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Working: 19 years
Elitehost.co.za is a highly recommended hosting provider that offers remarkable speed and impressive features. With the ability to host an unlimited number of websites, each with its own unique https://www, Elitehost provides a comprehensive and affordable bundle plan. Customers can expect exceptional customer service with quick responses and effective solutions. While there have been some reported issues with the file manager and PHPMyAdmin's connection stability, the overall experience with El.. Read more »

Reviews on Elitehost.co.za


If you are in search of a trustworthy hosting provider, it is highly recommended to consider Elitehost. I have personally utilized their services for an extended period and can confirm the remarkable speed and impressive features they offer. These fe.. Read more »
I have been using Elitehost for a long time and, based on my personal experience, there are several issues with the site. The first problem concerns the file manager, which often fails to connect properly after being redirected. It would be helpful t.. Read more »
Since 2019, I have been utilizing Elitehost for my large WordPress blogs and Laravel applications based on a recommendation from a friend. Initially, I was satisfied with the service, but problems began to occur after a new user interface was introdu.. Read more »
South Africa has top-notch service providers, and this particular one stands out with their exceptional service. Compared to other providers, their service is notably superior. In my experience, I have never encountered any difficulties with them, an.. Read more »
My experience with Elitehost has been excellent, especially with their local support in South Africa. Although initially hesitant due to the lack of a money-back guarantee, we made the right choice as we encountered no problems with uptime and were s.. Read more »
I had three websites with associated email accounts, and they all functioned efficiently. The support team was quick to respond, usually within minutes, and the cPanel worked well with only a few minor problems that were not overly concerning. When m.. Read more »