rating: 10, reviews: 9
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia, USA, Germany, Netherlands
Panels: ISPmanager
Working: 14 years
Testing: 14 days is an exceptional hosting service that offers affordable unlimited pricing options. Customers have reported no issues with their websites and anticipate a smooth experience in the future. The hosting platform has proven to have a high capacity for handling heavy loads and ensures fast page loading times. The support team is highly responsive, providing quick answers even during nighttime hours. Overall, customers have only noticed positive aspects with

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I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Eurobyte for their support in hosting my website. A special heartfelt thank you to Alexander Pomortsev and Vitaliy Pasechnik. They are excellent professionals, and I have been convinced of this.. Read more »
Anton Zenkin
I would like to sincerely thank Eurobyte Support for their professionalism, efficiency, and respect for their customers. I have been using Eurobyte's services for many years, and the positive aspects of their work far outweigh any negatives. I w.. Read more »
I was told that I need to change MX records with you, that Nethouse DNS servers are set up. I have already changed the DNS records with another registrar and entered the records there. Let's summarize. Earlier this day, I approached you with a.. Read more »
Gennadiy Popov
Eurobyte has gone downhill. Now it's, excuse my language, Shitbyte. A few years ago, I chose it based on ratings. But now it has dropped in all aspects. I have three commercial websites here. I'm not on a VDS, but still on a VIP tariff. A.. Read more »
Yuriy Evseev
Terrible support. Whenever there are any somewhat serious issues, they always just give some excuse-like responses, just to avoid solving the problem. They often blatantly disrespect. My website started crashing with them. Just shuts down for about .. Read more »
I have used various hosting services before and switched to this one from a different provider. What surprised me was the promptness of their technical support. I sent a request to transfer my websites at almost 1 am Moscow time, and within 10 minute.. Read more »
I switched to this hosting 3 years ago and I am happy with everything. The prices are average and the speed is satisfactory. I also host clients on this platform. I highly recommend it!
I have been using "Eurobyte" for 2-3 years now. I was recommended this company by a designer who was creating my website. I am satisfied, everything suits me.
I have been using Eurobyte hosting for a little over a year now. Before that, I had switched about six times, but nothing seemed to work out. The support would take days to respond or there would always be some issue. But here, it all started with a .. Read more »
I have been using "Eurobyte" since January of this year. I am taking my first steps in utilizing the technical capabilities that the internet offers. I belong to the age group that people write about as "those who are over...". I .. Read more »
Irina Moghiliova
Very convenient hosting. We have been working with Eurobyte for three years now and have no plans to switch. They offer great rates and, most importantly for us, the ability to work with multiple websites simultaneously. The support team responds imm.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for over 3 years. I have my own website and client websites on it. I am very satisfied and recommend it to anyone who asks for hosting advice. It suits all my needs - price, quality, prompt and helpful technical support.. Read more »
Viktor Fomin
I have been using this service since 2016. I can't say whether it's expensive or cheap, but I am more satisfied with its stable performance. I haven't had any issues so far, and I hope there won't be any in the future. It was reco.. Read more »
Great hosting, I've been using it for the second year now. No issues observed. Speed and price are reasonable! They always respond to questions and don't make you wait for long.
I have been using this hosting for over 5 years and I am very satisfied with the services and technical support, which I rarely need to use. I highly recommend this hosting to anyone who is just starting out and beyond.
I have been using Eurobyte hosting for almost two years. I am very satisfied with the reliability of the hosting and especially the technical support. They always provide a high-quality and detailed response. I am also pleased with the interface. It .. Read more »
We switched to Eurobyte in June 2016 because our previous web hosting provider was constantly either performing maintenance or causing issues, resulting in our websites experiencing frequent downtime (being unavailable for certain periods of time) al.. Read more »
Igor Vardanyan
I have been using this hosting since 2011 and I am satisfied with both the technical support and the hosting itself. Being from Armenia and not being able to write in Russian very well, I can't write a lot, but there is much to say. In short, it.. Read more »
I have been involved in the goods business for a long time and have been using Eurobyte. Yesterday, I needed to connect a domain and had many questions as I had already forgotten how to do it. I contacted their support through Telegram and received a.. Read more »
Aleksey Nim
I speak on behalf of an internet agency! We only register services for our clients with Eurobyte and we don't understand how anyone can use anything else. The thing is, all the services at Eurobyte are of high quality. I won't argue that th.. Read more »
Zinaida Haritonova
Here's my experience with communication ...... here are the support responses ...... it's been almost 2 days since the hosting went down with all the domains and now they're celebrating holidays ..... is this .. Read more »
Dmitriy Kishkin
In my opinion, the best hosting provider with an excellent price-quality ratio. The technical support is top-notch, always responding quickly and, most importantly, in a professional and knowledgeable manner. I am very satisfied with the service prov.. Read more »
Igor Nodiya
Excellent support available 24/7. Not a single issue in a year. Great job!
Igor Stepankov
Eurobyte is an excellent hosting provider. The technical support is particularly impressive. They always assist in a competent and timely manner, ensuring satisfactory results. Thank you very much!
Olga Piskun
Everything is better when compared. So here it is - Eurobite is an excellent hosting provider. When it came to setting up SSL, they not only provided immediate guidance but also practically handled the entire setup for us. And this was at 11 PM. Thei.. Read more »
Aleksandr Galchak
The worst hosting, no service at all, the support team tries to squeeze money out of you, in addition to frequent server lags, to which the support team has no answer. Also, frequent host malfunctions have been noticed, to which they respond with &qu.. Read more »
Andrey Zhuykoff
This is the worst hosting in the Russian Internet out of all possible options. The technical support is incompetent. Due to a "failure," we lost ALL data on the VPS along with the backups. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this miserable company to anyone.. Read more »
Ilya Tischenko
I would like to express my gratitude to the support team at Eurobyte. They were able to quickly resolve my issue, and I am very thankful to them. I am satisfied with the hosting services they provide.
Andres Barchuk
I am as happy as a clam! Thank you!
Yuriy Efremochkin
I have been using Eurobyte hosting services since 2015. Everything is very satisfactory, everything works like clockwork, and rare support issues are resolved very quickly. Initially, I chose hosting based on reviews and tariffs for a small project,.. Read more »
Sergey Zhevlakov
I have been using the services of this hosting for several years now and I couldn't be happier. The support team, in particular, is amazing. They always help, do everything necessary, and provide helpful advice. I highly recommend them to everyo.. Read more »
Danil Berdnikov
I switched to this hosting provider from another host with a portfolio of client websites that needed to be transferred in one evening. When attempting to transfer and set up FTP access in IDE programs, some questions arose. The support team responde.. Read more »
Mayya Demina
I help beginner internet entrepreneurs create websites on WordPress! And here's the thing - I encountered the "Gino" hosting. I've never used it before, but I had to this time! I struggled like crazy and convinced the client to sw.. Read more »
Vasily Zyuk
I have no issues with the hosting, unlike my colleagues who haven't switched to Eurobyte yet! The stability of service and quality of support are top-notch! Thank you for your work! I highly recommend Eurobyte to everyone!
Igor Nodiya
Excellent technical support. You rarely come across one like this. Everything is very prompt, professional, and friendly. They even did more than I expected. Much respect!)))
Dmitriy Revazanov
I decided to step away from regular hosting for the first time and switch to VDS. After considering price and quality, I chose eurobyte. Since this was my first experience with VDS, I immediately encountered some issues with ispmanager when it came t.. Read more »
Sergey Lemeshko
A huge thank you to the support team - they work like clockwork. They promptly transferred the store from another hosting provider. They were always in touch and helped adjust all the necessary settings for smooth and error-free operation of the stor.. Read more »
Kseniya Kelm
We have over 30 projects hosted with them. They always provide assistance, even at night, almost like a chat support! Thank you, guys!
и всегда доволен. Сайт всегда доступен, без проблем с загрузкой или сбоями. Цены тоже приятно удивляют, очень конкурентные. В общем, смело рекомендую этот хостинг всем, кто ищет надежного партнера для своего сайта.
Vladimir Govoruhin
The technical support is the best I have ever seen! They respond promptly, even during the night!
Andres Barchuk
I am satisfied for now. Thank you.
Almaz Abzalov
I have been using Eurobyte services for over 3 years now. And I can say that I am very satisfied with both the hosting itself in terms of the performance of all my websites, and the high level of support provided. Not once have my requests and questi.. Read more »
Ruslan Lyapunov
The hosting service is exceptional, with affordable unlimited pricing options. I have not encountered any issues with my websites and it is unlikely that I will in the future. Everything runs smoothly without any technical problems. I have been using.. Read more »
Aleksandr Potapchik
The hosting service has never let me down, it is fast and reliable. They respond quickly to any inquiries. I haven't encountered any major issues so far. The prices are reasonable. There have been a couple of instances where I experienced a 500 .. Read more »
This hosting company is highly recommended because their support team is always helpful in setting up vds servers. Additionally, their prices are reasonable, making them a great choice for anyone in need of hosting services.
Irfan Zamir
Their uptime is extremely high. The support they provide is of good quality. The only aspect that could use some enhancements is the control panel for managing domains and websites.
Anton Lebedev
I have multiple websites hosted here and I am currently using the most affordable plan without any issues.
Danil Ponimasov
Excellent hosting company! The support provided is top-notch, receiving a perfect score of 5 out of 5.
Ivan Yundev
Great hosting.
Anna Linnik
I have been employed by Eurobyte for over 2 years and I am extremely content with my experience. The service has been consistently reliable, with no disruptions to website accessibility. The support team is consistently available and willing to assis.. Read more »
Vladimir Smirnov
As a news source, we took the decision of selecting a hosting provider very seriously, particularly focusing on their capability to deliver contemporary, top-notch, and dependable hosting services, along with a highly skilled support team. Therefore,.. Read more »
Andrey Horoshun
I received prompt assistance from the support team, who resolved my issues within a short span of two minutes. I am highly content with the technical support service, and I extend my gratitude towards Igor Svetlov for guiding me through the entire pr.. Read more »
Vyacheslav Belyaev
This hosting is really great. I have been using it for several years and I am satisfied with it. I have a few registrations for affiliate programs that allow me to maintain one hosting and three servers.
Mihail Pantyuhin
I would like to express my special thanks to Alexander Pushko for his competent and timely resolution of issues. Overall, I am satisfied with the hosting, although there have been occasional disappointments with some specialists.
This hosting service is excellent, with reasonable prices and quality hosting. But the main reason I appreciate Eurobyte is their support. It's the best customer support you could ask for! They always respond quickly and efficiently. I highly re.. Read more »
Good hosting, worth a try.... there is a trial period!
This hosting is simply terrible. The customer service treats clients like animals. Websites constantly crash at least once a week.
Great hosting, I purchased a VDS for my gaming server from them, uptime is at 99%.
I have a couple of dozen placeholder websites, used to have a blog and other relatively weighty sites. Everything is pleasing.
Choosing this provider was my biggest mistake. They violate legislation, offer to pay for hosting for a year, and then, without notifying the user, change the tariff to a more expensive one. You only find out about it when your money runs out in your.. Read more »
We have recently started using the services of this provider, and overall, the rating is simply enormous - 5 stars. The team is very attentive, and the customer support is available 24/7. They are all competent and knowledgeable. I am extremely satis.. Read more »
The hosting is highly reliable! Over the course of 6 months of usage, there hasn't been a single issue with access! I am very satisfied with the service!
This is a great hosting company with excellent customer support. Everything is done faster than expected.
Everyone is praising it =) I like it too.
Terrible hosting. This year there have already been 3 prolonged outages, one of them lasting more than a day. The support is slow and unresponsive, with wait times of 10-20 minutes in chat being the norm (and often the operator's response is to .. Read more »
You always help promptly and efficiently in solving the problem. And the hosting is amazing. The prices are low. Thank you.
Excellent, affordable unlimited tariffs. There have been no issues with the websites and most likely there won't be any. Everything is running smoothly, there have been no technical works (I've been using it for 4 months). The processor can.. Read more »
Good hosting They always help, even with setting up VDS servers. The prices are reasonable, so I recommend this hosting to everyone.
Sergey Valerevich
The uptime is very fast. The support is good. The only thing that could be improved is the domain and website control panel.
I have multiple websites hosted and I am using the cheapest plan without any issues.
Great hosting company! Support is 5+/5.
Great hosting service
I have been working with Eurobyte for over 2 years and I am completely satisfied. It always works reliably (there have been no disruptions with website access). The support team is always online and ready to help with any issue, sometimes even doing .. Read more »
As a news resource, we took the selection of a hosting provider very seriously, aiming to find a modern, high-quality, and reliable hosting service with a highly qualified support team. After conducting testing and analysis, as well as considering us.. Read more »
I had some questions and they were resolved in just 2 minutes. I am very satisfied with the support, especially with Igor Svetlov, who helped me with everything.