rating: 7.8, reviews: 9
Servers: Germany, China
Panels: ISPmanager, Plesk, Vesta/Hestia CP, DirectAdmin, cPanel
Working: 13 years
FairyHosting.com is a web hosting provider that offers virtual hosting and VPS servers at affordable prices. While they have received positive reviews for their prompt and efficient support team, there are also a few drawbacks to consider.

One reviewer mentioned that FairyHosting's payment system is a bit perplexing and they lack CMS installers. However, another customer who has been with them for over a year and hosted more than twenty websites found their hosting service satisfactory .. Read more »

Reviews on FairyHosting.com


I haven't been using them for a very long time, but I don't have any particular issues. The primary drawback is that their payment system is a bit perplexing and they also lack CMS installers.
I have been a client of FairyHosting for over a year and have hosted more than twenty websites with them. The hosting service is satisfactory considering the price. Occasionally, minor issues arise but the support team always responds promptly and ef.. Read more »
The cost of hosting services may be affordable, however, there is a frequent interruption in the internet connection occurring at least twice every month, and occasionally lasting for as long as 12 hours.
Initially, everything was going well, but later on... The websites were inaccessible for 48 hours due to an Error 500. Only after we reached out to tech support did they inform us that we needed to modify the php settings. (What if we hadn't not.. Read more »
Support Ticket: "Recently, I was fortunate enough to move to a different hosting provider, and I wanted to provide you with some feedback that may help you improve: - One of the main reasons I left is because your hosting service had a lot of .. Read more »
I have been a client of Fairy Hosting for a year now. I have more than twenty websites hosted with them. It's a pretty good hosting service for the price. There are occasional minor issues, but the support team always responds quickly and effici.. Read more »
The hosting is cheap, but there are occasional connection failures a couple of times a month, sometimes even lasting up to 12 hours!
I've been using it for a short while, and I don't have any major complaints. The downsides are a slightly confusing payment system and the lack of CMS installers.
Yes, everything was fine at first, but then... The websites were down for 48 hours! Error 500. The technical support informed us that we needed to change the php settings only after we contacted them. (What if we hadn't contacted them?) We chang.. Read more »