found that the hosting provider I have used is quite pricey, but it has been useful for assisting my customers in setting up their websites. However, if you prefer having control over the control panels, this may not be the best option for you.. Read more »
I previously had experience with FastHosts a long time ago, but it appears that they have made significant improvements. They now offer highly competitive pricing and have made their website and control panel much more user-friendly. Additionally, th.. Read more »
Kevinson has impressive features that I really appreciate. One of these features is the Traffic Driver SEO tool, which resolves a common issue faced by webmasters: generating traffic and improving search engine rankings. Additionally, the host.. Read more »
I have been using these individuals for a long time as a hosting provider for a dedicated server, and I have found their services to be excellent. We only encountered one problem with service interruption, but their support team consistently kept us .. Read more »
Nathan has been offering hosting services in the UK for two decades and their prices are highly competitive. They provide optimized Wordpress hosting, which includes a complimentary SSL certificate and a domain name registration for one year,.. Read more »
Advantages: - Fasthosts offers high-quality products. - The purchasing process for domain names is simple, direct, and provides good value for money. - Their customer service is excellent. They go the extra mile to explain technical terms, provide al.. Read more »